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"Starfire! Move!" Robin shouted harshly.

"NO!" Starfire backed up and stretched out her arms to cover up Beast Boy. "You will have to get through me first." She narrowed her eyes, which, by the way, were glowing that green they sometimes do.

"Starfire. I'm not kidding. Move!"

"Yo girl, do what he says" Cyborg added.

"Yea Starfire. Don't be so...so...protective"

"Terra, SHUT-UP!" Starfire shouted.

"Um..." Terra looked for backup from Robin but none was found.

"Starfire, look. I don't want to hurt you. But if you don't move, I WILL cut through you." Robin said. Starfire raised her eyes. In sorrow. She didn't like to fight with Robin. But he just wouldn't listen. Beast Boy put his hand on her shoulder.

"Star, just give it up. The less we fight, the more of a chance we have at bringing Raven back." He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Turn me in, pretend to be a traiter to me. Then it will be all up to you." He slipped the vile of dust into a hold on her belt. Before Starfire could object, he slowly backed up and was about to take a run for it. Robin saw this and acted fast. He threw freeze bombs, one by one. But Beast Boy shifted from human to Raven form and quickly flew away. Starfire took her chance. And Blurted out at the same tme as Terra did.

"I'll get Beast Boy" Robin strightened up and Cyborg tried to do the math in his head. It got confusing.

"No, Terra. You and Cyborg stay here. Try to figure out what they were doing. Me and Starfire will go" Without hesitation, Starfire grabbed Robins hand and pulled him as she flew down the hallway. Beast Boy was hiding on the other side of the hallway. He made it so she could see a little bit of him. Which she did. She dropped Robin and acted to fly off. But she peared over the edge of the wall and watched.

"GET BACK HERE!" Robin chased after Beast Boy, he didn't want to make it a fight, so he 'tripped'. "You sumbitch.." Robin cursed under his breath. "Who got you out? And what were you doing to Starfire? Why were you in Nevermore?" He questioned the green changeling as he pulled him up off of the floor, holding his wrists. Beast Boy thought...

"I broke out, and she was trying to catch me" Beast Boy winced. Robin had his arm turned backwards and it seemed it had just popped out of its socket. Robin had a grip and wasn't going to loosen under ANY circumstance. "Nnnth" Robins grip got tighter and he pushed Beast Boy up to the wall.

"What else?" BB pretended to spill his whole 'plan'

"She lost my trail, Nevermore was the only place I could have gone so I did...Now can you let go? I think my arm came out.."

"Its fine," Robin said, quickly. "How did you get in so fast? The mirror was broken."

"Oh, you know, put it back together, said a spell...Can I go back to jail now?"

"It'll be my pleasure" Starfire followed them, and tried to make a plan in her head. She thought of a way to get Robin to listen to what she might say to him. She needed a plan.



"No not yet.." Terra lied. She was lying through her teeth for no good reason at all. She new darn well what was happening and what they were doing. She knew this day would come but still didn't know how to pass it. Oh my God...what am I doing? She thought. She knew she owed Raven. But she didn't want to think of that. Raven had been the one to save her from the cursed hell she was sent to. It seemed that sacrificing her life wasn't enough to keep her out of Satans way. Because deep down in her soul, was the need for the tenderness that came with betrayal, and murder.

She had murdered many people while under the influence of Slade, and hated it. Yet something hidden inside gave her the pleasure of knowing she was the cause of many deaths when she took over the city. SHE was the cause of Ravens death. SHE was the cause of childrens cries at night fearing her return. And she liked it. But she didn't like likeing it. She hated the feeling when it came. She hated to feel the pleasure and tenderness. She hated it and wanted to somehow die again. So she couldn't feel anything. Thats why she hated Raven as well. She couldn't feel anything and for that she envied her the most. But the one thing she hated Raven the most was Beast Boy. He somehow found comfort in the company of Raven. Watching her every move, making sure she was okay when he was hurt. And she NEVER gave him anything. Nothing. Not even a thank-you. Raven had treated him like dirt. But hadn't SHE also treated the titans like dirt? Terra shook her head. To many thoughts going 50 miles an hour.

"Uhhmm" Terras voice quivered as she spoke. "Cyborg, after Raven died, what happened to her body? Like did you just bury it?" She tried to ask as innocently as she could. Cyborg, who was looking under Ravens bed mattress for some reason(O.o?) got a confused look on him face.

"What?" He turned around, putting the bed down.

"I- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. Stupid question, I know." She went back to inspecting the mirror. Something she had never seen before. But she new it must have belonged to Raven with all the Gothic-ness on it.

"No I was just surprised you'd be asking that after all this time you've been back. You just haven't really brought Ravens absence up, is all." Silence "Ravens body.." He sat down on the bed and thought for a minute. Rubbing his eyes..er..eye. Terra sat down next to him and watched. She wasn't sure if he just forgot, was wondering whether to tell her, or was saddened by the thought of the topic.

"Theres woods, down away from here." He looked to the side. "I'm not supposed to be telling anyone this. But because your a Titan I guess I could tell you." He continued to where he left off. "A small rumor that during the night she would meet a cult there to do things.. We're not exactly sure what. But when she died, an older lady came by and said she was her mom, and that she wanted to take the body back to her home." He stopped. As if sensing a presence. But shrugged it off and kept on going. "We weren't exactly impressed by this woman, but after compremise, we agreed to use the meeting of the cult as a tomb.."

"What was it?"


"What was she buried in and are they still there?"

"No, they moved on some time after, and its a type of cave really." She stopped. Several minutes of silence filled the room. "Did you find the mirror yet?"

"Mirror?" Terra lied again. For better more than worse. "No, I haven't" Cyborg looked frustratingly at the floor and grred.

"Man, where could it have gone? I saw it when they both flew out"

"Literally" Terra said, rolling her eyes.


"Your going to be locked up for a long, LONG time" The old prizon guard said, leaning up against the wall. Beast Boy was taken to a facility for troubled teens. More like a prizon in anyones mind.

"Uh, dude, theres like, no door or anything.." The guard smiled and watched as Beast Boy slowly put his hand up and tried to touch the guard, but half way, a spark of blue came from his hands, or the air for that matter. He pulled his hand back. Wide-eyed he pulled off his glove and saw his now red skin starting to blister.

"Its a force field. Designed to burn anything that touches it. Not enough to physically harn you, but just enough to scare the shit out of your sorry self"

"Well it worked.." Beast Boy frowned and sat down on a bench. He wished Starfire would hurry up. He didn't like the idea of prizon or the idea of having somebody watch your every move. Time passed and the elderly guard sat down accross the hall. The prizon was divided into 6 seperate parts. 3 for girls and 3 for boys. Then there were levels. Levels that made you wear a tag to say what you did and why you were there. In the very back were for murderes waiting to be free when they reached 18. The mid part was for murder attempts, grand-theft commiters and rape. And the front, where Beast Boy was, was for petty reasons. He was in the front temporarily and was to be sent to the middle in about a week. Hopefully he would be freed by then.

The guard showed up with a long pole that was forked at the end. Similar to what they use to shock cows with. This place is insane! He thought. The man walked by and pushed some buttons on the side. A flash of light and he assumed the force field was gone.

"Food time" The man said, as if talking to a dog.

"I'm not hungry" He gave the guard a look. In turn the old guard took the 'pole' and stung BBs back with it. It felt like fire was burning his back and B shouted out in pain. He sunk to the floor on his knees.

"You'll do as I say" The man pulled him to his feat. "Hungry now? Monster?"


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