Harmony of One

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Summary: Motoko interrupts an invention testing period with Keitaro and accidentally causes Keitaro to switch minds with Motoko! How will they solve this dilemma?

"…" Denotes speech

Italics Denotes thought

Bold Denotes sound effects

::blah:: Denotes time/time change

------------- Denotes scene/scene change

######### Denotes daydreams and sleeping dreams

Chapter 1: Testing Death

"Aieeeeee!" a scream rang out from Su's room. "Help me!!!!"

"Hahaha! No one can help you now!" Su laughed. She took out a needle.

"Ahh! Take that away from me!" Keitaro shouted. POKE! "Ow!" Su had poked it into a blood vein. "What are you doing?"

"Well, since Tama-chan likes you so much, I'm going to take a blood sample and experiment for Tama attracting pheromones!" Su said.

"Tama-chan doesn't like me that much!" Keitaro said.

"Haha, that's what you think!" Su said. The blood gurgled as it came out of Keitaro.

"Su! Take it out!" Keitaro shouted. Gurgle! Gurgle!

"Done!" Su said, and she ripped out the needle and applied a Band-Aid to his arm. "There, no more bleeding!"

"What?!" Keitaro said. "Can I go now?"

"Not yet. I need some more samples. Here put on this helmet," Su said, and she jammed a helmet onto his head.

"Um…I can't see anything," Keitaro pointed out.

"You will as soon as I turn it on!" Su said. Keitaro waited for something to happen. He tapped his foot, which didn't really tap, since he was tied up, so he really just waved it in the air. Suddenly, he could see. A screen lit up in the helmet.

"Ha! I go it turned on!" Su said. "Do you see it?"

"See what?" Keitaro asked.

"What I see, of course!" Su answered. And Keitaro recognized it the moment he saw himself. "Su Cam" Keitaro read at the bottom of the screen. "Let's go exploring!♥"

"Exploring! Where?!" Keitaro said. Keitaro saw Su leave her room.

"So this helmet is programmed so that you can see what I see and hear what I hear, plus I can communicate with you, though no one else can hear you," Su explained.

"Why are we testing it like this?" Keitaro groaned. Su ignored him.

"Let's see what's in the bath!" Su said.

"Ackkk!" Keitaro cried. "Not in there!"

"Haha!" Su said completely ignoring Keitaro's cries. Keitaro closed his eyes as Su slid open the door.

"Hi Su!" Keitaro heard Naru say.

"Hiya Naru!" Su answered. "Motoko!"

"Su, get off me!" Motoko cried.

"Why Su's unusually perky today," Kitsune commented.

"Hiya Shinobu!" Su greeted. SPLASH!

"Eeek! Stop splashing water!" Keitaro still had his eyes closed, but he started sweating.

"Su! I said get off!" Motoko repeated. "Or I'll have to force you off!"

"So Naru…how's you and Keitaro going?" Kitsune asked.

"What do you mean me and Keitaro?!" Naru said.

"Well…you know…studying all day, everyday…for hours…do anything else?"

"What are you talking about?!" Naru shouted.

"Oh I don't know…" Kitsune said, giggling. "Perhaps you're developing a relationship or something…"

"No such thing!" Naru said, causing Keitaro who was listening in to cry.

"Hey Naru!" Su said.

"What?" Naru replied.

"Catch!" Su said, and Keitaro heard some funny noises coming from the helmet. He opened his eyes.

"Acccckkkkkkkk!" he shouted, nose bleeding. SPLURRTT! Su had thrown the helmet and Naru was rotating it in front of her.

"What's this?" Naru asked.

"It's a camera and microphone set that let's someone see and hear what you hear!" Su said.

"Hmm. Interesting," Naru commented.

"And right now I attached it to Keitaro! What fun!" Su said.

"EH?!" Naru exclaimed. "Keitaro?!!"

"Acckkk!" Keitaro exclaimed again. Naru had turned it at a revealing angle.

"KEITARO?!!" Naru shouted.

"URASHIMA?!" Motoko shouted.

