Authoress: Darka-Chan
Title: Denied
Summary: Kai denies his true feelings for Michael, but what if Michael slowly loves him less? Will Kai realize he loves the American before it's to late? And what's with Tala and Bryan:YAOI: KaiMicheal, TalaKai, BryanMicheal


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Normal POV:

"My, my, aren't we in trouble."

Turning, Michael sees someone that makes his face twist in a very unpleasant scowl.


The possessor of the falcon-bit smirks. "I'm so happy you remember my name, All Star." He says, sarcasm dripping off each and every word coming from his pale lips.

Michael growls, cradling Kai's body closer to himself, as if trying to protect the ill boy. Upon seeing this, Bryan's smirk widens.

"Well, well, well, what have we here." He taunts, walking towards Michael slowly. Michael, seeing this, takes a few steps back. "Stay away!" he yells, almost afraid of what the falcon can do to the one he loves so much. "Stay away from us!"

Bryan grins, extending his hand to touch Kai's sweaty face. "I'm just out to see how my dear… friend is doing."

Michael growls, kicking away the hand before turning and running away. Bryan, not moving from his spot laughs, his laugh echo'ing around Michael's running form. "You can run, my little eagle, but you can not hide. I can see you even when you don't want me to see you, I will touch you where you don't want me to touch you, I will be with you when you don't want me to be with you. Run now little eagle, only to find it in vain…"

Bryan's POV:

As I see your muscled frame disappear, the staggering in your running convinced me that you have heard and listened to my every word. Little eagle, you will be mine. There is no doubt about that. It's written in the stars, written in the stones, written in the mind. You will be mine…

"Had your fun?"

Turning around, I find myself facing the blue-eyed Tala. Smirking up at him, he can detest that yes, I had my fun.

"Did you?" I reply in turn.

His smirk tells me enough, and the two of us grin, like the maniacs we are. We had fun taunting the two we want, and we will have even more fun, having the two we want. Watch out boys… The hunters are loose, and you are the prey…

Normal POV:

Michael, in his disoriented state, managed to find the entrance of the forest, and runs out, leaving the to him, cursed woods behind.

Michael's POV:

What is going on? What happened? Bryan… What did that psycho mean? Does he want me? He can't get me! I don't want him to get me! I don't want him near me! I don't want Tala near Kai!


I glance down at the boy, cradled in my arms. His breathing is weak, his pulse is slow. Is he dying? God, no. He can't be dying! Don't let him die! Whoever is up or down there, listening to me, don't let him die!

Looking up ahead I let out a sigh of relieve. The hotel is only about 50 meters away from me now. Speeding up some more, I manage to get us inside, no delaying. The others must have noticed us gone, what will they do when they see me like this? When they see Kai like this? Will they even care?

Yes, of course they will, his team cares too much for him not too!

Kai… You are a real pain in the ass sometimes… But you're a pain that I'd gladly take…

Normal POV:

Running in the hotel had managed to bring Michael to the attention of just about everyone present, including the teams having breakfast.

"Kai! Oh, God, Kai!" Tyson yells upon seeing his captain in the arms of the orange-haired sportsman, jumping up from his seat and leaving his breakfast behind.

"Oh my God, what happened!" Yelled Ray, fear for what could have happened to his captain visible in his eyes.

"Call the doctor! Hurry!" Michael yells, running up the seven stairs in order to get to his and Kai's room, the two teams trailing him, Emily calling a doctor on her cell.

Opening the door for him, Steve steps aside, as Michael, once inside, places Kai on the couch.

"What happened?" Tyson demands, grasping the front of Michael's shirt.

"I don't know!" Michael yells back. "But I do know something…" he continues, managing to pull the attention of everyone in the room. "It has something to do with Tala…"

Dum dum dum dum… What a perfect opportunity for Michael to blacken his rival against the others, no? Well, you'll just have to wait and see what comes from this (A)

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