Chapter Four – Why Did it Have to End this Way?

Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, and Wyatt all sat in the sunroom. Debating, they have been fighting about this issue for about 45 minutes.
"Look we have 15 minutes, if we're going to do this we have to do it now!" Wyatt said so loud he was almost yelling.
"WYATT, it's your life your powers!" Piper said
"I know, but there are some things we have sacrifice to save the ones we love." Wyatt said
"But just think about what you're doing." Paige said
"I am thinking." Wyatt said, "I am thinking about my little brother who is scared and hurt. And I won't live with myself if he dies over something stupid as my powers."
"He won't die." Phoebe stated.
"How do you know that?" Wyatt yelled

"Sweetie, look." Piper said, "We all want to save Chris, but someone evil, for instance with your powers could do tons of damage. We," Piper said meaning the Charmed Ones, "Couldn't vanquish someone with your powers, you're too strong."

"Then you have the power of five, you guys, Chris and I." Wyatt said, "I may not have my powers but I'll have my powers for casting spells and orbing."
"yes, but how can you cast a spell if a fire ball is being thrown at you?" Paige said

"Dodge it." He replied smarty

"Okay, how about twenty fire balls?" Phoebe asked
"Orb out of there."

Paige suddenly thought of something. "What if we made copies of Wyatt's powers?"
"What are you talking about?" Piper asked

"We get Wyatt's powers, put them in a lantern, and then make a copy of them and then put the original back into Wyatt."
"That could work." Piper said bitting her lip.

"It has too come on!" Wyatt said running up to that attic.

"10 minutes, and still no word from your family," Coren said as he paced in the hall with Chris. Thor, Tri, Lore, and Zore also stood in the hall.
Chris was cradled in a cornor, frail and pale.
"Can't I just torture him a little bit?" Coren said with a purple light glowing in his hand.
"Isn't that my job as the older brother?" Said a voice from behind the demons, the Charmed ones and Wyatt stood in the chamber.

"Do you have the powers?" Thor said stepping in front of the demons.

Wyatt held a golden lantern, with swirling lights inside of them. Thor examined the lantern and it's contents. "Excellent."
"My son?" Piper said looking at Chris and then Thor.

Coren grabbed Chris up, who Chris groaned I pain. Wyatt stepped forward, but Paige held him back.
"No not yet, I have to test these new powers of mine." Thor said

He opened the lantern and the balls of light went into him, having him glow a white. Then his glow settled. He conjured a fire ball in one hand and an energy ball in one hand.

"Now this is remarkable, one hand of evil, one hand of good." Thor said smiling. He threw them together and they exploded in a shock wave which shook the entire chamber.

"Okay great, you have the powers you wanted. Now I want my son back!" Piper said.

"Alright then." He said to Piper. He motioned to Coren to hand over give up Chris. Coren did so throwing Chris to the ground. Wyatt and Paige helped him up.

"Okay, very good!" Thor said, "NOW LORE!"
Lore shot his hand forward, Phoebe, Paige, and Wyatt shimmered out.
"What the?" Piper said, "where they go?"
"They went away, to your place you call home. You weren't suppose to shimmer the other Child away, oh well. One out of two ain't bad." Thor said with a grin.

Phoebe, Paige, and Wyatt all shimmered into the living room of the manor.
"What just happened?" Phoebe asked
"Where's mom?" Wyatt said
"Chris!" Paige yelled
"Don't worry." Said an rather old, handsome man. He was tall, grey hair, very deep voice, the Angel of Death.
"No!" Phoebe said, "You bring them back. NOW!"
"I will not. I did not do this." The Angel of Death responded.
"No you can't do this." Paige said
"Paige you know better then anyone the consciquences of changing death. What shall be done, shall happen. I shall however wait." He said
Phoebe and Paige waited.

"Besides the oppuritunity of killing a Charmed One is more then what I had planned today." Thor said, he threw an energy ball at Piper, she gestured and blew it up.
"Oh, that is something I didn't expect." Thor said with a grin. Five more demons shimmered in. Piper stepped back, covering Chris.
"Mom, the latern, blow it up." Chris said showing his mother the latern, which hung about 20 feet above the floor. All five of the demons formed energy balls or fire balls in their hand. Piper gensturned, and blew the latern up, at the same time, the demons threw the energy and fire balls at Piper, but they were deflected by something. A holy white glow began to form around them. Chris' powers raced back into Chris.

"In all time and in all place, bring her help with good grace." Phoebe, Paige, and Wyatt were all chanting, "In all time and in all place, bring her help with good grace!."

