Chapter Ten: "Im….Im…"

Hermione walked through the corridor with fingers laced between her fingers. She looked at the guy next to her as he opened the door for her, dark brown hair, deep blue eyes. He was medium height with a built body he reminded her of someone but she didn't know who.

"So Hermione what are your hobbies?" He asked looking at her while walking backwards through another hall.

"I like to read, do homework, study" She said laughing as he made a weird face "What?"

"Well I didn't think you looked like the kinda girl who spends all her time studding" He said as he stopped walking. "Its just that someone of your beauty shouldn't be single, and spending all her time alone" He smirked a little as she smiled and looked in her eyes. "Im glad I Ran into you that night"

Hermione ran through the halls as fast as she could, until she ran right smack into someone. She fell on top of them as they hit the floor

"Hermione, What's wrong" he asked moving the hair out of her eyes.

"It's my life" Hermione cried not noticing she was still on top of him "I never know what I've got till its gone….wait how did you know my name?"

"Who doesn't everyone has to live and learn you know…its just easier for some people." He said

"Wait…Trent" Her eyes got bigger and she looked at him

"Yup…how'd you guess?" He asked

"Your eyes are the same deep blue…I could never forget those"

"I'm not that pretty" She said biting her lower lip

"Sure you are…" He said still looking in her eyes but ran his hand through her hair "you have the softest hair I have ever touched, shiny and curly, I remember one when you came to class with it wet it made little rings down your back."

" and you have the most attractive curves…" He put his hands on her sides and slide them down to her hips pulling her a little closer " any guy would kill to have you his close"

He moved his left hand up to her lips and slid his pinky across them lightly "And you have the most Envious lips I have ever seen..I want…may I?" A goofy grin came across his face.

"Most certainly" Hermione said putting her hands around his neck and pushing him to the wall behind him as he moved his lips closer to hers. Their first kiss. The one you always remember when you meet someone.

"Yeah…your really sorry, 'Mione" Ryan said knocking into Trent as he walked by.

"Trent can I talk to you later?…I really need to um…I just gotta go" She herself was confused about what she was doing. She ran towards Ryan and caught up to where he was walking.

"Ryan…Im sorry" Hermione said looking at him. His hair was down and his eyeliner had smeared somewhat. He rubbed the underneath of his eyes and looked at her.

"you have nothing to be sorry for 'mione…nothing at all…I knew it was to soon…I did…Its just that I so badly wanted it to be true…I did….can I tell you something…Something I've never told anyone…." Ryan asked looking at her sincerely

"Sure…" Hermione was beginning to get worried. And the silence was killing her.

" I think….Im….Im…." Ryan said looking at her "…..

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Head over heals I've fit in before
Now I don't want to do it no more
I've held it all in with blood on my face
Built it up man so bad you can taste

I don't slag no one
I don't even judge
Don't give a shit cause I'm not gonna budge
I just want to be who I want to be

Guess that's hard for others to see
I'm not a trendy asshole
I do what I want
I do what I feel like

I'm not a trendy asshole
I don't fuck if it's good enough for you
Cause I'm alive
Smash is the way you feel all alone

Like an outcast you're out on your own
Smash is the way you deal with your life
Like an outcast you're smashing your strife
Head over heals I've fit in before

Now I don't want to do it no more
I just want to be who I want to be
Guess that's hard for others to see