Left Behind kids series, thousand year reign, chapter 6. God's call for carpenters and workers

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Chapter 6. God's call for carpenters and workers

Vicki, Judd, and their kids were heading to the orphanage to play with the kids there, and to show their kids examples of how blessed they were at home, even though now it was a perfect world, their kids have parents now, whereas these kids didn't yet, yet they called themselves blessed. It was an amazing sight. "Mommy, why are all these kids so happy without mommies and daddies?" Anne asked. "Because they have Jesus as their brother, and God as their Father, they feel they need nothing else but the love of Jesus," Vicki explained. And then it happened, God called out to every individual, "And I say unto you, now all you carpenters, build places, all you workers, work, all you farmers, plant your harvest, and ye shall reap blessings, make this world as you knew it before, just without sin still. Vicki, follow your calling with a job that you love, a job that contains the desires that I placed in your heart." Vicki was astounded, God was bringing jobs into this world again. She thought of the desires in her heart, and it was for kids. She hugged Judd, "I have found my calling," she began. "I found mine too," he replied. "To work here with the kids," they both said at the same time. "Wow, God gave us both the same desire," Judd said. "Doesn't He always?" Vicki replied. "Good point," Judd said, and he talked to the person over the orphanage about He and Vicki bringing the kids to work. While the kids were playing with the orphaned kids, and Judd talking to the manager, she was alone with her thoughts. Wow, these days are so unreal. A perfect world, God showing us what to do to keep it as such. Working with all these orphaned kids who just feel that they are so blessed with what little they have. It is like we are in another country, or a new world, well, we are really, but still it seems a little weird. I can't help but cry out of thankfulness to God for making the new world as it is. Vicki was interrupted of her thoughts by a little girl tapping her arm, making the gesture to hold her. It was one of the orphaned kids. She looked mexican, and no more than about three or four years old. So Vicki picked her up, and tried making small conversation with the girl. "Hi, what's your name?" Vicki asked. "Anna-Maria," she said softly. "tu?" she replied, and Vicki remembered a little spanish from school and replied, "Vicki," "Como se tienes?"(How old are you, I think I pronounced it right.) Vicki asked. "tres anos," (three years), the girl replied. Vicki felt compassion for this young girl. Apparently she only spoke spanish, but understood english. I guess God helped her understand certain languages, and helped me understand them and remember learning it in school so I could communicate with her. She reasoned. Judd came back telling her that they would be volunteer workers at this orphanage. And they gathered the kids to go home. And Vicki told him about Anna-Maria. He seemed to know where this was going because he replied with, "Vicki, lets adopt her tomorrow." She just smiled happy that he felt the same way as her.


Lionel was following the Lord's call for Him, it was carpentry. Sam joined him for a while, until the computer lab was built, then he followed his passion, which was computer technology. Since the world was rebuilt, and people were living all over it again, instead of just in Jerusalem, computer technology had a big part in communication until post offices were rebuilt and reopened. Well, Sam was fixing up old computers, to give away to people here, and over seas, for forms of communication. Since there was no need for military, they took all the military computering devices to work on as well. It was amazing what all God did with making this a sin-free world, yet it still held all the things that were in it before. Music, computers, food, games, etc. It was just so amazing how God did it all, Sam thought. Then again, God was amazing in Himself. And Sam was realizing that more everyday. After he got done with his stack of computers, he helped Lionel, Ryan, and Raymie on the building they were finalizing. "Wow, what's this going to be?" Sam asked. "A pet store along with a daily needs store, just everything will be paid for, because Jesus paid it all on the cross," Lionel explained. "Wow, so everything will be free?" Sam asked. "Yes, and there's and infinite supply. God restocks it all twenty four seven," Lionel replied. "Awesome, so no need for tattoos, money, nicks, whatever, huh?" Sam asked. "That's right, because everything has been paid for," Ryan said. And with that they continued working in silence.

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