Harmony of One

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A/N: Hoo HAH! I finished my story. But as promised, here is the epilogue (didn't someone say "there always is an epilogue"? GACCKK!) You know what, though. I was reading my own story again and realized…the incredible cheesiness of it. BUT on the other hand, it's a lot better than what I had done before, so that's a good sign! I think I will write a Sequel…we'll have to see what it's about though. Here is a short epilogue to satiate you until the sequel…hopefully. One more thing. One reader was confused on why they had to tell Tsuruko about them, if they met her at the museum. Well, this is my answer: at that time, Tsuruko didn't know much, only that they had switched. And she was asking who was who just to pull their legs because as far as I can tell from the manga, it would seem like she'd be one who would LOVE to tease them. I might even make the next story more about her…hmm…

"…" Denotes speech

Italics Denotes thought

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Certain Sounds:

GOOMPH! Means Fainting/Face-Faulting

DOOONG! Means Shock

::blah:: Denotes time/time change

----------------------------------- Denotes a scene/scene change

Epilogue: Marriage Battle!

--------------------------------------Hinata-Sou Roof------------------------------------

CLACK! SLASH! Two bokens were viciously clashing above the Hinata-Sou, early in the morning. In fact, it was about 5:30 AM, a time where commuters, businessmen, priests and nuns may get up. However, if you were Motoko, you would have been up since 5:00 AM. And that's exactly who was up.

"Hiya!!" Motoko yelled, swinging her boken down heavily, but it was blocked with a horizontal motion.

"Not yet." Of course, if you were to be awake since 5:00 AM and were fighting someone else, you would have to drag someone else with you to fight. Motoko had done that…almost. SLAM! Motoko's wooden sword slammed into a lock and she pushed with all her might against the other, but it wouldn't budge. It remained in the same position while Motoko struggled.

"This…might last a while," Motoko said.

"Un," Keitaro merely grunted. He was concentrating, and using all of his energy in order to break out of the lock too, but he was just too weak to do anything.

"Manager-kun! Push! Motoko, you're not correctly utilizing that stance I taught you," Tsuruko said. Yes, Motoko actually had not dragged Keitaro up here, but rather Tsuruko had dragged Keitaro and Motoko both up here to fight. Why?

"HIYA!" Motoko yelled, shifting her feet position and weight to give her an extra shove. But as opposed to knocking Keitaro off his feet, Keitaro released the pressure on his sword and directed Motoko off to the side, effectively deflecting the extra weight that Motoko had given in trying to unbalance Keitaro. Had Motoko been any type of normal kendo swordswoman, this would have meant defeat (for Keitaro had actually started to get better in his swordplay), but as Motoko sent down towards the side she planted her hands on the ground and did a handspring, smashing her feet into Keitaro as she flipped over. SMACK!!

"Oww!" Keitaro cried. Motoko immediately pressed her advantage. Once, a long time ago it seemed, Keitaro had done a bare-handed stop of her ultimate technique. That would never, ever, happen again.

"Manager-kun! What did I say?" Tsuruko scolded. But Keitaro couldn't answer as Motoko slammed his back with her sword, sending him splattering down towards the ground. BAAM!

"Oh…looks like you lost again," Tsuruko said. Motoko offered a hand to Keitaro.

"Sorry," she said.

"Sorry?" Keitaro asked. "What do you mean sorry? What part of that was sorry?" Motoko shrugged.

"Sorry you lose so often?" Motoko asked.

"What?! I don't lose so often!!" Keitaro nearly shouted. He had this running bet with Motoko that he could beat her in kendo – once. Secretly, he had also promised himself that he had to beat her before he could officially ask to marry her. Tsuruko had been told of this, and almost with a giddy happiness had come over to train Keitaro. Motoko was in the dark, but there was no way in heck that Keitaro would beat her.

"You can't deny the fact you have lost every single time, Manager," Tsuruko told him after a pause. Keitaro sweat-dropped.

"Fine…fine…it's true, I suck," he said gloomily. Motoko immediately spoke up.

"You do suck quite a bit," she admitted.

"Hey!" Keitaro protested. "Aren't you supposed to cheer me up instead of putting me down?" Tsuruko chuckled.

