Starfire gave a yawn as she opened her eyes, squinting them as they adjusted to the light of the morning sun. She got out of bed now, and opened the curtains.

A brilliant flash of light bathed the room in its warmth as the drapes flew open, and Starfire gave a bright smile as she saw the start of a new day. The city was beautiful, covered in white and shining brilliantly as the snow caught the first rays of the sun.

It Robin said, the day of boxing. It was now time to go down and see what they had gotten for their Christmas.


The smell of pancakes filled the lounge at Titans tower, and the entire team gathered around their huge Christmas tree, eagerly anticipating the presents that were going to be unwrapped. Cyborg was grinning uncontrollably, while Robin leaned against the wall beside the tree, without uttering a word. His own presents were gone, and in X's hands, who knows when they'll see it again.

"Common over Star. Robin. We got a surprise for you later." Cyborg waved his hand at the two titans, who stood alone in the corner, as if they were apart from the celebration. "Don't take it so hard man. Christmas isn't about presents, we can still have some fun, isn't that right star?"

Starfire, never one to be bound by depression, clapped her hands eagerly. "Of course Cyborg, i for one am eager to partake in the festivities of the day of boxing!"

"Heeeey Robin." Beast Boy lifted an eyebrow. "Did you ask Starfire to stand under a mistletoe?"

Robin, taken aback by the question, suddenly blushed red. He was saved from having to make a reply by Starfire, who asked inquisitively.

"What is this mistle toe Robin?" Starfire tapped her chin innocently, then her face suddenly showed realization, as if a light bulb had turned on in her head.

"I believe i know what it is!" Starfire exclaimed proudly, but then continued in a confused tone

"Is it customary to stand under the toe of explosive projectiles at the time of Christmas?"

Beast Boy clapped his hand on his forehead in laughter, while Robin shook his head vehemently, calmly explaining to Starfire what Beast Boy implied.

"Yo man! Let's open our presents!" Cyborg was the first up, and he grabbed a Present wrapped beautifully in purple and black wrapping.

"Let me guess. Raven!" Cyborg gave Raven a smirk then attacked the wrapping viciously.

The wrapping gave way easily enough, and Cyborg's eyes lit up in awe as he saw the present he held in his hand. He lifted it up, as if it were a holy relic of some sort.

"Aw Raven! Attack of the protozoids 2 and Super ninja showdown 9!" exaggerated tears were in Cyborgs eye's as he hugged the DVD intensely. "How did you know?"

"Just a guess." Raven replied dryly, although she did give a small smile.

"Oooh Ooh, let's see what I got from Cy!" Beast Boy transformed into a small cub, tearing at the wrapping with his claws. He jaw dropped as he saw the gift inside.

"SWEEEET, An early release of Mega Monkeys four! I'd thought I'd never get one."

Cyborg gave a smirk. "Thought you might like it B, but this time, we'll play it on my Computer"

Beast Boy gave a nervous chuckle, then he saw Raven opening her present.

"What is it this time Beast Boy? A cherry bomb? Jack-in-the-box?" Raven commented dryly as she delicately opened the gift, taking special care not to rip the wrapping.

"Oh Beast Boy…"

"Ah…you like it?" Beast Boy blushed slightly, rubbing the back of his head anxiously.

Raven held up her new cape in the air, to catch the rays of the sun. It was beautiful, more radiant than her old cape and more elegant as well. She was surprised, didn't know what to say, but eventually the words came out.

"Thanks Beast Boy." She smiled towards him.

"Now don't think we forgot about you." Cyborg pointed at Robin and Star, "X may have taken your presents, but it didn't stop us from getting you this!"

Cyborg pulled a giant box behind the curtains, while Beast Boy ran beside it, bowing as if he were presenting to an audience on stage.

Cyborg held the curtains, "Allow us to present-"

"The best gift idea ever! By me by the-." Beast boy continued.

"Anytime this year guys…." Raven cut them off.

Cyborg grinned, then the curtains came down, revealing the new presents.

