Chaos Moon R

Chapter 1

By The Conglomerate of Dragons

Disclaimer and Author's Notes:

We do not own Ranma ½, maybe in an alternate universe far, far away, but not in this one.

This is the revision of Chaos Moon, hence the 'R' in the title. We, The Conglomerate of Dragons, have decided to put the past behind us and start working together again so all of our stories will be revised and/or updated under this account as well as some new stories we have for been bouncing ideas back and forth over. This will be the first story concentrated on. Enjoy.

Day 1

Nerima Ward, Japan

Early Evening

The thunder that rang through out the heavens, heralding the bolt of lightning that lit up the dark sky momentarily as a red haired girl limped to her favorite quiet spot under the bridge that stretched over the canal. Her mood matched the storm that was fast approaching, her spirit in the same condition of her bruised and battered body. It was taking every last bit of strength that she had to not cry out as she lowered herself to the ground. "Real men don't cry." She kept chanting to herself over and over again, a mantra to try and keep from doing so.

After she was seated and as comfortable as she could get with her injuries, Ranma snorted out in disgust, "Then again, I'm no man."


"A-Akane?" Ranma asked in shock as he backed away from his easily angered and mallet happy fiancée whose aura made her look as if she was on fire. That, however, was normal enough for the easily angered girl. What wasn't normal was the intensity in her eyes and aura along with the pure venom and hatred lacing her every word.

"I-I-I really like you Akane…" Ranma whispered, depression feeling him. He had actually decided to try and talk with his feelings and come out with his feelings. What had happened was him trying to tell Akane who deemed a pervert for doing so. For once Ranma was actually wishing that Akane would just mallet him and send him into LEO.

This fight had happened between the two so often lately that any onlookers that were around may of seen it would of thought nothing of it. To Ranma though, something told him that she truly meant it this time and somehow he knew that this would be the last time.

"Well guess what, Ranma?" Akane sneered, "I don't like you, nobody does." As she said each word she emphasized it by jamming her finger into Ranma's chest harder and harder.

"But…" Ranma said but was cut off before he could even say anything.

"BUT NOTHING!" Akane snarled, "You are nothing Ranma, NOTHING! Noone gives a damn about what happens to you."

The worse part about it, Ranma knew she was right. All he was was a trophy, a way to bring honor to whoever manages to snag him. To Ukyo, someone he only thought of as a sister, snagging Ranma would mean that she could be a girl again to her father. Ranma knew that afterwards he would just be a trophy to show off to the others and nothing more. Ukyo never listened to him, much as she pretended to.

Shampoo was another story altogether as it was her village laws making the over zealous girl to be chasing after him. She didn't really care about him other than making a slave, toy and breeding stock out of him. If he went back to China with the girl he would be lower than Mousse in the eyes of the village since he was an outsider.

Kodachi, Ranma didn't want to go there. The girl may of really cared for Ranma but he wasn't sure. It was probably just an obsession of her psychotic mind bringing him to the reason he didn't want to consider her. The girl was an out and out psycho.

"I HATE YOU!" Akane screeched, finally tired of talking as she whipped out the stupid mallet and sent Ranma through the sky to land in the canal.

And then came Akane, while something always seemed to be missing, he still had very strong feelings for the girl. Sadly, after each encounter with the mallet like this one had slowly beaten down those feelings.


Tears streamed down the distraught martial artist. Dispite popular belief, Ranma wasn't as strong as he pretended to be. Of course he was probably the strongest person in the area physically, but he was far from the strongest emotionally. Growing up on the road with just Genma as a role model he didn't exactly grow up learning how to deal with his emotions. Therefor when he arrived in Nerima and started taking abuse both emotionally and physically he didn' t know how to deal with it. The physical part he could of dealt with if a lot of it didn't come from the one source he would not let himself fight back against: girls. Over time depression slowly started setting in and without a suitable release for it, martial arts can only do so much, Ranma could now set off a shi shi hokodan that could easily dwarf anything Ryuoga could come up with.

Sighing, Ranma pulled out the knife she had hidden and looked at it's blade, it's polished silver edge reflecting the light of another bolt of lightning. She had cut herself before, that was part of the reason that she always wore the arm bracers so that no one would see the scars and a few fresher cuts marring the smooth skin of the inside of her forarms and wrists.

Slowly she removed the bracers from her arms and admired her handy work. It was a testament to all the pain and sadness in her life and she realized something, something that she really knew all along deep down but kept denying it. She deserved this, all the pain shes's been through had been all her fault. She was a failure, a freak and a worthless nobody who caused nothing but trouble.

A small smile played across her lips a a sob escaped and then another as she brought the knife up to her wrist and slashed across it with the knife leaving a small line of red in it's wake. That caused the smile on her lips to grow even more as her sobs became harder.

She didn't put much force behind it though so it really wasn't that bad of a cut. Not yet anyways. A small voice in her head was telling her to end it, stop all of the games and just do it once and for all. It told her to stop all the pain, to end her miserable life. And she agreed with it as she gritted her teeth and rose the blade back up to her arm intending to slash every vein and artery in her wrist with the next pass of the blade.

