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Chapter 1 – Trapped Within Feelings

Hermione stepped into her dormitory to grab her Potions book. It was one week before seventh year was over and Hermione would move out. There was one more essay to be given out in Snape's class, and the rest of the teachers hadn't given out any homework. Hermione stepped over to her bookshelf and accidentally grabbed her DADA book instead, heading out the door. She was rather in a hurry on her way to Snape's class nearly sprinting the entire time.

Finally at her destination, she walked into the classroom and sat herself in a chair. She was the first on there, and this rather important to Hermione, because her whole school career, she had almost always arrived first to all of her classes.

When everyone arrived she looked over to the seat to her left. Usually Harry sat there, for he arrived pretty early as well. But he wasn't there today. She looked to her right where Ron was playing with potions book. She leaned over to ask him where Harry was, but before she could, Snape stepped into the room.

"Quiet… Turn to page three hundred and ninety four."

Hermione did as she was told and flipped through her book.

"But sir, we already learned about werewolves in third year, why repeat it now?" Hermione was rather surprised. She had already learned everything about werewolves in third year during Professor Lupin's time at Hogwarts.

"Ms. Granger, I am surprised that you actually didn't even have the common sense to do things correctly today… Look at the front of book…" Snape snarled at her with his evil eyes, and his big nose flaring its nostrils. Hermione flipped to the front of the book with her hand remaining in the book, reading the cover to herself.

"I don't think that we are in DADA, so I suggest you go to get your book. And if you don't come back within two minutes, I suggest you go to DADA instead."

Blushing furiously, Hermione took her book and marched out of the classroom. She passed by the hospital wing but stopped right in front of the door hearing a familiar voice.

"Potter, you shouldn't have just dived through that window." Hermione leaned closer to the door.

"Madam Pomfrey, the point of the game is to catch the snitch!"

Hermione heard Harry, her best friend, someone she deeply admired for everything he had done up to this point in his life. But now she seemed to like him even, and very much so indeed. In fact, she was pretty sure she loved him.

She quickly made her way to her head girl's dormitory, exchanging her DADA book for her Potions book, swiftly returning to class

Professor Snape glared at her. "Silly girl, you've already missed half of the lesson today! Why did you even bother returning? What took you so long anyways?" when she didn't leave at his remark, he continued. "You are dismissed Ms. Granger. Don't let something like this happen again, do you hear?" He pointed toward the door and walked towards his desk.

She headed toward her dormitory once more and sat down in a large armchair in the common room she and Harry shared. Since she had missed her lesson, she would take this time to study potions and thereby what she had missed today.

Soon she heard a knock on the door, it was Ron.

"Here, professor Snape, well, he asked me to give this to you." He handed Hermione a packet of paper. "Snape got really mad when you went, and said that you had behaved very badly, giving us extra homework."

He looked sort of lost at his own remark, clearly already dreading the paper he was going to have to write for Snape that night. And as usual, Hermione would probably end up doing his work again, anyhow, like she always did.

Moments later, Ron left and Hermione laid down on her red, silk canopy bed and put her book back on the shelf.

Hearing the door to the common room open, she walked over to her own door and peered outside, looking at Harry, who had just entered. He had two big scars on his face, probably from playing Quidditch. They would go away eventually, unlike his trademark scar evident on his forehead.

She stared at him, something she almost never allowed herself to do. She loved Harry, but she knew he didn't return those feelings for her.