Miyu: Hey ya, here's an author's not explaining why i havn't been updating for a while-

A/N: I'm so sorry guys. But the disk with ALL of my stories on it was stolen and even though i'm looking or a it as hard as i can, I don't think I'll find it. Here's the deal. i'm going to be re-doing the chapters to remember what's going on and once i finish the already done chapters I SWEAR that I'll do chapter 10 and so on k?

Rain: I knew you wouldn't get to chapter 15.

Miyu: i will, plus you never gave me a time limit.

Rain: Ok, when school ends.

Miyu: Graduation or-

Rain: THIS year you dingbat.

Miyu: Deal. And since i have to add a story onto this Author's note here's a little funny skit i made up.


(A normal day in the Titand Tower)

Beast Boy: (Walks into the room) Hey ya- ...guys?

(No one is there, kool twig-ball thingy goes across screen)

Beast Boy: Uh...hello? (Looks everywhere and can't find anyone) Well this...ROCKS! (Runs to the fridge) With no one here i can eat as much as i want, do anything i want, and no one will CARE! (Starts eating meat)

(Suddenly the Titans walk in)

Robin: Sorry Beast Boy, we got stuck in traffic on our way home from din- Beast Boy?

(Beast Boy turns around with a chiken bone sticking out of his mouth)

Raven: That's oddly disturbing even for you.

Starfire: I beleive our friend has misplaced his mind.

Terra: I'm goanna agree with Star on this one.

Cyborg: DUDE! Is that MY chiken? The chiken i was GOING TO EAT!

Beast Boy: (Swallows the bone) Uh...ya.

Cyborg: Well there's only one thing to do as i see it.

Beast Boy: WHat's that?

Cyborg: EAT YOU! (Swallows Beast boy) Mmm...taste like chiken.

Raven: Well that was yet again oddly disturbing. Anyone want to go to the beach?

Robin: sweet! Let me get my towel.

(Inside Cy's stomache)

Beast Boy: (Eating old meat) Yum...I could make this work out ya know?