"Well, I guess this session is over," Tsuruko said, walking off.

"Cheer you up? If that could help your kendo skills then maybe I'd try it!" Motoko argued back.

"Maybe it would!" Keitaro retorted.

"Fine!!" Motoko said. "You don't suck! Are you any better?"

"That's not what I meant!" Keitaro shouted.

"Then what did you mean?" Motoko yelled.

"I meant," Keitaro said, "That maybe if you'd be nicer I would win!"

"Ha! Then it would be a fake win!" Motoko said.

"…I know…" Keitaro said, sitting down, suddenly gloomier then before.

"He-hey!" Motoko said. "I…I didn't mean to…uh…say you suck that much," Motoko said. "I thought we were just joking."

"No…no…it's okay, anyways, shouldn't we…? Huh? Where'd your sister go?" Keitaro asked.

"I don't know…" Motoko asked, looking around. "Anyways, we still have time; here, I'll show you how to use some of the more complicated attacks."

"Ok," Keitaro said, and he stood up.

----------------------------------------Hinata-Sou Dining Room------------------------------------

::8:00 AM, April 14th::

"It's sure been lively here the past couple days," Shinobu said, smiling nervously while watching everyone eat. She had almost burned the food when she saw the state Sempai had been in from Kendo training. But, the food had seemed edible (at least Sakura and Su ate it down just as fast), so she was watching. Of course, Tsuruko was an added person to cook for and Motoko's friends came over nearly every day now.

"Ah, well you know why," Naru said. Shinobu nodded. Keitaro had told everyone about what he had planned to do (except Motoko, of course), and everyone was nervously, or happily, watching and waiting for the day he would pull out another bare-handed counter.

"Today?" Kitsune asked, coming in late as usual, although surprisingly early for Kitsune. Lately, though, she had been coming in earlier because she decided to learn how to do something instead of laying about all the time. Recently she had been trying to help Haruka with her tea shop, although who knew how that was going.

"Nope," Su replied.

"It may never happen," Sakura said.

"Oi!" Keitaro said. Sakura smiled at him.

"Just kidding!♥" Sakura said.

"Oh well," Kitsune said, sitting down and taking her food.

"What may never happen?" Motoko asked curiously.

"Ah…you know, that rat we were trying to get rid of," Naru said, covering up for Keitaro.

"Myuh!" Tama-chan agreed. It was floating around the table lazily.

"Rat?" Motoko asked. "I could get rid of it for you."

"No!" Keitaro said. "It's ok, we called a professional."

"You did?" Haruka asked, coming in.

"Hey, Aunt Haruka," Keitaro said. BAAM! "Sorry Haruka-san!" Haruka continued to speak as if she hadn't just beaten up her nephew viciously.

"Seta said he might be dropping by today," Haruka said. "And if he does, tell him I went on a long vacation."

"You're going on a vacation?" Keitaro asked.

"No!" Haruka said.

"Wait, then why would we tell him you went on a long vacation?" Keitaro asked.

"Keitaro, how do you not understand this?" Naru asked. "Maybe you need to go on a long vacation."

"What? Why would I need to vacation?" Keitaro asked. Everyone (except Su and Sakura) sighed, sweat-dropping.

"Never mind," Haruka said. "Just tell Seta that—"

"Tell me what?" Seta asked, coming in.

"Great…just great…" Haruka said. "Let's go outside for a minute."

"Ha ha…" Naru chuckled. "Haruka-san is still like that, it's funny." She stood up and stretched.

"Where are you going?" Kitsune asked.

"I'm just going for a dip in the hot springs," Naru answered, walking out the door.

"Wait for me!" Kitsune said, shoving the last bits of food into her mouth and running to catch up. They left both their dirty dishes on the table as they left.

"Of course," Keitaro said, noticing this. If it didn't get cleaned up by him then Shinobu would do it and he hated to make Shinobu do so much. Kitsune and Naru just didn't really clean up. Ever.

"How's the training Sempai?" Shinobu asked, sitting down to just start her meal as well. She always ate after the others, but it was always around the time that Keitaro and Motoko came in from their extended training time so she was happy.

