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It was late night in Gotham City. The moonless sky had been blotted out by rather ominous clouds that formed a solid grey, lit only by the several thousands, if not billions of lights in the magnificent city.

It had been raining for the past few days in the city; the humid aroma of wet asphalt was everywhere. Most windows had a thick white fog what would drench any cloth that attempted to wipe it off. Trees, though rare in the city, were still dripping from the latest shower, the earth around them a semi-solid mud, hard enough to step on, but sticky enough to stay on a shoe for days after walking in it.

As seen from the slums, the skyscrapers of downtown played brilliantly on the charcoal background. This was where a young man, dressed in a jet black hooded sweater checked the time on his oversized watch, the LED backlight illuminating his face a dull blue.

"12:36," he muttered as he turned down a pitch black alley, his boots making a quiet thud with each step, occasionally accented by a splash as he stepped in a shallow puddle.

He came out of the alley a few hours later, the hazy sky showing a slight tint of orange to it on the eastern horizon. Morning fog was the norm for Gotham City due river near its boarders. The river-effect fog and clouds combined limited visibility to almost less than 20 feet.

He held his watch up again and checked the time, turning the backlight on once more to see properly. The silhouetted digital readout said 4:00am. It was sunrise, time to start the day. Walking to a space beneath a street lamp, one of the few that hadn't been broken by neighborhood children, the young man illuminated his figure entirely. There, in the blurred light of the vaporous street stood a teen of probably 15 or 16, his long brown hair, matted down from the wetness that permeated the entire air of the city. He was at least 6 feet tall and was wearing the same black hooded sweater he had on about 4 hours ago with the now noticeable faded blue jeans that fit well on his long legs. On his feet were dark brown suede boots, worn to a non-uniform color from being constantly used. He had no other distinguishing features other than the bloodshot eyes of many sleepless nights. He was merely the average, generic, long haired teen.

The thick fog was beginning to fade as he walked down the lonely streets of the slums, nearing the white collar part of the town. It was odd to see how suddenly the homes changed from beaten up, industrial and grey, to the near opposite residential area. The one thing that marked the sudden change was a wide set of train tracks, wide enough to accommodate about 8 separate tracks, each with their own switching sections. This made a sort of jumble of train tracks that somehow came together perfectly despite the apparent disorder.

This part of the city backed right up to the river shore, the enormous cable stayed bridge that crossed it standing as a monolith to mankind's architectural advancements. The young man walked slowly up to the shore and looked out across the river at the bridge. The fog still lingered, especially around one section of the lake. An area the whole city knew to be Titan Tower, home of the legendary Teen Titans.

"God, what a ridiculous name," he thought as the name of Teen Titans ran through his head. It was even worse that these "great fighters of evil" lived in a giant 'T'.

His stomach rumbled indicating it was time for breakfast. He got up and turned around with a quiet sigh, heading towards downtown with a slight speed in his step.