Rating: PG 13


Chapter One

It's been 12 hours since it happened. A beautiful day in the park, celebrating his 14th birthday and suddenly vanished, no where to be seen. His older brother, Wyatt looking for him, his mother, father, and two aunts looking for him. No where. Christopher Perry Halliwell vanished from his party and no where to be seen.

12 Hours Earlier…

"Why?" Piper said looking around the park, "LEO WHERE IS HE?!" She yelled
"I don't know I can't sense him anywhere." Leo replied
Wyatt orbed between two trees. "I looked all around the park, he's no where to be seen."
"Alright, Piper, we can do more from Home." Phoebe began

"BUT CH-"Piper yelled

"We can scry." Paige whispered in her ear.
Piper seemed to calm down at that. In a mad rush, all of them collected their things, and Wyatt and Leo orbed them home. Piper dropped the baskets she was carrying and ran up to the attic. Paige and Phoebe behind them.

"Melinda." Phoebe said, "Go with Wyatt, I'll be right back okay?"
"Okay," She said. The 10 year old, Melinda walked with Wyatt into the kitchen

The Charmed ones ran into the attic, and they saw a man, in a black cloak standing in the attic with a piece of blue cloth.
"WHOA!" Phoebe said

"Who are you?" Piper said

"Wouldn't you like to know." Said the Man,
Piper began to gesture, but Paige saw the man holding some blue cloth.
"DON'T!" Paige said
"What why?" Piper said
"Whats that?" Phoebe said
"This," The man Said, "This is your son's sleeve off his shirt." He said throwing on the floor.
Piper's stomach dropped. "Where is he?"

"Somewhere." The Man said, "unharmed for now."
"Tell me where he is, or I'll vanquish you." Piper said
the demon laughed. "Vanquish me and guarantee your son's death."

Wyatt walked up next to the door, staying out of sight but in ear range.
"What do you want?" Paige asked

"We're not sure yet." The Man said

"We?" Phoebe said
"But we will stay in contact. Just be careful you don't want your son to be…" The man made a gesture like Piper does.
"Oh before I leave," He said, he waved his hand over the t-shirt fragment and it erupted into flames. "I don't want you getting a Premonition of where he is." He said looking at Phoebe and shimmering out.

"Damn it." Phoebe said, "Come on get the crystal," Paige said as Piper and Phoebe went to the table where all their potions and spells where on.


Chris fell to the ground.
A young 14 year old Christopher Perry Halliwell in blue jeans, light blue t-shirt and sandels hit the ground leaving a bruise on his cheek.
The demon who visited the Charmed Ones shimmered back in.
"Coren, report." Said another demon.
"Well Thor." Coren began, "They know of him." He said looking at Chris laying on the ground. "And I showed them the part of shirt you gave Me."
"Good." Thor said. Thor was an older looking man (demon), with brown hair, thick neck, and in a full brown cloak.
"So we have the son of a charmed one?" Thor said bending down looking at Chris.
"Go to Hell." Chris said
the demons laughed.
"Stupid witch." Thor said, "You're already in hell, and I think it's time your aunt got a message."
He grabbed Chris by the shirt and socked him hard in the face causing Phoebe to have a premonition.

Phoebe gasped.
Chris was chained to a wall, blood dripping from his wrists, and arms. And a hand holding an energy ball. "Help" Chris said.

The premonition ended.
"Oh god." Phoebe said, "They're going to kill Chris."

That was 12 hours ago, no word from Chris or the demons yet…..