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The Chronicles of Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl

A Fanfiction Story by Cartoonfan88

7. Everything You Wanted To Know but Was Afraid To Ask

While they may have been unconscious, the events that preceded this stood in Stretch Dude and Clobber Girls memory. Emiliana and the academy betraying them, and then brutally assaulting them, which is all they could remember. Then, after they remembered that, they heard some music being played. This was strange to them, because not only did they not remember hearing music being played when they were attacked, but they had not heard this piece whatsoever. This drove them to snap back into consciousness…and after willing themselves, over and over again, they got back to reality.

It was Clobber Girl who woke up first, she just wanted to know what that piece of music was. She was expecting to be back in her house, with her mom watching over her, helping her on the road to recovery. Instead, she saw a crummy looking apartment, with all sorts of items on the floor, and the music she heard was coming out of a cheap looking CD player.

"You gotta love classical" said a voice that took Clobber Girl by surprise, and made her get into a fighting pose, and then she saw whose voice that was, it was Alastors. Alastor smilied at her "Firstly, Classical can bring out the best moods in anyone. Anger, Happiness, Grief, all emotions are covered."

She was still in her fighting pose, readying for combat. "Glad to see that you're awake, a thank you will suffice" he said. Clobber Girl had no idea what he was talking about. He then began again "Well, you know how Emiliana beat the shi…, I mean the hell out of you?" Clobber Girl nodded, "well, I got you and your bro away from her, and as an added bonus, made sure that she won't be trying to assault you again for a while".

After he said this, Stretch Dude started to come out of unconsciousness. "How long have we been here for?" asked Clobber Girl. Alastor began to think about that question, and finally said "Unconscious, 2 Days, Conscious, 5 minutes". As soon as he said that, Stretch Dude completely woke up, and after seeing Alastor, he got into a fighting pose, but Clobber Girl convinced him that Alastor was helping them, and not himself.

"Now that we're all on the same side here" said Alastor, "I suggest now we plan our next move". Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl were surprised at his words. "I'm sorry, our next move?" Asked Clobber Girl. "Truth be told Alastor, but we don't trust you enough so you could be considered allied with us".

Alastor smirked, "I was afraid of this" he said. "Well, then, go ahead, ask me questions about myself, so we can get to know each other than much better" as he began to take a seat. Stretch Dude asked the first question "Have you ever perfected your abilities at Lansings school?" Alastor thought about that for a second and replied "Yes and No"

The duo looked confused, so Alastor said "I developed my powers with my parents, and after they died, I spent some time at Lansings school, which is where I met Emiliana, next question!" Clobber Girl asked the next question "Who were your parents? And how did they die?"

"Good Question" Alastor replied, "I'm not going to give away their names, because you wouldn't have heard of them, but they were a great duo, and were great parents. As for them dying, well, one day, some super-villain got incredibley lucky, and instead of going on and on about how much of a god he was compared to them, he just used a death ray on both of them". He paused for a second and saw that the duo were giving him weird looks. "What? It's a true story!" he said, loudly. Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl brushed that aside, as then Stretch Dude asked the next question. "What is your real ability?"

"As in my superpower?" said Alastor, Stretch Dude nodded in response. "Well, it's a kind of thing I like to call a Pain Barrier. What it does is that it absorbs most of the damage, but I feel some of it. It's invisible, so you don't see it, and in case you want to know if it's backfired on me, it has, twice. Once when I was a kid, and I fought a guy, he broke it and lost a fight, and the second was when I was a teenager, and I decided to take on 20 people at once, I could hold it for a while, but after it broke, I had a hard time fighting back."

Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl were impressed with Alastors detailed answer. "So, do you two trust me yet?" he asked. The duo now felt like they could trust him, but they wanted to know one more thing about him. Clobber Girl asked it "Were you and Emiliana ever…y'know…"

"I know what you are talking about, and the answer is no." said Alastor. "Now, how exactly are we going to plan our next move?" Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl were looking tired, so Alastor suggested that they all go to sleep now, and plan in the morning.

They found their way to sleep easy, something which has been a irregularity to them as of late. Sometime during the night, Clobber Girl needed some water, and as she made her way to get a glass, she heard some words coming from Alastors room, and curiously, she checked it out.

She knew that he was sleeping, but he was tossing and turning in his bed, and muttering all kinds of things. "Why the hell won't you die!" said Alastor, as if he was in a real-life battle. Clobber Girl smiled at thought that Alastor was having a good dream, then, all of a sudden, Alastor grabbed his sword and thrusted it into the direction Clobber Girl was in, and missed her by a hair.

Alastor woke up and saw Clobber Girls scared as all hell expression, and said "I had a bad dream?" This convinced her to go back to bed…

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