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The Perils of Airport Parking

"So you really don't know what the mile high club is?" She asked in a breathy voice barely concealing her laughter.

"No, honestly I haven't a clue" He gave her his most innocent face with the puppy dog eyes, this was far too easy but it passed the time pleasantly enough. "Maybe you could enlighten me?"

Her eyes narrowed as a speculative look crossed her face, she caught on quickly. "How could I be sure you're eligible to join?" she said sweetly with a small grin.

He leant forward and gazed deeply into her brown eyes, gently taking hold of her hand and caressing the back with his thumb, "I'm sure there wont be any problems with my, ahem, qualifications"

She looked down at their entwined hands than back into his rich blue eyes "Well, there's one way to find out isn't there"

"Well doesn't this just take the biscuit!" A new voice chimed in, "My fiancé tells me he'll pick me up at the airport and where do I find him…? In the bar, hitting on an air hostess."

"Er, maybe I should go" The woman pulled her hand out of Face's grip turning red to the roots of her hair.

"Yeah, why don't you do that honey" The other women said maliciously, moving round to sit in her seat as the poor woman fled the bar.

"Hi Amy. Did you have a bad flight or do you just take pleasure in ruining my dates." Face leant back in the chair, the very picture of relaxation, as if nothing untoward had just happened.

"Come on now Face, It's not like she was anything special, just one more in a long line for someone like you."

"I'll have you know she was very special to me"

"Really? So what was her name?"

"Her name?"

"Yes Face, her name."

"How thoughtless of me, I didn't offer you a drink; they do a delightful martini here or maybe something non alcoholic after such a long flight?"

Amy sat back in the chair and laughed "You don't know do you?"

"If you don't want anything to drink we really should be going."

"Face, stop changing the topic and tell me her name."

Face started to stand up, completely ignoring the question, and made to grab her bags.

"I'm not leaving till you answer me."

He glanced over at her and sighed. She was leaning back in the chair with her arms crossed over her chest and a smug look plastered over her face.

"We never got to that ok?" She laughed and clapped her hands together in glee drawing more than a few stares in the crowded bar. "So can we go now darling?" He growled the last word at her sarcastically.

"Love to Hon Bun" she replied in a chirpy voice virtually leaping out of the chair in her happiness at being right.

He picked up her bags and began to stride out into the main lobby of the airport so she had to run to catch up. The modern glass and steel building was quite crowded, mostly with families trying to reach each other before Thanksgiving, children dressed in gloves and scarves with wooly hats pulled down to their eyebrows ran helter-skelter everywhere despite the warmth inside. Wherever she looked there were families and couples laden with presents making her long for her childhood when her family would gather and all the arguments would be forgotten for a short while, usually a very short while. She shook herself mentally and hurried to catch up with Face who was making far better progress through the crowds than she was.

"Why are you here anyway?" she snagged his elbow to get his attention.

"Well that's nice isn't it, I come all this way in the pouring rain and all you can say is why are you here." He didn't pause for a second.

Amy glared at the side of his head "All I meant was Hannibal said he'd pick me up."

"You can wait for him if you'd prefer, he shouldn't be more than a day or two."

"God, you are such a pain in the…"

"Now that's no way to talk to your fiancé." He interrupted.

That was one of the many reasons she found Face so difficult to get along with. He was so damned frustrating, never giving a straight or honest answer, and always seemingly one step ahead. That and his womanizing, though he had never tried that on her. Maybe that's part of the problem a small voice whispered in the back of her mind and was ruthlessly squashed. The others were easy to work out, Hannibal was practical and resourceful and utterly charming when he wanted, BA gruff and bad tempered but one of the most caring and careful people she'd ever met, Murdock was fun, kind and always trying to wind BA up with his imaginary friends, but the act got dropped as soon as he was needed. Then there was Face. A schemer, a womanizer, a whiner, always complaining about one thing or another. By all accounts completely untrustworthy, and yet trusted with so much every day. Sometimes she couldn't stand him. Today was going to be one of those days, she could tell.

"So, where is he then" she asked after they had walked in silence for a few steps.

"Who?" His face was the picture of innocence.

Amy bit back the angry retort, knowing that would only fuel his responses. "Hannibal, where is Hannibal?"

"Oh, Hannibal. I dunno, he just left a message asking me to pick you up. So here I am." He flashed her a quick grin before continuing to stride across the lobby.

She jogged to catch up again, "Can we at least slow down a bit?"

"Sorry, no can do Darling, public place and all that, you know how it is."

