me:Why 'ello folks!

ki: O-O


ki:How can you switch personalities so fast?


ki:See!There you go again!

me:Well,that's what happens when you read MK at 1:00 A.M in the morning.


me:Stop doing that!!



I'll tell as much reasons as I can without spoiling the story.

1)I'm a fan of MK and DC and this one has been in my head for quite a while.

2)YGO has the best fanfiction I have seen so far.Many people around the globe see YGO everyday and write fics about it.So basically different writing styles are collected together in archives in which the world can enjoy.With all due respect,DC's fanfiction lacks these wonderful styles of writing and since YGO has such,I decided to do a fanfiction using some of them.I'm hoping people will be influenced to use some.

As the story progresses,you'll understand the other reasons why this is in the DC section.

ki:Wow!I never knew you could be so intellilectiul.(A.N.that's the way she spells it.)

me:There are some things you don't know about me.




(Billie Jukes)

Thanks!!!I'm so inspired!!!Even though I not getting as much reveiws as I hoped,as long as I have people who are willing to listen,I'll write!

ki:Hey!What does this have anything to do with the review?

me:I'm just expressing my grattitude toward people who like my story.Back to the point,that scenerio is based off something that really did happen.The part about Hakuba shouting was what I actually shouted.

ki:Who's going to do disclaimer this time?

me:I was kinda hoping you'd do it again.

???:Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

ki:What was that?!

???:No need to fear,I am a ally.

me:L3gen12Ary th13f!!!

ki:That's a mouthful!

th13f:Please,call me th13f.Anyhow,I decided to do the disclaimer.

ki and I:Okay!!

th13f:Neither YGO or DC will ever belong to PRIVATE or Ki.


After they heard about Yugi's delimma,Mokuba was quite concerned."Seto,Don't you care at all about Yugi?"

"Mokuba,How many people have tried to steal something from Yugi?"Mokuba didn't answer because he was busy counting."and how many times did thay really get away with it?"

"I guess you're right but we still have try!"Seto was about to reply but Mokuba cut him off."Please,big brother!"Mokuba gave him the best puppy dog eyes he could muster.

"Alright.Who did you have in mind?"Seto gave in to the puppy dog eyes.(A.N.Who could blame him?)

"Ever heard of Nemuri no Kogoro?"(translation:Kogoro,the sleeping)


(Meanwhile,at a seemingly abandoned warehouse)

"Did you read the newspaper?"

"Of course.How else do I get to read the obituaries.(1)

"Kid's going to steal something from a little boy."

"I never knew he could steep that low to find Pandora.However we will get it before him."

"Do you want me to keep an eye on the boy?"

"Yes.And if you see any sign of Kid,kill him."

"Yes boss."


(the next day)

"Jii,how are people going to know when I'm going to steal something?And what exactly am I stealing?!"

"Young master,Everybody knows the period of time you often choose to perform a heist,and not telling the the exact day will keep everyone on their toes.So if the B.O. want to spy on your hiest,they will have to spy on Yugi everyday.All you have to do is spy on Yugi everyday untill you see a pattern of people."

"You still didn't answer my last question."

"You could always disguise yourself as a reporter and ask Yugi if he knows what you could possible steal from him."



Why do I have to ask that bumbling excuse for a detective for help.........And why did they decide to tell about this so BLOODY EARLY?!


(3:47 A.M.)

::::::::dream sequence::::::::::::

"Kuso!And I was so close!"

"Kuroba,You should know by now,you can't escape with me on the case!"


"Uh,Kaito what was that?"

"That's my arm."

"You ARM?!


"Yop!"Kaito said as he pulled off his arm.


"Well,aren't you going to answer it?!"

".............EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!! o "Hakuba shrieked.


Hakuba picked up the phone/arm."Um...Moshi moshi?"

"The Matrix has you..."


"Nah!Just joking with you!WAKE UP ALREADY!!!!"

"Once I'm done beating up the smiths."Hakuba punched a random guy."O.K!I'm done!"

:::::::end dream sequence::::::::::::

"AAAAAAH!What?"Hakuba looked around his room."Let's pretend that never happened."


Hakuba picked up a phone."Moshi moshi?"



"If you're going to investigate the heist,ask Mouri-san if he wants to come with you."


"The city of Domino requested it for tourism."

"What do you mean?!"

"Well...Domino is pretty unnoticed and 2 famous detectives and a international thief would bring lots of tourists......."

"Oh bloody-"

"What was that?



(Back in present time)

Hakuba had been too busy to notice the person in front of him.What?Don't believe me?


"No it's my fault for not noticing you"

Hakuba met eyes with the guy who turned out to be...

"Are you Seto Kiaba?!"

"Are you that English detective,Saguru Hakuba?"

They just stood there staring at each other until seto decided to break the silence.

"Nice coat."

Hakuba looked down at his iverness.(A.N.It's what you call the coats that Sherlock Holmes wear)

And responded while looking Seto's white trench coat.(A.N.Think battle city!)

"You too."

"Watch out folks!It the nice-coat-brigade!!"Yelled mokuba.


me:I couldn't help but put the part about their coats in.Please tell me if this chapter was was good,bad,or so weird it crossed into funny.I need to know!

Kogoro:Yay!I have a fangirl!



me:Mine!!(glomps kogoro)

Ki:Honestly!This is getting to weird!