The Family Name--Third Year

By Elbereth in April

Copyright 2004

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Just after Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

During Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy strode along the platform of 9 ¾, eyes searching the crowd for one person. He found him eventually, standing next to a very large, intimidating man and talking to a dark-haired boy and his mother. He attached himself to the group.

"Hello, Fowl, Butler. Blaise, Mrs. Zabini."

"Hello, Malfoy."

"Hello, Draco, you're getting taller." Mrs. Zabini smiled at him and ruffled his hair. Or tried to; it was rather stiff with gel.

The train whistle blew, and they all looked towards it. "We better board," Blaise said.

The boys said goodbye to the adults and drug their trunks along the aisle until they found the compartment that housed Crabbe, Goyle, Chevalier, and Bulstrode.

There were 'hellos' all around, and 'how were your summers,' and shortly after, Bole came in with Parkinson and they went through it all again.

Moments later, the train started moving.

"So, what do you think about the Sirius Black scandal? How do you think he escaped from Azkaban?" Eva asked them.

"They'll catch him eventually," Millicent shrugged. "He must be mad by now, surely? After 12 years in there. He won't be able to hide well. He'll make mistakes."

"He was sane enough to break out," Pansy disagreed.

"It was probably an accident. Spur of the moment, took advantage of something. Jumped a guard when his back was turned. . ."

"You know better than that, Zabini. You can't jump a dementor."

"What are dementors?" Artemis asked, frowning. He hated not knowing something.

They all shifted in their seats uncomfortably. "Just. . . dementors."

"They're the prison guards of Azkaban. They steal away all happy thoughts. They can suck your very soul away, if you're sentenced to the Kiss." Draco reached out and took one of the Chocolate Galleons Pansy was passing around.

"Did everyone finish their homework?" Marie changed the subject.

"Ugh, do we have to talk about school work already?" Crabbe complained.

"I finished mine," Goyle replied proudly. "Any time I got really stuck, I owled Fowl."

Draco started laughing.

By afternoon they'd finished off their sweets from the food cart and were getting bored and restless. "Time to make the rounds," Draco announced. "Who's with me?"

Crabbe and Goyle promptly stood up.

"I'll go," Artemis decided. "I want to see how people have changed."

"Always observing and cataloging, aren't you, Fowl? Very Slytherin," Draco smirked at him.

Blaise frowned. "Do you want me to come. . . ?"

"Stay here," Marie ordered, squeezing the hand she was holding. "I haven't seen you all summer."

"Stay with your girlfriend," Fowl said. "I'll be fine."

"I won't hex him, Zabini," Draco drawled. "We're still in truce." As Draco and Artemis remembered the summer, their eyes met. There was a secret smile in them.

Walking down the aisle of the train, Draco asked Fowl, "How's your father doing?"

For the second time in as many minutes, Artemis smiled, and made a mental note to stop doing that. "He's fine. We contacted a specialist and got a replacement limb, so he's walking already."

"Good." Draco turned and looked over his shoulder at Crabbe and Goyle, who had stopped to peer through the window of a compartment containing several pretty Fifth Year girls. "Goyle! Crabbe! Come on!"

They made conversation with the Slytherin Quidditch team, then went looking for Potter. "It's tradition," Draco explained.

They found him sitting with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Of course.

Draco leaned in the open compartment door and surveyed them with his eyes. Fowl came to stand at his shoulder, while Crabbe and Goyle loomed behind them.

"Well, look who it is," Draco said to Fowl. "Your little Gryffindor partners in crime."

"I can associate with Gryffindors if I want to," Fowl returned. He nodded to the Fab Trio. "Hello."

"I heard your father finally got his hands on some gold this summer, Weasley. Did your mother die of shock?"

Weasley stood up so fast he knocked a basket on the floor.

"Can I not take you anywhere?" Fowl sighed, rolling his eyes. "Who's that?"

Draco finally realized there was a strange man in one of the seats, apparently sleeping.

"New teacher." Harry pulled at Ron. They didn't need a fight. "What were you saying, Malfoy? Better not wake him up."

"Boys," Hermione spoke up disdainfully. "His name is Professor R. J. Lupin, it says so on his case, and he must be our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, obviously." She picked up her cat's basket. "Artemis, I bought a cat in Diagon Alley! This is Crookshanks, look."

Fowl dutifully looked.

"Keep him away from Scabbers," Weasley complained, frowning, cradling a mangy-looking gray lump.

"Your rat," Draco sneered. Then he looked behind him at Goyle and smirked. "You remember him."

"Fowl, how was your summer?" Potter asked politely.

This time, Artemis restrained from smiling, but his general aura of contentment made the Fab Trio blink in surprise, just the same. "It was good."

"What did you do?"

Draco wondered if they would fall out of their seats from curiosity; they were leaning forward breathlessly.

"Oh, he just had some family bonding moments," Draco spoke up, with a grin at Fowl. "You know how it is."

"Um. . ." Potter began, but Fowl decided to make an escape.

"Can't stay and chat, have to get back," he said with overly exaggerated cheerfulness. "Bye!"

