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A dream dead but not forgotten

Chapter one:

A boy awoke from his sleep at hogwarts for another day of wonders and mysteries. Who is he you ask? none other then the handsome, intelligent, friendly guy that every girl wanted a night with hell some even wanted more. Harry Potter was his name.

Harry reached toward his clock sleep still striking his eyes and read the numbers 6:45. He had already pressed the snooze button over ten times and decided he should get up now. Harry slid his legs to the edge of his bed sat up, rubbed his eyes,and stretched.

Harry's room was a red and gold , Gryffindor colors as he was head boy he received his own room for the year next to his best friends and head girl ,Hermione Granger whose room was painted black with bright blue sunflowers.

Harry stood up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower removed his clothes and stepped in the warm water. After a little while of standing under the hot water he finished his shower with washing his hair and turned off the water, he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.

"Harry" Hermione yelled opening the door separating her room from his "Have you seen my copy of Hogwarts : a History?"

Harry walked out the door of the bathroom and saw Hermione. Hermione was a girl a little under 5 ' 6 with a great figure and eyes to kill for, like Harry she was stalked by every member of the opposite sex and some of the same.

" Yeah actually I borrowed it to read up on the quittich part hold on ill get it for you" Harry replied

"Thanks" Hermione rolled her eyes "But next time ask"

Harry walked into the bathroom and while putting his clothes yelled out the door "I don't know the meaning of that word sorry"

Harry smiled as he walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his bag "Ready to go?"

"Hold on and let me grab my bag" Hermione replied walking through the door and Harry followed Hermione into her room of Green and Blue. He had remembered her once saying that it was for the calming of her soul when she was stressed. Harry looked on her dresser where she kept her picture and saw the particular picture of her and Viktor in fourth year at the ball. That was old news and she was glad.

"Ready" Hermione called across the room as she walked over to him with her bag in her hand and a book in the other "Ready for double potions?"

"who's ever ready for potions?" Harry laughed and looked at Hermione "The real questions is am I ready for the stalkers"

"So true I feel your pain" Hermione smiled "Thought it is great to now someone looks up to you"

"More like looks down your shirt" Harry joked and Hermione slapped him playfully

"That's no true. Anyway I have something against Draco now thought, he thinks a Gryffindor's Hott" Hermione Laughed as they walked into the dungeon and sat down looking up at the greasy haired old Snape.

Hermione looked back at Harry.This is going to be a really long day she thought

At lunch Harry and Hermione sat glad that the rest of the day they had free as it was Friday. Hermiones boyfriend Ryan walked up as Harry was in mid conversation

"Hermione I've got to go to Hogsmead today……."

"Hermione….Hi" Ryan kissed her on the cheek " what's up"

Ryan was unlike any other guy Hermione had dated. Ryan was a guy no one wanted a chance to get to know or at least that's what they thought. Most of the people in Hogwarts had heard that his parents where Death Eaters and where afraid of him. Ryan was just a little taller then Harry somewhere around 6'0 with shoulder length blonde hair and blue green eyes. He was a metamorphumugas though he most of the time stayed the same appearance the one he was born with. He liked to listen to muggle rock his clothes proved that. He wore jinco jeans with a shirt that said "so much rock …….. so little time "

" I've got things to do " Harry said getting up from the table "Ill see you at dinner unless you two wanna go to Hogsmead with"

"Sure I need to get more sugar quills anyway as long as its good with Ryan " Hermione looked up at Ryan

"Fine by me" Ryan answered

"Hold on I'll get Alex" Harry said walking to the end of the table and poked a blonde girl with blue eyes hidden in a sea of black eyeshadow. She wore a black tanktop with the word KORN written many times on it and Black pants with red bondage straps. Hermione had to admit she was very attractive in anything and everything she wore thought that was not why Harry liked her and she knew that, Harry liked her cause she was different in a weird way. Harry came back with Alex at his side, in fact they looked nice together even if they where as different as possible.

"You don't mind if Hermione and Ryan go do you Alex?" Harry asked

" No not at all " Alex smiled " As long as your still going"

"Yeah" Harry said walking out of the Great hall and to the front door"Alex is there any where you really wanna go?"

"I would like to go to Dark Mark... if its alright with you" Alex said

"O.K. we'll go there first" Harry said

When they got to Hogsmead they walked down the main street of an obviously magical town. Things where flying signed where magically erasing and writing again and people crowded the streets. Just like a normal Friday afternoon a bunch of hogwarts students where walking around the town and socializing with other witches and wizards. Until they stood in front of a black store with the words Dark mark written on a sign in front of it. Hermione had been in this store once before with Ryan it reminded her a lot of a store, Hot topic.

"Hermione look around I was here the other day and found some really cool stuff you would like" Alex said

" Yeah like this" Ryan laughed as he held up a shirt that said ;Redneck guide to life: friends are family… so fucking you boyfriends like fucking your brother.;

"Yeah your a freak Ryan" Alex said

" Thanks " Ryan magically changed his shirt to a bright green one that said freak with an arrow pointing up "I know"

Hermione kissed him and whispered in his ear ::: Thanx…..Bro::::

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Breaking Benjamin

Take a photograph it'll be the last

not a dollar or a crowd could ever keep me here

I don't have a past I just have a chance

not a family or honest plea could remains to say

Rain rain go away come again another day

all the world is waiting for the sun

Is it you I want or a notion of a heart to wrap around

so I can find my way around

safe to say from here

your getting closer now

we are never sad cause we are not allowed to be

Rain rain go away come again another day

all the world is waiting for the sun

Rain rain go away come again another day

all the world is waiting for the sun

to lie here under you is all that I could ever do

to lie here under you is all

to lie here under you is all that I could ever do

to lie here under you is all

Rain rain go away come again another day

all the world is waiting for the sun

Rain rain go away come again another day

all the world is waiting for the sun

all the world is waiting for the sun

all the world is waiting for the sun