Beauty of Love

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Shortly about the story: Yamato Ishida and Taichi Yagami are the best of friends. Yamato is the cold loner and Taichi the friendly jock. How will they handle their new feelings for each other and what will people think of them? How much does friends and family affect the choices that they make, and how much means reputation when it's confronted with pure love? Read and find out.

And of course it is Taito ;;

Okay, on to the story

Beauty of Love

Chapter one: Walking & Talking

YAMATO'S (The Blonde Beauty's) POV

"Matt, come on! You've been in there for almost half an hour!"

"Just a minute!"

I look critically at the guy in the mirror. Damn; I'm hot!

People often say that I've got plenty of self-confidence. And yep, I guess that's true. But mostly, I'm just honest. Seriously, I know I look good, people say it all the time, so why pretend that I don't? I value honesty.

My friends call me girly. Just because I am thin, have pale skin, blonde hair and a small nose. That doesn't make me girly. It makes me hot, not girly. Okay, maybe I'm boasting now, right? I'll better stop. Boasting is annoying. But as I said before, I'm not girly. ( Okay, so I spend at least half an hour every morning on fixing my hair, but that's… well…it doesn't count ).

Okay, so maybe I'm a little proud of looking good, but it's often just annoying. I mean, I just can't stand having five or ten giggling girls hanging after me from the moment I step outside my apartment. That pisses me off. I wish they could leave me alone. I spend time on my looks because thatI like to look good, not to make the girls drool after me.

I'm really boasting, huh?

"Matt! Damn it, we're gonna be late! Hurry up!"

That's Tai, or Taichi Yagami. My best friend. He's my complete opposite, I guess. He's got this brown, wild grown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin, he's muscular, he loves sports ( I guess you could call him a jock ) especially soccer, he doesn't care that much about music but mostly listens to rap or R&B, and he's one of the nicest persons I know. Everyone wants to be his friend, he's one of those perfect guys that people look up to and wants to be like, but that doesn't make him arrogant ( as it would do to me, I guess ). He's just a nice person, and he cares a lot about people.

I, on the other hand, have golden hair and blue eyes, I'm pale and thin, I despise sports (I only watch those stupid soccer games because Tai is in the school team), I love music and I am the lead singer of the Teenage Wolves – the band that's on everybody's lips right now – I listen to all sorts of music, though mostly rock and metal and such. And I totally love black clothes. People describe me as a cold person, but only those who doesn't know me. I just don't like people, that's it, and I don't want to have more friends than I have because I don't like trusting people. Makes sense? Nope. I sound like a bitch. Whatever.

So that makes us opposites. But we're still the best of friends, and so we've been since that first summer in the Digiworld.

"Matt, please hurry! Yaamaa!" Tai beg from the other side of the bathroom door.

I like that name. Yama. Sounds so much better that Matt.

I glance at my reflection once again before unlocking the door. Tai is sitting on the floor in the hall, leaning against the wall, looking half-asleep.

"Okay, T. I'm done", I say.

He gets up from the floor.

"Whoa, I didn't expect you to come out yet", he says, pretending to be in a deep shock.

"Well, I did", I reply coldly.

"Yep, I can see that."

He stares at me. And stares at me. And stares at me. What's wrong? Has my hair turned green or what?

"What?" I snap.

"Oh, 's nothing. You just…"

He bits his lip and turns silent.

"Hey, what is this about? The great Taichi Yagami can't find words?"

He smiles and scratches his chin.

"Well…I just wondered how you do it."

"Do what?"

"Always manage to look so god damn good."

I told you. Iam hot.

"Practise", I say with a shrug.

Looking closer, I can see that there's something unusual about Tai. He definitely looks better than ever. He has a tight white T-shirt that really shows his muscle and a pair of old worn jeans, and his hair is still messy as usual but in a controlled way.

"Wow Tai, I didn't know you were such a hottie! I better watch out or you'll steal half of my fan girls!" I say in a mock-shocked voice.

Though I'm not surprised at all. I know Tai looks good. That's why there are almost as many girls at his soccer games as at my gigs.

"I know", he says. "I'm gorgeous, aren't I?"


"Seriously, Yama, you think I'm pretty hot, don't you? That's why you love me so much."

"Yup. I mean, what else is there to love? A big goofy hairball? No thanks."

"Hey! That's mean!"

He mock-pouts at me 'till I give up.