"Accckkkkk!" Keitaro shouted through the helmet. BZZZT! The screen went black with a fizz. Oh no! Keitaro thought. Is it death, or worse coming to visit me?

"Psst!" Keitaro heard, though the blackness was still ever present. "It's me, Su!" Su whispered through the helmet.

"Su! Look what you did, when they get here I'm gonna die and I'm still tied up!" Keitaro cried.

"Don't worry, I added an optic disillusioner!" Su said.

"A what?" Keitaro said. STOMP STOMP STOMP! "Ah, they're coming! I'm to young to die!" Keitaro whined.

"Don't worry, I've already activated the disillusioner!" Su said, then all was silent. Keitaro felt claustrophobic. The black just hung there, in front of his face, his eyes, and it might as well be his whole body. He could not see a thing. SLAM!

"WHERE ARE YOU KEITARO?!!" Naru shouted, and Keitaro heard her coming into the room with Motoko who yelled, "URASHIMA! REVEAL YOURSELF LIKE A MAN AND TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT!!!"

"Keitaro! Don't say anything!" Su whispered again. I don't plan too! Keitaro thought desperately. CRASH! TINKLE! SLICE!! Keitaro heard various sounds of Motoko and Naru searching for him, but not actually finding him. Unfortunately, the sounds were drawing nearer.

"URASHIMA!!" Motoko shouted. "COME OUT!"

"Motoko, let's split up, maybe he's not in Su's room," Naru said. CRACKKKK! "And if either of us find him," she said after cracking her knuckles, "We'll kill him."

"Fine, but Su gave indication that he was here."

"I'll go look somewhere else," Naru said, and she left the room.

"Heh heh…so you want to play hide and seek?" Motoko said out loud, in an especially evil manner. Keitaro started sweating nervously.

"AHA!" Motoko yelled, causing Keitaro to cringe involuntarily. Nothing happened. "Nope, not there." Phew! Keitaro thought. "I will tear this room apart until I have found your whereabouts."

"Motoko!♥" Su suddenly shouted.

"Su! Leave! You will only hinder the process," Motoko growled. Keitaro heard her shuffling around the room. "Come out come out wherever you are…" Motoko taunted.

"Sorry Keitaro!" Su whispered into Keitaro's helmet.

"Aha!!" Motoko exclaimed. "I heard that! GOD'S CRY SCHOOL ROCK SPLITTING TECHNIQUE!!!"

"WAAAAAAHHHHH!" Keitaro cried, fearing a blow. BAAAAAAM!!! He was struck by the ki waves and hit the wall. Bzzz… He heard a noise that indicated the "optic disillusioner" was malfunctioning.

"I see you!!!" Motoko yelled. "Take THIS!" she bellowed, and Keitaro could only scream as another wave of ki hit him. BAAAAMM!! The helmet somehow kept on, though Keitaro's ropes were severed. He started to run randomly, though it was quite hopeless and he kept on hitting trees. BONK!

"Ow!" he cried.

"DIE!" Motoko shouted. BAM!!

"Aieeee!" Keitaro screamed. He continued to run.

"Stop! You're destroying my room!" Su whined.

"STOP MOVING AND DIE!" Motoko roared.

"Help meeeeeee!" Keitaro cried.

"Ah! Watch out Keitaro! That's where all my electronic stuff is!" Su managed to shout before he was hit. BZZZZZTTT!!!! A big bolt of electricity, hit Keitaro and all went black…black…


::Sometime afterwards, in the late morning. It's Feburary, 15th, actually::

Owwww… Keitaro thought, regaining consciousness slowly. He didn't want to. It was painful to think that he was still alive. Actually, it was painful to think at all. How did I live through that? It's like I went through death torture and then was yanked back to life. Yanked painfully by my finger, he thought, because his finger really hurt.

"Motoko? Are you alright?" Naru asked. Huh, Motoko must have been hit too, Keitaro thought. Not surprising as she hit all those electronics. He slowly moved his finger.

"Oww…" Keitaro heard, and assumed that it was Motoko groaning.