"Hey, wait. . ." Weasley called, but he'd shouldered his way between Crabbe and Goyle and was gone.

Draco paused for a last smirk and a mocking raise of an eyebrow, then followed.


It had gotten dark and rain was falling heavily when the train slowed. The girls had drifted to their own compartment, so that left the boys looking at each other.

"We can't be there yet," Artemis remarked.

Zabini tried to see out the window, but it was all black. "Do you think there's been an accident?"

"Something's up," Draco said, feeling a strange sort of dread.

Crabbe was dispatched to look out into the aisle, but reported nothing besides other puzzled looking students.

The train came to a stop with a jolt, then all the lamps suddenly went out. Artemis automatically drew his wand. "Lumos." His wand lit up at the same time as Draco's, who'd done the same thing.

The door slid open.

It was a looming, shadowed figure, face hidden by a cloak. It breathed in long, slow, rattling gulps. Artemis saw a hand on the door briefly before it vanished in the fall of its sleeves. It was grey, slimy, and scabbed, like something dead that had decayed in water. Artemis's eyes widened.

An intense cold swept over them, piercing through their bodies. A darkness fell on him, a darkness of the heart and soul. For a dreadful moment, he couldn't remember what happiness felt like, any trace of it had been drained from him completely.

The light from Malfoy's wand went out.

The thing seemed to glance at them all, seemed to stand there for eternity, but then it turned and glided away.

For a minute no one spoke. The lamps flickered back on. Malfoy was a dreadful shade of pale, and the others looked quite shaken.

"What. . ."

"It was a dementor," Malfoy told them hoarsely.

Zabini shuddered.

"I'm never, ever going to Azkaban," Goyle declared.

The train started up again. The boys sat, mainly subdued, not meeting each other's eyes. "What was that all about?" Crabbe asked eventually.

No one seemed to know. Malfoy looked for a moment like he might speak, but he didn't.

Blaise frowned. "Well, it can't be good."

Ten minutes later they had stopped again, but this time they had reached their destination. They sorted out bird cages, luggage, empty sweet wrappers, bumping into each other on their way out and into the aisle. It was crowded with other students doing the same thing.

Crabbe and Goyle got into a coach with Pansy and Millicent, and Blaise and Marie joined Eva and her older brother Galileo. Artemis and Draco looked at each other and shrugged. "I let my bodyguards get far too independent," Draco complained. "You know what? I think Vince has eyes for Millie."

Artemis found this quite amusing.

They moved to the next carriage, which turned out to be occupied by Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom. They exchanged another look, then Draco got in with a rather wicked glint in his eye. Artemis followed, wondering what the other boy was going to do next.

Neville had scooted as far back in his seat from them as he could. Ginny seemed unconcerned, however. "Hello, boys."

"I heard you struck some gold, Weasley," Draco began.

"Yes, we went to visit Bill in Egypt! He showed us all these old tombs. He's a curse breaker, you know. . ."

"Yeah, whatever. We don't need your life story."

Ginny turned her nose up at him. "I wasn't talking to you. I was speaking to Fowl."

"Did you have a good summer, then?" Artemis inquired politely.

"Oh, yes. Although some of it was rather creepy. Going down in those old tombs. . ."

"Sort of remind you of the Chamber, did it?" Draco sneered, and immediately regretted it, but of course, couldn't take it back.

Ginny paled a bit and shrunk closer to Neville.

"Leave her alone," Longbottom scowled at him. "She's already had to see those nasty dementors. One came in our compartment and wouldn't leave til that professor shot some spell at it. Poor Harry. . ."

"Why poor Harry?" Artemis asked, tilting his head.

"It really affected him. He went all rigid and fainted."

A slow, crooked grin spread across Draco's face. "He fainted?" It made him feel better about how cold and afraid he himself had been when the dementor was there.

"Um. . ." Neville suddenly realized he had given Malfoy more ammunition against Harry.

Artemis sighed quietly.

"You don't need to look so delighted," Ginny snapped at Malfoy. "It was really frightening. He just lay there on the floor and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. We were lucky Professor Lupin was there."

"That shabby old man?"

"He wasn't that old."

"How he dresses doesn't affect the strength of his spells," Artemis pointed out. "You should know that."

"If it did, maybe you'd finally be able to beat Harry, eh?" Ginny raised an eyebrow and smirked.

The carriage pulled up in front of the castle then, interrupting Draco's murderous glare and his attempts at coming up with a retort. "You admit your crush has bad taste in clothes?" he settled on. "Besides, I can beat Potter anytime. I won our duel last year, didn't I?"

"Sorry, got to go," Longbottom cut in, opening the door and climbing out, Ginny at his heels.

Draco caught sight of Potter and his two companions getting out of the next carriage over and decided to take his frustration out on him. He pushed past Fowl and stepped into Potter's path.

Potter instinctively patted his robe pocket to make sure his wand was there. Malfoy's expression was particularly malicious.

"You fainted, Potter? Is Longbottom telling the truth? You actually fainted?"