"Try as you might to help her, it won't help." The Angel of Death said

"Mom, you okay?" Chris asked
"Yes." Piper replied.
Three figures formed infront of Piper and Chris. Grams, Patty, and Prue appeared in the white lights.
"Oh my god."
"What the?" Thor said, he stepped back as more demons shimmered in. "FIRE!"
"Prue?" Piper said Patty and Prue sent the energy and fire balls back and Patty froze them.
"Stay down," Piper said pushing Chris to the ground, She got inbetween her mother and sister and blew up the balls. Prue sent one back into Zore, he was vanquished, as many they vanquished the demons the more they came in. Piper began vanquishing Demons.

"In all time and in all place, bring her help with good grace." Phoebe, Paige, and Wyatt said chanting.

Chris felt helpless, and not believing what he was seeing. He knew that Grams and Patty where, but who was this younger woman next his mother. Then the three woman vanished, and the demons stood in wonder.
"Oh god." Piper said getting down in front of Chris.
"This witch is mine!" Thor said steeping in front the demons, she began to gesture, but a demon flinged her against the wall, paralyzing her.
"NO!" Chris said.

A Demon grabbed him, throwing him across the chamber.
Thor conjured a fireball in his hand, and threw it. Piper couldn't stop it, and Chris couldn't ether. He saw the Fireball strike Piper in the chest, she screamed, and fall to the ground.
"NO!" Chris said as he finally went over to his mother.
"Well I think out work is done here." Thor said as all the demons shimmered out. Chris tried to use his powers, but they all shimmered out.
"No, no, Mom." Chris said as tears went down his face.
"It's okay." Piper said, "I love you." She said as she touched his arm, she smiled and died. "NO!" Chris yelled as he broke down, on to his mother's dead arm. "NO! COME BACK! COME BACK!" He whiled as he cried.

"Stop, it is done." The Angel of Death said.
"What?" Phoebe said
"How?" Paige said
Phoebe saw Chris' CD Player on the table, she grabbed it, hoping to get a Premonition. "COME ON!" She yelled

Chris whiled into his mother. He had to get home, he had to. With tears still streaming down his face, he grabbed his hand like he always did once he did when he was little. And orbed away.

Chris and a dead Piper orbed into the living room, beside Wyatt and Paige.
"Chris!" Wyatt said,
"PIPER!" Phoebe and Paige both yelled.
"She's dead, they killed her." Chris said trying to stand up.
Phoebe and Paige fell next to their sister. They were both in shock of what they saw. A woman who use to have so much power was gone.
As Phoebe dropped her head, Paige hugged her, as Phoebe sobbed into Paige. Paige shed tears, trying to stay strong for Phoebe for now.
Meanwhile Chris was sobbing into Wyatt.
"Bring her back Wyatt, use your powers, bring her back!" Chris yelled.
"I can't." Wyatt replied, feeling helpless, Chris slowly feel to the ground, sobbing. Wyatt sat down next to Chris and held his brother.

In the spiritual plain of the Halliwell Manor, Piper was laying on the floor.
"Where am I?" She asked a man in black. "Are you the-"
"Yes, now hurry up." He said holding out his hand.
It hit Piper. She was dead. This was her moving on. How? It can't be. She still had two sons to raise and a niece. No this can't be it, she stood up on her own. Then she felt a slight pain in her chest, and then she remembered. The fireball, it hit her. She died, in front of her son.

Piper walked around.
"This is the Spiritual Plane isn't it?" She asked
"Yes. Now hurry." The Angel of Death said as he pointed to the stairs a vertex of light appeared. It seemed to familiar as she and Paige once long ago almost step through it. She looked at a picture of her holding Chris and Wyatt which had only been taken only 2 weeks ago on the bridge. She and her sons were holding coffee's and in big thick blue matching jackets. They were celebrating Wyatt's all "A" report card. She had been so proud of her sons. She dropped a tear on her face. Wyatt had worked so hard that semester to get all A's so he could show his mom that he could prove to his mom and dad that he could do it. And he did. Then she looked at a Picture of her and Chris. She was Chris, on the couch, it was last Christmas and he just opened a leather jacket which he was asking for months for. She saved up for 3 months just to get it for him. Chris was so happy that he got it for Christmas. Chris was her little angel, and she was going to miss him the most. She knew that Wyatt was going to be alright, but who was going to be their for Chris?

"Ready?" The Angel of Death.
Piper looked at the pictures on the table once more, she smiled, "I love you both." She took the hand of Angel of Death and they walked through the vertex, it closed behind them.

(The Second Part of this Story has already been written. It is titled, Gone.)