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Chapter One: Overloaded

Six months have passed since the attack on Los Angeles, and the Transformers were revealed to the humans. Since then, the Autobots have done everything in their power to protect them, but many of the humans rarely showed appreciation. The world was torn in half, with those who supported the Autobots, and those who rejected them.

For six months the Autobots have been at war with two forces non-stop. For six months hundreds, if not thousands of humans died, and the Autobots were being blamed for each and every one of them. You'd be really stressed too if you were the Autobots…

Earth, Chicago

A new building was under construction. No one was really sure what it was for, but it was apparently important, as it was much wider than your average skyscraper. The support beams were almost done being placed, once that was done, they could all call it a day. The construction workers on the ground chattered amongst themselves; some were on break, some were still working.

"Hey Hank!" The Foreman called out from his place behind the blueprints. "The hole for the last support beam isn't deep enough. Take the backhoe and fix it."

"You got it!" The one named Hank replied.

Putting down his bolt gun, he stood up, and walked across the dirt field to the orange and white backhoe parked between two other construction vehicles. He climbed up over the treads, opened the door, and hopped into the cockpit. Slamming the door behind him, Hank adjusted his hardhat, before turning the key in the ignition. The machine came to life, and he gripped the sticks that controlled its movement. Pushing the two he held forward, the backhoe responded by slowly moving forward.

It moved slowly across the dirt field, and other construction workers quickly walked out of its way. A few moments and a couple yawns later, Hank made it to his destination. He came to a stop at the large hole for the final support beam, and placed his hands on two other control sticks. He pushed the left one forward, and the right one back, resulting in the cockpit and the 'arm' turning to the right. He then gripped the fifth and sixth sticks, which controlled the arm's movement. He pushed the right forward, and the arm responded by going forward. He pushed the left forward, and the arm then went down into the hole, while the 'hand' opened up.

Hank continuously tried not to space out; he'd done what he was currently doing so many times, it was hard NOT to be bored! He raised the arm out from the hole, to see the hand filled with clumpy dirt. He then held onto the third and fourth rods, and twisted the cockpit around to the opposite side. Extending the arm forward with the fifth stick, the hand opened up, and dumped the load onto the ground. Hank yawned again, and proceeded to turn back around and continue his job – Or at least he would've. A strange, metallic, voice caught his attention.


"What the…?" Hank wondered.

"Not again…" Another metallic voice said.

Hank immediately looked down at the controls. Realization hit. "No… I'm in one of them!"

"Yep." The voice replied. "I'm sorry, human, but this needs to be done." Then, a roof hatch opened up, and the seat with Hank in it ejected out through it.

With that, the backhoe transformed. The two sections surrounded the cockpit raised up, as the treads swung out forward, then folded down, forming legs. The two sections then stretched out downwards, and a head flipped forward. An Autobot symbol shined brightly and proudly on his right shoulder.

"Transformers!!" The Foreman yelled out. "Run for it!" At the mention of the T-word, the construction workers, and everyone in the near vicinity, did as suggested.

"Sooo… There you are!" Cyclonus gave off a chuckle. "I'm surprised the Autobots salvaged your hide, Hoist! You were deader than a drone on doomsday! Haha!"

Hoist sneered. "Why are you here!" He demanded.

Cyclonus transformed, and placed his hands on his hips, still chuckling to himself. "Well, since you Autobots love to help the sacks of meat stay safe, I thought I'd give you a bit of a challenge!"

"How did you find out where I am?" Hoist inquired. His backhoe hand opened and closed slightly… If he could just keep Cyclonus talking…

"Duh! I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid! I traced your signature, and it led me here!" Cyclonus replied. "Geez, why does Optimus even let you out? He needs to keep a leash on you, ya stupid dog." With that, Cyclonus broke into fits of laughter.

Hoist sighed at the Decepticon. If he spent more time focusing on the battle and not cracking lame jokes, he'd be a lot better off. But hey, can't win 'em all. He crouched down, and shot himself up into the air. The instant he was level with Cyclonus, the Decepticon opened up his optics, and gulped.

"Uh oh..." He said as Hoist reared back his backhoe arm.

