Umm...sorry? Enjoy, though.

"I can help!" Mike volunteered. "I'll walk you through it!"

"Sure, Mike," I said, after all, I will need the help. We walked down the stairs, leaving Leo to watch over Raph. Once in the kitchen, we got out all of the pans and made the lasagna. Mike wanted to put it in the oven, so I let him. We went back up the stairs, after all it was going to take a long time to bake.

"Hey, Leo," I said as we entered Raph's room. "Dinner's cooking." Leo nodded, playing a game of solitare.

"Let's play Go Fish!" Mike shouted as he sat down in front of Leo. All I could think was "Oh God, not again."

"Again?" Leo asked, "Why don't you watch some TV? ...Quietly."

"Nothing good's on," Mike said with a smile. "Plus, I like beating you at this!"

I shook my head. "Why don't you two go color or something?" I knew April had paper and pencil's lying around here.

"Draw?" Mike asked. "What would I draw?"

"Anything," Leo said.

"Sure!" Mike agreed. "But where's the paper and pencils?" Leo got up, saying he would gladly go look for the objects. After a few minutes of listening to mike hum random tunes, Leo returned with a large stack of black paper and a handful of #2 pencils.

Mike grabbed a large portion and began to draw. I took a few seet and started some more designs for future inventions. I had to stop when I heard Mike giggling. Yes, he wasn't laughing-he was giggling.

I looked over at what Mike was drawing and I started to laugh. Leo looked over at us. On the sheet, Mike had a picture of Leo (it was labeled) in a tutu, tiara, and holding a wand. Make-up was drawn on Leo's face, making him look more feminine.

"Mike," Leo said, neary growling. I bit my lip, trying to keep quiet. "Get rid of that."

"Why?" Mike asked, innocently.

"Because I said so!"

"Not good enough." Mike was laughing now.

"Get rid of it!"

"No!" Leo lunged at Mike and they wrestled, trying to take the paper. I just sat by, knowing that the picture would be torn soon. I was right and Mike was not happy, to say the least. "Meanie!"

"I told you to get rid of it!"

"Fine, I'll just draw another one!"

"You better not!" This was going to be a long day. I could tell. I started to ignored their yelling, going back to my designs.

"SHUT UP!!!" Raph yelled. I looked over, Raph was leaning up on his arms. "Some people on Earth would enjoy sleep, TODAY!!!"

"Sorry," Leo and Mike said. Raph just grumbled and rolled over, covering his head with his pillow. I chuckled to myself, knowing that they would stop...for a while at least.

"Maybe you should play tic-tac-toe," I suggested.

Mike grinned, "I'll beat you there too!"

"Don't count on it!" Leo countered. For some reason, I just had to watch this. It was like a train wreck, I knew what was going to happen, but I just had to see it.

"Fine, I call X's!"

"No way!" I listened to then do this for a while before they finally agreed to switch who would get to go first as X's.

They played the simple game for a few rounds, then somwhow switched to handman.

"A?" Leo asked, trying to guess the five letter word.

"Nope! You lose!"

"What was it?"

"Loser!" They were about to go at it again, I could feel it, but they were stopped.

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