Satou: -le gasp- My next story? SO SOON?

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Satou: -smacks Kish and glares- SHUT UP! I decide to do a special KishxIchigo fiction and you get all pouty!

Kish: But why are Tart and Purin here too?

Satou: .....


The Mew Mew Zoo was one of Tokyo's most popular places. The Zoo had no cages but, in stead, it was like a Safari. Visitors came and walked through the enviroments created to suit each animal with a tour guide, though the most trust worthy visitors were allowed to wander alone. It was a new type of Zoo and there weren't many other Zoos like it. Everyone loved the place and prayed that this new zoo type would someday spread around the world...

But a year after the zoo opened a little boy was attacked and killed by one of the felines. Everyone was shocked but continued to the visit. A protest started against the zoo one day and it was decided that if there were 10 attacks then the zoo would shut down. The people who loved the zoo hated this idea but, since it was the only way to keep the zoo open, decided it was for the best.

So where does Tokyo Mew Mew fit into all of this? Ichigo was one of the very few Japanese Wild Cats in zoos and she was part of a project focusing on rebuilding the Japanese Wild Cat population. She loved this type of Zoo, since in the past she'd been cooped up in a cage. Like most of the animals there, though, she envied the human kind. To be able to walk on 2 legs and do all those wonderful human things... She wanted to be human so badly!

Have you ever heard the stories? If you wish very hard, they say your dreams will come true. If anyone wanted that to be a true fact it was Ichigo. She had tried everything. She wished on stars, searched for four-leaf clovers, tried to steal lucky rabbit feet... She was a 100 wish fanatic. Little did she know that her dream to become human would someday come true...

-------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 1

"Nyaaaa... Good morning nya..." Yawned a small, black kitten. Her bright eyes fluttered open and she lifted her head lazily from her paws, blinking a few times to clear the sleepy dust from her eyes and stretching before releasing another small yawn and shaking sleep off her. The sun's radiant rays were cutting passed the trees of the zoo's jungle and Ichigo batted playfully at purple sun dots that were now floating around in front of her. What a morning... If there was anything that Ichigo loved to bits and pieces, besides the idea of becoming human, it was the sunrise. The symbol of a new hope. Another day to try and get her wish granted.

The japanese wild cat jumped swiftly from the branch she'd been sleeping on and slowly climbed down the tree trunk of her favorite tree and landed softly on the ground. Her ears perked towards a bush as she heard the sound of human foot steps and the young kitten rushed a side just in time to avoid being stepped on by a young male human. The first thought that struck her when she looked up at him was that he wasn't a zoo keeper. His green hair was in two pigtaily-things hanging over his large pale ears and tied with white strips of cloth. He was wearing a bizzare outfit that Ichigo only knew not to be a Zoo Keeper's uniform or the kind of clothes most visitors wore.

He turned to face her, perhaps having felt her pink neko gaze fixed on the back of his head and the look in his golden eyes instantly made Ichigo backed into the shadows and try to hide. He'd caught her glance, though, and reached out to pick her up. Ichigo hissed and he hissed back, shutting her up instantly. He then held her inches from his face and licked his lips. Ichigo began to whimper. Was he planning to eat her?!

"You' re a kawaii koneko." He said with a more friendly smile "Too bad you aren't human, otherwise I'd ask you on a date."

He was probbly teasing her, but Ichigo took this a bit too far and blushed a strawberry red. "Nya nya nyu (What's your name)?"

"Hmmm?" The boy looked very surprised by this and laughed at her, making Ichigo burn a brighter red then before "I'm Kish. I like your eyes. They're the same color as strawberries... Mind if I call you that? Ichigo?"

Before we go any further let me quickly explain Ichigo never referred to herself as "Ichigo" before now. She'd gotten this comment from all the visitors and they named her Ichigo. She called herself "Me", "Myself" and "I". But she really liked this boy, Kish, and decided from that moment on her name was Ichigo.