"Keitaro! Are you up, finally?" Naru asked.

"Yeah…" Keitaro answered.

"Ah! Motoko is up too!" Su said. "Sorry, Motoko, but that's what you get for hitting all my electronics."

"Urg," Motoko answered.

"Keitaro, perhaps you should keep down," Naru said. Keitaro opened his eyes. He was in the Hinata-sou living room, lying on a futon. He barely felt like he could move.

"Why must I be hit?" he asked himself.

"Well, you did get zapped from Su's electronics stuff, so it's sort of your fault," Naru said.

"My fault?!! How could it be my fault?" Keitaro asked, sitting up suddenly. "OW!" he cried, feeling a giant pain in his back. He clutched it.

"Don't get up so suddenly! You'll hurt yourself!" Naru cried, and she gently lay Keitaro on the ground. Ah, she's being so nice, Keitaro thought.

"Keitaro!" Su cried out. "Next time don't run towards my important inventions! Now I have to rebuild that helmet camera!"

"What?! Don't rebuild that ever again!" Naru said. Thump! "Oh no, Keitaro fell unconscious again!" Eh? I'm perfectly conscious! Keitaro thought. I'm right here!

"What are you talking about, Narusegawa?" Keitaro asked, and he slowly sat up. Naru was tapping her foot impatiently and pointing.

"See? That idiot's unconscious again. Of course he would be," she sighed.

"Wait, that's not Keitaro!" Keitaro said. "I'm Keitaro! I'm right here!"

"Yeah, and I'm a monkey," Naru said.

"But you were!" Su exclaimed.

"That play doesn't count!!" Naru shouted. Keitaro was thoroughly confused. How could he not be Keitaro? Let's see…I'm a ronin who failed three times…I'm the guy Narusegawa studies with and also calls an idiot every other time…I'm the manager of the Hinata-sou…I must be Keitaro!

"Err…Narusegawa?" Keitaro asked.

"Huh?" Naru said, pausing from chasing Su.

"Who am I if I'm not Keitaro?"

"How hard did you hit your head? You're Motoko-chan!" Naru said. "Look!" she said, taking out a mirror. DOO–OOOOON!!! Motoko looked back at Keitaro.

"I…uh…err…wha-?" he stuttered. He looked at himself and finally realized he wasn't wearing his typical sweatshirt and pants, but a hakama. (What's the shirt called?)

"I, err, um…" Keitaro continued to stutter. How had this transpired?

"Looky!" Su cried out. "Keitaro's awake again!"

"DIE URASHIMA!!!" Keitaro suddenly heard as he saw himself full of rage (an expression yet not worn on that face) coming at him with a sword.

"EH?!" Naru said. "What's going on?"

"Hmmmm…" Su mused.

"Help meeee!!!" Keitaro cried, running, but tripping on the long hakama.

"What's going on?" Kitsune said. She sweat-dropped when she saw the scene. "Keitaro's attacking…Motoko? And Motoko's running away?"

"Apparently, though I don't get it at all…" Naru said, still shocked.

"Sempai!" Shinobu cried. "What are you doing?!!" (In case you haven't figured it out by now, and in case you didn't read the summary, Motoko is in Keitaro's body and Keitaro is in Motoko's body)



"Um…." Kitsune and Naru sweat-dropped. Shinobu's jaw dropped. Since when did Sempai learn Motoko's special move? she thought. Motoko breathed heavily.

"Err…Keitaro? How come you just attacked Motoko?"

"I'm Motoko!" Motoko said.

"Um…" Kitsune said. "You're definitely Keitaro," she said. She ripped off his shirt.

"Kitsune!" Motoko cried.

"See? No breasts, how can you be Motoko? Plus…" Kitsune said, reaching for the pants.

"KITSUNE! DON'T DO SUCH PERVERTED THINGS!" Naru shouted, smacking Kitsune before she could reach the pants.

"Aieeee!" Keitaro shouted, falling back down through the Hinata-sou. BAAAM!! The was a dust cloud from the landing.

