The Fragility of Time
by etj4Eagle
Revised 9/9/00

Note: Prologue has been compiled into same document as chapter 1, as
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Author's notes:

The timeline for this story takes place during the first season. But
as you probably can gather from the title that will quickly mean
little. The premise for this story came to me one afternoon while
working with my group on our reactor design. We had a reactor that
would quickly over pressurize if its cooling pumps were to ever
break. That set me thinking about where else would the word "Oops" be
bad to here. From there, it was a quick jump to what if something
went really wrong at the Gate of Spacetime; Pluto saying oops would
be a very bad thing.

Quite a few other shows make cameo appearances in this story. The
first few chapters are a slight crossover with Voyage, however don't
worry if you have not seen the series, as they disappear from the
story pretty quickly. I have borrowed Bill Harris's idea of Pluto and
Q knowing each other. I am a major fan of the Babylon 5 series by
JMS, hence B5 fans will notice that many of themes are present here
as well. They are a homage to great series, but knowledge of Babylon
5 again is not necessary for enjoyment or understanding of this

The prologue and first chapter have a fair amount of techno-babble in
them. It is not necessary for understanding the story. It is
basically used to described how I see Pluto and her job. In that, she
does not see time like the rest of us, but as an evolution of time.
She is always trying to perfect the time-line. This is my
interpretation of the Pluto present in the Tales of Younger Senshi by
Tuxedo Will and Douglas Helm.

I hope that the above has not scared away any potential readers. This
is my first attempt at Fan fiction so I welcome all comments and

And for the Obligatory disclaimers:
I do not own any of the characters here; they are part of commercial
television broadcasts. Sailor Moon in the US is distributed by DIC
and is originally a Japanese Anime. Voyager is part of the Star Trek
enterprise and is owned by Paramount. Babylon 5 is owned by Warner
Brothers and JMS.

Distribution of this document is to always be free. You may post it
wherever you like. However, I ask for notice on where it is being
posted. It gives me an idea of its spread and I can ensure that if
changes need to be made they can be to all copies.



Time is very fragile. Most people do not stop to consider the
fragileness of time, for they travel from the past to the future at a
constant rate. But for the one who guards the Gate of Spacetime, she
knew all too well how fragile movement along that fourth dimension
really is. Ideally, she had thought to herself many times in the past
the Gate should just be destroyed. Even if that was possible without
destroying the megaverse, the future was dependent on temporal
paradoxes created by non-standard travel along the fourth dimension,
i.e. time-travel.

The Guardian of Spacetime knew all too well that the future was
fluid. Her job was to ensure that disturbances placed into the time-
stream did not affect the basic nature of the future: the utopia that
will be known as Crystal Tokyo. To her, time did not have any real
significance other than being one more dimension of the universe. She
had already been present for Small Lady's befriending of Hotaru more
times than she could remember. But, until the future of Small Lady
was unchanged between trips to the past, she would have to help the
Sailor Senshi in the past again. The time was approaching when she
would need to leave the Gate once again and return to a linear
existence. Her total knowledge of the future would disappear, but she
would get to see Small Lady once again.

It appeared that she would need to find Q once again. While that
omnipotent life form could be annoying at times, he did make a good
stand in guardian of the gate. Of course nothing ever came to the
gate when she was not around, that was not the way things worked at
the gate. But, it never hurt to let Q think he was being useful, it
made him much more easier to work with when his help was really

"So, you almost packed for your trip?" As if answering her thoughts
about needing to find him, Q materialized at the gate.

* * * * * * * * *
Some where in the Delta Quadrant and displaced along the universe's
fifth dimension

"Captain the Singularity Slip Stream Drive is completed"

Captain Janeway turned around to look at her chief engineer.
Lieutenant Torres had a rarely seen glimmer in her eyes betraying
barely withheld excitement. Of course, that excitement was
understandable. Voyager potentially now had a drive that would allow
instantaneous travel throughout the galaxy. And, unlike the previous
trial with the Quantum Drive a few years ago, this one did not show
any signs of ripping the ship to shreds. Heck, it even appeared to be
safer than standard warp travel.

