Author's Notes: There isn't much in this first chapter, it's mostly an introduction to the main characters and a setting of the scene. It will get much better. It starts out a lot like the actual book, but it will be much different. The Lord of the Flies belongs to the brilliant William Golding. Hell, parts of this plot are copied almost exactly from the book (in this chapter at least). All of the characters accept for Annalise (pronounced Anna-lease) are the talented Mr. Golding's, and I mean no offense to him by using his story.

Annie trudged through the thick jungle growth, her dress catching on plants and tearing. Tears were making little rivulets on her face and she was shaking, rattled by the horrible crash. Her left arm was hurting badly and she held it close to her body. There were lots of boys on the plane and she wondered where they were. Just then she began to hear a sound feint sound, almost like a trumpet. She followed the gentle noise, hoping that it would lead to people.

It got harsher and louder as she got closer. She started to run for fear that the sound would stop, and as she ran she rubbed her face free of tears. She broke through the barrier of the jungle and found herself on the beach with a large crowd of boys in sight. She slowed to a quick walk and made her way toward the crowd, all boys who seemed to range in age from 4 to 15.

The noise, which she then realized to be a boy (probably the oldest in the group) blowing into a large shell, was blaring and piercing the air. As she approached the group a chubby boy with specks approached her.

"Name?" The pudgy boy asked.

"Annalise Alicia Sporwick." She said shakily.

"And age?" He asked in the same way.

"15." Annie answered.

She went and sat on the sand, not quite with the group of boys, but close to them. She saw a mass off in the distance, moving along the beach. As it got closer she noticed that it was a bunch of people, more specifically boys (of course). They walked in two lines led by one boy.

The boy stopped blowing into the shell and the new group's leader stood directly in front of him. They were talking but Annie couldn't hear what they were saying at first. She moved a little closer so that she could hear.

… "well I'm Merridew, why should I be any different?" Said the new group's leader.

"What's your first name? We're trying to make a list of all the people here." Said shell-boy.

"I'm Jack." The new group's leader answered.

"I'm Ralph, and that's Piggy." Said shell-boy while pointing out the chubby boy with specks as Piggy.

"And that's my choir." He said, pointing to the group behind him.

They all sat in a crude circle with no one as the center of importance. Jack sat beside Ralph on his right and his quire sat to his right. Piggy sat to Ralph's left with a few older boys to his left and then the gaggle of littleuns with Annie in the middle of them.

Because the group needed order and someone to keep it, Ralph was elected chief of the group. His first rule of business was to make a law the whenever they were having an assembly to discuss things the person that had the conch (that was what the shell was called) was the only one allowed to talk and that he was the only one that could interrupt them. It was also decided that Jack would still be in charge of his choir and that they would be hunters.

"I know that Piggy took all of the names, but I'd like to hear everybody's name and age just to get an idea of what we have for people. Right… I'll start. My names Ralph and I'm 15, have been for 4 months."

"Jack Merridow. I'll be 16 in two months."

They would announce themselves, going around in a circle. "Roger, 15." The boy next to Jack said.

"Maurice, 14."

"Robert, 14."


"… and Eric"

"… 13." Said two identically smiling twins. A bunch of littleuns said their ages next, including

"P-P-Percival Wemys M-Madison, f-five."

Then it was her turn. "Annalise, 15." There was a murmuring from the older boys at seeing a girl there. Jack's hunters turned to each other and exchanged looks. He looked at her intently. His face was expressionless and his eyes were gaited so that she could see no emotion. Ralph looked at her too with an expression of mild confusion. It was clear that no one had noticed her before her brief announcement of herself. Piggy took off his specks and wiped them on his shirt.

"Why are you sitting with the littleuns?" Ralph said good-naturedly. Annie hadn't noticed that she was sitting with all of the little kids, but she was. The little boy sitting on her left was only five, the one on her right had to be even younger.

"I didn't notice that I was until just now." She answered honestly.

He smiled kindly. "Come and sit with us." He told her. It wasn't said as an order, but a question and an invitation, and she accepted. Annie got up and walked to the other side of the circle where Ralph and Jack had separated just enough to leave room for her between them. Ralph smiled at her and Jack smirked slightly. "I'm Ralph," he said quietly to her while the little kids continued saying their names and ages.

