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Bedtime Story


Part 1 – We Made Quite the Couple – Chapter One

My eyes stung like they'd just been sprayed with pepper. It felt as if a bolder sat on my eyelids. My legs were as wobbly as noodles and yet he still managed to haul me out of bed and drag me across the desert sand.

I groaned for the hundredth time and for the hundredth time he wouldn't stop. His grip was fastened around my wrist like a chain pulling meas ifI were a careless scrap of broken Machina.


I didn't have to come along. I could have kicked him out of my room through the windows he came in. Yeah, that's right, I could take him on any day! Just…not any night.

I had gone to bed after stuffing myself full of desert – ou, cake, yummy in my tummy! – and the sun didn't even rise yet when I felt a pair of hands shake me by the legs and wiggle me awake.

Ahh, hehlusbuub.

Of course my first reaction was to stand my ground and aim guns at the sucker who dared to disturb my beauty sleep. That is, after I had gotten over the initial fear of a kidnapper… eh heh…

Anyway, loopdy doo, who did I see? Gippal with a grin staring back at me.

Ou, good rhyme.

"Not tonight," I told him and fell back on my pillow. "Too (yawn) tired."

He frowned and continued to shake me. "C'mon, it'll be quick."


And then the butt ripped my blanket away. I shivered instantly at the wave of coldness that enclosed my bare legs and arms. With my heavy eye opening ever so slightly I mumbled, "Meanie."

He smirked and leaned over the edge of my bed. "Cold?"

I glared at him. "Ya huh!"

He placed his bare hand on my leg.

Instantly I pulled back, awake from the shock of coldness that rippled through my body. "You're freezing."

"But you don't hear me complaining, do ya Cid's girl?"

I pointed my finger at him and shook my head disappointingly. "I was gonna go – I really was about to go, but nope, I think I've changed my mind." I wrapped my arms around my legs instead and closed my eyes. "I'd rather go with someone who can remember my own name." Ah hah! Take that you hehlusbuub.

Suddenly, he jumped on my bed, blanket still in his hand, and whispered quietly in my ear. "You'll get over it kid."

I pushed off of him and rolled away. "Get off my bed," I told him. At this point, I was ready to kick him where it'd hurt. "And close the window behind you."

"You can do it."


"You'll be coming with me."

I gave an amused sigh. "Oh and what makes you so sure, hot shot?"

And just as I was having the upper hand of our conversation for once, my brother's voice bellowed out behind my door. "Rikku! Rikku what's that noise!"

I gulped and turned to Gippal. "Get out!" I tried to whisper. "He'll kill you if he finds you here!"

He didn't budge. "Come with me."


Suddenly the door flung open and Brother stepped in, pajamas and all. Luckily Mr. I'm-so-cool-cause-I'm-older threw the blanket over himself and my legs. All there was was a big, odd hump beside me.

Smart move Gippal.

"What's that?" Brother asked immediately.

Ohhh… I should've busted him right then and there; at least then I wouldn't wind up outside with my toes filled with chunks of sand. But nope, I just had to protect him.

Stupid move, Rikku.

"N-Nothing," I told him calmly.

Brother glared at me and then at the hump. "What is it, Rikku?" he demanded.

I frowned. "Gi-" SEE? I was gonna bust him, but stupid guy had to stick his warmed hand on my thigh, making me stop in surprise.

Ugh… boys…

"What?" he asked.

Now, I'm not a dumb blonde okay? "It's nothing, Brother. It's just…me." I faked a gasp. "Are you calling me fat!"

He backed away immediately.

Hah, boys…

"No, I just…"

I faked a whimper. "You – you (fake sob) called me fat!"

"No, Rikku that's not-"

"Oh, meanie! Bad bad meanie!"

He gave a sheepish look and began heading out the door. "I'll… I'll just… um… leave you alone…"

Oh Rikku, your ingenuity is unmatched from here to the ends of Spira.

The second he disappeared from sight, Gippal slipped out from under the covers and jumped off my bed. He grabbed my arm. "C'mon."

I snatched my blanket and wrapped it around myself. He wasn't going to make me move, no sirrrie.

"You know you want to go," he said persuasively.

"No I don't."

"Then why didn't you bust me when you had the chance?"


I stuck my head in my pillow. "Go home, Gippal."

He grinned and said in as low and as seductive as a 15 year old male could manage, "You know you wanna come with me."

"Ew, no."

"Then why didn't you bust me when you had the chance?"

I stared at him and tried my best to hold in my laugh. "That's getting old."

And before I could even pull out a dagger and stick it in his other eye (which yeah, I was gonna do!) he slid his hands underneath me and scoped me up into his arms.

I squirmed and I kicked. I punched and I slapped but it was like trying to take down a brick wall – ain't gonna happen.

"I knew I'd convince you," he said.

I gave him a dull look. "UGhhgrrfff…" And I stuck out my tongue.

He began to walk towards the window, carrying me like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. "Cute, Cid's girl. Really cute."

I decided to play along. "Yeah, I know I am."

We reached the window. "Actually…" he lowered me a bit so that one arm was underneath around my waist and the other was underneath my knees. He moved his face close to mine and whispered softly into my ear, "…You're not that cute."

And he threw me out the window.

I was okay, just sand that's all. But boy did I want to toss him out a window and into a pit of angry Yevonites…

Then he leapt out himself, landed nearby, and then like some retarded superhero, rolled over on top of me just for show. His arms and knees supported his weight from crushing my body.

…maybe off a cliff instead.

I stared at him in disgust. "I hate you."

He patted my cheek soothingly as if I were a child. "I know you love me." Then he got up and pulled me up with him. "C'mon, let's go."

I groaned and stumbled after him. "Whereeee are we goinggg nowww?" I was still sleepy.


And what a long wait for that damn surprise too! Here I was, I kazillion hours later, still being dragged off by him towards this so called "surprise".

Maybe a mountain would hurt more.

"Ahh, we're here."

Looking up in glee, I glanced at our surroundings. Nothing but rolling hills of sand and a navy blue sky. "Umm… pst… Gippal?"


I tore my arm away from him and fell on the ground on my butt. "Your surprises stink."

He pouted. And then he grinned that I-know-something-you-don't-know grin. "Maybe you'll change your mind later."

I scoffed. "Ha, right… okay there mister."

And then he suddenly decided it would be okay to go behind me and pull my body towards him, then trapping me in his arm cage. He rested his head on my shoulder. "I'm cold again Cid's girl. Wanna warm me up?"

"Ew, Gippal." I moved my head away from his and tried to twist free. "It's too early. Can't you be perverted in the morning? And with another girl perhaps?" I groaned. "Why me? Why always me?"

"Why not?"


"I know you like it."

I elbowed him in the stomach. "Your ego's as big as your-"

"Shh…" he hushed me. "Your surprise is coming."

I tried to pinch myself awake. "Where?"

He nuzzled his head deeper into my skin and gently traced circles on my shirt. "Over there…"

I looked up in the direction he pointed and sure enough the sun was slowly rising out of the horizon. "Mmm… that's nice."

"I told it to rise just for you," he whispered. "I told it that you liked sunrises."

My mind was groggily by now, but I was still amused at his efforts to please me. "Did you tell it I liked to sleep too?"

"Yeah, but I told it you liked me better, and that thinking about me would probably keep you up all night. So might as well bring you out here."

I laughed lightly. "Oh… go home Gippal."

He slowly brushed his lips against my cheek. "You wanna come with me don't ya?"

One last smile escaped my lips before tiredness swept me over and I leaned back on him, asleep.


I awoke the next day and found myself in my bedroom again… blanket tightly wrapped around me.

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