"Grueling," Keitaro said. He was eating slowly because he had been subjected to multiple beatings – more than the usual amount anyways. However, he was glad because he felt that every time he lost he was that much closer to winning, and, well, after that…

"He's getting better. At least now I can't fool around when fighting against him," Motoko told Shinobu.

"Oh. Well keep trying harder Sempai!" Shinobu cried in support. They finished eating and Keitaro helped to clean up their dishes while Motoko excused herself to go take a nice relaxing dip in the hot springs.

"Too bad he didn't beat Motoko today. I really wanted him too!" Motoko heard Naru say as she entered the locker room. She was in the next row over, talking to Kitsune, apparently, because then Kitsune said,

"Yeah. Then he could have done it! And there would be no more agonizing." Motoko stood behind the locker to hide. She had been wondering what they were talking about this morning – she had also previously heard allusions to it and was very curious why Keitaro had to beat her. She could feel that he really wanted to beat her, but so far had not deciphered the reason. He was guarding that very carefully, and all of her efforts to try to find out have been thwarted. Until now, perhaps? She listened on.

"Well he wouldn't be agonizing if he wasn't so stupid and make such a dumb promise, one that he is as likely as completing as he is getting into Todai," Naru said.

"Well, you never know, because that may happen still. When do you hear back?" Kitsune asked. Motoko heard them finishing up and moved still farther behind the locker.

"In couple months, because they had to stupidly delay the results. Something about test answers stolen or something. But I'm so excited I can barely keep still. But I'm also cautious this time…last time was crazy, and I don't want the same thing to happen if I don't get in," Naru said.

"Oh don't worry," Kitsune instantly reassured her. "I'm sure you'll get in this time. Last time was a fluke."

"Like Keitaro will be if he ever fulfills his stupid promise he made to himself." At this time, Naru and Kitsune were walking out of the locker room, but didn't see Motoko hiding behind them.

"Yeah, I mean, who makes such a promise as that? He's going to wait until he beats Motoko to propose? Stupid," Kitsune said, laughing, and Naru and Kitsune exited the locker room.

Shock. Motoko was in shock. Keitaro wanted to…wait…what did they say? Propose? I'm not…I mean, it has only been…, Motoko started to think. But I have known him for much longer, even if we have only been going out for only a couple months. Or maybe he knows that beating me will take a long time? What should I do? She sat down on the floor, pondering, thinking, and finding no answer. I love him…but that should mean that I shouldn't let him win. He has some pride...but how can I fight seriously? She sat down on the bench dejected. She had NO idea what to do…could she even ask anyone about it? Could she talk to her sister, Haruka-san, or even Keitaro himself about this matter? Would any of them admit it? Could she…?

"Motoko-chan!" Suddenly Motoko heard her name being called by Shinobu.

"Ye-yes Shinobu-chan?" she answered nervously. Darn it, why was she so nervous?

"Oh, are you taking a bath?" Shinobu asked. "Never mind. We were all going to celebrate Seta-san coming back, but it can wait. Take your bath." Suddenly an idea came to her. Seta-san! She could ask him! After all, he should know a lot about…but then he still hasn't gotten Haruka-san to marry him yet despite numerous attempts at a proposal…but there wasn't anyone else she could think of that wouldn't already know Keitaro's secret! Hopefully she would get to him before Keitaro spilled his guts, otherwise Motoko would do it for him.

"No, no, I'm coming out, let's go celebrate!" Motoko said, and quickly exited the locker room.

---------------------------------Outside of Hinata-Sou-----------------------------------

"Kanpai!" The mugs clanked as the residents of the Hinata-Sou (plus Tsuruko, Haruka-san, Seta-san, Sakura and Komachi) smashed their glasses against each other and then proceeded to chug, drink, and sip the contents of their glasses. It wasn't all alcohol (especially not for Su and Shinobu) but it still made everyone happy to celebrate something since the resolution between…well all of the Hinata-Sou. Only now, of course, everyone was anxious for the time where Keitaro would propose to Motoko. They were just so cute…or at least looked very good together that everyone wanted to make it permanent – why did Keitaro make such a dumb decision as to beating Motoko in battle before proposing?