"Okay, so maybe you're a nice person sometimes…"

"And I'm charming, and smart, and wonderful…"

"In your dreams, Tai."

He sticks his tongue out. I make a grimace. He makes a grimace too and it's my turn to stick my tongue out.

I never act this way else than when I'm with Tai. I have to feel comfortable to be able to loosen my coolness.

"This is so childish", I remark.

"Yup, indeed, Mr. Damn, I am hot."


"You said that when you watched yourself in the mirror."

"Wait, you heard that?"

"Nope, but you just confessed."

"But how..?"

"I read your mind, Yama", he says in a spooky voice. "I know you too well."


That's my favourite word.

Tai laughs at me.

"Whatever, whatever. Nothing can keep your coolness away. The bad boy is back in town", he says.

"You're the bad boy. At least that's what the rest of the school thinks."

"Well, but they can't read your mind like I can."

"Oh, sure you can."

"Yup. Want a demonstration? Right now… you're thinking about… oh man, that's dirty!"

He smiles in an almost 'naughty' way.

"Yama, Yama, I didn't know you had such things inside your angelic blonde head!"

"What things?" I ask.

He just shakes his head. I snort.

"You're a pervert, Taichi."

See, Tai has a kinda wild imagination. I really don't want to know what is in that mind of his. And when I say that Tai is the bad boy of Odaiba, I mean it. Not that he's the worst, but… let's just say that… well… to speak it out clearly… he's a horny bastard. It's true. After a party, there are always stories circling around in school starting with: I heard Taichi Yagami… or You'll never believe what that Yagami guy did… or something like that. I mean, we're only sixteen, and even though he has told me that most of these stories are exaggerated I know that he's not really innocent. But he doesn't seem to bother about the things people say. I think he actually enjoy it.

"Now hurry up, Blondie, or we'll be really late!" Tai says and drags me towards the door.

We get our jackets and shoes on and run down the stairs (Tai makes me do that; he says it's healthy, but when I'm on my own I always go for the elevator).

It's really cold outside and very dark. The stars sparkle like diamonds above us, and many of the streetlights are broken so it's even darker than it should be. The streets are almost empty; no cars, no people. A cat crossing the street is the only sign of life. This is that time between autumn and winter when people stay inside, drinking coffee and waiting for the snow to light up the world. This is the most quiet, depressing and dark time of the year. I love it.

"I wonder if there's gonna be snow soon", Tai says and pulls his jacket tighter around him. "It's freezing."

"I hope not", I say.

I hate snow. It means cold, and I hate cold. And it's wet. And it makes the walk to school take twice the time. But Tai loves it; he acts like a little child when it's snowing.

"When does the party start?" I ask.

"Well, we're supposed to meet the guys at 7.30 and the party starts at eight."

I resist the urge to snort. But Tai notice my change of mood, as always.

"Hey, they're my friends, they're not monsters."

'The guys' are some jocks from the soccer team. I hate them, I despise them. They always look at me as if I'm half girl or something, just because of the fact that I have legs thinner than their arms. I hate that; I hate when people think I'm weak.

Tai puts his arm around my shoulders. He's slightly taller than I am. I don't usually care, but right now it pisses me off. I feel... well, weak. I don't want Tai to think I'm weak.

"They're my friends, Yama", he says. "At least try to like them."

"They don't like me so why should I like them?" I pout.

"Of course they like you, silly. If they don't then I'll beat the crap out of them."

I can't help smiling. Tai really is a weirdo, but he's still Tai and he's still my best friend. Though it's hard to imagine this is the same guy as years ago in the Digiworld. He has changed. Maybe I have changed too.

I decide to change subject; I just get pissy talking about those bastards.

"Whose party is it?" I ask.

It was Tai who was invited in the first place, but he told the people who had the party that he would bring me and they didn't complain. Tai is pretty popular. All that stuff about being a good-looking jock and also being a really nice person makes it easy for him to make friends. As for me, people adore me and want to be friends with me until they realise that I'm just a cold, non-emotional fucked up idiot. Then they leave me alone. There are just a few people who understand me. Tai is one of them. My brother TK is another. I guess I'm weird.

"I dunno really", Tai says.

"Riiight…and who are gonna be there?"

"A lot of people… it's a big place. I think Mimi andSora are coming."

"Good, then there'll at least be two persons for me to chat with."