Sobbing almost uncontrollably now Ranma set herself to do it when a strangers voice stopped her. Looking up Ranma noticed a blonde girl with twin pigtails moving purposely towards her. After reaching Ranma though the new girl gasped and stepped back in what Ranma could only imagine was disgust. Was it really getting that easy to see what Ranma was?

"L-L-Leave me a-alone." Ranma tried to snap but her voice was too weak to and only came out in a hoarse plea. Ranma was shocked when the girl's eyes was filled with determination and stepped forward. Ranma cringed and closed her eyes getting ready to be struck when the knife was knocked from the red heads hand.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" the blonde girl demanded as she took Ranma's arm and inspected it, the blood was already drying out and sealing up the cut bringing a sigh of relief from the blonde girl.

"It's none of your damned business, meatball head!" Ranma snapped after finally regaining control, fragile as it was. "Why don't you go home and play with your dollies?'

The blonde stood up and backed away a few steps, her eyes held a trace of hurt in them. She seemed concerned for Ranma, truly concerned. Why would a perfect stranger be concerned for her welfare when no one else in her life did. Ranma wished the girl would just leave so she could find the knife and finish what she had started before being so rudely interrupted.

"Well I'm sure the heck not going to sit here and let you kill yourself." The girl huffed.

Ranma rose from the ground to stare at the girl, anger temporily replacing the depression. "Why should you even care!?" Ranma demanded, "It's not like anybody else gives a damn about me so why should you?"

The girl seemed to be taken aback by this as she looked at Ranma with caring and love which surprised Ranma. "Surely it can't be all that bad?" the girl asked timidly, almost to herself.

As quiet as it was asked Ranma still heard it and she exploded, "Sure, my dad uses me to feed his fat stomach when he's not abusing me for the

sake of the art. I have to hide from my own mother or else she'll kill me. I'm

engaged to more girl's than I know what to do with and none of them care what I

want, hell no that would be too much to ask. I'm just some damned prize to them.

I have no friends, everyone either wants me dead or as a plaything!" Ranma cried out

as each word brings her closer and closer to her losing control completely. She slowly made her way to be standing almost face to face with the blonde girl before demanding, "So tell me, who the hell cares for a FREAK like me? NOONE, that's who! So why the HELL not kill myself?"

A mantra of 'Please go away, please oh please just go away.' Kept running through Ranma's mind as she looked into the blonde's eyes, trying to keep the little bit of control that she had. The other's girl's actions, whatever Ranma was expecting, completely and utterly surprised and shocked Ranma. With a speed that awed the currently fragile redhead, the blonde and embraced her tightly, yet gently.

At first Ranma tried to get away but she was too tired to break the grip of the other girl and finally gave up. Instead, Ranma just broke down with her body convulsing with powerful sobs as the othe girl lowered the two to the ground then cradled Ranma gently and lovingly.

It was already getting late and Usagi was worried about what her parents and Auntie was going to do when she got home. On the other hand there was no way she was going to leave the emotional wreck that was the red haired girl cradled in her arms.

Originally she was only seeking shelter from the oncoming storm, she was deathly afraid of the thunder, when she came across the red head. Now it seemed to be clearing up and she needed to at least call and let everyone know that she was alright.

Usagi stroked the crying girl's hair comfortingly while she debated on what to do about her. There was a snoball's chance in hell of her allowing the girl to go back to what ever torment that she came from. The hospital could be an option but then again would they let the monstrers that did this get the girl back?

Usagi sighed mentally, if the hospital here was out then maybe the police would be a better solution? Then again, by judging on how bad the girl was and the numerous scars on the girl's arm showed that this had to have been going on for some time. If that was the case then there was a very distinct possibility of some of the higher ups on the local police force being involved with the family of the girl, or maybe even be the girl's family.

Of course, take the girl home with Usagi. Ami's mother could provide any medical help and her own father was a lawyer and could probably make it so that the red head would be protected. And if it came down to it, the senshi would get involved in protecting the girl.

There was one problem though, she had enough exactly to buy two train tickets back home and would probably be broke after that. That meant that calling home would have to wait because the alternative was one ticket and there was no way that Usagi was leaving the girl behind.

The red head had finally calmed down by the time Usagi had come to a decision and apparently more time had passed than she thought because it was really dark now. "I need to get hoem now and I want you to come with me." Usagi whispered. Not getting a response Usagi slowly stood up helping the other girl to stand. The girl didn't seem to want to say anything but she seemed to be following Usagi's directions so taking the girl's hand they started off for the train station.

It didn't really take all that long to reach the train station and to Usagi's great relief they didn't run into anyone that the red head was involved with. Stopping at the ticket booth Usagi pulled out all the money she had as she told the clerk where they was heading. Counting out the change she had made her want to cry, she was a little short.

The elder man at the booth smiled at Usagi and handed her the two tickets. "Don't worry about it, Lass." Usagi led the other girl onto the train relieved. She may of not accomplished what she had come to Nerima for but she was never so glad to be going home.