"Seta-san," Keitaro asked after an attempt to chug his glass faster than Kitsune (which failed miserably), "what is the real reason you came back?"

"Real? Whatever do you mean Keitaro? Hahahahaha!" Seta-san said, laughing vigorously like he always did. Stupid, Haruka thought, sighing mentally to herself.

"Well…Aunt Haruka will always reject you right? Why do you keep coming back?" Keitaro asked, of course not without the courtesy beat down by Haruka for using the word Aunt. "Sorry Haruka-san!"

"Haha, even if the only reason I came back was to be rejected by Haruka then I would still come back. But since you guys are so fun it's good to come back anyways," Seta said, laughing. Haruka sighed once more, then stood up.

"Come over here," she said, grabbing onto Seta's coat and dragging him down the stairs into the Tea House.

"Oooo," Su said. "Are they going to make something delicious to eat?" Shinobu, who was looking at them enter the Tea House shook her head.

"I don't think so Su…" she said distractedly. The others continued drinking while Motoko fretted over her own drink and problems. She really wanted to talk to Seta alone, but how could she do it? Maybe now was the ideal time to go down there and talk to him about it…yeah, she could go and wait until they are done talking and then catch Seta by himself!

"I have to go to the bathroom," Motoko said, standing up suddenly. Keitaro looked at her funny, seemed like he was going to say something, but then closed his mouth.

"Ok," Naru said. "You can just go without telling us." Motoko walked towards the Tea House since that happened to be closer to the place they were celebrating then the Hinata-Sou. At least that's what Motoko hoped was closer; however no one said a word as she headed towards the Tea House.

"What is that all about?" Kitsune asked, showing one eye to look towards the direction Motoko was traveling to.

"I think…she wants to talk to Seta-san and Haruka-San about something," Keitaro said. "Did you guys…?"

"No!" Kitsune said. "Who do you think we are?" Kitsune pretended to be offended and hurt.

"Idiot. We're not as stupid as you who made that stupid promise in the first place," Naru said munching on a bread piece.

"Idiot?!! What about that—"

"It's a blood type report," Naru answered without blinking an eye. Keitaro, who had just been about to whip out his mock test score stopped midway. "In any case you didn't take the test, so what does that have to do with anything?"

"Yeah," Komachi said. "Motoko is the one with all the brains." Keitaro sighed, giving up.

"True," he said. He couldn't argue with that. "Motoko is so very smart…" Kitsune snorted in giggles.

"And you're so very dumb," she said. "Man, how did you end up with her?" Everyone looked at Keitaro for a moment. He shrugged.

"I dunno," he said to which Komachi flung a bottle at him. CRACK! It broke open on his head and beer flowed down his face.

"Ouch," he winced, reaching for a napkin to wipe his face off ("How is he still alive?" Sakura asked Su. "He's a zombie," Su told her, to which Sakura nodded).

"Laaaame answer," Komachi said.

"It's true!" Keitaro continued to say. "It's like…every time I think about it, she's so much more than I am…smart, pretty, good at Kendo, disciplined, resolute, strong…how did I end up with her? I can only account to God that this certainly must have been fate or something like that, where I have received blessings untold to have gotten a girl like her…and that makes me love her so much more. Which is why I want to beat her in Kendo before I propose…I feel like even just one time, no matter how lucky I am, when I am able to do it, Iwill be not just physically ready, but mentally ready. I mean, if you ask me now, of course I want to propose to her, but with this promise I made to myself I can sort of limit myself I think." Keitaro looked around him where all the girls' faces were in awe of his words. Keitaro, of course, misinterpreted it. "Oh, well," he said, chuckling nervously, "then again, I am pretty stupid…"

"No no no!" Komachi said, the first one to recover. "That is…I mean…"

"What she meant to say," Naru said, "Is how can an idiot like you become so smart all of a sudden?" Keitaro looked around again and saw this time the girls actually respected him. At least until Su came with Sakura and kicked him in the face. BAAAM!

"Yeeeooow!" Keitaro cried, flying off.

"Told you he was a zombie," Su said.

"Unh," Sakura confirmed.

----------------------------------Tea House---------------------------------------

"Please stop refraining from such comments in the future," Haruka told Seta, her voice exhibiting a slight tone of anger and annoyance.

