Title: Contact

Summary: Ravens dead. After 6 months of her death the Titans are seeing and hearing what seems to be Ravens ghost. But she has something to say to the Titans that might shed a little light on their lives that are falling apart day by day.

Authors note: You might get a little confused so I'll tell you how the story is set. At first you'll hear all the Titans thoughts on everything, then the story will start right after Raven died. . . Oh and for those who don't know...POV means Point Of View, I didn't know that until I saw a poster at school that had it on it. :D


Chapter 1

Beast Boys POV

As if Terras death wasn't enough. I can't help but blame myself. If only I had stayed in the tower that night none of this would have happened. Robin says its not my fault because I didn't know what was happening. But I should have. It was all clear! How could I be that stupid! I just wish I could go back into time to stop it all. Soon after Robin had his little episode with Slade, I got curious and started to look for Slade myself. Sneaking out late and barely eating, I was a mess. Until one night, I saw him, but I don't think he saw me. He was walking down the edge of the woods so I turned into a mouse and followed him. Then all of a sudden he turns around and looks straight at me. Without saying anything he grabbed my neck and pulled me up. I was still a mouse and I didn't even think of morphing into something else. It was weird because he still hadn't said anything. I should have tried to escape but before I could do anything, a felt a small pinch at the top of my head. And that was it. He put me back down then walked away.

Robins POV

I knew something was wrong when Beast Boy started to slim down a bit. He wasn't the energetic little teddy bear like he usually was. But who could expect him to be after Terra died? I remember it like it was yesturday. Beast Boy came home and had a look on his face like he saw a ghost. I asked him what was wrong be he just stood there. We all tried to get him to say something, but he wouldn't talk. I didn't think anything of it. He's come home like this before, after spending hours at Terras grave sight. Nobody knows what he does when hes there but he just comes back and sometimes doesn't talk for hours even days. Nothing seemed unusual.

Starfires POV

Our friend Beast Boy wouldn't talk to us. Robin thought something was wrong with him but I just thought he was like he usually was after he would spend all day with Terra. He was not acting like Beast Boy. I saw something though, the next morning. I was walking down the hallway and I saw Beast Boy walking towards me. When I asked him how he was doing he just looked at me, but it was like he was looking through me. Thats when I saw it. I saw his cute little eyes flash a blood red and he walked away. About 10 minutes later I heard a scream.

Cyborgs POV

I was just workin out in the gym when I heard the scream. Not just a scream you would hear in a horror movie, this was worse. It sounded like thousands and thousands of people were screaming at the top of their lungs and then it faded and sounded like it was going out of breath. This was the moment that sent a chill up my back. I ran towards the sound. Ravens room. Just outside Ravens room Beast Boy was blown against the wall and Ravens body lay on the floor covered in a pool of dark almost black blood. The first thing that came to my mind was Beast Boy had killed her. He had blood on his hand and Raven had scars from claws. Now, I was sure BB had killed her. You could tell she had put up a fight but BB had her faster than she had him. Robin had me take BB to the med-lab and hold him there while he and Star cleaned Raven up. I couldn't believe what he did. I just couldn't believe it.


"He's comin' around" Cyborg said staring at the computer. Robin was leaning against the wall shocked at what had just happened and trying to hold back his greaf over Raven. Starfire was pacing back and fourth leaving a little trail of tears. Beast Boy was strapped onto the bed when he came to.

"Ow" He held his forehead "What happened? I feel like-wait why am I-?" He struggled a little. Cyborg turned around and rested his arms on the edge of the computer consle. Starfire ran over to him and Robin slowly walked over.

"Beast Boy? You do not know what happened? Do you not remember?" Starfire asked, confused.

"No Star what happened? Where's Raven? Why do you guys look so sad? And why am I covered in bloo-?" He wide eyed them. But the rest of the Titans just looked away. Then he remembered. He remembered the night before. But all he remmebered was when Slade put him down. MY HEAD! he thought.

"Ravens not here anymore BB" Cy answered

"Well, where'd she go?" Beast Boy asked, not getting it.

"SHES NOT HERE!" Robin shouted "DON'T YOU GET IT? YOU KILLED HER!" Robin dropped in a nearby chair and pounded hid fists on his knees a couple times, his voice lowered to a strained whisper "You killed her"

"NO!" Beast Boys eyes filled with tears "I couldn't have! Why would I ever think of killing Raven, I love her-......NO! your lying!"

"No Beast Boy, we are not lying to you, you are our friend. Raven is in the next room." She looked at Beast Boy who, still restained, had tear after tear fall down his cheeks, like rain. She gave Robin a pleading look at without a word he unhooked the straps. Beast Boy bolted out of bed and slowed to a stop at the door that lead into the next room where Ravens life-less body lay. Starfire followed him over and Robin and Cyborg slowly followed behind.

The room was a blinding white and only one curtin was up. Starfire floated over and revealed Ravens now bloodless body. You could still see the claw marks on her cape and in the middle of her stomache. More white than usual, she almost blended in with the white of the room. Sleeping beauty Beast Boy thought to himself. It wasn't a prideful thought, but a mournful one. He looked back and realized Robin and Cy hadn't followed them in. He turned to Starfire whose eyes were studying the snow white floor.

"Star?'' He whispered not wanting to stir the silence. She looked up.

"Yes?" she answered.

"I have to tell you something but you have to promise me that you'll believe me" he told her.

"Anything Beast Boy, we are here for you" She reassured BB

"The other night, I wasn't with Terra,I never have been, I've been tracking down Slade, I have been ever since Robin began seeing him. He put something into my head, I want you to tell Robin and Cyborg to look into it, just tell them you have a feeling something is going un-checked. I have to catch Slade." Beast Boy was pleading her, tears still flowing.

"I had a feeling all this happenings have not been caused by you." she said "I will make it happen" BB gave her a thankful look and turned back to Raven. Starfire saw he wanted to be alone so she left to go talk to Robin and Cyborg.

Beast Boy turned towards Raven. He knew if it wasn't Raven that was on that bed he would be terrified to be in a room with a dead body. But something gave him the feeling that she wanted him there, that it was ok for him to see her like this. He knelt over and softly kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry" He said lightly. "I should have known, It's all my fault" He stood up and walked over to the door. Giving her one last look he whispered "I'm sorry"


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