Summary- (NCS YY/Y, M/R/M, NCS S/R, and various other pairings. Not an Egypt fic!) Yugi is Bakura's faithful servant. One Day Yugi gets taken by slave traders and is sold to a man named Yami. Not liking his new Master Yugi runs back to Bakura. When Yugi gets there he finds that Bakura has been murdered. Now Yugi will have to go the cruel hearted Yami.

My Smile Means Nothing To You

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter 1/?

Authors Notes:

1. This is not an Egypt fic nor will it ever be. I'm just saying I'm kind of tired of the same plot over and over again. No offense to Egypt fics, some are well done, but it does kind of get tiresome the same plot over and over again. Sorry if I have offended someone's fic, this was not intended to offend anyone.

2. This happens in a modern day society in Japan. This means that telephones and airplanes exist. Slavery in this story is still an acceptable thing, the rich do it to show how much wealth they have and to have someone do the work for them.

3. Slaves are not allowed to touch their Master's phones, this is a rule throughout the whole village! Other Master's have stricter rules. Each Master makes thier own rules, some are more lenient then others.

"Anything else Master?" A small boy asked with a little bow at the end.

The white haired man that was sitting at the table shook his head and simply stated, "go to bed." Yugi followed his Master's orders and went to his room. Yugi was quite thankful to Bakura for giving him his own little room. It was just beside the kitchen and had a small bed with a patched quilt, and a small dresser that contained only an extra pair of clothes. Even though most Masters weren't kind to their slaves Bakura was the kindest Master he had ever had but he knew of a friend who has a very cruel Master. Well not just one Master but two. Both were lovers and used their slave as a punching bag, and for their own pleasure needs. Yugi had come to Bakura by fate. One day Bakura had been walking through the market looking for a slave because his last one had died. This was when Bakura saw a small boy with tri-colored hair that looked to be about ten years old. Bakura watched as Yugi left the room thinking to himself, 'You'll make a good bed slave someday.'


Yugi was serving drinks to Bakura and his friends, Marik and Malik that were sitting on the couch. Their slave Ryou was sitting in the far right corner staring at the ground. Yugi knew that his Masters were quite abusive and Yugi felt sorry that Ryou was with those two. But what could he do? After all he was only a slave. Yugi had set out all the drinks and his duties were completed. One of the things about being a slave for higher-class people was that they were considered property of their Masters. Yugi tapped Marik on the shoulder, "Yes?" He asked as he noticed that it was Bakura's slave instead of his own.

With eyes turned to the ground Yugi asked "could I talk to Ryou?" Marik and Malik just exchanged looks and both nodded. Yugi thanked them and walked happily over to where Ryou sat. But that happiness was soon dismissed.

"Hey Ryou." Yugi said as he sat in front of Ryou. The small white haired boy didn't answer just tried to go more into the corner. Sensing there was something wrong with his friend Yugi asked "what's the matter?" Ryou shook his head. Yugi knew something was wrong and he wouldn't stop until he found out what it was. Yugi moved closer to Ryou and whispered softly "You can tell me. I won't tell anyone." Ryou nodded and then motioned for Yugi to lean foreword he then looked over at his Masters who were playing a game of cards with Bakura. Yugi leaned foreword and listened to Ryou speak.

"Last night I was serving supper to my Master and some friends of theirs," Ryou blushed, "I thought one of them was quite cute," Ryou gave a little giggle then continued, "well my Masters did not like that. I was trying to flirt with him and my Masters hated that." Ryou gave a grim smile, "they told me if I liked him so much I should spend a night with him." Yugi knew what spending a night meant even though he hadn't experienced it himself. He was one of the lucky ones he kept on reminding himself every time he saw Ryou. Yugi was thankful for Bakura not wanting that type of service. Ryou gave a little shudder then continued, "they convinced him to spend a night with me and it wasn't a pleasant experience." He rolled down his sleeve showing Yugi the bruises and cuts that looked to be about a day old. There were bruises on Ryou's wrist that were scarred red and looked like he had been tied up with robe. Apparently the guy was quite sadistic. They must have been from the man that Ryou had thought was cute. Ryou looked at them and then whispered "Attraction is a human behavior, I told my Masters that they told me I was theirs and only theirs." Ryou looked over to his Masters and then fingered the gold collar that was around his neck. "You know what I hate about being a slave?" Yugi didn't know but Ryou didn't leave Yugi time to guess. "I miss the freedom;" Ryou tugged on the collar trying to move it. "I want to be with whomever I want to be with not being ridiculed for everything that I do wrong and whom I think is cute."

