"Tough Choices" Chapter One

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Melony silently entered the dark motel room, the only light was that that slivered from under the closed bathroom door.

She smiled, tempted to go in and surprise him, but decided against it. He had been working too hard.

And she didn't want to work him anymore than he could handle.

She closed the door and locked it, then headed over to the bed. She threw her bags down on the floor and then collapsed onto the mattress.

A few minutes later, he walked out of the bathroom, drying his bleach-blonde hair with a towel. He looked over at her and smiled, "Hey." He fell onto the bed beside her, and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She smiled, "Hey. Feeling better?"

He nodded, "Yeah..the hot water really helped my muscles." He reached over and grabbed the remote from the bedside table, then put his arm around her waist.

"What do you wanna watch?" He asked as he punched the "ON" button.

Melony shrugged, "I dunno..what's on LifeTime?"

He groaned, "Whatever..I'm not watching that crap."

She laughed, about to respond when the faint ringing of her cell phone caught her attention.

She got up, dug through her bag, and retrieved it. "Hello?"

He flipped through the channels, wondering who was on the phone. This was their only time alone in a long time, and she was chatting away to one of her girlfriends.

"Yeah..I'll be right there."

He groaned, and fell back on the bed.

Melony looked at him, "That was Dawn. She said I should come join her and Torrie at some club."

He gave her that adorable "Why-would-you-leave-me-like-this?" face, "Come on, Mel! This is insane! We were gonna spend the night together."

She smiled, "Hey..it's not every night I get to spend with them, either.:

He sighed, then smiled, "Have fun."

She laughed slightly and kissed him, "I'll try," She stood up, grabbed her purse, and headed for the door.

"I'll be back later. Bye, Daniel."


Mel checked her reflection in the rearview mirror. Adding a touch of lipstick and running her fingers through her brunette hair, she was satisfied. She shut the car engine off and opened the door, stepping out in front of the restaurant.

He was waiting at the door for her.

She smiled. And then a pang of guilt stabbed at her heart. She loved Daniel, but then this guy had to start showing affection as soon as she and Daniel started getting serious.

But she couldn't help it..she was so wrapped up in him. And she knew he was wrapped up in her. He walked over and gently touched her face before pulling her into a passionate kiss.

"I'm sorry I called you this late..but I felt like I needed to see you."

She nodded, "I kept thinking about you, too."

He smiled. Oh, how she loved his smile.

"Come on, I have our table ready." He said, even though he wasn't hungry.

Well, not hungry for food anyway.

He took her hand in his and lead her into the building. They came to a table and the two of them sat down.

"I know you didn't call me to eat dinner." Melony said, arching an eyebrow.

He nodded, "You're right," He smiled again, "I wanted to see you."

She picked up the wine glass and leaned back in her chair, slowly sipping the crimson liquid, "Here I am...get a good look."

His blue eyes gazed at her, looked her up and down.

And he couldn't help but lick his lips. "Don't play with me." He said, smirking, taking a sip of wine.

"I'm not playing," She laughed slightly, "Just..teasing."

"There's a difference?"

"I think so."

He rolled his eyes, then his hand dug into his pocket and brought out a key. He showed it to Melony, and raised an eyebrow, "Then can we tease somewhere else?"

Melony looked at the key, then back at him, and smiled.

To Be Continued.....

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