"Comments? Whatever are you talking about?" Seta asked, smiling.

"Seta…I know you're generally stupid but could you please stop and think for once?!" Haruka asked impatiently. Seta opened his mouth with a wide grin on his face, paused, and then suddenly became serious.

"You know," he said, "I would still come back for you even if you rejected me every time."

"Yes," Haruka said, taking a long sigh. No matter how many times Haruka had told him to go away and forget whatever stupid promise had transpired…he stilled remained. Not only that, somewhere she knew every time he came back she was…Oh never mind, she thought, getting angry again. Creak! The door opened slightly and a tiny voice was heard.

"Seta-san?" Motoko asked.

"Yes?" Seta responded, still in his serious mood. Motoko instantly recognized the seriousness of their conversation, and pulled out, but Haruka saw an opportunity to get away from this fool.

"No no, Motoko, stay here and talk…we're done." The finality of her words should have made clear to Seta that they were done, however a quick glance at Seta revealed a broadly smiling face meaning she would not be able to tell what he was really thinking. Crap that man, she thought and exited the tea house while Motoko entered.

"H-hello…" Motoko said.

"Hello Motoko-chan! What's up?" Seta asked enthusiastically with a broad grin on his face. Motoko shuffled to a chair and sat down looking around worriedly.

"I…I…" Motoko started, but she looked around again to make sure no one was there.

"You can speak," Seta told her. "They're all up there partying." He smiled again. Motoko looked out the window once more, then relaxed.

"I need to, uh, ask you a personal question…about Keitaro," Motoko said, pushing down any hesitation she felt at that moment. She had never really asked anyone before about relationship issues, or at least seriously. She grimaced as she remembered asking Kitsune a question about…ok, this isn't the time to remember that, she thought and turned back to Seta to pursue the more current and important questions she had. She didn't know how to say it properly, so just blurted it out. "I uh…ok, I found out something that I shouldn't have, but know I don't know what to do about it. And it has to do with Keitaro."

"Oh?" Seta said, the same exact expression on his face. Motoko was beginning to get annoyed with this face, but continued on…after all she had no one else she could confide in. And Seta, even with his annoying expression, was a serious man…sometimes.

"Um…well, you know that ever since I have started going out with Keitaro I have been training Kendo with him...and, uh…"

"Oh yes, he showed me what he's learned a while back, although I would imagined he's improved by now. A wonderful teacher teaching a wonderful learner…he's sure to be an expert by now," Seta said. Suddenly his eye gleamed. "So…has the student beaten the teacher yet?" Motoko froze, imagining for a moment that Seta knew everything, surely she had been too naïve to think that Keitaro couldn't send him an e-mail? Oh why had she gotten herself into this mess? But no, she was determined to get this out to someone, and even if Seta already knew, he could still help her. She was determined not to keep emotions bottled up inside of her.

"Um…no. Actually…I was wondering if you knew anything about that?" Motoko managed to ask. Stupid! Just ask already what you want to know!!! She chastised herself.

"Oh…ah, about that? What's that? Keitaro beating Tsuruko?" Seta asked, this time putting a surprised expression on his face. Motoko mentally smacked herself again…of course he hadn't been talking about Keitaro and herself! Although Motoko had been teaching Keitaro kendo, Tsuruko had indeed been the main teacher. Her nerves were just getting to her…again. She took a deep breath then continued.

"I…need help and you're the only one who could help me. I'm in trouble because I overheard something I wasn't supposed to, something very serious. Err…" Motoko stumbled over the next sentence, realizing she had been staring at the floor. She looked up, saw Seta's face was concerned and serious this time, making her feel slightly odd because she had never seen him like this before, but comforted that he was serious now.

"Please continue," he said. Motoko breathed in again.

"I heard from Naru and Kitsune that Keitaro was going to propose to me if he could beat me in a kendo match," Motoko said. There. She had said it…but suddenly she had a thought: what if Seta was too dumb to pick up the implications? Would she have to talk more about it?

"And….?" Seta asked, causing Motoko to faint. GOOMPH!

"Well I don't know what to do now!!" Motoko cried out at Seta's stupidity.

