Part Ten.

Vincent wandered out into Cid's back yard, already popping rounds from his belt into the gun as he walked.

In the back of his mind, Chaos was literally giggling with glee, and Vincent swore he could hear Hellmasker sniffle once, but he wasn't quite sure. All four of his demons were in an excited uproar, and with four voices and your own mind, things were getting noisy in Vincent's head. Still, it was one of the first times that he agreed with all four of them at once, and shared their feelings so wholeheartedly.

It was a little disturbing.

Vincent glanced at where the Tiny Bronco should have been parked, and winced, but then shook it off, and stood in the bald patch in the yard where it had sat for so long, and turned slightly as he easily spotted the scrap heap Cid had mentioned.

It was stacked in one corner of the yard, higher than the fence. Vincent shook his head. Cid. Could. Be. Such. A. Raging. Slob.

Vincent raised the Death Penalty up in his arm again, and just took a minute to stand there, feeling its weight make his muscles strain slightly, its new metallic smell of oil and steel make his nose prickle and his eyes sting lightly. He closed one eye, sighting in on a small tin can at the top of the scrap heap, and widened his stance a little, expecting a bit of a bite when he actually pulled the trigger, and took a deep breath.

Vincent brought the trigger down slowly. Vincent didn't entirely enjoy killing, but he took pride in his cool accuracy, composure and skill with any gun. There were no jerky, awkward movements…ever.

You going go actually pull the trigger or just stand here like some fucked up statue? Chaos asked suddenly. Vincent sighed, and finally, taking aim one last time, pulled the trigger.

The resounding bang caused Vincent's heart to leap up into his throat, and the kick of the gun sent him flying flat to his ass, several yards back from he'd been initially standing. There was a sharp metallic crack as the tin can he'd shot exploded into a myriad of metal shards, tinkling as they fell back to the scrap heap.

Whooo!!! Chaos cheered as Vincent got up, giddy from the rush of it. Gallian Beast was howling excitedly. His shoulder ached, and his ears rang, but he was grinning. 'Whoo' was right! Grinning, Vincent moved back to where he'd been standing -the grass was kicked up into little wads of turf where his heels had dug into the ground before he was finally knocked from his firm stance - and raised the gun again, aiming at something a little more substantial this time. He sighed a large metal crate or something that looked like it, and Death Gigas chuckled.


Vincent smiled in response, grinning toothily, and, hardening his stance with one heel back and dug firmly into the ground this time -he felt that he was ready for such a huge blast this time - and took aim and fired.

Again, a resounding bang, and then a loud sharp sound as the bullet hit its target.

Inside, Tifa jumped as she heard a second bang, but Barret waved it off.

"'S jus Vince, Teef!" Tifa nodded.

"Its so loud…"

"What?" Cid asked, looking around. "What's loud?" Shera groaned, dropping her head to her hands. Yuffie snorted.

"Deaf old fart." Cid glared, flipping the bird at her.

"Shaddup, Brat."

Back outside, the bullet struck the large metal box, but didn't penetrate it. Instead, it ricocheted off, and zoomed right back at Vincent before he could think to move.

Shit! Valentine, move! Chaos' senses were far quicker than Vincent's, and the bullet struck before Vincent could even register what the demon had said to him. Vincent yelped, falling back and clutching his face as the bullet missed his right eye by about a half inch. Damnit! You frickin idiot! They /warned/ you! A million frickin' times! Chaos bellowed with a roar. Vincent was defenseless as the demon took over his body in its fury. They shared pain, after all, and Chaos was /hot/ happy with having its day wrecked by such idiocy, even though it really hadn't been Vincent's fault.

Inside, nobody seemed to hear the roar, nor the crashes as a livid demon tore Cid's yard apart.

When Vincent came back in a half hour later, he crept into the house, dragging the Death Penalty after him, exhausted, and a little worried. The bullet wound in the side of his head had healed after he returned to his natural self, but Cid's yard was a wreck. That, and Vincent had lost his shirt in the process of the demon's tirade. He slipped down the hall and into Cid's room, once again putting on that damned yellow t-shirt, and trying to hide it under his cloak. He let his hair hang over the small red mark left over his eye, even though it was fading.

I still can't believe you actually shot your own damned eye out, Valentine. Chaos said softly. It had worn itself out as well, and had returned to its place of running commentator.

Vincent slipped back into the front room, and sunk onto the couch.

"Vincent!" Tifa cried. "You look exhausted!" Vincent mentally winced. Uh oh…

"Yes… it's a powerful weapon…"

No shit, Sherlock.

Who?Vincent received a groan from Chaos.

"Wow…Must be…" Tifa said, awed and utterly oblivious as always.

Cid, however, had just happened to glance out the window, and now stood.

"What the hell happened to my yard?!" He cried.

Quick! Think of something!

"Um…" Vincent began. Cid turned a glare on him. "The pile fell over… I hit something too low and it just collapsed… I…" He paused, an idea dawning on him like the rising sun. "I need a band aid… a bit of metal hit me…scratched my face…" He pulled back his hair to show the closing gash on his face. Shera looked up at him, and jumped to her feet.

"Oh poor baby! Come on into the kitchen, I'll get you fixed up…" Cid gave the woman a queer look, but she ignored it as she grabbed Vincent by the hand and drug him into the kitchen, where she proceeded to dab at the cut with a warm, wet washcloth, and then gently administer a children's band aid, complete with little dancing mogs all over it. Vincent idly wondered if she gave those to Cid every time the Captain got a boo-boo.

I cannot believe they fell for that, Valentine! Chaos chimed as Vincent let Shera baby him. What idiots! Vincent had to hold back a snort as he saw Cid still standing by the window, scratching his head in bewilderment as he looked outside.

"There you go, honey." Shera said, patting Vincent's head in a motherly fashion that made Chaos groan. "All fixed up."

Vincent smiled.



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