"Motoko must be dead," Naru said. Keitaro got up. "Eh? Why isn't she more hurt?"

"Ow…" Keitaro said. "Why must you always hit me?"

"DIE!" Motoko screamed, and lunged, but Kitsune held her back.

"Chill! Chill!" she told her.

"Yikes!" Keitaro cried and he hid behind Naru.

"Okay, this must be a weird dream, somebody pinch me," Naru said.

--------------------Hinata-sou Living Room-----------------

::12:00 PM::

"Can we hurry this up? I'm hungry!" Su whined.

"Su! There are more important things to worry about!" Naru said. She had gathered everyone, well almost everyone. "Where is Haruka-san?" Motoko glared at Keitaro who was cringing. (A/N: This seems like a good time to mention that when I say "Motoko" I mean Motoko in Keitaro's body and vice versa with Keitaro) Keitaro looked away.

"Sorry I'm late, what's the big important meeting about?" Haruka said, entering. "Eh?" she said, upon seeing what she thought was Keitaro glaring evilly at Motoko. "Did something I need to know about happen?"

"Hello Aunt Haruka!" Keitaro said. BAAM! Haruka elbowed Keitaro.

"Eh?!! Did I just?" Haruka asked, seeing that she had just hit Motoko. "Err…I'm sorry, it was just impulse…but why did you call me Aunt?"

"Haruka-san, please just sit down and we'll explain it," Naru said. She did.

"So what's up? Can someone explain something?" Haruka asked.

"Yes! What's wrong with Sempai?!" Shinobu asked worriedly.

"Well, it goes like this," Naru said. "Apparently Keitaro's mind is vested in Motoko's body and vice versa."

"Um…don't things like this only happen in comics?" Kitsune asked, sweat-dropping.

"Well, you can ask them who is who," Naru said.

"Motoko, raise your hand," Kitsune said. She did.

"Well…what if they're just faking?" Kitsune asked.

"Why would I WANT to be Urashima?!!!" Motoko shouted.

"Woah! That's Motoko all right," Kitsune said. An awkward silence ensued. "It must be weird having a girl's body all of a sudden!" Kitsune giggled.

"Urashima…" Motoko growled. "Have you done anything perverted?"

"Uh…" Keitaro said, turning red.

"You HAVE!" Motoko said, and grabbed her sword.

"Nothing! Honest! I swear!" Keitaro cried, stumbling to the floor.

"Calm down, this won't help anybody!" Naru said.

"Grrrr…!!!!" Motoko growled, and she sat back down. Keitaro gulped.

"Now, what are we going to do about it?" Naru asked.

"What can we do?" Haruka asked.

"I don't know!" Naru said.

"Exactly. How are we supposed to solve this?"

"Su! If you're electronics messed it up, can you build a mind switcher to switch them back?" Shinobu asked.

"I can try!" Su shouted. "But it'll take a while."

"A while? How long is a while?" Motoko asked, glaring at Keitaro.

"Oh, about a week or so," Su said.

"A week!" Keitaro said, weak.

"A WEEK?!!" Motoko shouted, not being able to believe that she would have to be Urashima for a whole week.

"Yup! But I don't know if it will work…" Su said.

"It's YOUR fault!" Motoko said, and she grabbed him and started to choke him.

"This is an out of body experience," Haruka commented upon seeing the body of Keitaro choke Motoko.

"Don't hurt me! Then your body will be bad when you return!" Keitaro said, and Motoko instantly stopped.

"That's right! You can't slack off now! You must train every morning at 5:00 in the morning!" Motoko said. "I can't have my swordsmanship worsen just because you're inhabiting it."

"5:00 in the morning?!!!" Keitaro whined.

"And you can't peep at my body!!" Motoko said.

"What about my body?!" Keitaro asked.

"Don't worry, I have no intention of doing that!" Motoko said defiantly.

"So I'm not supposed to take a bath for a week?" Keitaro asked.

"Of course not, you'll smell horrible!" Motoko said.