"Three. You didn't count me."

"I know."


"Well, you'll do as you always do. End up making out with some girl."

He smiles. He's such a perv.

"Tai, do you always have to…I mean…why don't you ever take it easy?"

"Why should I?"


"Drop it, Yama. I won't change and you know it. Face the truth."

I shake my head.

"Hey, why don't you try it?" he suggests.


"With your looks and your reputation…no problem! Just pick out a girl you like, and…"

I cut him of.

"I'm not like you, Tai."

"What? Are you gay or what?"

"What? No! I just… well, I don't like that whole one-night-stand thing."

"Want a wife, kids and a car?"

"No…or yes, I wouldn't say no to a car… but I just, well, I don't really believe in love."

"Why not?"

"I dunno. I don't like to trust people. And love just hurts. Do you know how many people who kill themselves every year because of love?"

"Nope. And I don't wanna know. You're really paranoid, you know that? Face the fact than not everyone is after you. You don't get hurt every timeyou love someone! Love is a good thing, it helps you grow and makes you strong. And it's wonderful. Besides, I wasn't talking about love. I was talking about finding a cute girl to make out with and to…"

"Please, Tai, I don't want to know what you do to them! I've heard enough stories at school already."

"Well, those stories are exaggerated and you know that Yama."

"Yes I do but there must be some truth in them, huh?"

Tai doesn't answer.

"See? I don't know what you've done or not done, I'm just saying that these things are nothing for me."


He looks down at me, his arm still around my shoulders.

"I respect that", he says.


That's one of his best sides. No matter what I do, no matter what I say, he always forgives me and accepts me.

"And Yama?"


"At least tryto act normally around the other guys. For me, please?"

"Okay", I sigh.


He places a brief kiss on my forehead. That feels good, not even weird. It's a pretty normal thing to do, I guess. Well, maybe not for a guy, but whatever. I don't care.

So why is my stomach suddenly filled with butterflies?

Must be something I ate.

Tai waves at the small group of people leaning against the wall.

"Hey, Yagami, what's up?" one of them calls.

There are five of them. They're all typical jocks; good looking, muscular, tall and oh-so-self-confident. They think they rule the world ( and here in Odaiba, they do ). One of them – I think his name is Kenichi – slaps Tai on the back.

"Welcome, ol' friend!" he says.

"Hey guys."

I sense the change. I don't know if Tai notice it himself ( probably not ) but suddenly he's talking louder and using other words, laughing more and even walking different. I don't think he does it on purpose – Tai is not a false person – but he acts different while hanging out with these guys.

"Let's go", one of them say.

I don't say hello to them and they ignore me. As usual. Bastards. Tai gives me a concerned look. I shake my head and fake a smile. I don't want him all worried about me. But of course he sees that I'm faking.

"You okay, Yama?" he whispers.

"Yeah, I'm fine", I lie.

But I'm not. I'm pissed of. I hate them.

They're walking in front of us, talking about sex and alcohol and some hot girl who's gonna be at the party. That's one of the reasons I hate them. One among many.

"No you're not fine. If you want me to…"

"Stop worrying about me Tai, I'm fine!" I snap.

"Okay, okay."

He sighs.

"You're hopeless, Ishida."

I shrug and get a cigarette out of my pocket.

Yes, I smoke. I have to. It's the only way for me to calm down. Tai wrinkle his nose.

"Hey Matt, you know smoking is unhealthy, don't you?" one of the guys, Robbie I think his name is, says.

He slows down so that he's by my side and puts his arm around my shoulder. Great, now they start.

I shrug his arm off of me.

"What? Am I to heavy?"

They laugh. I snort. I'm glad I have the cigarette to concentrate at.

"Hey, leave him alone", Tai says.

"Okay, okay, I'm just trying to be nice here", Robbie says, mock offended.

"Well, don't", Tai says.

There's silence for a while. Then they start again.

"Too bad you're not totally girl, Ishida, 'cause if you were then I would fancy the pants off of you", Kenichi says and tug on my pants.

They start laughing again. I stop.

"What, I made you angry? Or just horny?"

That's it. I drop the cigarette and turn around. I'm so angry that I'm shaking. Fucking idiots, I hate them! I really hate them. The blood rush in my head.

"Matt! Wait!"

I hear Tai running behind me. I don't care.

"Hey Yama, stop!"

End of chapter.

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