"Kish! Would you stop chatting with the wildlife?" Asked another boy's voice as a shorter boy with brown hair in pigtails walked onto the scene. Ichigo hissed at him for sounding so rude to Kish and swiped at him with her paw, but she was too far away to hurt him. "That's an ugly cat. Are you going to skin it?" The brown haired boy asked Kish when he noticed Ichigo.

"No, Tart. When this project ends I plan to track down this kitten and take her home."

"Oooook then... Pie wants me to tell you it's time to go. The Zoo Keepers are coming."

Kish gasped in shock and looked at Ichigo. He knew he could never track her down again unless he marked her as his somehow.

"A-ha! I know."

"Kish? What are you doing?"

Kish reached into his suddenly-there pockets and took out a golden bell on a red string.

"Kish! Don't!" Protested Tart "That's mom's!!!"

"Shut up. She'll be worth it, you'll see." Kish replied when he finished tying the bell around Ichigo's neck. Ichigo looked up at him and smiled a kitty smile.

"Nya meow nyu, nyish (Thank you very much, Kish)!" She mewed happily. Her heart was racing as he slowly put her down and she giggled in a cat's delight while he walked away. Her black fur let off a bright glow and when he was out of sight, Ichigo collasped on the ground and giggled insanely while rolling around.

"I'm in love... I'm in love... I'm in loooooove!" She nyaed happily. It took her momment to realize that she was glowing a VERY bright pink now and she sat up to stare at her paws. "Nyani? What's happening to me nya?" She murmered, before clapping her paws over her mouth... Those words had been in pure english! Not cat speech but ENGLISH!

"What's going on? Ah!" Ichigo yelped in surprise. A bright flash erupted from her bell and the trees swayed as power pushed out of Ichigo's new bell like waves. What was going on now?

"What's happening to meeeee?" Ichigo whined as she felt herself getting bigger and bigger... Her paws morphed into pale human hands, her fur vanished and left human skin and she realized she had a human's short brown hair and was wearing, thank goodness, clothes. She blinked, finding that she was dressed in a purple long sleeved shirt and sandy brown skirt and looked herself over in approval.

"Ohmigosh. I'm human." She said in pure delight when the transformation was over.

"Close, but no cigar. You are kind of human, but it reality you're a Mew Mew." Said a voice. Ichigo blinked and looked in front of her. A grey kitty? That cat also started to glow and turned into a blone human male with a nice tan. Ichigo squealed in glee.

"You too?! COOL!"

"No, not cool. My name's Ryou Shirogane."

"You get a last name? No fair... May I have one?"

"Ok... Uh... Momomiya."

"I like that."

"Good. Anyways, you're a Mew Mew."

Ichigo nodded happily and then froze. "But I wanna be human..."

"You're a Mew Mew. A Mew Mew is an animal that becomes human thanks to a cursed item like your bell."

Ichigo attempted to clean herself like a cat, licking her hand and scrubbing her face. Ryou looked disguisted and she stopped. "And...?"

"Well, you've got to do what your heart wanted when the item was activated."

"Great. What do I wanna do?"

"Judging by how you looked after that guy left you want to date him, correct?" Ichigo nodded rapidly.

"Great. Good luck. OH... And, one more thing."


"Once you get what you want you'll turn into a cat again."

There was a long pause. Very long pause.


"Yup. Have fun!"

"Wait no! This isn't fair!"

"That's your problem." Ryou replied as Ichigo grabbed his arm and yanked him back.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ichigo screamed.

"Oh, one last thing. You can transform into a hybrid, Mew Ichigo."

"What's the point of that nya?"

Ryou stared at her and then sighed. "You'll see... Someday. But not now. Anyways, Ja ne." And with that, Ryou turned into a cat and ran off. Ichigo was left standing there, stunned and confused. So... What was she supposed to do now that she was a human? This was so confusing...

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