Summary- (NCS YY/Y, M/R/M, NCS S/R, and various other pairings. Not an Egypt fic!) Yugi is Bakura's faithful servant. One Day Yugi gets taken by slave traders and is sold to a man named Yami. Not liking his new Master Yugi runs back to Bakura. When Yugi gets there he finds that Bakura has been murdered. Now Yugi will have to go the cruel hearted Yami.

My Smile Means Nothing To You

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter 2/?

Authors Notes:

1. This is not an Egypt fic nor will it ever be. I'm just saying I'm kind of tired of the same plot over and over again. No offense to Egypt fics, some are well done, but it does kind of get tiresome the same plot over and over again. Sorry if I have offended someone's fic, this was not intended to offend anyone.

2. This happens in a modern day society in Japan. This means that telephones and airplanes exist. Slavery in this story is still an acceptable thing, the rich do it to show how much wealth they have and to have someone do the work for them.

3. Slaves are not allowed to touch their Master's phones, this is a rule throughout the whole village! Other Master's have stricter rules. Each Master makes thier own rules, some are more lenient then others.

4. Character Death in this chapter and non-descript rape

Yugi woke up and sensed that someone was watching him. He sat up in bed and there right in front of him sitting in a chair was Yami. Yami smiled as he noticed how confused his newly bought toy looked. Yami got off the chair and crawled onto the bed. Yugi gasped he knew what was going to happen. Yami was giving him the same look that Malik and Marik gave Ryou. Yugi got off the bed and began to run to the door. He tried the door but it was closed, he heard a laugh from behind him, he turned around. Yami was swinging a key chain with about ten keys on it. Yugi fell to his knees, he knew he was defeated. Yami came silently up to him and picked him up. He then set him on the bed and crawled onto it. He took Yugi into his arms and began unbuttoning his shirt. Yugi tried to get Yami's hands off of his shirt buttons but Yami simply took them in one hand, leaned over to rummage around in the drawer and pulled out something. Something shiny. Yami took the item and clipped them onto Yugi's wrists he then clipped them to the bed posts. Yugi remembered what Ryou had told him about handcuffs, 'never struggle, it well hurt your wrists and well the less you struggle the less it will hurt.' Yugi never thought he would need Ryou's advice.

"Now that that is done, we can get started;" Yami laid Yugi down on the bed, and began undoing Yugi's pants. He got them off and threw them to the floor. Yami then took off his own pants and tossed them to the side. Yugi began kicking his legs trying to hit Yami. Yami simply grabbed both of his legs and pushed Yugi foreword. "I wanted to do this the easy way but you leave me no choice, I'm going to do this the hard way." Yami said slamming into Yugi.


"This is the kitchen," Seto said as Ryou walked slowly behind him, " and this is your room." Seto said indicating the small almost closet sized room beside Seto's.

Seto looked at his watch, "I think it is time to go to bed now." Seto stated walking towards his bedroom.

Seto's place was huge, a bit larger then his old Master's. Ryou walked into the room, finally he had something to call his own, it wasn't much, but at least it was his. When he was Malik and Marik's slave he slept the floor even after the pair had their 'fun' with him they would push him off the bed and snuggle with each other. Ryou was forced to listen to their little pleasurable moans while he tried to sleep.

The bed was cot sized and was covered by a thin black sheet, there was a small table beside the bed with a collar on it. Ryou slipped the collar on and laid down on the bed, he would start tomorrow as Seto's slave.


Yami had left a while ago; he hadn't even locked the door behind him. Yugi wasn't even able to move, and even if Yugi were able to he wouldn't get far. Yugi usually was an optimistic person but now he had no reason to be. Nothing was going to be okay, he was stuck with Yami forever. All his good memories of being a slave were erased from his mind, and now were of the thing that Yami had just done. All around his home there were guards guarding all the possible exits even at the smallest windows where no escape was possible. Yugi lay on the bed his eyes half open his body sore from the previous event. Yugi sobbed Yami had just taken what he wanted and left. It wasn't fair; he was Bakura's slave not Yami's. The pain was almost unbearable why did he struggle, Ryou had gave him good advice why hadn't he followed it? Yugi lay his head on the pillow; before Yami left he had tucked Yugi in and with mock sweetness gave him a kiss on the cheek. Why was Yami trying to act nice to Yugi when he knew that Yugi hated him? Yugi remembered saying that when Yami started, he screamed out loud, "I hate you." Yami just continued not even listening to Yugi's words or screams for that matter.