"Oh Ryou," Yugi said as he wrapped his arms around Ryou bringing him closer. "Don't worry I'm here for you." Yugi didn't want to give Ryou false hope but that was all that he could give him. Before he had come to Bakura he had an abusive Master but thankfully he was there only for a couple of days. Oddly enough his old Master had raised a hand to strike him one day after he had spilt some water and his Master had just collapsed. That next day was when Bakura bought him. Ryou spoke again, "After all this the morning after when the guy was leaving, my Masters told him that he could come over whenever he wanted pleasure." Yugi just held Ryou as he sobbed uncontrollably. Yugi stroked Ryou's white hair and whispered comforting words into his ear.

The sound of someone getting off a chair was heard. Yugi looked over top of Ryou's head and saw Bakura leading Malik and Marik to the extra bedroom that was beside Bakura's. Yugi hadn't known that the two were sleeping over. That meant that Ryou would be sleeping over then too. Bakura came back to the room he walked over to where the two slaves were hugging each other. Bakura tapped his own slave and Yugi turned around. Yugi stood up and went down on his knees in front of Bakura. "You," Bakura pointed at Ryou, "Are to go to your Masters room now." Ryou scampered off in the direction of the room.

Bakura bent down and pushed Yugi's chin up, "I want you to wash the dishes, and then go to bed." Yugi nodded and went to go about his tasks.


The next day Bakura sent Yugi to market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. Bakura had said he had heard that they had just received a shipment of apples from America and Bakura was eager to try them out. Yugi clutched the small amount of coins that Bakura had given to buy his fruit. Bakura loved fruit even though it was quite expensive and rare to find in their small city. Yugi glanced and saw the apple seller. He ran over and waited in the small line that had formed. Most people knew whom the small boy was a slave to and Yugi was treated quite like his Master, highly respected. Soon he got up to the counter and gave the person behind the desk his order. The man brought back a bag of red apples. Yugi took them and paid for them. He then walked off happily back to Bakura's house. Bakura's house wasn't far from the city it was just on the outskirts while Malik and Marik's house was in the center of the city.

On the way back to home Yugi stopped at the huge fountain that was in the middle of the town square. He looked down and saw himself. He hadn't changed at all from when he had first entered the slave trade. For most people were attracted to the boy's cream white skin, innocent looking amethyst eyes, and his innocent nature. That was until Bakura bought the boy and anyone was forbidden to touch him but him. Yugi fingered the silver collar that Bakura had put there after he had bought him. The inscription on the collar said in cursive writing 'Bakura's'. No last name was needed for knew who everyone was in their small city. Even for that fact no one else had the same name. Yugi looked down into the crystal clear water and brought his hand into the water bringing some up to have a drink. Yugi never did notice the two men watching him from the nearby alley.


Yugi was almost home, and was taking a break in a nearby field. Yugi was lying on the soft ground looking up at the clouds. 'That one looks like a rabbit' Yugi thought to himself as he listened to the sounds of the birds. Yugi loved the outdoors and took every chance he got to look at it.

Two sets of footsteps were heard. Yugi got up. Two men were coming his way. Both wore all black, the one the right had long blonde hair that was tied back into a ponytail, and the one on the right on short black hair. Yugi never did see that hand suddenly swinging out and hitting him. Yugi never did see the two men pick him up and carry him into town. The bag of red apples lay on the ground where Yugi had stopped to take a break at.


Yugi slowly opened his eyes. He took in his surroundings. This wasn't his Master's house. He was in a very small room, very well near closet sized. It had only a small window on the far wall that was barred on both sides, and a small door. Yugi got up; ignoring the slight headache he had right now and tried opening the door. It didn't budge; it was locked from the outside. Yugi sighed and fell down to the ground.


A man opened the door and violently shook Yugi. Startled Yugi opened his eyes. "Finally your up," the man said grabbing Yugi's arm and dragging him down a small hallway. He was set down on the ground by a couple of other young people possibly other slaves.

The blond haired man stood in front of the group, "As you all know we are having a sale today," the man walked to the other side of the room, "this means that some of you will be sold, and others will not be." The man looked at one of his comrades and smirked, "I pity the ones that aren't sold." 'I can't be sold I already have a Master.' Yugi put his hands up to his neck to feel the familiar touch of his silver collar. Only problem it wasn't there.

Soon all the young slaves were lined up according to height. It was a small assortment of kids from a variety of ages. Ages ranged from ten to late teens, and there seemed to be more males then females. Yugi was placed at the very end of the line because of his height.