"But you go in public places all the time!" she huffed, slightly out of breath from dodging people and trying to keep up.

"Not ones rampant with security guards and CCTV Honey"

"Can you at least stop calling me names!"

"You started it Sweety."


"Ok, Ok, keep your panties on. You are wearing panties aren't you? I mean not that it's any of my concern but it's mighty cold outside and I wouldn't want you to catch a chill or anything." He was openly grinning now, even more so when he saw the outrage that crossed her face.

"I can't believe you just said that. Of all the patronizing, sexist, chauvinistic things you have ever said…" she trailed off as they got in the queue for the elevator to take them to the parking garage.

"Yes Sweetheart..?"

"Nothing." She turned away for him and prayed the elevator wouldn't be long.

"What is it? Something's obviously bothering you." Face was really starting to enjoy this. He'd teach her a lesson she wouldn't soon forget about pretending to be someone's fiancé.

"You know what's wrong just drop it will you." Amy replied quietly, all too aware of the stares and smirks of the other people in the queue.

"Darling, you know you can tell me, please, what is it?" Face asked in his most hurt tone, his expression belying none of the humor he had bottled up inside, but rather the very picture of concern.

"For crying out loud just leave it will you!" Amy finally snapped just as the elevator doors opened. As soon as it was empty she pushed her way to the back, unable to bear the open grins and barely hidden sniggers of the other passengers, Face following close behind with a look of confusion and concern on his angelic features.

They stood there in silence until Face announced in a sympathetic and concerned tone, "This is our floor Honey"

She just glared at him and pushed her way thorough the crowd of people onto the parking garage floor, growing more incensed every time she heard Face mutter an apology, and actually spinning round in shock when she heard him whisper conspiratorially, "It's her time of the month you know."

The closing doors couldn't drown out the laughter from the rest of the passengers as they could no longer contain themselves.

"I can't believe you said that!"

"Oh come on, it was just a bit of fun."

"It was utterly humiliating!"

"When are you ever going to see any of those people again?" His tone was completely sincere and she could feel herself being drawn in. "Anyway, you deserved it after your little stunt in the bar."

"Mmmm," Amy wasn't convinced, "no way, what you did was far worse."

"You lost me a date!" Face sounded outraged at the very thought that such a thing could happen to him.

"So we're even?" She had to ask even though she dreaded the answer.

"Yeah we're even." He started to walk through the parking lot, though this time at a more leisurely pace. She stood there for a couple of seconds staring at his back, bemused that he just expected her to follow him, and when his faint "For now." drifted to her she just shook her head in resignation. The only person she'd ever seen beat Face in an argument was Hannibal, and only then because he'd pulled rank.

Face chuckled quietly as he heard Amy muttering behind him as she hurried to catch up. Truth be told he loved to antagonize her by living up to the useless playboy image she had of him. He should be so lucky to live that kind of lifestyle where all he had to worry about was whether to sleep in or have breakfast in bed.

A soft clunk across the other side of the "empty" garage startled him from his thoughts and he stopped dead to listen just as Amy reached him.

"Face? Face where's your car? Are we on the wrong floor?"

He ignored her and listened, trying to pinpoint where the sound had come from. Maybe it was nothing but then again you could never be too careful and they hadn't avoided capture this long by ignoring their instincts. Face dropped one of the bags on the floor and put his arm around Amy's waist drawing her to him. "I missed you Darling."

"Face! What the hell do you think you're doing?" At first she'd been too shocked but now she struggled against him even as he dropped the other bag to hold her closer against his body. He snuggled against her neck, ignoring her protests and whispered in her ear.

"Play along will you, something's not right."

Amy stopped struggling at his words and stood stiffly in the circle of his arms wondering what he was up to this time, whether this was just an extension of her earlier humiliation, perhaps he'd really missed her, or if he was finally putting a move on her. Anything but what he whispered so sensually whilst starting to caress her back.

"We're being watched, over to your left behind the Ford, and there's a man across the other side of the garage as well. Would it kill you to put your arm round me?"

Amy tried to force herself to relax as she put her arms around his body, some small part of her brain noting the firm muscles beneath the designer shirt and how good he smelt up close like this. "If this is some kind of trick…" Even as the words left her mouth she regretted them, not even Face would joke about something like this.


She whispered the question into his jaw bone. Face snuggled closer and she noticed they were slowly turning in a circle so he could see all around them; the movement seemed incredibly natural, even to her.

