Chapter 11 - Elusion

Earth's Orbit, Unicron. Within…

Megatron slowly looked around. "Where… Where am I…?"

"You are within the Harbinger of Chaosss, Unicron." The Death face of Alpha-Quintesson said.

"Unicron…?" Megatron held his head, and stumbled back a few steps.

"Yesss. It wasss by hisss will that you were brought back from the dead."

Megatron leaned against the table he broke free from, and suddenly started taking deep breaths. "Why am I so exhausted?"

"A side effect of the over-consumption of Energon." Death switched to Judgment on Alpha-Q'.

"How long until I regain my full strength?" The Decepticon asked.

"On your own, several Earth weeks. But the Master requires your assistance as soon as possible. Therefore, Starscream and Tidal Wave will continue to gather Energon for you."

Megatron looked over to his old subordinates. "You two work for Unicron, now?"

"Yeah." Tidal Wave said. "Better than taking orders from Jhiaxus."

"Jhiaxus…" Megatron slowly clenched his fist. "As soon as I have enough Energon flowing through me… He will know the true power of Megatron…"

Alpha-Quintesson turned to Starscream and Tidal Wave as his face switched to Wisdom. "You two, hurry and gather more Energon! The sooner you collect it, the sooner Megatron will be in action!"

The two ex-Decepticons nodded, and turned to leave the room.

"Meanwhile, Megatron…" The serpent turned to face the newly transformed mech. "I want to test your abilities…"

"On what?"

Alpha-Q' turned to the wall, which promptly slid open, revealing a hidden door. Inside the darkness glowed two red optics behind a golden visor.

Earth, AutoBase.

Rodimus Prime sat alone on his recharge booth in his quarters. Ever since he arrived in the past by mistake, he had been trying to utilize his presence to improve the situation for the future generation of Autobots… The ones that he would be in command of. But one thing always baffled him… Why would the Matrix send him into the past? The legend said that in the darkest hour, the Matrix would light the way. Was sending him into the past the way to fix everything… Or was it a sick joke by Primus?

Scorponok… Rodimus Prime attempted to use the Matrix against Scorponok when all hope had seemed lost. But then he was sent here, through time and space, to the beginning of the Armageddon… The beginning of the Autobots' downfall.

The future Prime sighed. Whenever he got involved, he would always attempt to change the outcome, whether it was subtle or blatantly obvious. But it never worked. Not even in the least. His sapphire optics made their way up to the ceiling…

Is time unchangeable?

Or is it changing at speeds so fast, that the differences are unnoticed?

Rodimus stood up off of his recharge booth, and clenched a fist. "I will not let it happen…" He said to himself. "I will not let these Autobots suffer as mine have…"

The time for subtleties was over. The final battle of the Armageddon would begin soon, and by then it would be too late. If the future were to be changed, something drastic was needed to be done.

He thought back to the events that took place in his own time… Jhiaxus would meet his fate one hundred-fifty years after the end of the Armageddon… But if he were to die during the Armageddon…

He nodded to himself. Rodimus Prime would kill Jhiaxus.

But he would need help…

Inside the Command Center a few minutes later, Rodimus walked in. There, he found the current Prime researching some data.

"Optimus." Rodimus said.

The Prime turned around. "Ah, Rodimus. What is it?"

"Optimus… We must attack the Decepticon Lunar Base."

"What? Why a direct attack?"

Rodimus silently prayed to Primus that Optimus would listen. "The end of the Armageddon is near. And if we do not act soon, things are going to turn out very badly for the Autobots."

"I understand that, Rodimus." Prime said. "But currently our forces are too stretched out to be of any use." He rotated in his chair to fully face the future leader. "Scavenger and Overload are currently getting supplies for Red Alert, who's struggling to keep both Jetfire and Hot Shot alive. Sideswipe is on patrol, and I'm monitoring the transmissions, should anyone call for help. And we just lost Ratchet to Predacon, too." He slowly shook his head. "I'm sorry Rodimus, but we just can't afford to attack the Decepticons."

The flame-decal covered Autobot sighed. "I understand." He said quietly. The future Prime turned around, and proceeded to head out of the room. But before he did, he turned to Optimus once more. "Something has to be done about this."

Rodimus sighed as he walked through the empty halls of AutoBase. He should've known Optimus wouldn't approve of an attack on the Decepticons. But then, he was always like that; putting the wellbeing of his troops before their cause. Even during the aftermath of the Armageddon, Optimus didn't change his ways. He was perhaps the only one who didn't change after that horrible massacre… At least he didn't show it if he did.

Rodimus' attention was brought back to reality when something quickly appeared before him. It looked as if… A tear in mid-air from a blade of sorts. Within the 'hole' resided a green infinity, going as far as the optic can see… But what exactly is this?

His thoughts were answered when a maroon hand slowly came out from the void, and gripped the side of the tear. Rodimus couldn't help but stare into the crimson optics viewing him from within the hole, and took a step back when the figure slowly pulled itself out from the void.

He was an ancient mech, that much was obvious. He was covered in ancient, Cybertronian armor, made up of pearl white and gold trimmings. His backpack made up the front of what appeared to be an ancient ship, as did the wings residing next to it. His chest had a bizarre indenture in it, as if it were a weapon… Or a tool. His azure face was accompanied with ruby optics and a straight face. On his left arm resided a Minicon, and in his right hand resided an indigo sword.

Rodimus took another step back from the imposing mech before him. "W-who are you?"

"I am Vector Prime, Guardian of Space and Time." The ancient Transformer stated.

Rodimus' optics widened. Not good! He thought.

"What do you want?"