The door opened and in walked a blonde haired slave. He was about five foot ten with ginger brown eyes. He wore a pair of white cotton pants and nothing on top. He looked to be about two years older then Yugi. On his neck was a collar that was of the same white gold with the yellow gold pattern, it was the mark of ownership of Yami. Every person if owning a slave had his or her own separate collar designs. While some were passed down from generation to generation, others made up to make way for a new generation. The blonde haired boy walked over to the bed and set down a tray, he then sat down beside Yugi. He turned to Yugi; "Master told me you would be sore, so he told me to feed you." The blonde said as he raised up a spoon and lifted some peas onto to it. Yugi shook his head sure he was hungry, he wasn't in the mood to eat. Yami just excepted to do anything to him and then everything would be okay?

"Come on," the blonde leaned closer, "you only have to eat a little." The blonde thought for a minute then added, "maybe we could talk for a while; you look like you really need someone to talk to." The blonde said in a knowing voice. Yugi hated to think that Joey was in this position once in his life time. Joey helped him sit up and leaned Yugi's back against some pillows, it still hurt to sit, but some of that pain was now receding. Yugi let Joey feed him five mouthfuls of peas, and two bites of a chicken wing.

After Yugi had proclaimed that he was full Joey set the tray down on the side table. He turned back to Joey, "I forgot to introduce myself. Name's Joey Wheeler," Joey said extending his arm. Yugi took it and gave a little shake then let go.

"I'm Y-" but Joey interrupted before Yugi could even finish his sentence.

"I know whom you are. Master only talks about you all the time." Joey gave a smile then looked at Yugi, "between you and me personally I don't like Yami, but he has said made a deal with a pair named Malik and Marik. Well they are in dire need of a slave because their last one was quite disobedient, so I may be leaving." Yugi looked at Joey in surprise, Ryou had been sold?

"What happened to their old slave?" Yugi said in an anxious tone hoping that his friend was better off then he was living with Malik and Marik.

"Ah," Joey took in a breath of air then continued, "I believe he got sold to a man named Seto."


The first week was hell for Yugi, he hated Yami. There was only one good thing about being a slave to Yami- Joey. Joey and Yugi had become such great friends. They talked about everything. Joey still couldn't prevent Yugi from Yami though and that was what worried him the most. Joey finished washing the last dish and had put them away he headed up to Yugi's room with his usual tray which was a chicken wing and peas. Joey had managed to persuade Yami if he could gave a small dish of ice cream. Knowing Yugi had never tasted it before and that it would help Yugi's dry throat. Joey gathered all the stuff and put it on the tray he then headed to Yugi's room.

Yugi was always happy to see Joey when he got there, Yugi was doing much better most of the pain had gone and it was getting easier to sit. Joey opened the door and there Yami was sitting on the bed talking to Yugi.

"Why don't you like me?" Joey heard as he opened the door. Joey slowly opened the door and the scene that met him was what surprised him the most. Yami had forced Yugi to put a pillow onto his lap and lay down his head on it. Yami glanced up, "your foods here Yugi-Chan. I'll see you later tonight."

Yami left the room without another word.

Joey set the tray down and rushed over to the bed. "Are you okay Yug?" Yugi nodded, "He didn't really do anything." Yugi said quietly trying to hide under the pillow. Joey sat down carefully pulling Yugi close to him.

"If he does anything else to hurt you, I want you to tell me right away. Remember you will always be a friend of mine and that is a promise I will keep" Joey said hoping Yugi would follow his advice.

Yugi nodded.

Changing the subject, "you know how I told you about ice cream? Well I have some for you," Joey stated handing the small bowl and a spoon to Yugi.

Later that day

Joey had left about twenty minutes to go about his chores that left Yugi to do some reading. Yugi personally loved to read, even though slaves weren't supposed to be able to read but Bakura had taught him. Yami had gotten a book from his personal library and had given it to Yugi to read.

"Yes the deal is set. Bakura well be home tomorrow night." Yugi heard a familiar voice say from a nearby room.


Meanwhile two men were leaving Yami's house and going to Bakura's. When they got there they knocked on the door and awaited the answer. Soon loud footsteps could be heard coming to the door. The door opened, and there stood Bakura. He looked at Malik then flicked his eyes over to Marik. He then silently let them in; not knowing this would be his last time he would ever open this door in his life. Bakura led them to the dining room, and then went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Bakura returned with three cups of tea on a tray along with cream, sugar, and a plate of sugar cookies. Bakura set the tray down and all three took a teacup.

Knowing where Yugi was and knowing Bakura was probably dead worried about him Marik asked, "So where's your little slave Yugi?" Bakura shook his head he didn't know.

"Have you seen him at all?" Bakura asked his heart pounding; maybe these two had seen Yugi.

Marik shook his head, "No of course not." Marik said a smirk playing on his lips.