Janeway did not pretend to understand the physics behind this
technology. While she was a scientist by training and at heart, the
theoretical physics involved here were just too much. Thankfully, for
the crew, Torres and Seven did understand it. What she did know was
that the drive would utilize the fifth dimension to traverse the ship
to a common area in the megaverse (a singularity) and then traverse
them back to any point in their dimension.

"That is great news Torres, how long till we can bring the drive on-

"About a week captain. I would like to run some tests on the drive to
make sure that we assembled it correctly and that we were correct
about the physics."

"A wise percussion considering the problem with our last slipstream
drive." As Torres left, Janeway was left wondering what it would be
like to see Earth again in a week.

* * * * * * * * *
30th Century Crystal Tokyo

"Small Lady, you are going to need to into the past again." Neo-queen
Serenity informed her only child.

"Mother, why do I need to go into the past again?"

"It is time for you to train to be a Sailor Senshi. Take this locket
and with the words: 'Moon Prism Power Makeup' you will become Sailor
Moon." As Serenity handed her daughter the locket, Princess Usagi's
eyes became as wide as could be.

Grasping the locket, she called out "Moon Prism Power Makeup!"
Instantly the energy shout out of her body first dissolving her
princess dress and then covering her body with ribbons that rippled
into her Sailor Fuku. Left standing in front of Serenity was a
flamingo-haired pink-outfitted Sailor Moon. "Thank you mother. But,
why do I need to go into the past to train? Can't I just train here
in the future with the others?"

Laughing gently Serenity grabbed her daughter up into her arms before
answering the question. "I would love it greatly if you could do your
training here, but your training will be much more effective in the
past. Also you will get to learn from the master, myself."

Unable to resist the opening Usagi decided to taunt her mother. "Oh
you mean, you need my help to keep yourself from klutzing out during
the battles. Don't worry I will take good care of you in the past

"Hey I was not that bad." Serenity pouted while Usagi looked on
dubiously before they both broke out into a spat of giggles. As the
laughter calmed down Serenity told Usagi the other reason why she
needed to go into the past. "Usagi you will also make a special
friend in the past. Now you better go get packed. I believe Pluto
will be coming for you in an hour.

As Princess Usagi bounced onto the floor and ran out of the room,
Serenity thought about her daughter's taunt. How true that comment
really was. Usagi would befriend both Hotaru and Pegasus during her
trip back in time. Heck Serenity even remembered the situation that
she and Mars were in when ChibiMoon made her appearance. If it were
not for ChibiMoon, both she and Mars would be a lot flatter today.

The Fragility of Time
Chapter 1: "And, So it Begins"
Author: etj4Eagle
Lasted Edited: 9/9/00

Disclaimer: A reminder I own none of the characters of this story,
all rights are owned by others.
If you distribute the story, do only
so freely and inform me of where you post it.


"Small Lady, are you ready for your trip into the past?" Questioned
the guardian of time: Sailor Pluto.

"Hai, I have all I need. It will be fun taunting Onee-san again."

Pluto internally winced at what her queen would have to go through.
But, at the very least Small Lady's visits helped her majesty become
the understanding and patient queen that she was in the future.
Anyways she knew that her majesty treasured these visits by small
lady. So, she instead faintly smiled at small lady, turned around,
and using her staff opened a portal to the Gate of Spacetime.

Arriving at the gate she turned around facing Small Lady to remind
her about what not to do when she was in the past. "Pu I remember
your talks on not revealing the future, you don't have to give them
all to me again."

Pluto smiled, knowing that Small Lady would never do anything to mess
up the future, but the instruction were part of the ritual. So
satisfied with Small Lady's statement she pulled out one of her
crystal time keys and handed it to her. Standing back, she unlocked
the Gate of Spacetime and watched as Small Lady bounced her way into
the gate with Luna-P following quickly behind her.

