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Chapter 12

"Sage!" Iris immediately began sobbing. "Sage, no, don't leave me!"

Terence found himself once again with his arm around Iris. However, it didn't stay there long. She shoved herself out of his comforting grip and pulled Adrian away from Sage.

"I can heal her!" she said, placing her hand over her neck. "I know I can!"

Iris closed her eyes and began to chant. When she had finished and pulled away her hand, Sage had still not awakened. Iris was still in tears, but now she was bent over the body of her sister. Suddenly, there was a rush of air. The trio looked up.

Dracula was standing over Iris and Sage. In a fit of rage, Iris launched herself over her sister's body and toward the Dark Prince, beating on his chest.

"It's your fault, you monster! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even be here!" Iris screamed. Then, with no effort whatsoever, Dracula restrained the girl. "Let me go!"

"Father! Don't you dare harm her!" Adrian cried, standing.

"I'm not going to harm this little one, son. And you can put your whip away, young Belmont," Dracula said, handing Iris over to Terence.

"What are you doing here?" Adrian asked as Dracula bent over Sage's body. "Get away for her!"

Dracula held up a finger to silence Adrian. Then, with a slight smile, he said, "She's not dead. Not yet, away."


The dhampire picked Sage up from the ground and pressed his ear to her heart. His father was right! It was very, very faint, but her heart was still beating!

"How do I heal her?" Adrian was now asking his father. "Tell me, please!"

Dracula laughed. Shaking his head, he said, "We've always been fools, you and I."

"What are you talking about?"

Kneeling down to look his son in the eye, Dracula explained.

"We've always let the women we've loved die. And why? Because we've never wanted to curse their innocent souls with our tainted blood. But honestly, have we ever listened to them? No. Lisa asked me to turn her once or twice. I wouldn't do it. I know for a fact that Sonia, Maria, and Sage have all asked you to turn them. Now, don't be a fool this time, son. Make her a dhampire. Don't lose her."

"No…I can't…" Adrian protested looking from Sage to Dracula and back.

"He's right," Terence said, and all looked to him. "Why should you lose the one you love? Turn her, I'm sure Iris will agree."

Iris nodded slowly.


Dracula shook his head. "Your blood is only half tainted. Therefore, she will only be half vampire. Just…let your blood flow down her throat. It will work."

Adrian reached back to where his sword lay, forgotten, and slit his wrist on it. Propping Sage's head up, with her mouth open, he looked away as he fed her his blood.

At first, nothing happened. Then, without warning, Sage's eyes flew open, and she began to convulse violently.

"What's happening?" Iris screamed.

Sage had latched on to Adrian's wrist and was now drinking deeply.

"Part of her is dying. This is natural," Dracula explained. Then, after a few moments, he added to Adrian, "That's enough, son. Pull your wrist away."

It took a great deal of strength to accomplish that task, but when it was done, Sage gave a great gasped, then fell peacefully back against Adrian.

"She'll be fine now. She just needs to sleep for a bit," Dracula said, standing. Adrian did as well, Sage lying in his arms.

"Why did you help us?" Terence asked now, suspiciously.

"A bit late for that, isn't it?" Iris whispered to him. The Dark Prince laughed.

"My Dark Order immediately informed me about what was transpiring as they were awakening me. And I had the strangest dream as I began to refill my body…" he said, in an almost dreamlike voice.

"What about, Father?"

He laughed. "No…I don't think I shall share it, son. For now, take your beloved and your friends and leave here. I'll cause no trouble now."

With a wave of his hand and a muttering of a few words, a whirling mass of color appeared in a nearby wall.

"It will deliver right outside the castle where your carriage is. Now, farewell," Dracula said.

Adrian allowed his father a rare smile, then was the first--along with the sleeping Sage--to step into the portal. Then, Terence went. As Iris was about to enter the portal, she stopped. She glanced over her shoulder, back at the Dark Prince. What she saw was surely something she would never forget as long as she lived. Dracula was smiling upward at the ceiling of the castle. Then, he brought up to his chest the stake that Sage had dropped. Iris gave an inaudible gasp as she watched the infamous Dracula, with the most serene smile she had ever seen anyone wear, drive the stake into his own heart.


Outside, Adrian had lain Sage inside the carriage. It had been pulled back some because as soon as Iris had stepped through the portal and landed on the ground at Terence's feet, the castle had begun to collapse. The two youngest of the group were now sitting in the driver's seat watching as the rubble fell and the sun rise.

Then, a groan from within the carriage. Terence and Iris both turned to look as Adrian reached inside the carriage. Blinking just as a newborn animal does, Sage stepped out of the carriage.

"Sage!" Iris shouted, throwing herself down to her sister.

"What did I miss?" she laughed, hugging Iris.

"Sage, dearest, there is something that I must tell you. In order to save your life I had to…" Adrian began tentatively.

But Sage flashed him a glowing smile. "Make me a dhampire? I know…I can…I can feel the change," she said, looking at her own hand as if she had never seen it before.

"Well, how do you feel?" Terence asked.

"Fantastic, thank you, Terence."

"And now that you're nearly indestructible, what do you want to do?" Adrian asked, smiling back. Iris had now climbed back up to where Terence sat.

"Well, I must take care of Iris, and--" But Iris cut her sister off.

"Come off it, Sage. I know you've always wanted to travel. Why don't you and Adrian do that?" she said.

"But what about you?" Sage asked, concerned.

"She can come and stay with me," Terence said, placing an arm around Iris. "My family will love her."

Iris smiled. "Then it's settled. Now, let's get back to the village. I have some packing to do…and so do you!"

"Fine, but I'm driving, "Adrian said, playfully shoving Terence out of the way.

Iris and Sage laughed as the young Belmont lost his balance and fell sideways out of the seat. Then, Sage loaded Iris and Terence up in the carriage and hopped up beside Adrian. Right before he could start off, she gave him an impassioned kiss.

The horses just instinctively began to move toward the village. With a half-smile, Adrian asked, "So, where would you like to travel to first?"

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