Starfire received a new pair of boots, while Robin was presented with a revved up R-cycle.

"Stayed up all night improving her." Cyborg gave the bike a satisfied pat with his hand.

"Wow….." Robin stood there, as if struggling to find the right words.

"I dunno what to say….."

"There's only one way to celebrate a day like this." Beast Boy grinned mischeviously.

"SNOW BALL FIGHT!" Cyborg screamed, and both titans ran out of the door, catching Raven off guard as they both dragged her out the door.

"Yo! You two coming?!" Cyborg yelled just before he disappeared.

"We'll catch up later….." Robin, although the presents did brighten up the day, did not feel happy. He wanted Star to have his present, the one that he had given to her.

"Come now Robin! Let us go do battle in the snow." She said cheerfully.

"I'll catch up Star." Robin said morosely, then disappeared down the dark halls.

Starfire, seeing Robin so down at such a happy time, suddenly felt her interest in a snow ball fight go away.

She headed back to her room.

Minutes Later

Something had changed as Starfire entered her room. She could not quite put her finger on it. The automatic doors opened, and Starfire suddenly felt a chill down her spine. Was there anything wrong?

She scanned the room quickly, nothing had changed, from the fridge, to the purple walls and bed, everything was neat and tidy.

The window however, was open.

Starfire approached cautiously, and felt another bitter chill as a breeze flew into the room. She heard a familiar sound, like something fluttering in the wind.

The Tamaranian gave a gasp as she discovered where the noise was from. Right behind the curtains, were silhouettes of two boxes.

She lifted the curtains away, and right there, on the window sill, were two beautifully wrapped gifts.

"I thought you'd like them back." A shadowy figure said smoothly next to Starfire. The Tamaranian almost jumped in shock, and just stood there in amazement, since leaning against her wall, was none other than, Red X.

X stood up straight now, and walked towards the window. "Well, its been fun cutie, but I should be going now." He barely had time to place a foot on the window sill before Starfire shouted. "Stop!"

Red X turned around with an amused look on his face. "Am I that irresistible cutie?" He gave a mocked wink.

"I….I just wanted to say, thank you. And….Sorry about earlier." Starfire found herself struggling for words. This guy was a villain after all, but yet, she could not help but feel a strange sense of pity for him. The same pity she felt for Robin. How awful it must be for a person to be forced to rely on his own, without friends…..

"It was nothing." X waved off the apology, as if taking it as a sign of weakness. He didn't need any pity.

"On my planet, we value friendship and loyalty, although you are a villain, perhaps…it is possible for us to be friends."

Red X gave a chuckle. "From where I'm from, we call that a date."

"I'm afraid I cannot."

Red X gave a nod, as if he expected that answer. "Too bad cutie, too bad. I just hope bird boy is smart enough to realize how lucky he is."

"lucky?" Starfire asked in puzzlement.

"You'll figure it out someday." He smiled, gave her a salute, and disappeared out the window, jumping down to the lower levels.


Red X descended onto one of the platforms on the tower, and he watched the rest of the titans participate in their snow war. Beast Boy was a gorilla, using his huge arms to fire snow balls as fast as possible while Cyborg adjusted his sonic cannon to fire the deadly iced ammunition. Raven, at first refusing to take part, was soon dragged into it when Beast Boy gave her a face wash. After that, she used her powers to levitate a huge mound of snow over the two boys, burying them under a proverbial mountain of snow.

"I'd figure you'd be here." Robin, standing in the corner of the platform, was leaning against the wall, arms crossed.

"Don't worry Kid, you're presents are up there." X replied smugly.

"it's not the presents I'm concerned with."

Red X gave a laugh. "I see, then its about something else isn't it?" He finished that sentence with emphasis, as if implying something to the boy wonder.

Robin however, held out his hand to a surprised X.

"You're a thief, common scum, and a villain. But I want to thank you for what you did."

X, taken aback, shook Robin's hand anyway.

"So….kid, I guess we can call it even?" Red X replied casually.