In a short period, Small Lady would be in the past. Then it would be
time for her to return to the linear world as well. But, at a point
in time before Small Lady arrived, there were items to take care of
and setup before the Planet Busters' mess began.

"Don't worry she will make it there fine. Though, I don't know why
you don't send her on a side excursion first" mocked Q as he appeared
once again at the Gate.

"Q, I thought I told you to stay out of site till I called for you."

"You worry too much Pluto. In all the time that we have known each
other have you known me to screw up like that."

Pluto had to admit that while Q could be childish at times. His
pranks never really caused lasting trouble. And, those who were the
recipients of his pranks usually could use some pointing, though
rarely did they deserve the type of guidance that Q would provide.
But at least he proved to be a somewhat enjoyable companion. There
were other beings in the megaverse that were much more dreadful to be

* * * * * * * * *
The Delta Quadrant

"Status Mr. Kim"
"Captain, engineering reports the Singularity Drive is on-line and
ready to engage. All systems look good and we can enter the
slipstream at your command." Replied the Ops officer, Harry Kim.

"Mr. Paris Engage the Singularity Drive"

Tom Paris turned back to his station and prepared the ship to enter
the slipstream. The ship was already cruising at warp 9 and as he
entered the commands the nacelles gave an additional burst of energy
and the ship jumped into the slipstream leaving their universe. No
longer was the ship constrained to be fixed to one point on the fifth
dimension. Now it moved freely amongst them all. As the drive
continued to pulse, the ship began to merge with the very fabric of
Spacetime itself.

* * * * * * * * *
In the Time Stream

Princess Usagi looked around herself fascinated by what she saw. The
previous two times through the time stream, she did not take the
opportunity to enjoy the journey. This was quite understandable as
the first time the Dark Moon Family was after her and her mother was
encased in a crystal. And, when she returned after that trip she was
too eager to see her loved ones safe and sound again. But, this time
she was in no rush and could take a little time to enjoy the trip.

The stream was a fascinating display of lights as the stream twisted
and contorted itself. However, she always kept focused on her
destination. She did not want to get lost in the time-stream. Pluto
had only opened one path for her, and if she lost that path, she
would be forever trapped in the time-stream. While that risk may have
worried a grown adult, Usagi barely paid it any attention as she
traveled down the path.

A light flash to her right grabbed her attention. That thing looks
different from the rest of the stream. She thought to herself. The
object in question appeared to have an oval like structure, was
grayish and was definitely not a natural part of the stream. While to
her it looked no bigger than a cat, it was in reality far larger than
that. From its rear half protruded two long thin cylinders, which
glowed a soft blue. As she watched they began to pulse and to her
surprise, her crystal time key began to pulse as well. Suddenly there
was a bright flash of light. Her last thought before the light hit
her was her wondering what her mother was like when she first became
Sailor Moon.

* * * * * * * * *
Voyager: Also in the Time Stream

Soon after Paris engaged, the singularity drive the ship had begun to
transverse the fifth dimension. As the bridge crew gazed out the main
viewer, they observed the singularity. Strange how the singularity
appears to have dimensions. I will need to look at those theories
again to understand what I am seeing here. Janeway's musings were
interpreted by a warning klaxon going off. "Mr. Kim report."

"Captain, I am detecting another energy signature in the
singularity." Harry reported

"Confirmed, there is a second energy signature and it is beginning to
pulse." Seven added. With that comment, the ship shook violently.
Quickly sizing up the situation Seven added: "Captain our warp
engines have begun to pulse with that other energy source. In
addition our pulses are resonating with each other."

Following that pronouncement the ship began to shake nonstop. Tom
Paris hands rapidly flew over the helm controls trying to stabilize
the ship. But his efforts were to no avail, as the shaking kept
getting worse.