"What do you mean you don't know what to do? Don't you want to marry him?" Seta asked. Motoko hesitated for a moment. No, she hadn't even thought of this subject at all for some reason. But then again, she didn't really need to, and picking up her courage she answered him.

"Of course!" she said. Seta smiled, but it wasn't his stupid smile, it was a true genuine smile.

"Than what's the problem? Clearly you want to marry him cause you love him…so just keep loving him then. If you let him win will he know? Certainly, for all his faults and stupidity, Keitaro is strangely acute about certain things," Seta said laughing.

"Are you supposed to call your protégé stupid?" Motoko muttered, but Seta either didn't hear or ignored the comment.

"So that would probably destroy his pride and you wouldn't want to do that? In fact, I would think you would want to try your hardest to not let him win at all anyways," Seta said, looking at Motoko straight on.

"Why? I want to marry him…" Motoko started, trailing off. She had suddenly come upon the answer that she had known anyways. Her kendo pride couldn't ever let her lose on purpose…even if that purpose were to get married! Wouldn't she then have given herself over? Where would it stop? If she took shortcuts to her goal now, would she ever stop? The prospects looked horrible for her if she did this thing now. She couldn't tell exactly why it would be, but the feeling of doom would not leave her. The words "try your best" floated in her brain, and somehow she wanted Keitaro to try his best. It was a win-win situation for her, in fact. If she won, her kendo pride was still intact, but if she lost…she would be proposed to! And she was ready to say yes!!

"You're…absolutely right!" Motoko cried, jumping out of her chair. Seta laughed at her youthfulness.

"Alright, just don't get too excited…now you should go and join the party," he said, to which she nodded. Waving goodbye, she exited the tea house leaving Seta sitting in a chair in the tea house alone. He took out a pack of cigarettes and his lighter. But suddenly, as if he had thought better of it, he threw the pack and the lighter into the trash for some odd reason, smiled, and stood up himself. "Speaking of which…so should I, seeing as I'm the guest of honor," Seta said, once again giving his famous smile. But this time it was to no one in particular. He left the tea house, his smile turning into laughter.

::Many Hours Later::

It was a wonderful celebration. Everyone got enough to drink (even the ones who weren't supposed to) and had such a wonderful time shouting, yelling, running around, breaking things, and generally causing ruckus all while managing to celebrate Seta coming back. It had been a while since he had last visited them, so everyone also managed to keep an eye on the interaction between Seta and Haruka, but alas it seemed that this time nothing happened…again. Tsuruko tried to teach Su and Sakura some new kendo moves, but Keitaro told her they were already dangerous enough without it, thank you very much, and he didn't wish to really test the limits of his immortality. Komachi sparred with Keitaro and won about 75 of the battles…but that other 25 was very impressive, if Komachi did say so herself, and Keitaro said it was the influence of the wine they had just bought…he joked that he was a secretly powerful drunken kendo fighter! In the end, everyone was so tired that they barely managed to drag everything back into the Hinata-Sou and fall asleep on the floor.

"zzzzzz…" It was silent and you could only hear the sound of sleep, that state in which anything could happen. Suddenly one form awoke and sat straight up.

"Huh?!" The form turned out to be a person, in particular, Motoko. She looked around, scratched her head, then slowly and silently got up. She had a mission right now, and nothing would be able to stop her. She tiptoed silently to the sleeping form of Keitaro and gazed into his face. The face stared blankly back at her, drooling a bit as Keitaro was still asleep. She meditated on what she was going to do next. Just before the part had started in earnest, she had told herself that she wouldn't let him win on purpose, but did that mean she would actually do it? Telling yourself is one thing, but it is always the execution of one's determined plan that makes things difficult.

No, she told herself, I won't fail, and then picked up the sleeping form of Keitaro and headed towards the roof. She wanted one more battle, to test Keitaro as well as herself – their willpower, their strength, their hope, and their dreams. Somehow, Motoko knew she wouldn't regret this battle. Why did she choose now? Perhaps so her resolve wouldn't weaken, perhaps so she could do it as soon as possible, but perhaps because somehow the night was ripe for a fight. Fancy words for something so insignificant, Motoko thought. But then again, was it so insignificant? She would find out soon enough. What is the significance of it all?