"No, not Decker or he would have made his move by now. It could be nothing but…"

Amy's heart beat a little faster over the pause; Face thought there was something wrong and whereas he might drive her insane with his playboy attitude, she trusted his instincts. She moved one hand to the back of his head and played with his hair, trying not to notice how soft it felt beneath her fingers, "What do we do now?"

"Hopefully we walk to the car, get in and drive away."

"And if that doesn't work?"

"Then you're an air hostess, we met two days ago and arranged to get together when you got back from an overnight trip to Toronto. Hopefully they let you go and you contact Hannibal."

"And if they don't let me go?" She couldn't hide the note of fear in her voice.

"Then we play it by ear and hope for the best." He gave her a quick squeeze, picked up the fallen bags in his left hand and looped his right arm over her shoulders pulling her close. Amy wrapped her arm around his waist and tried to stop herself from shaking. She'd been in worse situations than this since she met up with the A-team, but there was usually a plan, back-up, and the other members, of all of them to get stuck with she had Face, at least he might be able to con or charm his way out of it.

Face rested his head on Amy's as they oh so casually strolled to the car "Just remember" he muttered under his breath "if we don't get to the car you're an air hostess, if we do get to the car buckle up and keep low, and if anything happens to me run like hell."

She tensed and it was only the pressure of his arm around her shoulders that kept her walking.

"Why would anything happen to you?" The panic and fear was audible even in her whisper.

"Because my Dear, for all we know that could be a posse of angry husbands out there."

It was almost enough to make her laugh, almost. She almost laughed again when she saw his car.

"Where's the 'Vette?"

He was unlocking the passenger door of a small electric blue convertible sports car with a fabric soft top and cream leather interior.

"In the shop, get in." He strolled round to drop her bags in the boot as she scrambled into the car feeling like she was sitting on the floor. Her hands were shaking slightly as she fumbled with the seatbelt, tucking it under her belt buckle and pulling it taught as BA had shown her, noting with displeasure how Face got in with all the grace of a movie star. She could feel her anger at him starting to rise again.

"Couldn't you have picked something a little more conspicuous?"

Face buckled his seatbelt and put the keys in the ignition without taking his eyes off the man approaching them whilst somehow appearing completely natural and disinterested.

"How was I supposed to know we'd be followed?" He started the engine.

"You're always being followed!" Anger and fear were battling inside her as the stranger drew nearer.

"So it would seem."

The man reached the car and strolled round to the driver's side and Face was suddenly thankfully for the crowd of cars making the parking close on the passenger side. Dressed in black trousers and jumper with a leather jacket that barely concealed the tell tale bulge of a holster he leant casually behind the driver door and tapped on the glass indicating for Face to roll down the window.

Face casually slipped the tiny car into reverse as he moved to open the window.

"Are you mad?" Amy hissed at him, petrified at having even such a small barrier removed.

"Sometimes; stay cool." He muttered back. He rolled the window down and smiled his most winning smile at the man, trying not to smirk at the pudding bowl haircut and pencil thin moustache. The stranger was going to a lot of trouble to try and create an air of menace but just ended up looking foolish. "Can I help you?"

"Get out of the car." He had the rough gravelly voice of a perpetual smoker though it couldn't hide the thick Mexican accent.

"Excuse me?" Face turned to Amy with a confused expression then back to the man. "Is there a problem?"

The man pulled back his jacket to show the gun in its holster under his arm.

"Yeah, now get out of the car."

"Listen friend, I don't know who you think you are but me and my new girlfriend are just on our way to celebrate thanksgiving together. Alone if you know what I mean. So what's the problem? You broken down or something? There's a phone just inside the main building, just take the elevator to the third floor and it's right in front of you, you can't miss it." He could see the man getting more and more infuriated as he prattled on and on, he just had to wait for him to do something foolish. "'Fraid I haven't got any tools with me, it's a rental you see, you don't expect rentals to break down and if they do then the place you got it from sorts it out for you, you get a courtesy car and everything." Face could sense Amy getting edgy beside him as Bowl-head (as Face silently dubbed him) drew his gun but he carried on talking as though he hadn't noticed. "I'm sure the airport must have some sort of breakdown coverage, I mean it must happen all the time, especially in the…"

"Shut up!" Bowl-head pointed his gun at Face through the open window causing Amy to gasp and tense besides him. "We just want the girl."

Face turned to Amy seeing the shock in her expression he knew must be mirrored in his own, why were they after Amy?. He quickly turned back to Bowl-head, none of that mattered now, the situation remained the same no matter who they were after and thankfully the shock that he hadn't been quick enough to mask was a fitting reaction to having a gun thrust in his face.

