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Chapter 1

A year had passed since Adrian and Sage had escaped Castlevania with the help of Maria's spirit. Not much had happened since then. They had went to meet with Sage's mother, father, and sister. Her family had been overjoyed when they had seen them coming down the path toward their home. Sage clearly remembered seeing her younger sister first, sitting down and playing with her mother's roses. She had jumped up and screamed with delight when Sage had called her name. She had run in and retrieved her mother and father. All was well with them. All except that her mother had developed a cough.Her mother had dismissed it with a wave of her hand, saying that it was just an allergy.

Adrian had been welcomed into their home. He was seen as the hero of the day. The one who had saved their beloved daughter.

Adrian and Sage had stayed with them only for a night or so. In that time, Adrian had asked for Sage's father's blessing to allow his eldest daughter to live with him. Her father, John, had agreed. With John's blessing, the two lovers had left to live in a grand old home Adrian's mother had left him.

"This is the first time since her death that I have set foot in this house," Adrian had confided to Sage upon the entry of the old, but still well preserved, home.

"Really? Why?"

"Too many memories of her, I suppose. Every nook and cranny of this house reminded me of Mother. I guess I just wasn't ready for that. Then, I went to live with Father, willingly that time. I did some very bad things, in my past. Then, it was a Belmont who saved me. Her name was Sonia."

"How many women have you been involved with?"

Adrian, who had been walking into the entry hall of the enormous home, glanced over his shoulder at Sage…which caused him to run straight into the door frame. Sage laughed. Adrian cleared his throat as he turned fully toward her.

"Serious relationships, you mean? Only Sonia and Maria. But, my dear Sage, you must remember that this is over nearly four centuries," Adrian said in a half-pleading tone.

"Of course I remember. I just wondered."

Sage had laughed at the relief that had passed over his features. Now the couple lived happily, not much happening in their day-to-day lives. Life had been overall uneventful.

It came to pass that one day that their peace was to be disrupted once more. Adrian was sitting in the sitting room, reading, and Sage was out in the garden, as it was a bright and sunny day. Sage stood as she heard hoof beats coming up the cobblestone path. She was wiping off the dust on her dress as a messenger carriage rounded the corner and started up the path.

"Good morning, fair lady," called the coachman.

"Good morning," Sage replied, approaching him.

"I have a letter for Sage DeLouis. Are you she?" he asked.

"Yes. Might I inquire who the letter is from?"

"Yes. It's from a John DeLouis, I believe."


The coachmen reached into a bag of letters beside him and withdrew hers. He handed it to her and said, "That'll be all for today, Miss."

"Thank you," Sage said as he directed the horses to turn about. He then descended the garden path.

Sage turned and began to make her way back into the house. The letter was definitely from her father. She recognized the scrawl on the envelope, which read, " To: Sage DeLouis. From: Her father, John DeLouis."

As she entered the house, she broke the seal on the envelope and pulled out the letter. She began to read as she rounded the corner into the sitting room, in which Adrian looked up at her as she entered. Sage gasped once she finished reading.

Adrian stood. "What's wrong, dearest?" he asked.

Sage looked up at him. There were tears in her eyes. "Listen," she said softly. She began to read the letter aloud. "My dearest girl, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you of what has come to pass. Your mother, my darling Carol, has died. Her cough was worse than what she led us all to believe. According to the doctors, it was a disease that began to fester itself in her lungs, they estimate, over a month ago. It is at the request of myself and your sister, Iris, that you come as soon as possible to see us. With the greatest love and sorrow, your father, John."

"Oh, Sage…" Adrian said, wrapping his arms around her as she began to sob on his shoulder. "We'll leave as soon as we are packed."

Sage nodded, pulling herself away from him. "I'll get started right away," she whispered.

"Let me help," Adrian said, and she nodded once more.

The couple made their way upstairs to pack their clothing. Then, once that was done, Adrian readied the carriage out in the barn. He climbed in the drivers seat as Sage loaded into the passenger area.

"Yaw!" Adrian cried as he urged the horses forward.

Sage sat silently, throwing up prayers as they headed into the forest in which she used to call home.

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