Malik drained the rest of his tea and went to go put the cup into the sink. When Malik left Marik stood up and walked behind Bakura. He then pulled out his sword out of the sheath that was tied around his waist. Marik looked fondly at the blade, which had many intricate Celtic designs on the hilt. He set it down on the ground, he wouldn't need it right now but later he would. He pushed Bakura off the chair and instantly put a leather booted foot onto his chest pressing it down. Bakura gasped trying to suck in as much air as he need, it felt like his lungs were going to explode! Finally Marik took his foot off and put his hand in his pocket. He came out with a piece of paper, and a pen. He handed it to Bakura who grabbed it swiftly from him.

"Now I want you to write a letter to your family," Marik demanded.

Marik walked over to the wall and turned around. "First thing put something really emotionally into it, then put I leave my house to my Sister." Marik's eyes gleamed this what he came for. Once Bakura had put down on the paper that he left Yugi over to Yami, Yugi would officially be Yami's. Marik gave an evil grin, "I lied I do know where your precious Yugi is. Yami says he makes a rather great pleasure slave." Marik said remembering Yami's words to torture Bakura's last moments with Yugi's new position.

Bakura threw the pen down to the ground, "You bastard!!"

"I'll take that as a compliant. I have been called a lot worse."

Marik picked up the pen and gave it to Bakura "now write I leave Yugi to Yami." Marik said standing behind Bakura in case he tried to get away. Bakura slowly wrote the words. When he was finished Marik picked up the sword and plunged it into Bakura's chest.


"You call this clean!!" Seto said as he inspected the kitchen the kitchen that Ryou had just finished cleaning. Ryou nodded, apparently it was the wrong answer for Seto roughly grabbed his chin and turned Ryou's head to look directly at him. "Do it again!" Seto hissed as he pushed Ryou away from him. Ryou bumped into the wall and just turned to see Seto leave the room. Ryou sighed. He had thought Seto would be nicer then Malik and Marik but he was wrong. Seto was two times as worse as Malik and Marik. When he was with Malik and Marik it would be considered a holiday but Seto was a different story.

Ryou took the mop out of the water again for the second time today and began to wash the floor again.


Yugi woke up suddenly; he had just had an odd dream. Ryou was in it, so was Joey and oddly enough Bakura. Bakura had been lying down on the ground blood all over the place, a stab wound near his heart. Ryou had been with a tall brunette, and was pleading for his help. Joey was packing up his things from Yami's and leaving with two ominous looking characters that looked oddly familiar. It was rather an odd dream but it seemed it was trying to tell him something. Yugi looked around the room nobody was here not even Yami. Truthfully Yami hadn't been here all day. That was quite odd considering that he came to talk to Yugi every day even if it was only for a couple minutes. Yugi got off the bed and snuck out of the room. He tiptoed down the stairs to the front door, but not before grabbing a random jacket from the coat rack.


Yugi recognized the part of town where Yami lived right away; it was near where Bakura lived. It was a quick five-minute run and Yugi made in a record three minutes. He paused before pushing opening the door. Something made him do it. There lay Bakura on the ground, blood was all over the place. Just like in his dream since when did Yugi have premonitions of the future? Bakura had been stabbed right in the heart; it was an instant death. Yugi dropped down to his knees and crawled over to Bakura. Yugi started crying. Who would do such a thing? It wasn't right to kill another a human being.' I'll always remember you as the kindest Master I've ever had' Yugi thought to himself as he felt Bakura's hand which was ice cold. It was apparent that he had been died for a couple of hours now.

Suddenly the door opened and was slammed shut. Yugi was roughly lifted up and turned around. Crimson meeting amethyst. It was Yami. Yami glared at Yugi, and roughly picked him up and slammed him against the wall. He then carelessly dropped him to the ground.

"I'll deal with you later," Yugi heard Yami hiss.

Yami strode over to Bakura's lifeless body and picked it up. He then pushed open the door with his foot. A loud splash was heard then footsteps leading back to the house. Yugi scampered into the corner, and tried to appear smaller then he was. He heard the footsteps getting closer and closer every second. This is what Ryou must have experienced so many times in his life. Yami grabbed Yugi and thrust him in front of him. He then took Yugi's arms and took them into his tight grasp. He then forced Yugi to walk in front of him.


Yami brought Yugi home and immediately took him to Yugi's room. He then locked the door and there Yugi sat on the bed waiting for his punishment. Yami had said he would be back later, whenever that was. Yugi laid down on the bed and shut his eyes, it would be okay to get some sleep right now he never knew when he would be able to sleep next.

Yugi had been sleeping for about twenty minutes when he was suddenly dragged out of bed, dragged across the hallway, then shoved into a room. Yugi slowly got up, and walked on his shaky legs towards the one light that was in the room. It was coming from a torch that was on the other side of the room. As Yugi walked he saw a small cot, and chains on the walls. Yugi shuddered what those chains had been used for. It was a miniature version of a dungeon. There was no window in the room, and the door was locked from the outside like Yami had done with any other room he put Yugi in. Yugi went onto the bed and laid down. Yami wanted him in hell, well he got it.

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