Vector Prime pointed his sword to Rodimus Prime. "You."

"Wha'd I do to get your attention?" The future Prime asked.

"My master detected you outside of your proper timezone, and that you are attempting to alter the future."

"Lovely." Rodimus replied dryly. He suddenly gasped and dove off to the side as Vector Prime leaped into the air, and swung his sword down at the future mech; the blade embedded itself into the flooring. Rodimus quickly pulled out his cannon-shaped blaster, and fired off several rounds at the guardian.

Vector Prime looked over at Rodimus as the blasts struck his worn armor, but no visible damage was done. He removed his sword from the ground with some effort, and stalked towards the future Prime.

Rodimus grinded his teeth, and about-faced. He shifted into his alternate mode, and the wheels that moved him came to life. His tires screeched against the metal flooring, and he shot forward, and Vector Prime quickly left his sight. The next thing that came to mind was to call for help.

"Optimus!" Rodimus cried out into the com link.

"Rodimus?" The current Prime asked. "What's wrong?"

"We've got an intruder!"

There was a pause, but some typing was overheard on the communicator. "Are you sure?" Optimus asked. "Scanners detect nothing."

"Slag the scanners!" Rodimus exclaimed. "I need backup, now!"

"Alright." Optimus replied. "I'll converge on your signal, just hang tight!"

Once the transmission ended, Vector Prime's voice came into Rodimus' mind.

"I have killed you many times… This time shall be no different."

'Many times…? But this is my first time encountering him…' Rodimus thought to himself. He turned sharply around a corner, and found Vector Prime calmly waiting for him. He screeched to a stop, and transformed.

"What… How…" Rodimus stuttered.

"Your attempts to escape have not changed in the least." The guardian stated, brandishing his ancient sword. "Time repeats itself down to the smallest detail."

Rodimus blinked slowly, before reaching for his blaster and aiming it at Vector Prime. "I won't be hunted down like some dog!" The future Prime's optics widened immediately after stating that; Vector Prime had mockingly said the exact same thing, at the exact same time.

Rodimus Prime dropped his blaster, and ran.

Vector Prime watched him calmly. "You cannot escape your destiny." He said before slowly fading from sight.

Earth's Orbit. Unicron. Within…

Megatron yelled out as he threw the finishing punch into his opponent's face. Scorponok yelled out in pain as he flew onto his back, and skidded across the ground; sparks resulted from the metal-on-metal contact.

Scorponok slowly raised his head to glare at Megatron. "Y-… you…. Bast…ar…" His optics slowly shut off, and his head fell back as the giant slipped into Stasis Lock.

Megatron, meanwhile, was attempting to catch his breath. He looked over towards the grinning Alpha-Quintesson. At least, Megatron assumed he was grinning…

"Why am I so tired?" He asked the serpent.

"Thisss isss your new body. It conssssumed a large portion of Energon in reactivating it. Ssstarssscream and Tidal Wave are retrieving more."

Megatron 'hmph'ed, before folding his arms, and walking away from the offline form of Scorponok. "Why did you revive me?" He asked.

The face of Death switched to the face of Wisdom on Alpha-Q. "The answer is simple! Master Unicron wishes to take safety precautions. Considering you've fought Optimus Prime, the bearer of the Matrix, for so long, yours knowledge would assist us!"

"That is a foolish assumption." Megatron said. "I know Prime. Not the Matrix. There's a considerable difference."

Wisdom grinned. "The relation between Optimus Prime and the Matrix is more surprising than you'd think."

Megatron chuckled. "Right. And that's beside the point— what makes you think I'll help you?"

"Because…" Wisdom switched to Judgment. "If you wish to keep your body, and your Spark, intact, then you shall do as we say." With a snap of his claws, Megatron was instantly on the ground; red electricity blazed around him as he writhed in pain.

"Wh… What did you do to me…?" Megatron breathed when the brief torture stopped.

"Call it a… Failsafe mechanism." Alpha-Quintesson chuckled. "So will you assist us? Or do you need more convincing?"

Megatron looked to the flooring, then back to the serpent. "Very well… I will join your cause."

He would play along for now. Looking at his new body as an example, serving Unicron may prove…


Earth. AutoBase.

He was cornered. In his own quarters. Rodimus Prime had his back to the wall, and Vector Prime was slowly closing in. The future Prime raised his weapon to the guardian, but it was promptly knocked out of his hand.

"Why are you doing this?" Rodimus asked.

"I am to keep the timeline unaltered, that is my Master's mission for me." Vector Prime raised his sword over his head, and the blade began to softly glow a light shade of green.

Rodimus slowly blinked. "Who is your master?" He asked. He had given up running. No matter where he went, Vector Prime was waiting for him. It was as if he had done this a million times before, and knew where the mech would turn. It was pointless.

Just like in his own time.

"My Master is the keeper of harmony and balance." The ancient mech said with a straight face. "He is the God of Order."

Rodimus' optics widened as the saber cut through his chest, leaving a glowing gash through his Autobot symbol. A brief moment passed, before it started growing, consuming his entire frame. He suddenly tensed, and looked down at his hand.

It was dissolving.

He looked to his other hand, and the same thing was happening. But the pain, or lack thereof, was not on his mind. His own demise wasn't on his mind, either.

Vector Prime's master was.

Why would he order for Rodimus' death? Wouldn't he want the war to be corrected? Wouldn't he want the Autobots to survive?

This didn't make sense… It goes against everything that he grew up believing. It goes against everything everyone grew up believing… He was supposed to be loving, caring, forgiving…

"Primus…" Rodimus whispered. The last thing he saw before completely evaporating into nothing…

Was Vector Prime nodding.