"Then how are we going to bathe?!" Keitaro asked.

"You'll have to bathe together!" Haruka said.

"Eh?" Motoko and Keitaro asked. "To-together?"

"It goes like this. You both close your eyes and ask the other person to dress and undress and bathe the other. Then Keitaro won't see Motoko's body nor Motoko see Keitaro's," Haruka explained.

"Err…that could work…" Keitaro said.

"Of course not!!" Motoko yelled, and she bashed Keitaro on the head.

"What did I say about hitting your own body?" Keitaro asked.

"Eh…" Motoko trailed off. She had forgotten.

"What else could we do?" Keitaro said.

"Fine, we'll try it once," Motoko said.

"Any thing else?" Haruka asked. "School or such?"

"Eep! I totally forgot about school!" Motoko said.

"Ah, and I have Todai exams soon!" Keitaro said.

"What are we going to do?" Motoko asked. "I can't let you go to school as me!!"

"I can't let you take the exams as me either!!" Keitaro said. "You'll fail!"

"HEY! You're the stupid one!" Motoko shot back.

"It's not like you've learned the material, though," Keitaro said.

"I could probably do better than you," Motoko said, defiant.

"True, that's very possible," Naru said.

"Waaah! Don't say that!" Keitaro cried.

"But what about my school!!" Motoko said.

"Just tell Keitaro what to do, I'm sure he's smart enough to pass through high school," Haruka said. Motoko glared at Keitaro again. "Well, if that's it, I'll be going," Haruka said.

"I'll go start work on that device!" Su said, and she bounced to her room.

"Err…" Shinobu stuttered, and she left quietly.

"I have to study for the exams…" Naru said.

"Naru-sempai, I shall join you as soon as I finish here," Motoko said, and glared at Keitaro again.

"Heh, well you two have fun," Kitsune said, and she left also with Naru.

"So…" Keitaro started.

"Sit down and I shall explain what goes on at my school," Motoko said. "I am a member of the kendo club and get good grades so don't go messing that up!"

"I won't!" Keitaro promised.

"Also, don't actually fight anyone. I'm sure you could not live up to my name and make whatever excuse, it's better than you actually fighting. Remember, we shall train everyday at 5:00 AM to get you to be decently good at fighting."

"Five in the morning?" Keitaro complained.

"You cannot allow my body to deteriorate while you inhabit it. Second, don't go near any boys. I hate those spineless jellyfishes," Motoko said with special loathing.

"Err…do you have any friends? Won't they notice that you're different?" Keitaro asked.

"Hmm…well…I do have some friends," Motoko said.

"Some? What are they, I think you have to tell me about them."


"Why are you hesitating? Unless you want them to suspect something," Keitaro said.

"They can't prove anything! You look like me in every respect."


"Alright. I have a circle of friends. If you want to say it, my best friend is Komachi. I call her simply that – Komachi-chan. No shortened versions. She really is into sports. Uh…let's see…she likes…I don't really know," Motoko said.

"What?! She's your best friend and you don't know?!" Keitaro asked.

"Well, the main thing is that she's very serious like me and thinks boys are the fools that they are, which is one main reason we get along," Motoko said.

"How come you never say any of this to us?" Keitaro asked.

"What business is it who my friends are?!!" Motoko said.

"Well, we want to be friendly, in case they ever want a sleepover, or something girlish like that."

"I train everyday, I don't have time for sleepovers!" Motoko said. "Such foolery will get me nowhere!"

"Any other people?"

"Err…just one, her name is Sakura."

"Oh, like the flower," Keitaro said.

"Yes, like the flower. Anyways, she is into, uh, boys…" Motoko said. "But for some reason she sticks around Komachi and me, so I guess we're friends. I don't really have any more than that."

"Ok! I can do that!"

"Remember, no fighting!" Motoko said.

"Sure, I don't like it anyways," Keitaro answered.

"Err…I'll go study for you, then, with Naru-sempai…" Motoko said.

"I'll come with you, I still have to study," Keitaro answered, and they both walked up to Naru's room in silence.

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