I don't own HP. Shocking, isn't it?

I knew all along that Harry would win, of course. I was probably the only person not shocked when he actually came through and beat Voldemort.

People call me Loony Luna, you know. At least, they did until Harry made them stop. That was in my fifth year, and that was when I knew for certain that he'd win.

How did I know, you ask? It's really very simple.

Everyone always says that life isn't a fairy tale. They're wrong. Life is a fairy tale; there will always be a once upon a time, and you just need determination and a bit of faith to find your happily ever after.

Life is a fairy tale, and Harry is the Hero. And everyone knows that the Hero always beats the Villain. They just don't say how or why.

Again, it's simple: it's because the Hero has love on his side. The Villain doesn't love; maybe he can't or just doesn't know how. But the Hero...a Hero is someone with heart, someone who slays the dragon (or basilisk, in this case) to save his one true love. He's someone who would do anything for the people he cares about.

The Hero always wins because, in the end, he has the most to lose.

People tend to underestimate this- Love's power. They saw Voldemort's hatred and were frightened; they never realized that Love is infinitely more mysterious, more powerful, more fulfilling than hatred could ever be.

And I knew all along that Harry's ability to love would overpower Voldemort's senseless hatred.

Because Harry...he's not spectacularly powerful or talented; he's not astonishingly clever or cunning. He's brave and he's loyal and he'll do anything for the people he loves...even die.

Even live.

And that's the simple truth to the fairy tale...just like Mother used to say.

You may scoff; most people do. But this fairy tale speaks for itself. And Mother was right.

Love conquers all.