The Autobot grinned at Cyclonus, and slammed his palm down on his head. The Copter spiraled towards the bare construction ground, and landed square on his face. The loose dirt muffled his curses, as he slowly leaned back, and fell onto his rear. Cyclonus glared up at the sky, and dusted off the dirt clinging to his face. He shot up in the air, and twisted around, glaring at the smug Hoist.

"You cheap shot!" He uttered something about stupid Autobots and four leaf clovers not working. He looked up at Hoist, and something very rare happened: Cyclonus thought.

The Decepticon threw his right fist forward, and his gauntlet fired off machinegun-like rounds at Hoist. As expected, the Autobot dove out of the way, leaving the support beams of the unfinished building wide open. The bullets tore through the beam, and Cyclonus grinned as it started to fall over.

"Have fun!" He called out, as he laughed insanely, transformed, and flew off.

Hoist immediately and wordlessly ran over to the collapsing support beam, and wrapped his arms around it. He groaned as the weight fully came on him, and his kneels bent under it. If he could, Hoist would've been sweating up a storm. His arms strained, as he franticly looked for a place to drop the beam… There! He quickly regained his footing, and with all his might, pushed forward.

The beam landed in the middle of the road, and effectively crushed one of the bulldozers.


"Hey!" The Foreman yelled out. He and the other construction workers were returning. "That bulldozer cost me sixty-five thousand dollars!"

"I apologize." Hoist said. "Are you all alright?"

"Alright?" The Foreman asked. Hoist could've sworn he saw a throbbing vein in the man's forehead. "Alright?! You just cost us a week's worth of work! No! I am not alright!"

"Sir, please-" Hoist was interrupted by the POed Foreman.

"No! Don't you 'Sir please' me! You and your kind have been nothing but a burden on us since day one!"

Hoist forced himself not to scowl at the human. "… At least let me help clean up."

"No." The Foreman said bluntly. "We don't need your help."

Hoist growled… And snapped. "Ula! Ka dos ssinssrin ulu alu bauth, prancing saph dosst l' ultrin kult'ressinen d'lil universe, dos shlu'ta! Drill dont doer crawling ulu udossa vel'drav you're bauth ulu inbau squished a natha Decepticon!" With that, Hoist spat on the ground, and warped back to the Autobot headquarters.

AutoBase, Earth

Hoist sighed as he warped back to the Autobot Base, now dubbed AutoBase. He was still dissatisfied with his treatment back at the construction site, and now he decided to give Optimus his input of how things were going…

He walked into the command center, in hopes of finding the Autobot leader. Seeing that his hopes were correct, he sauntered over to the commander. Optimus looked up from his data pad, and over at the arrival.

"Ah, Smoke- I mean, Hoist." Optimus corrected. "How did it go?"

Hoist frowned. "Not well, Optimus." He replied. "Those humans are so ungrateful! Sometimes I just wanna let them fend for themselves… Please remind me… Why do we protect them?"

Optimus put his data pad down. "Hoist…" He began. "We don't protect the humans for praise. We protect them because it's the right thing to do. If we just left them alone when the Decepticons attacked… Well, we wouldn't be Autobots, now would we?"

Hoist sighed. "I guess you're right… I just wish they would show some appreciation instead of spitting at us sometimes…"

"I know, Smokescreen…" Optimus sympathized, while patting his friend's shoulder. "I know."

At that instant, Red Alert, followed by Hot Shot and Jetfire, came into the command center. "Sir," Red Alert began. "We've detected a Minicon in Vector 5-9-6-2B."

"I still think we're wasting our time looking for this Minicon at the moment." Jetfire said. "I mean, we do have other things to worry about, like Unicron and Jhiaxus."

"A Minicon is just as important as an Autobot, Jetfire." Optimus reasoned. He looked over to Red Alert. "Has there been confirmation as to who this Minicon is?"

"Yes. The computer has confirmed it. It's Roll-Out, sir."

"Roll-Out…" Optimus repeated. "Isn't he Overload's Minicon partner?"

"He's more than that." Red Alert replied. "He's Overload's Headmaster."

"Headmaster?" Hot Shot asked, making himself known. "What's that?"

"Headmaster technology is fairly old." Red Alert answered. "It first originated with Autobots modifying their head modules to transform into exo-suits for Nebulons. Overload and Roll-Out were the first to have Headmaster technology using a Minicon instead of an organic."

"Oh. I get it." Hot Shot replied.