Bowl-head took a step back, his gun never wavering. "Get out" When Face didn't immediately comply, his expression held in a façade of shock, Bowl-head reached for the door handle. This was the opportunity Face had been waiting for, as soon as Bowl-head moved the gun to open the door fully Face slammed his foot down on the accelerator and sped off backwards down the parking lot with a squeal of tires, much to Bowl-heads surprise. He wasn't surprised for long though as Face heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire and a clunk as the bullet hit the bonnet.

"Stay down!" he shouted at Amy, Face couldn't afford to turn round even for a second to see what was going on in front of the car, not at the speed they were traveling.

"This is your plan!" Amy screeched at him in utter disbelief from as close to the foot-well as she could get and still wear her seatbelt.

"Could you do better?" he shouted back. Actually he thought it was going quite well all considered, even though the open door on Face's side made maneuvering that much more difficult soon they would be far enough away from Bowl-head that he could throw the tiny car into a J-turn and they would be able to speed away. Thank God for airports needing such large parking garages.

A large black Sedan appeared on the right suddenly causing Face to swerve wildly to avoid hitting it, damn holiday makers he thought until he saw two of them lean out of the windows with guns aimed for his car.

"Shit, more goons." Face cursed under his breath. He chanced a glance to the front of the car and swore as he saw them in close pursuit, there was no way he was going to be able to perform a J-turn now and they just didn't have the speed or the maneuverability in reverse to evade them for long. He was going to have to do something and soon.

Face shouted for Amy to hang on as he wrenched the steering wheel round forcing the car to steer violently to the left just as the goons started shooting. A bullet shattered the windscreen and flew into the seat above Amy's crouching form. Face didn't turn round, all his concentration was on the back window, aiming the small car for the down ramp and hopefully the exit. More bullets hit the car, the clunks of metal against metal clear even above the screech of tires and roar of the engines. Face clutched the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles turned white, what the hell did these people want?

Suddenly a line of fire erupted across his chest as a bullet scored across his ribs making him loose his grip on the steering wheel as he involuntarily recoiled at the unexpected pain. The small car lurched sideways into a post ripping the open driver's door off in a screech of twisted metal even as he made a lunge for the steering wheel, showering him in shards of mangled door and glass. Face gritted his teeth and pulled with all his might against the steering wheel still trying to get the car down the ramp, groaning as his side angrily protested. Amy shrieked as the wheels found the ramp and the car abruptly dipped backwards but stayed huddled in her seat, not even daring to look out of the shattered windscreen.

Face could see the exit getting closer, in less than a minute they could be outside the garage and somehow they could make their escape. The Sedan weaved around the pieces of door that had crashed to the floor to follow them down the slope causing the two shooters to get thrown about as it raced to catch up. Just then a stray bullet from one of the goons hit the front tire of the little sports car and the steering wheel was torn from Faces hands as the car veered straight into the wall at the side of the lot. The small car smashed into the wall and Face slammed into the steering wheel as the boot crumpled under the blow and ended up half slumped over it only able to watch dazed as the Sedan pulled up in front of the wreck and four men got out.

He heard Amy moving around in the car next to him and then felt her hand gently touch his shoulder. He could have sworn she said his name but it sounded like it was coming from far away and he was distracted by the growing ache in his chest, like a building pressure waiting to burst, Breathe! his mind screamed at him, You've got to breathe!

With conscious effort his mouth flew open and he drew in a great shuddering breath only to start coughing as the cold air hit his lungs. As he drew in breath after breath the ache in his lungs started to subside but his ribs protested angrily then virtually screamed at him as he was bodily hauled from the car by two of the men and was dropped on the pavement at their feet.

He could vaguely hear Amy screaming as she was taken from the car and dragged to the black sedan, fighting every step of the way. Amy, they're after Amy! his fogged brain suddenly shouted at him. He rolled to his hands and knees, stifling a groan at the pain that ripped through his side then somehow staggered to his feet, swaying heavily.

"Look at this, lover boy wants to save his girlfriend, how sweet." Another smoker Face thought before the man punched him hard across his right cheek bone. Face was still too dazed from the accident to even roll with it never mind dodge it; instead he fell to the floor again like a sack of potatoes. He lay there groaning as strangely enough the punch cleared his head a little, maybe if they thought he was hurt worse than he actually was he'd get the opportunity to help Amy.

A sudden kick to his ribs quashed the notion. He tried to curl into a protective ball only to have the man kick him again and then when he curled up kicked him in the back of his rib cage causing him to unfurl once more.

