William of the Rohirrim

William Joseph Memet continued raking up the horse droppings from the day, despite the loud roar from his employers son around the corner of the stables.


Sounding exasperated, Mr. Fret answered "Making you pick up your room is not what I would call 'servant work'. Every other child at the age of 14 picks up their room as well. I will not have my son be a spoiled, pampered brat!"

Will chuckled lightly as he raked up the last of the mess. Spoiled and pampered. That was exactly what he would use to describe Jacob. Will, being seventeen, had an after school job cleaning up the stables of the horses that belonged to Jacob that he was too lazy to pick up after. Will, who had loved horses all his life took each horse (five horses in all) out everyday for at least half an hour to give them the exercise that Jacob would never give them. Why Mr. Fret didn't just sell the horses was beyond him, but he was none the less happy to spend time with some of the only creatures he'd ever known to understand himself.

After the argument with his father, Jacob came bursting around the corner and in to stables. Seeing Will, he stopped suddenly. For some unknown reason, the boy had always been afraid of him. He quickly turned around and left, leaving a wide grin across Will's face.

Nearly three hours later, the sun was beginning to sink beyond a wide grazing field. The horse Will was riding, (named Phoenix for his red, fire like colorings) and himself had just started out their ride for the evening. The blood red sun sank slowly over the horizon line as he dug his heels into Phoenix's side to quicken his pace. What he received was a lighting bolt of speed that no horse but Phoenix had ever given him. Will's long, dirty blonde hair blew with the wind as Phoenix graced him with a taste of the wind and absolute perfection. They were racing down the fence line when suddenly the fence began to vanish. The green grass that covered the horses pasture turned to a sullen yellow with hundreds and well sized rocks thrown in as well. By the time the terrain had completely changed, and Will had come to his senses about what was happening, he finally stopped his horse. Where they were now the sun was also setting, but nothing but endless rolling plains looks at him from each direction.

Now, getting off Phoenix, as if doing this would bring him out of this dream, he looked around. Nothing had changed except for the fact that it was now getting so dark that he could barely see. 'This can't be happening' he told himself. 'Where the fuck am I?' One thing was for sure and that was that he needed to find a place to camp before picking a general direction to travel in the next day. Quickly scavenging around for a hidden spot by a rock, he found one that seemed to give decent protection.

It was but a small crevice in a rock but it would have to do. He took Phoenix's reigns and tied them to a rock. Patting him goodnight, Will then lay down in his makeshift bed. Curled up in a tight ball, he slowly drifted off… confident that it was all a bad dream.

But when morning came, it was nothing close to a happy beginning, or, as some might put it, end to a terrible nightmare of a cold, wet night sleeping on solid rock. Because the night mare wasn't over.

Waking up when the first bit of sunlight crept over the obviously eastern hill,

Will gingerly crawled out of his sleeping spot and stretched. He'd never slept this badly before, and that's including the time he'd been at boy scout camp when he was little and their sleeping bags had been soaking wet.

After relieving his aching limbs, he looked around for Phoenix.

He was gone.

Quickening his steps now, slightly frantic, he raced for a close, large hill that he might be able to spot his horse from.

The sight that he saw from his perch was enough to take the breath out of him. At least 50 man sized, blackish brown, ugly creatures stood in front of him. Without realizing he was doing so, he dropped to the ground. Only then did he realize it was instinct to hide from an enemy with a weapon when you have none, for each of these creatures were carrying an rough, ugly looking black blade.

Will slowly crawled backwards down the hill, silently praying to God that what ever he had thrown him into wouldn't get him killed.

Eventually, he was far enough down the hill that he trusted himself to stand up and run. And run he did. What the hell was going on? All he could think about was running. Running was what got him and Phoenix here, maybe it would get him back.

By the time he stopped, his lungs were bursting in protest and need of rest, his thin, white, work shirt was sticking to every part or his arms, back and chest, and his jeans felt like nothing more then a thick, wet rag. His hair was sticking to his neck and cheeks such, that he did not even attempt to remove it.

Out of energy completely, he collapsed spread eagle on to the ground, staring at the bright sun above him, shinning its powerful rays upon him.

Before he could catch his breath, he began to feel a slight rumble under the earth, though he heard nothing. 'If it's an earthquake, I hope one of those formidable rocks will fall down the hill and crush me.'

But as the rumbling grew, Will heard a feint horses neigh, and suddenly knew where the rumbling was coming from.

Standing up quickly, he immediately saw the first few horses in what must have later shown its self to be over 2000 horses.

Each horse that he could see held a rider dressed in armor from head to toe. The front most rider had a magnificent helmet with what looked like horse tail hair hanging from the top of it.

Upon reaching him, the riders slowed to a halt, completely surrounding him, weapons such as arrows and spears pointing at him. As if he would try and attack!! Even if he beheld a weapon, he was out numbered thousands to 1! He'd die if he even tried anything.

The man with the helmet with horse hair brought his horse out in front of everyone else's, and spoke, "What is a stranger, from what must be a distant land dressed in that dress, doing roaming the Mark without horse neigh companion?"

Suddenly, Will had the craziest thought he'd ever thought run through his mind. These men looked like the guys from the movies… from the Lord of the Rings movies. And this land looked just like the land from the movies as well. And the blackish creatures… Orcs? No… it could not be.

With Will's silence, the leader spoke again. "Give us a name, stranger, and we may spare your life for traveling unchecked through the Riddamark."

Coming back to his senses, he spoke, "I'm William."

"William? That is a strange name."

"I'm normally called Will, but that is my full name."

The horseman seemed to relax upon hearing him speak, as if he was no longer a stranger, but then again, he was neither a friend. He descended from his horse and had his men take back his weapons.

"Now please answer my question, William-."

"Just Will, please."

"Alright," he said, sounding somewhat annoyed, "Will."

"I honestly don't know how I got to this land. I was out riding a horse-"

"A horse, as to say it's not yours?"

"I was taking it out for exercise for the man I work with. Any way, when the horse reached full speed, I suddenly ended up in this land. I know it must sound crazy, but I'm being honest. I ended up sleeping in a rock, and the horse disappeared during the night."

"What color is your horse?"

"Almost red, like fire. His name's Phoenix."

The horse master turned quickly and made his way through the men, only to return a few moments later with a horse.

"Phoenix!" he said, walking up and scratching the horse, leaning his head against Phoenix's nose.

"We caught him wandering around without a rider with a strange saddle upon his back."

"Yes, he is mine."

"Good. Then we must be on our way, we ride to Helm's Deep." He went to his horse and mounted it. "If anyone gives you trouble, tell them Eomer, Third Marshal of the Mark, has given you leave."

"Sir, I have no were to go. I told you, I don't even know where I really am right now."

"Can you fight?"

A brief memory of when his parents had been alive came back to his mind. His father had taught him fencing before he'd reached the age of ten. Then again, both his father and mother now lay six feet under..


"Would you be willing to fight for Rohan?"

Will's eyes widened. Fight? Life or Death situation… well, now that he was here, he didn't really have a choice.


Immediately, Eomer started shouting out orders, "Get him some armor immediately, then we ride, we must make haste and we have wasted time enough."

Before a minute had went by, extra armor and weapons had been tossed to Will's feet.

'Holy Fucking Gods' he said to himself as he slid the armor on, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

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