Eva, Marie, and Zabini came wandering over to join Artemis, who was standing several feet away from the ongoing confrontation. "Looks like Potter's back at the top of Malfoy's most hated list," Zabini commented. "How does it feel to be replaced?"

Artemis shook his head. "He's behaving in a very volatile manner."

Chevalier shrugged. "He's always snarkier at the beginning of the school year. He settles down eventually."

"We think he has to get being at home out of his system. He doesn't seem to enjoy being there much." Bole made a face. "I wouldn't either, if I had his father."

Artemis felt something in his stomach twist. "He didn't mention anything happening."

"Well, he wouldn't, would he?"

Ron Weasley moved to Potter's side. "Shove off, Malfoy." He glared at Draco.

"Did you faint as well, Weasley? Did the big, scary dementor frighten you, too?"

"Uh oh, there's that professor." Bole jerked her head in his direction. Lupin had just gotten out of a carriage.

"Looks like he'll break up the party."

Indeed, Prof. Lupin walked over to the Trio and Malfoy and asked mildly, "Is there a problem?"

Draco stared at the man insolently. "Oh, no--er--Professor," he replied with a smirk, stressing the title most disrespectfully. Crabbe and Goyle lumbered up to him about then, looking a bit worried. Draco aimed a smirk in their direction and moved towards the castle with them in tow.

Artemis watched the Fab Threesome join the other students crowding up the castle steps, heading for the Great Hall. He and his group closed ranks and started threading their own way forward.

Just outside the door, he saw Prof. McGonagall lead Potter and Granger away. He frowned, wondering why.


Artemis found himself sitting across from Marcus Flint, with Zabini on his left and Goyle on his right. Other Quidditch players sat around them. Malfoy was three seats down and mostly ignoring him. He ignored the blonde boy in return.

"Do you have more Quidditch strategies mapped out for us this year, Fowl?" Flint asked him.

"Yes. We can discuss it."

"Good." Adrian Pucey smiled at him.

"Abercrombie, Edwin," Prof. McGonagall began the Sorting.


"My sister starts this year," Adrian continued. "If she doesn't get Slytherin I shall taunt her unmercifully."

"Atherton, Julian!"


No one said much after that, although Artemis heard people nearby gossiping about their summers and speculating on Sirius Black's escape.

Pucey, Aurelia did become Slytherin. Adrian applauded loudly. Shortly afterward, Dumbledore stood up to give the Welcoming Speech and Artemis noticed Potter and Granger enter the Hall and sit down at their table. Several students pointed at them as they passed.

Artemis's attention was drawn back to Dumbledore as he began speaking. "As you will all be aware after their search of the Hogwarts Express, our school is presently playing host to some of the dementors of Azkaban, who are here on Ministry of Magic business. They are stationed at every entrance to the grounds, and while they are with us, I must make it plain that nobody is to leave school without permission. It is not in the nature of a dementor to understand pleading or excuses. Give them no reason to harm you. I look to the prefects and Head Boy and Girl to make sure no student runs afoul of the dementors."

"This is bad," Eva muttered. "Bad business."

"I don't like it," Marie agreed. "They made me feel so cold. . ."

"What do they want here, anyway?"

"The main thing the Ministry is supposed to be working on is Sirius Black," Pansy said.

"On a happier note," Dumbledore continued, "I am pleased to welcome two new teachers to our ranks this year."


"First, Prof. Lupin, who has kindly consented to fill the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." There was scattered clapping.

"They should have given him an advance in pay to buy new robes," Draco sniffed. "Really, how can I look to my teachers as role models now?"

"You looked at Lockhart as a role model?"


'Lupin got rid of a dementor,' Artemis thought. 'How hard is that to do?' He resolved to look up the spell.

"I hope he's not against Slytherins," Bulstrode said abruptly. "Look at Prof. Snape. He seems to dislike him."

"Snape dislikes everybody," Draco began, but trailed off as he looked at their Head of House. He despised the new teacher, it was clear there on his face, a look beyond hatred.

"Well, now." Flint leaned his elbow on the table and his chin in his fist. "Isn't that interesting?"

Dumbledore was moving on. "As to our second new appointment, Prof. Kettleburn retired at the end of last year in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs. I am delighted to say our Rubeus Hagrid will take his place as Care of Magical Creatures teacher, in addition to his gamekeeping duties."

More applause, loudest at the Gryffindor table. But the Third Year Slytherins stared at one another in dismay. "Great. Just great. Potty's pet oaf, a teacher." Draco looked as if he'd stepped in something particularly nasty.

Artemis sighed. "Get over it, Malfoy."

"Oh, of course you wouldn't mind," Draco snapped. "You with your Gryffindor friends."

Dumbledore chose that moment to declare, "Let the feast begin!" and the argument was interrupted by Crabbe, Goyle, and Flint grabbing for food as if they were characters from a Muggle anime show.

"I'm prepared to keep an open mind," Marie decided.

"I would be if he hadn't assigned us a biting book," Millicent returned dryly.


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