Optimus nodded at Hot Shot, then looked to Jetfire. "You watch over the base. Hot Shot, Hoist and I will go retrieve Roll-Out."

"Yes sir." Jetfire replied with a brief salute.

The Autobot commander looked over to Hoist and Hot Shot. "Alright you two, let's get going."

Decepticon Lunar Base

"Alright you two, let's get going."

Jhiaxus chuckled as he turned off the consol. The bug he had Starscream implant during his infiltration mission worked without a hitch, and now he could listen in to any and all conversations going on in the Autobot command center. A few seconds passed after Optimus, Hoist, and Hot Shot left, before Jetfire spoke up.

"Whew… Thank Primus they're gone." Jetfire said.

"Yeah…" Red Alert replied.

There was a brief silence, before the slight sound of metal hitting metal sounded. A happy sigh followed.

"Oh Red Alert," Jetfire began. "How I love you."

"Mmm, I love you too, Jetfire." Red Alert replied, as the metal against metal sound occurred again.

Jhiaxus sweatdropped at the consol. Were they… kissing? He proceeded to turn off the bug by pressing a button… Only it didn't go off. He looked down at the keyboard, and pressed the button again. The kissing sounds still took place, and moaning started; Jhiaxus got a little nervous. He franticly looked up from the keyboard, and down from the monitor, pressing the 'Off' button furiously.

"Ooooh, Jetfiiirre." Red Alert moaned.

"Mmm, Red Aleeerrrt." Jetfire replied.

"Jhiaxus, sir?…"

"Dear Primus! Let it stop!!"





Jhiaxus shot up from his throne, and effectively head butted Demolishor. The Decepticon flew to the ground, holding his forehead; Jhiaxus however, didn't notice, as he was clutching the armrests of the throne, panting heavily… It was only a dream…

"Jhiaxus, sir?" Demolishor asked, while slowly getting up. "Are you alright?"

"…Yes." Jhiaxus breathed. "I'm fine… Just a nightmare…"

"…Well, we've detected Autobot movement on Earth, sir. They're heading towards Vector 5-9-6-2B; a Minicon is located there."

Jhiaxus, still recovering from his nightmare, looked up at his trooper. "I don't care about Minicons, Demolishor, I only care about winning this war."

"Y-…Yes sir." Demolishor replied. At that exact moment, the alarms started blaring, as red warning lights went off.

"What's going on?!" Jhiaxus demanded from his place on the throne.

Demolishor rushed over to the consol on the far right. He punched in several keys, and gasped. "We have intruders! From docking bay seven!"

"Show me the hologram!" Jhiaxus ordered.

Demolishor typed in a few more keys, and a holographic screen popped up in front of Jhiaxus. He peered at the screen with a scowl, as it showed the trespassers. They were walking down one of the many hallways, with the light from the outside shining in the background. However, the lights in the hallway were shot out, giving the two an ominous look. There were only two things able to be told by them. One was massive, colossal even, while the other was much smaller in comparison. The other, was that the large one had bright, yellow optics, while the smaller one had crimson ones. They rounded a corner, and the footsteps from the screen got softer and softer until they sounded no longer. Jhiaxus growled as the screen disappeared.

"Who would dare intrude my base?!"

A brief moment passed, before his question was answered.

"We dare!" Starscream announced, as he and Tidal Wave emerged from the shadowed hallway.

Unknown, Earth

Hot Shot held up the Minicon panel triumphantly. "Got it!" He exclaimed. Hoist and Optimus both looked up from their positions, and the older warriors smiled.

"Good work." Optimus congratulated. "Overload will be with us again very soon."

"It's all a waste…" Hoist uttered to himself.

"What was that?" Optimus asked, looking over to the reborn Autobot.

"Hm?... Oh, nothing." He replied.

Optimus looked at Hoist, confused by his choice of words, before looking back to Hot Shot. "Like I said, good work." He smiled a bit through the opening in his faceplate. "Let's get back to base." With that, The Autobot commander and Hot Shot blurred, and disappeared from sight. Hoist, however, sighed, and looked up towards the sky.

"It's all a waste…" He repeated, as he too, warped back to AutoBase.

