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Left Behind Kids Series, The Thousand year reign

Chapter one. Picnic prep, lotsa laughter

Judd and Vicki Thompson were at their new home in Jerusalem talking about the past few days they had experienced, and playing with their adopted kids Anne, Seth, Pablo, Carrie, and Hope. These kids were homeless practically, and Jesus laid it on both Vicki's and Judd's heart to take in the kids. And there are many other kids they were gonna be taking in later that day.

"You know Vicki, I'm happy you're my wife, that we have all these kids, and that we get to see Jesus together. I'm so glad you came into my life, and I want you to know that I love you," Judd said while the kids were running through the hallway into their rooms getting ready for the picnic they were fixing to be going on. "I love you too Judd, and I can't think of anyone better to share these times of my life with. God really put us together, and I thank Him for choosing us to be together, especially now after the tribulation," Vicki replied. "You know, during the tribulation, I never really had a real chance to tell you how special you are to me, we have been through so much with running from the unity army, that I guess it kinda slipped our minds," Judd said.

"Yeah…. I know what you mean. With all that action we went through, there really wasn't much of a chance to share our feelings to eachother." Vicki said, and they shared a quick kiss.

"eeeeeewwwww, mom and dad are kissing again," Pablo said entering the room, and Vicki and Judd just giggled. "You know, Pablo, knocking can be good sometimes," Judd said and Pablo blushed, which made Judd and Vicki laugh more. "So, are you ready to go on the picnic?" Vicki asked Pablo, as the rest of the siblings came in. "YES!!!!!" they all shouted. "Okay then, lets go," Vicki said as she grabbed the picnic basket and blankets, and they headed out to the mount of olives areas.

Meanwhile, Lionel, Sam, and Ryan were getting ready for the picnic as well. Ryan was trying to give Phoenix a bath, while Lionel and Sam got stuff together for the picnic. "You know, it sure is great having two arms again," Lionel said, and Sam laughed, "yeah, I'm sure," he replied while nudging Lionel kinda hard. Then Phoenix came running in barking and shaking all over them, and everyone laughed. "Atleast he didn't get the food wet," Lionel said, and they all laughed again. "You know, since Jesus returned, it feels so great to laugh again," Sam said. "Yeah, I know, no more fear of the Global Community chasing us, no more Nicolae making his snotty remarks, and now, we are free, and having so much fun with everyone, especially now that Ryan is back with us," Lionel replied making Ryan kinda blush a little. "I'll admit, I wasn't here for most of the tribulation, but it feels great to be around you guys again," Ryan said. "Well, are we ready to head for the mount of olives to meet Vicki, Judd, the gang, and Darrion, Shelly, Conrad, and everyone else?" Lionel asked. "Yep, but lets go over the checklist first," Ryan said. "Ok, food?" Sam asked. "Check!" Lionel and Ryan replied.

"Drinks?" Ryan hollered.

"Check" the other two replied.

"Phoenix bathed?" Lionel asked.

"Uhhhh yeah, he splashed us remember Lionel?" Sam said and they laughed.

"Ok, yeah, check…" he chuckled.

"Blanket?" Sam asked.

"Check!" they replied.

"Ok, we're set," Lionel said, and they headed onto the mountain to see their friends.

"Darrion, we're gonna be late if you don't hurry up," Shelly said with a teasingly look. "oh me? Ha, you're the slow cook," she shot back, and they both laughed at Conrad trying to break it up. "You know, we could've just made sandwiches like everone else, not burgers," he replied. "Oh, come on Conrad, we both agree we missed burgers, so don't tell me we made a mistake, its real food," Shelly said while nudging him, and he pulled her into a short kiss. "I know, I was just teasing baby," he replied. "Ok, so when are you two getting married?" Darrion asked. "What?" they both replied looking at her. "I mean look at you two, kissing, and teasing eachother, just like Vicki and Judd before they got married. So it's a given you two are getting married," she replied, and the three just kinda laughed. "Maybe you're right, but maybe you're wrong," Shelly said, and Darrion rolled her eyes, then they packed up ready to go to the picnic.

"Mark?" John was looking for his brother. "In the kitchen, are you ready?" Mark answered. "Yes, are you?" John replied. "nearly, finishing up my sandwich, manna and jam, yummy," he replied as he packed the sandwiches up, they grabbed a blanket, and left for Mount Olives.

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