The blonde haired man walked in front of the group again. This time his voice was more menacing, "we are now going out there. You guys better be on our best behavior or else," he held up a whip; "I will have to use this." He gave a small crack and a couple slaves near the front walked backwards nearly tripping as they walked. They then followed the man to the next room while the black haired man patrolled the back of the line. The room was huge with a stage that covered the whole front wall. There were rows of chairs that were almost full. Yugi noticed that most of them were filled by males, most of them in their early twenties. Women were rarely seen at auctions like these for most here were looking for pleasure slaves rather then slaves that would do manual labor. The group was lead onto the stage where they stood in their line. They were then told they were to stay still or suffer the consequences. A bell rang signifying the start of the auction. It started from the tallest to shortest. Yugi noted that the tall guys were being sold rather cheaply, while the prettier boys were sold for outrageous prices.

The way the auction worked was the slave stepped forward and the starting bid was then said. Yugi looked down at the ground; he did not want to be here. He was Bakura's slave not anyone else's slave. He couldn't remember a day when he felt pride saying that. Yugi shuddered what if he became a pleasure slave? He looked around the room. That was when he saw the man in the front row that looked very similar to him. The only difference was their heights, their eye colors, and their gold colored streaks in their hair. The man was staring at him and only him; his eyes never left Yugi's tiny form. Soon Yugi's time came up and the bid for Yugi began. The starting bid was so low and then the man in front bid double then the starting bid. Nobody else bided. It seem like the man had a lot of power.


Ryou was sitting on the floor is old patched quilt covering his half-clothed body. It hurt so much. He hadn't meant to disobey his Masters this time they weren't as forgiving this time. The man Ryou had serviced two nights ago came back earlier this day. Ryou had refused to do anything with that man. Marik went ballistic he had Malik hold Ryou while he went to the other room to get the whip that was rarely used.

After that was done. Marik told Ryou that Ryou was there's no longer but a one Seto's Kaiba's now. The two lovers had sold him. Ryou moved into a more comfortable position, it hurt to sit anywhere. He was told to pack up his things and wait for this Seto guy in the kitchen. Ryou's things only consisted of a quilt, a Change of Heart card, and an extra change of clothes. Slaves never did own very much, and when they did the slave prized them. He had remembered meeting him quite a while ago now that he thought of it.


Ryou had just finished sweeping the kitchen floor and had placed the broom in the small closet that was in the hallway when he heard the knock. He walked over to the large wooden door and opened it. There stood a man near six feet. He wore a trench coat that went down to the ground, black pants that looked like leather and, a white t-shirt. His blue eyes held so much coldness.

"Are your Masters home?" The man asked coldly

Ryou nodded and left to go get his Masters.

End Flashback

Ryou shuddered from that memory. He never wanted to see the guy again but now he was his slave, it wasn't right! A knock was heard, Ryou tried to get up to answer but he fell down because one of his cuts reopened where he had been hit multiple times by the whip.

Marik walked into the kitchen he looked down at Ryou as he walked over to the door, "stupid slave can't even do anything, good thing we're are getting rid of him." Marik muttered to himself as he opened the door. There stood Seto as the same man Ryou had seen a long time ago. Marik lead Seto into the living room, Marik then appeared back in the kitchen. "Since you can't walk I'll carry you to the living room. Mr. Kaiba wants to discuss what type of services you will provide for him." Marik said, as he picked up Ryou and flung him over his shoulder. Ryou's quilt that had covered his naked torso fell to the ground.

"Stop put me down!" Ryou yelled, when Marik had picked up Ryou he had caused many of the almost healed cuts to reopen.

"You are in no position to be giving me orders!!" Marik yelled slamming Ryou down on the living room floor. Ryou landed in a heap on the floor. He couldn't get up.

Malik being the nicer out of the two helped Ryou sit up. Seto was on the couch, arms crossed over his chest, "obedience will be excepted when he becomes my slave," Seto stated putting a hand on top of Ryou's head to stroke Ryou's hair.

"So what type of services does Ryou provide?" Seto said glancing down at Ryou who was shirtless, he had forgotten to grab his quilt when Marik had grabbed him.

"He can cook, clean, and is a rather good pleasure slave," Marik said relishing the times he remembered when him and Marik made Ryou submit to their own sick fantasies.

Seto gave Ryou a small pat on the head; "I can see why he is a pleasure slave. He's is so pretty."


Yugi was bought by a man named Yami. Right away Yugi knew he did not like him. He hated everything about him his demeanor, his arrogant attitude, and everything else about the man. When he got into the huge house at which Yami lived at Yugi was roughly pushed into the house and then into a small room. The room was a bit bigger then his room at Bakura's. It was filled with a bed and a small night table that only had on it a small lamp, and a bottle of lotion. No window was in the room; all that filled the room was darkness. Yami had left the room and had locked it from the outside. Yugi sighed and climbed onto the bed, curling up into a small ball with tears slowly streaming down his face.

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