"Warning, structural integrity field failure." The ship's computer

Janeway saw the situation quickly spiraling out of control. If action
was not taken soon there would be no Voyager left to make it back to
earth. "Mr. Paris disengage the Singularity Drive and then bring us
to a full stop."

As Mr. Paris disengaged the drive system, the engines gave one final
pulse, which this time set off a brilliant flash of light. Voyager
was propelled back into real space. While everyone was reasonable
okay, the ship was a different story. The final pulse fried both the
warp core and the backup fusion reactors for the impulse engines. The
ship was left tumbling dead in an unknown region of space.

* * * * * * * * *
The Gate of Spacetime

". Now remember Q if anyone should approach the gate give me a call
and I will return right away."

"Pluto I have known you for millennia, you should know by now that I
know what to do. Take a vacation have some fun. Heck, after your done
with your little job why don't you take me up on my offer to visit
Jean-Luc. I hear he has a nice new ship to play with." As Pluto gave
Q an evil eye, he amended his statement to "or you could just pay a
social call."

Suddenly Pluto shivered and twirled around to face the gate. "Pluto
is something wrong?"

"I am not sure but. DUCK!!" Pluto suddenly cried out before diving
for what passed as the ground here. Q too startled by her sudden
declaration was caught off guard, as the gates were suddenly blown
open by a large shockwave.

Slowly getting up, Pluto found a very dazed and banged up Q on the
ground. "Owe that hurt a lot." Pronounced Q. "What the heck just

"There has been a disturbance in the time stream. You were hit by the
temporal discharge. "Oh no, Small Lady!" The guardian cried out as
she realized who was probably still in the stream at the time of the
blast. Unfortunately, she could not take the time to check on Small
Lady's condition, as the damage from the blast would need to be
rectified first. Left unchecked the instabilities caused by the blast
could destroy all of time. Looking at the flow of time closely, Pluto
quickly realized that the damage was beyond bad, it was critical.
Normally there was always some leeway in the future, but now it was
completely fluid.

As she watched, the fluidity moved quickly along the fourth dimension
into the past. Pluto was lost as to the course of action to take to
stop the collapse of the future she was charged with protecting. But,
then the front of fluidity stopped. As she examined the time-line,
she saw that her queen was safe. And, to her delight, she saw that
Small Lady had also safely made it into the past. However, it
appeared that her temporal destination was off, but with what
happened, that was a minor price for her safety.

Therefore, Pluto decided to begin on her task of repairing the Gate
of Spacetime and to figure out what had caused the blast that almost
destroyed the megaverse itself. It looks like Q might actually be
of some use, but he will need to rest and recover his strength first
Pluto mused to herself. The task of repairing the damage while
tedious did have one major advantage, in that it kept her from
thinking about the consequence of the fluidity of the future. Pluto
was used to knowing all of time from her place at the Gate of Space-
Time, but now she could only see up to the point where Small Lady
arrived in the past. Everything else was unknown to her. The Gate
itself had become linear once again, and that frightened her very

* * * * * * * * *
Tokyo, 20th Centaury

Over an alley, a pink cloud appeared and just as quickly disappeared,
but not before spitting out a pink haired child. Small Lady came
flying out upside down and on a trajectory for a landing in a
dumpster. "Yuck. Pu there better be a good reason why you had me
deposited in a dumpster." The pink haired child said picked her self
up and cleaned herself off. That's odd, where is Luna-P Luna-P
was always hovering around the princess and its absence was a source
of worry for Small Lady. Looking around she came across a saddening
sight as she found Luna-P shredded a couple meters away from her.

"Oh no, Luna-P" she cried out as she picked up the remains of the
floating cathead. Just great, first I land in garbage and then I
find Luna-P destroyed. Without it, I won't be able to hypnotize or
alter anyone's memories. I just hope that Mercury was right when she
said the hypnotism would still hold on Ikuko-mama and Kenji-papa from
last time. Well I probably should go find Usagi and tell her that I
am visiting" ChibiUsa told herself.

-End Chapter 1