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Over-all plot goes something like this: Remy buys booze for New Years. Students proceed to get hammered, while adults have their own party. There's a bet. Someone loses. There's a structural fire, and some rumors spread around that two somebody's did the nasty. Think you'll enjoy?

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The eggnog was out, Scott had gone to Hawai'i to spend Christmas and New Years with Alex, and his adopted parents, Jean was with her family, and the teachers were off having a party of their own. Most of the students had stayed behind this year because there was a new threat, and the homes of several mutants had been attacked over a two month period. The Professor hadn't thought is safe for many of the students to leave for a month or more, so he had a big multi-cultural holiday party for the students and their families at the beginning of December. (So, why are Scott and Jean missing, you ask? Because they're special. (A/N: And Panther and I didn't want them to spoil everyone else's fun!))

Now, with the adults blissfully elsewhere, the Rec. Room was the perfect atmosphere for an underage drinking party, courtesy of Remy's ID.

"Is good t' have a legal member o' de team, no?"

Most of the students were assembled in the Rec. Room by eight'o'clock, and playing a SpongeBob Squarepants drinking game.

"Oh! Squidward laughed! Drink!" Bobby commanded before slurping his crappy beer.

This resulted in many of the younger ones with not much body mass, and no experience, getting very drunk, very quickly, on very cheap beer. (Old Milwaukee, anyone?) Jamie was even stumbling around like Barney from The Simpson—not the big purple dinosaur. Tabitha, though….she was scary drunk. Way too friendly…way too hyper, plus the booze…bad combination. We're gonna leave it at that.

Remy, the source of all this madness, was watching the youngsters with an amused grin, reveling in the chaos. He knew he'd probably get in trouble on the morrow, but he didn't much care. Some of this was better than watching "Jack Ass."

After a visual pass of the room, he noticed that Sam and Rogue were pretty much fine. Whell, he couldn't have that. It would be no fun, now would it? So Remy made his way to the far corner, where Rogue sat with her third beer, watching the stupidity, and then over to the couch were Sam was chugging his forth. (A/N: by the way, he's gotten taller lately. He finally hit that growth spurt! Yay, Sammy!) Each one, he motioned out into the hallway. When all three were gathered together, Remy gave them a wicked grin. "Looks like only de Southerners dat c'n hold dey liquor, huh?"

"Please," Sam snickered. "Ah been drinkin' since Ah was ten, an' this crap you bought ain't nowhere near as strong as the stuff my uncle brews in his basement."

Rogue added a smirk of her own. "An' Ah haven' thrown up since ah was thirteen, an' that was only because Ah was so drunk Ah thought it'd be fun ta go on the Tilt-a-Whirl."

"Well, no big, spinnin' carnival rides 'round here, chere," Remy observed, "an' I c'n pick de lock on de Prof.'s liquor cabinet."

Rogue and Sam cast looks at the other. They had a silent conversation of "You up for it?" and "Are you up for it?" with an undercurrent of "Will you protect me if he tries to jump in my pants while I'm inebriated?" and, on the other end "Will you try to protect me if he tries to jump in my pants while inebriated?" They found that they were in agreement, and that either would protect the others virtue, since neither one trusted an admittedly opportunistically bisexual Remy not to try something. (A/N: Panther and I've had long discussions on Remy's sexuality, and we've come to the conclusion that while his preference is girls, he will do a guy if it's a group thing, or if he can't find a chick and he happens to be up for it at the time.)

"Yo on, Cajun," Rogue said with a saucy glint in her eye.

Remy caught the glitter in those pretty green eyes, and tossed her back the Devil's own grin. He led them to the small, breakfast table in the kitchen that no one ever used, because it was too small, and had them sit down. He disappeared for several minutes, while Sam and Rogue…well, they just kind of stared blankly at each other. They didn't talk much on a regular basis, and had no idea what to talk about now.

In a bit, Remy came back to find Rogue at one end of the table, and Sam sitting on one side. In one hand the Cajun carried a bottle of clear liquid, and in the other, three shot glasses.

"Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-DUNT-DUNT! Te-quila!" he sang. "Ready?"

The other two laughed and nodded, and Remy took his place at the table, across from Sam, and next to Rogue. He passed out the glasses and began to pour. His own glass had just gotten filled when the sound of Ororo's voice drifted down the hall to the kitchen, headed that way.


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