One Mega-cycle later. AutoBase, Earth

All of the Autobots watched as Red Alert made the final adjustments to Overload. He was hunched over the massive Autobot, wielding the open section in the Autobot's torso. He'd been working on this section for three mega-cycles, and he was nearly finished. Scratch that, make that was finished. Red Alert took a deep breath, as he switched off his tool; the Autobot turned to his companions.

"I'm done repairing Overload's body." He said, grinning proudly.

"Excellent work, Red Alert!" Several Autobots congradulated.

The medic nodded, and his grin faded into a smile. "Thank you… Roll-Out is ready to be re-installed into Overload, now. Where is he?"

"Right here." Optimus responded, while holding out the Minicon panel. Red Alert took it delicately, and turned back to Overload's prone form.

Red Alert held the small, green panel over the open section in the offline Autobot, and opened his hand; the Minicon plate dropped. It fell through the air, but before it hit Overload, something shot out from the open section in the Autobot, and caught the panel. It was like… A tentacle made of energy. It wrapped itself tightly around the plate, and slowly withdrew into the hollow torso of Overload's body. And then, there was a bright light, bright enough to make all the present Autobots shield their optics. A brief moment passed, before the light died down, and there, on the table, was the now-complete Overload.

His massive body was almost all red, with silver and white panels decorating his frame. He had two Autobot symbols proudly showing on both sholders, and black pillars above them. His face was blue, and his optics were a light green, almost yellow, shade. Strange, though… He seemed to have no faceplate or mouth…

Overload slowly sat up, holding his head, and Optimus took a step forward. "Overload," He greeted in a friendly tone. "It's good to see you again."

The said Autobot slowly looked over at the Commander. "I'm sorry?"

Optimus looked at him oddly, before it hit him. "Oh, sorry." He apologized, and laughed it off. "It's me, Optimus. I've gone through some changes since we last met." He said, pointing to his new body.

"Optimus…" Overload whispered to himself. He then looked back up at the Commander. "I've never heard that name." A series of gasps filled the room, and Overload looked them each over. "I do not recognize anyone… Who are you?" Overload asked. He paused briefly, before continuing.

"And for that matter… Who am I?"

Unknown, Milky Way

A lone space ship sped through the emptiness of space. It was fairly small, more of a personal cruiser than anything else. It was long and sleek, with rounded, short wings stretching from the sides. On both sides of the cockpit rested round, large cannons, scorch marks decorating the ends of the barrels. Within the darkened control room sat a lone mech; a hand reached out from the shadows, and pressed a green button.

"Autopilot, on." His scratchy, almost insane sounding voice said. The hand retreated back into the shadows, as two purple and silver legs propped themselves up onto the consol.

The door behind the pilot slid open, and the light from the hallway bled into the room. In the doorway stood a menacing-looking mech. His head was almost square in shape, with an orange optic in the dead center of his expressionless face, twin antenna rested on the sides of his head. He had a large torso, made up of red, yellow, orange, and black. His shoulders were golden, with a Decepticon insignia resting on his left shoulder. His entire left arm was nothing less than a massive cannon, with a desert camouflage design on it. The blocky waist down was covered in red, yellow, black, and green. The mech stepped into the cockpit.

"No one followed us." His young, arrogant voice said.

"With the way you got out, I'm surprised we don't have anything less than the entire Autobot faction on our skidplates." The crazy-sounding pilot replied.

"You wouldn't know subtle if it bit you in the afterburner!"

"You're the rookie, Six Shot, not me."

"Hey! I'm the one who killed all those Autobots, Shockblast!"

"Yeah, after I took out the majority of them!"

"Psycho path!"

"Mamma's bot!"

"Skidplate smoocher!"

"Cannon fodder!"



"…So where are we going?" Six Shot inquired.

"I heard Jhiaxus did a number on Megatron not too long ago. So we're going to hook up with him." Shockblast chuckled. "You know what that means?"

Six Shot decided to chuckle this time. "It means the fun times are going to start up again."

Shockblast leaned back in the pilot seat, and rested his hand and cannon behind his head. "We think too much alike…" He then looked up to Six Shot, and would have grinned, had his face allowed such a movement.

"…But then, that's something twins tend to do."

Unknown, Unknown...

I close my optics, and reopen them... I see myself, fulfilling my destiny… I approach the center of the chamber, and towards the most potent source of power in this, or any, universe… Unicron's core…I have been waiting for this since the day of my birth…