"I know." She answered quietly while smiling but not turning her head towards him so that her face was still forward but she looked at him out of the corners of her eyes. "You can call me Annie." Her arm was throbbing, and she hoped that the pain would soon subside.

"And I'm Jack." She heard whispered in her right ear, sending little shivers up and down her spine. It wasn't a shy whisper, but a humorous, and even slightly sexy and seductive one. She turned toward him and he smirked slightly.

"You can call me Annie." She said, more solemnly than she had spoken to Ralph.

He held out his hand for her to shake and she slowly took her right hand away from her pained left arm. He saw then that her arm was twisted in a weird way.

"What happened to your arm?" He asked.

"I hurt it in the crash, it'll be fine." She said unconvincingly.

"You're wincing!" He told her. "Shut up!" He said loudly to Piggy who had just begun to talk following the announcement of 'Simon, 12.'

"What's wrong Jack?" Ralph asked him.

"Look at 'er arm!" Whispers of 'It's all twisted up!' and 'That must hurt like hell!' Followed Jack's command and Ralph looked at her arm.

"Go play you littleuns." Ralph commanded. "And you all can go too." He announced to the older boys. They went off to go swimming, get food, and play in the woods. Piggy still hung around for a minute, but when he realized that he wasn't wanted he went off into the woods, presumably to get food. Jack didn't leave.

After they both examined, prodded and questioned for nearly half an hour they discovered that it her shoulder was badly dislocated. Something Piggy could have diagnosed in a minute.

"I can fix it. You just have to pop it back in place. It's gonna hurt." Said Jack.

"How bad?" She asked.

"It's pretty bad, it's gonna hurt pretty bad to fix it." Ralph cut in.

"Might as well get it over with." She said with a nervous sigh.

The boys decided that Jack would be the one to fix her shoulder. Ralph watched as Jack's fingers closed around her arm and she took a deep breath. There was something about this picture that made him wish he were Jack. He was the chief, he was supposed to be the one who got to make the decisions. And right now he decided that he wanted to be just as helpful as Jack.

"Wait!" He said quickly, just before Jack began to work on her arm. "Do you want something to bite on… you know, for the pain?"

She nodded her head fervently. "Yes, please." She said in a way that made it obvious she was nervous.

"I don't think you want any of the cloth on my clothes, they're dirty…" Ralph began, he could not think of anything to give her.

"You can cut off a bit at the bottom of my skirt." She suggested. "It keeps getting caught in plants anyway." Ralph reached into his pocket for his pocketknife. But it wasn't there.

"Damn it, I must have lost it in the crash!" He said angrily.

"Lost what?" She asked.

"My knife."

"S'allright Ralph, I can do it." Jack said as he knelt down. He pulled his own knife out of his pocket and cut off her skirt until it reached just above her knees. After cutting this cloth to a good size he bunched it up and handed it to her. She bit on it. Once again Jack curled his fingers around her arm and got ready. She sharply took in some breath. Just before Jack began, Annie's hand flew out and found Ralph's. She held it tightly and he was pleased that he could be useful, not to mention the fact that a girl was holding his hand. Jack now envied Ralph, she had sought him for comfort. Not that she really could have held his hand while he was trying to fix her shoulder, but still. He began.

She whimpered and struggled not to cry out in pain. She gave in and let out scream, the cloth falling out of her mouth. It hurt bad, really bad. Her head thrashed around a little and she cried and screamed some more. It seemed like a long time to her, but Jack was quick as an expert and was all over in a matter of minutes. Her shoulder popped back into place and she let out a loud sigh of relief as she struggled to regain her breath. The pain was gone.

She then were realized that the only thing holding her up was Ralph, and his arms wrapped around her. She regained her composure and hugged Ralph, thanking him. She separated from Ralph and walked over to Jack, the relief from the alleviated pain of her arm washing over her like the tide.

"Thank you," She said to Jack with a wide smile. "Jack." She added as an afterthought, before beginning to walk towards the forest in search of food.

The two boys exchanged icy vacant looks before closely following her. In the dark back of their minds sat a spark of rivalry.

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