By: Seto's Princess & Bunnyfluff

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"Can I do the Disclaimer???" Seto asks.

"OKIE DOKE!!!!" Sarai shouts.

Disclaimer – Sarai and Bunnyfluff do not own Yu-Gi-Oh… nope, they do not own- … Is that a sucker you're holding??? MY SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seto attacks you.

Seriously, I think Bunnyfluff and I were on a serious sugar high when we wrote this.

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Warning: Extreme OOCness!!! EXTREME RANDOMNESS!!!

Where we last left off:

"DIE!!!" Bunnyfluff says as she smacks Tea.

"HA! Stupid friendship obsessed baka!" Marik says.

"Tee hee!" Sarai laughs.

"COME HELP ME MARIK!!!" Bunnyfluff shouts.

Chapter 5 – The End…

"Ok!" Marik shouts as he jumps out the window.

"Erm... I thought Marik didn't like falling..." Sarai stated.

"I don't??" Marik asks. "Eh, whatever. DIE TEA!!!"

Bunnyfluff does a special attack with Marik and kill Tea. X.X

"Hey, can I drink her when you're done??? I mean, her name is TEA… as in an herbal drink, right??? I want tea (the drink)!!!

"MY BLOOD!!!" Bunnyfluff says as she starts cutting Tea up for no apparent reason whatsoever.

"I'd rather have coffee..." Seto says with the sucker still in his mouth.

"Yummy… Never mind... I'll have coffee instead..." Sarai says.

"Eww... I got blood on my shirt!" Bunnyfluff says.

"Give me your shirt, I'll wash it!" Mokuba says.

Bunnyfluff takes her shirt off and is wearing a Victoria Secret bra on under it.

Mokuba stares at her wide-eyed. O.O

Sarai's eyes go into swirly-mode.

"Erm…" Marik says as his eyes also go into swirly-mode.

Yami Bakura walks by, notices Tea's limp body and sends her to the shadow realm.

Mokuba continues staring at Bunnyfluff.

Sarai's and Marik's eyes are still in swirly-mode.

Seto doesn't notice Mokuba staring at Bunnyfluff... "Yummy sucker..."

Marik goes back upstairs.

Yugi and Yami wake up.

"What's going on???" Yami asks.

"Erm... hello???" Yugi asks.

Bunnyfluff goes back upstairs.

"Mokuba, weren't you going to wash her shirt???" Sarai asks.

"Are you going to?" Bunnyfluff asks.

"Meh? Oh... ok..." Mokuba says.

"You don't have to… if you don't want to," Bunnyfluff says.

"FINISHED!!!" Mokuba says.

"You washed it already?" Bunnyfluff asks.

"Yup!" Mokuba says with a smile.

"That was fast," Bunnyfluff says as she takes the shirt and puts it on.

"You shrunk it," Bunnyfluff says as she tries to put the shirt on. The shirt made her look like a prostitute… O.O

"I did?? NNNOOO!!!" Mokuba shouts.

"Good thing I brought a spare!" Bunnyfluff says as she reaches into her backpack and pulls out a shirt and puts it on.

"Erm... where did everybody go??? I thought I just saw someone here..." Yugi asks.

"Yugi? Who are you talking to???" Yami asks.

Bunnyfluff glances out the window.

"I don't know... I think I was talking to this sucker..." Yugi says as he picks up a sucker from the ground.

"Uh oh," Bunnyfluff says.

"Oh Ra!" Sarai says.

"Sucker senses tingling..." Seto says.

"Oh boy..." Sarai says.

"SUCKER!!!" Seto shouts as he jumps out the window.

"Oh gosh this is gonna be good," Bunnyfluff says.

"Hey, look Yami! It's Kaiba!" Yugi says as he points up to Seto who is falling.

"SUCKER!!!!" Seto continues screaming.

Yami looks up, wide-eyed. O.O

Seto lands on Yami and snatches the sucker from Yugi. "Yummy!" he squeals as he stuffs the sucker in his mouth.

Sarai's eyes go into swirly-mode.

Everyone goes downstairs...

"HI YUGI!!!" Sarai says.


"Erm… now what???" Sarai asks.

"I don't know…" Bunnyfluff says.

"SUCKER!!!" Seto shouts happily while he continues eating his lollipop.

"Silly Seto. I wuv you," Sarai says as she pats Seto on the back.


"Erm… Let's just all go home…" Mokuba suggested.

"Okay," everyone agreed and went home.

The End…

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