"Remember me Muchacho? Maybe next time you listen when someone with a gun tells you what to do, eh?" Bowl-head was really trying to live up to his image a small part of Face thought absently as he tried not to yell out when he felt ribs grind with each kick but satisfied himself with a small grunt each time the boots made contact; and visions of BA ripping the man's arms off.

"Hey, you two! We've got her, let's go already!" A voice called from the back of the Sedan where they had dragged Amy.

Bowl-head spat on the floor next to Face's prone form and punctuated his sentence with one last kick right where the bullet had sliced across his ribs. "Maybe next time you pay more attention eh!"

Face lay on his side curled around his agony, straining for breath as the two men sauntered away. He had to do something, they were taking Amy, but at the minute he could barely breathe and even if he could move right now they'd only beat him up some more, or worse. He was going to have to wait until they were all in the car then follow them, once he knew where they were going he could contact Hannibal and the team could rescue her.

He pressed a hand against the long slash the bullet had left along his ribcage hissing as it sent rivers of agony shooting across his chest, one of those ribs was definitely cracked but at least the bullet hadn't gone through, just skimmed over the top. A definite bonus considering he was going to have to drive after them for who knows how long.

Face watched as they bundled Amy into the back of the car, a goon on either side of her to prevent her escape. He quickly glanced around the garage, looking for an inconspicuous car he could hotwire and use to tail them, the little sports car was a complete write off. As the doors slammed shut on the Sedan he saw it, an old blue Vauxhall, common enough around these parts and easy to break into, now all he had to do was wait for them to leave and get over to it.

As the sedan began to pull away, Face would have sworn he could see Amy's fear stricken face staring through the window at him and he tried to smile his most confident smile to let her know he had a plan, though when he saw her worried look he wasn't sure how well he managed it. Now was the time he'd have to move, and quickly, not only were Amy's captors getting away but Face was sure he could hear sirens in the distance and the last thing he needed right now was to be picked up by the police.

He pulled himself to his knees, his breath catching painfully as the agony flared across his chest, then steeled himself and forced himself to his feet though he remained hunched over his aching ribs. His vision swam slightly as he staggered over to the Vauxhall, his mind screaming at him to hurry. He reached out a hand to the bonnet just as his legs gave way and he landed in a pain filled crumpled heap next to the front wheel. Pausing only to catch a breath he put his hand under the wheel arch to use as a lever to get him back on his feet, his other clutched across his aching side. As he started to pull himself upright his fingertips brushed against something that wasn't supposed to be there and as he got to his feet and leant against the side of the car for some extra support he pulled it out, hoping against hope.

Face looked in his hand and couldn't believe his luck, luck of the Devil the nuns used to say. There nestled in the palm of his hand was a small plastic box with a magnet on the back used for hiding car keys in the wheel arch, and sure enough, when he flicked the box open, there, nestled inside, was a shiny Vauxhall key.

He unlocked the driver's door and slipped into the seat with a sigh and none of his usual grace. All he could think about was finding Amy and discovering the key like that had saved him valuable minutes getting the door open and hotwiring the car. Face started the engine and sped towards the exit, cursing the time lost in struggling to get across the parking garage to the car, hoping that the Sedan had got held up somehow, almost not believing his eyes when he saw it not more than five cars away, stuck in the queue for the Interstate. Someone up there must like me he mused irreverently, almost chuckling at the thought then wincing as his ribs gave him a warning not to do anything of the sort. He pressed his right hand firmly against the wound in his side as his left held the wheel, groaning as the pain flared for a moment, at least the bleeding seemed to be slowing down. He couldn't help but think whoever it is up there sure had a funny sense of humour but then again maybe it was Amy they liked, she hadn't looked hurt at all.

Suddenly the cars started moving again and he concentrated on following the Sedan onto the Interstate, the hold up caused by someone's car not reacting well to the cold and damp and breaking down at the front of the queue. All he had to do now was keep them in sight until they reached their destination without them realizing he was following. Face shivered in the cold car, not a pleasant experience with bruised ribs and carefully reached forward to turn on the heater, then turned it up to full as nothing seemed to happen. He carefully reached his right hand to cover a vent, grimacing as he saw the glove of blood that stained it red. Barely a breath of warm air escaped the vent, nowhere near enough to dispel the chill in the vehicle but Face decided to leave it on to try and take the edge off and in the vain hope that it might suddenly decide to start working. At least the windscreen wipers work he thought ruefully as the heavens opened once more and he switched them up a notch, then settled in his seat as comfortably as he could without leaning on his left side, readying himself for a long drive and praying Amy was ok.


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