Robin's hand went away now, and he gave X a grin. "I'd call it more of a head start X, make use of it. Its Christmas now, so I won't do anything, but next year… I'll be sure to put you behind bars."

"And I'll be sure to make things more interesting around here." X replied, then he jumped off the roof, and right before he disappeared he gave Robin a customary saluting wave. "Catchya later kid, and happy new year."


"BOOYAH!" Cyborg shouted as he fired his automatic cannon, burying Beast Boy under a continuous barrage of snow. The Green titan, not to be outdone, transformed into an elephant and shot a stream of snow at the android.

Soon however, two gigantic balls of snow, each the size of a man, flew straight into the air and plowed into the two boys, knocking them over senseless.

Raven smirked, teleporting over the two titans, who emerged from the mountain of snow, soaked and spitting as they accidentally got some in their mouths.

"Well..looks like its over." Raven said dryly.

"Think again." A voice popped up somewhere. Raven turned, but before she could do anything, a Red X slapped itself against her mouth, and before she knew it, she found herself being bombarded by a barrage of snow balls, each shot fired with rapid precision, and soon, she herself, was buried in a mountain of fresh snow.

"Aw, no way!" Beast Boy groaned, then transformed into a hawk to get a better view, but a giant Red X was already in the air, heading straight for Beast Boy. There was no time to dodge.

Before the X hit a panicking beast boy, the cross exploded, into a cloud of pure snow. Beast Boy, blinded by the flash, crashed into the tower, knocking off a huge clot of snow from the roof that landed right on him.

"Duuude…." Beast Boy's head was up, spinning, and he barely noticed Cyborg flying against the tower wall, pinned onto it by a scarlet cross.

"Yo man! This isn't fair!" He shouted in protest.

Red X smirked, casually tossing a snowball in his hand and catching it. "All is fair in love and war." He threw the snowball at Cyborg, then followed up with exploding X's, which landed at the Titan's feet.

The resulting explosion threw up a tidal wave of snow that pinned Beast Boy and Cyborg against the wall, as if an avalanche had hit the tower on its side.

Cyborg and Beast Boy popped their heads from the snow, their bodies stuck. The two titans groaned in defeat and they looked up to see a mischievous Red X smirk at them.

"Thanks for the fun kids, see ya next year." Then he disappeared.

Robin, watching all this from his room, smiled to himself. A knock came on the door, and he answered it, greeting Starfire with a renewed smile.

"Robin! I am sorry to disturb you but….look!" She produced the gifts. "Come! Let us go and open them, I am most eager to learn what you have given me." She blushed slightly now, and the two titans went to the lounge, where they opened each other's presents….

Jump City Orphanage

The kids woke up that morning with a start, bumps were heard on the rooftop while suspicious noises appeared all through the night.

One particular orphan, still in his blue pajamas and clutching his teddy, rubbed his tired eyes and walked towards the main hall, where the giant Christmas tree stood. Something had changed however, and the kid opened his eyes wide in shock as he realized the entire floor was covered in nicely wrapped presents, each decorated with a scarlet ribbon.

A window opened somewhere, and a chilly breeze flew into the room. The kid looked to the window, and saw a black caped figure with a sack over his back, wearing a mocked santa hat.

"Santa?" The boy rubbed his eyes tiredly, as if he didn't believe the sight. The figure was very different from the Santa he had been used to, this one carried the red hat alright, but he also had a tattered black cape, a skull shaped mask and a red scarlet on his body.

"Close enough kid." The figure smirked, "Close enough."

"And by the way, Merry Christmas Kid."

Before the kid could say anything, the mysterious figure disappeared, and the whole orphanage awoke to a wonderful Christmas morning. The children flocked to the tree, unwrapping their presents in delirious joy. Unbeknownst to them, a figure watched from a nearby warehouse roof, leaning on a chimney, remembering himself how he used to spend every Christmas morning just like this. Although he received nothing, he could not help but smile as he watched the scene from his vantage point.

After a while however, the figure disappeared in the snow. The Season of Giving was over, and the new year was just beginning.

The World would hear more from Red X soon enough.

The End

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