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This was it. Aunt Petunia didn't lock the cupboard. It was a good thing too. It always made him very tired when he had to use his magic, and it would be a few years yet until he would even get his wand.

Quietly, he made sure that he had everything from the roll of bills that he had been siphoning out of his aunt and uncle's wallets for the past four months, totaling two hundred and thirty pounds, to the three changes of his thickest and warmest clothing and worn blanket (not including the layers he was already wearing), to enough food for the next few days (saltines and peanut butter), to finally the seven separate books that literally changed his life. He already had an old jean jacket of Dudley's on that he probably wouldn't fit into for a few more years and there were gloves in its pockets and a black knit hat on his head. The hat was only on so it would cover his scar.

He was finally running away. He was getting away from the beatings and starvation. He was not going to stay here another day longer. He just could not let anyone know that he was missing until it was too late. He knew Mrs. Figg was visiting with someone, and would be for three more days. That was why it was so important to leave now. Mrs. Figg was the one watching him for the wizarding world. The sooner she realized he was missing, the harder it would be to be free of the Dursleys.

Quietly, he made his way to the back door. The front door was too loud and was in desperate need of its hinges being oiled. With years of practice of being quiet, he made his way outside and shut the door behind him. With the large canvas rucksack that he had purchased at a yard sale he made his way out of the house he had been forced to live in for the past seven years.

Hopefully they would never find him...hopefully.


Harry was honestly surprised at how easy it was to get to London. It might have taken him a bit of skill, but he managed to avoid having to pay for a train ticket. Maybe it was more of his magic. Maybe because he was wishing hard enough, his magic was helping him to escape.

London was huge. When he finally arrived at King's Cross, he realized it. For the first time since he hatched this plan to run away, four whole months ago, he was afraid. He couldn't turn back, though. He would hate himself for it if he did. He knew he was worth something now. He knew the truth about his parents. He knew the truth about himself. He knew about magic, and the Dursleys' had hidden it all from him.

It was scary to know the truth. He was only eight years old, and that only happened two weeks ago. It was also scary to be on his own, not that he ever really had anyone, but his aunt and uncle didn't have him live on the streets. But that was what he was going to be doing now, because he knew that there was more out there for him than the abuse at the hands of his uncle. He might not get a lot to eat, but his aunt had done him a favor there. He could go for days without eating, thanks to her, and it wasn't as though he needed much anyway. He figured he would prefer the streets anyway. There was a whole lot more freedom than what his cupboard offered. He also knew he had to be really careful. It would not do for someone to catch him, muggle or otherwise, and return him to the Dursleys. That would be absolutely horrid.

Ever so carefully, he left King's Cross and looked for an area where he could possibly sleep tonight, somewhere where the bobbies would not find him. There would be so much trouble if he was caught. Finally, he found a place beneath a stairwell. One side was made of a wall, and the other side only had a narrow opening for which he could slide in. He was officially out of sight of everyone. He didn't bother to pull anything out of his bag, and only used it as a pillow as he laid down to sleep.

He could manage, no problem. Bullies? He had Dudley there, along with the beatings Uncle Vernon would normally give him. Food? Aunt Petunia rarely fed him. His money would last him a good while as long as he bought cheap food and kept it safe. Clothes? Dudley's hand-me-downs would last him a couple years at least. He was small enough to grow into them. A roof over his head? Right now he was staring up at a staircase that was larger and sturdier than the one found at Privet Drive. Magic? Harry smiled. A whole new world was opened up to him.

He was free.


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