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Rogue, and Remy, who was a few steps behind her, entered the kitchen with as much hesitation as she had left Remy's bathroom with. There were a lot of windows in the kitchen, and her eyes were just not having it. She stumbled over to the cabinet by the kitchen sink and reached in for the extra strength Tylenol. Inside, there were only about three left.

"Sorry, Rogue," Tabby said from the kitchen table. "I put it on the list for the last grocery day, but apparently somebody thought we didn't need anymore when a half a bottle was still there."

Rogue gave her a little half-hearted wave over her shoulder, and a groan/mumble to go with it. As she dumped the drugs into her hand, Remy opened up the cabinet with the glasses and coffee mugs. He pulled out one for himself and was about to shut the door when Rogue caught his attention. "Han' me down a glass, sugah."

He went for the glass automatically. He wasn't up to thinking too deeply about anything yet. It was Tabitha, and the small group at the table, who caught the very out of character phrasing Rogue had just used. "Um…Rogue? Since when do you call him 'suger'?"

(A/N: cursing now!!!!) Well damn it all to mother fucking hell! Rogue looked back over her shoulder and glared hard at Tabby. She imagined the blonde girl being eviscerated by the strength of her glare. It didn't happen, but her point was gotten across when Tabitha leaned back in her chair and held her hands up in surrender. The rest of the room—even the appliances—decided that it would be better not to draw Rogue's notice.

Rogue took the glass Remy offered her and chose to ignore the little smirk he tried to hide. She poured some water from the tap and shot back the OTC meducation as deftly as she'd done the whiskey shots last night. She'd been good, Remy admitted to himself. But she'd still passed out before he did.

The bet!

"I won!"

Everyone looked strangely at him. It wasn't everyday that one of the most calmly collected people at the Institute shouted out "I won!" for no apparent reason in the middle of the kitchen while suffering a hangover.

"Huh?" Rogue summed it up for everyone.

" 'Member, chere?" he prompted. "Las' night we had a little bet t' see who could out drink de other."

Rogue wracked her brain. Unfortunately, she did vaguely remember something about a competition. Sam remembered slightly better though, and paused in putting a Saltine cracker in his mouth to help calm his stomach. "Oh yeah. Wasn' there somethin' about dressin' up dolls, or somethin'?"

"I t'ink, it was dat whoever won got to put de other in whatever clothes they wanted—like a dress-up doll," Remy explained.

Rogue glared and shouldered him out of the way in her quest for coffee. "So, what?"

"So, I won, an' you get t' be put in somethin' besides Goth all day."

After pouring her coffee and taking an experimental sip to see how her stomach was going to react. It was a little annoyed with her still, but accepted the coffee. She shrugged, careful not to spill the hot liquid. "Again, so what? What'd'ja have in mind?"

Now that he'd remembered the bet, he remembered what he'd been planning to put her in since last night. He grinned, and poured the rest of the coffee into the mug he'd gotten down moments before. He wasn't in a rush. He refilled the coffeemaker, and added some more ground beans to the filter.

"Well?" Rogue demanded.

"Ya seen Star Wars, right?" he asked. "De originals, I mean."


He turned to face her fully, just grinning away. "I wan' ya ta dress up like Princess Leia."

"In all white an' with pastries on the side o' mah head?"

He shook his own slightly. "I was t'inkin' mo' along de lines of Return of the Jedi. I'm sure I could find a gold bikini for ya somewhere, cherie, even in winter."

Rogue's brows creased together, and her mouth dropped. She was horrified! "No!"

"Ya gotta, you lost."

"No friggin' fuckin' way!"



"Oh, do it! Do it!" Tabitha cheered. The other people at the table agreed.

"See?" Remy asked. "Ya gotta."

"No. An' if ya try ta make me, Ah'll…Ah'll…Ah'll tell Logan on ya! An' think how mad he's gonna be when Ah tell 'im whose idea it was ta get 'is liquor from the beer-shed!"

"It was Sam's idea."

"That's not what Ah'll tell him. Now add that ta how mad he was this morin'."

Remy didn't want to risk his own hide quite that much. He lost the smile and narrowed his eyes. "Fine den. But ya still gotta dress up."

"Fine, but within reason, Swamp Rat."

He thought a while. What was something that would look good on rogue, show off some skin—skin that he'd really like to see, and was totally out of the ordinary, but that wouldn't get his flesh stretched out and tacked to the wall of Logan's beer shed? Ah-ha!

"Kitty? Ya mind if Rogue borrows one'a ya dresses for a day?"

"What!" Rogue exclaimed. "Uh-uh!"

"Come on, chere, it's totally wit'in de rules."

Why had she agreed to this? It was so dumb! But she couldn't let herself look like a coward, or like she went back on her word, or that she backed down from something. "Oh, fine. Ah might as well get this ovah with. When mah asprin an' coffee start kickin' in, Ah'll go change. Kitty?"


"Can Ah borrow a dress?"


Even with headaches, everyone in the room was very excited about seeing this. Most wanted pictures. Tabby went to spread the word.

Rogue groaned.


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