William of the Rohirrim

Chapter Seven

Will awoke the next morning first. Not even the girls were up yet.

He rose from his bed quietly and slipped his boots onto his feet to protect them from the bitter cold wooden floor boards..

Will delicately walked over to the girls bed. For once, Marya was asleep, nestled in tightly underneath the blankets. Her face was so beautiful... Will reached up and stroked a few loose pieces of hair back behind her ear and out of her face. She stayed asleep, peaceful as ever. Will smiled slightly while watching her, and then heard small noises from the main room that made him believe that Trefa had just risen to start breakfast.

Will backed away from Marya, still watching her sleeping form, and then went out to the main room, where he ate breakfast and waited till Marfe had woken so that they could start on the horses.

The next two days went smoothly. Marfe and Will continued to care for the horses and exercise them. Will found these horses to be faster and wiser then any horse back home. No wonder Rohan was called 'land of the horse lords'

Each night Will and Marya spent time together in the chilled outdoors. But their sleepless nights were causing them to be tired during the day, and Trefa was beginning to be suspicious.

On the third day of him working with the horses, at about noon, a large bell could be heard. Immediately, Marfe dropped what he was doing and ran out of the stables. Will followed.

There, close to the palace stood the man ringing a bell that stood on a platform at least 10 feet off the ground. After a large amount of people had arrived, another man arrived on the platform. √Čomer.

"The beacons have been lit!" He yelled, pointing up to a mountain that held a large, orange ball of flame atop it. Had it really been three days already? "The King has ordered all able bodied men to be ready to ride out by nightfall."

√Čomer climbed back down off the platform, and then everyman in the group began moving about. Will, just stood there, unsure of what to do until Marfe had grabbed his arm and pulled him back to his home.

They arrived there five minutes later, and total chaos seemed to have broken out. As soon as they stepped into the house, Trefa grabbed Marfe in a tight embrace, and began crying. "Be safe Marfe, be safer then your brother, alright?" she kept muttering. No one else was in the house at the moment, or he could have imagined everyone else over Marfe as well.

"Mother, you must let go." he finally said, pushing her away. "I must prepare. Please, will you help Will and I?"

Wiping tears from her swollen, red eyes, she nodded and began getting things together that they would need.

While the three of them worked at getting things together, Trefa said, "Your brothers and sisters are off helping some of the other families who have to send away four or five of their family. Come on, we'll give you a loaf of bread each."

After they had both packed their things, they went and prepared their horses. Will knew not what to name 'phoenix', but he planned to decide very soon.

They rode the horses back to the house, where the rest of the family had now arrived. Each of the children were sitting on the floor near the fire like they had the first night Will had come here, while the two adults sat in chairs.

Marfe and Will went into the bedroom to put on their armor, and then walked back out. Will could only imagine what he looked like to the little ones dressed in all this. Since he was still practically a stranger to them, they must have been frightened. They had no idea what was about to happen, but they could sense the fear in the air.

Finally, Marfe went around and started hugging his siblings in farewell, knowing that this was likely to be the last time he saw any of them. Each one was crying softly. When he got to his parents, he hugged them each long and deep, savoring the ones he'd known the longest.

Finally, he'd been through them all and Trefa took him in his arms in a friendly hug. Do look after him dear?" she whispered in his ear. Then Will shook Mardo's hand in farewell. He didn't really know any of the children, but was surprised when in front of everyone, Marya came up and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Will savored the moment for all that he could. His hands rested lightly on her hips, and he pulled her closer. At the sound of the bell, they both let go, not aware that the entire room was staring at them. Marya's eyes watched the ground between them, but will lifted her chin up with his finger to look into her eyes. What he saw terrified him. Imbedded in those eyes was a mountain of fear. Her cheeks were tear stained, and her eyes were fighting a losing battle to keep more tears from falling. "I love you." she said, before leaning up to kiss him one last time."

But the kiss was short lived by another ringing of the bell. He pulled away from her, there hands together until their arms would stretch no further. He turned his back to her then, and hoped there was a God that would be kind enough to allow him to live if only to see her again.

He reached his horse, mounted him, and rode off to join the army he was now apart of.

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