Yup. I looked back and said what the hell was I thinking.....(sigh) I am so predictable.


Touya herd someone's footsteps and quickly turned around.

"TOUYA!!!" it was Rinku, he snatched the diary, "Why are you reading a dead guys diary?"

"Well..." Touya Stammered.

'I have to think of something believable.....' he thought.

"Since there is no viewable way out I was wondering how they got in. Maybe it'll help...?"

"Oh...So...who was he?"


"Wait! Now I'm asking questions!! Touya!!! This is just wrong!!! You can't read dead people's stuff!!!"

Eventually, Rinku passed out.

'So.....Anyway....back to the Pirate....'

"'Well if you must know my name is Priscilla Chamberlain.' Great they gave me the middle child. I knew she wasn't Rachelle.

Rachelle is much, much, more beautiful then this rag.

'What are you writing? I herd you speak before. You're being awfully ru-...what is that?'

The floor is shaking...I think we've been hit... I have to get out of here."

'Well that didn't sound pretty. Next page...'

"Her turn to row.

I was right, the ship was hit. I'm not sure where everyone else is, or did to escape, but I just ran and dragged her across to the enemy's ship and took one of their life boats. After about a half hour I herd an explosion. Both ships were up in flames.

Maybe...They didn't escape.

'Excuse me, umm...what is your name?'

I don't think I should tell her...She will most certainly have me arrested... But, what name shall I give her?

Thomas? James? Christian? Christopher? Yes, I'll choose Christopher, It is common.

'Christopher? Well then, Christopher, ...the Oar broke...' she said while showing me the top half.

This is going to be a long night."


I know, I know, It was Very short.

It's not over, I just have to put it up before I forget to...What with the holidays and all..

Happy Holidays!