"Huh, what?" Keitaro said, waking up as Motoko dumped him on the floor of the roof. He gazed about him, then looked up as Motoko handed him his practice sword. She had a smile on her face. Thoroughly confused, Keitaro stood up, scratched his head, then took the sword. "Uh…what are we doing Motoko?" Keitaro asked.

"Battling," Motoko replied simply, brushing down her clothes and pulling out her sword.

"Uh, why?" Keitaro asked. He, however, unsheathed his sword, because he knew that Motoko never battled without reason.

"For us," she replied, then suddenly slipped into the strongest opening combo that Keitaro had ever seen in his life. Having just woken up from a whole day of partying, Keitaro was not ready for this, his senses were slow and his movements worse. Normally, with all his wits about him he might have had a chance to block the attacks, but at this time he was beaten almost to a pulp. WHACK! BAM! SLICE! Motoko's sword was a virtual cyclone of metal attacks and when she finished Keitaro flew backwards and slammed into the railing of the roof. BAAAM!

"Again," Motoko said, and ran towards him once more. Keitaro, however, was invincible and this first beating managed to make him realize what Motoko was doing. He managed to dodge to the side, making Motoko smash the railing where he had been into pieces.

"Mo…to…ko…" Keitaro said through gritted teeth as he blocked attack after attack, barely managing to stay standing. "Are you…sure you want to…fight now?"

"Yes," Motoko said. "I have to make sure you're man enough for me." Keitaro's shock at what she said earned him Motoko's blade upon his head and he went flying towards the Hinata-Sou, smashing into the wall and crumpling on the floor.

"Again," she said, and pressed towards him for another attack. But Keitaro was thinking about other things. Motoko had never said anything like that before! Could she have…yes, something told him. She knew what Keitaro wanted, and thus was accepting it by having an unrelenting battle with all of her strength against him. Ok, if that's what she wanted to do, Keitaro would comply with all of his strength!

"Hiya!" Motoko yelled slamming down her sword on his head. But Keitaro blocked it, saving his precious brain cells and throwing out his foot forwards into a kick aimed at her belly. Motoko saw the foot coming, however, and performed a sideways dodge causing Keitaro to stumble forwards. Motoko saw her chance and swung down hard, aiming for Keitaro's back. CRRAAACCCKK!!! Motoko's sword made contact and Keitaro went down. However, this move also served Keitaro well. For seeing no escape from the sword, he had turned to face her mid air and swung his sword at her head. When she buried her sword in Keitaro's belly, he closed up like a clam, causing his swing to increase in power and knock Motoko out. They both went flying in their respective directions and collapsed.

"That…was pretty good," Motoko said, sitting up while breathing hard and rubbing her head. Keitaro got up slowly, balancing on one knee.

"Yeah…" he said. There was a silence as both of them recovered.

"Did you…does that count as a win?" Motoko asked. Keitaro didn't answer but simply hobbled over to her. The moon suddenly seemed very bright; both Motoko and Keitaro hadn't noticed it before now. Keitaro punched Motoko with a fist and Motoko fell back down on to the floor.

"What was that for?!!" Motoko asked angrily; she tried to sit back up but Keitaro kept her down while smiling. He dropped something on her; it shimmered in the moonlight.

"Now I win," he said, collapsing onto Motoko. Motoko grabbed what he had dropped and gasped; she had expected it but it was still so amazing. She held it up once more too the moon; now it seemed that the moon was dim in comparison to the ring she held in her hand.

"Now you win," she said, and collapsed down onto the floor as well. They both slept through the night.

A/N: WHAT THE HECK? I updated something!! There was a tough decision…make an epilogue as long as a chapter or a short crappy epilogue? I know I said something was coming soon (SOON…haha) but it definitely could never have happened soon the way I don't pay attention to these things any more. I could write a sequel, I could not. I'm guessing you don't want me to unless I have some commitment to it so I think until I'm ready to commit to writing something long I won't write a sequel, plus I have other stories I foolish started without commitment of completing. I hope this epilogue was semi-satisfying at least! Thank you for reading!