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Summary: Kagome had been promised to Inuyasha as his future bride. What happens when Inuyasha turns into his demon self? What will become of Kagome then? Please R&R, IK


Chapter One

By: Kagome13

"My little sister, Kagome." Kikyou whispered as she looked at the old black and white picture. There were two girls in the photo. The older girl was Kikyou, who was around in her teenage years and then there was a little girl at her side, and that was her little sister, Kagome.

That had been ages ago. Now she was older and life had moved on

There before her stood a young man. He had black hair that he had put back into a small ponytail at the base of his neck. He had brown eyes, and was dressed in a black robe.

"Lady Kikyou who is that little girl in the picture?" Miroku asked as he watched her eyes once again trace the old worn photo with her eyes, that she held in her hands.

"That is my little sister. She was seven or eight years old, when this picture was taken. It does not matter anymore, she is no longer here. Life has gone on."

"What happened to her?" Miroku asked as he eyed the raven haired girl closely in the picture.

"I don't want to talk about it." Kikyou said as she set the picture back in it's original place, on the wooden table next to her.

"Please, Lady Kikyou, please tell me what happened!" Miroku pleaded as he leaned forward, closer to Kikyou, begging for her to tell the story.

"Fine, but you must promise to never tell a soul, of what I am about to say." As she extended a finger towards him.

"Yes, ma'am, I promise I will not say one word."

Kikyou leaned back into her chair and began the story of what became of her sister, Kagome.

"It all started when our village was being attacked by a group of bandits."


A young woman was dragging her younger sister from the burning village. Fear spread across both of their faces.

" Kikyou, slow down will you!" said Kagome, who was about seven years old and clad in a blue dress.

"No, we cannot stop. If we do, the bandits will surely find us." Kikyou said as she continued to drag her sister along.

Near the village

Near the village were three persons, two boys and a young girl. Both boys had long silver hair, and golden eyes, but one of them had two dog ears on top of his head, instead of demon ears, his brother had. His brother had a fluffy tail curled around his shoulders, and the girl had honey-brown eyes and short black hair that reached to her shoulders.

The boy with the fluffy tail was fifteen years old and his name was Sesshoumaru. The other boy beside him, with the doggie ears, was Inuyasha and he was thirteen years of age, and the girl next to his brother was Rin and she was at the age of ten years. They were headed towards Kikyou's village to bring Inuyasha's future bride, back home with them.

"Why in the hell do I have to have a bride, and you don't?" Inuyasha said angrily as he pointed a clawed finger at his brother.

"It is father's wish for you to marry. It is not my fault that you have to have a bride." Sesshoumaru said.

All of a sudden something strange began to happen to Inuyasha. His blood started to boil. His head was pounding intensely, and was beginning to inflict pain to his head. He stopped and put a clawed hand to his aching head, trying to sooth it.

"Um, Sesshoumaru-Sama, what is happening to Inu-Chan? Something is wrong with him. He's acting weird again." Rin said as she looked at

"Oh no, not again." thought Sesshoumaru as he saw Inuyasha's eyes flash red. Inuyasha let out a beastly roar, and raced towards the burning village.

"Rin hop onto my back. We're going for a little ride. Hang on tight." Sesshoumaru said as he bent down for Rin to climb on. Rin did as she was told and got onto his back. Sesshoumaru leaped up into the air, and sped into the direction his brother had gone.

Inuyasha caught whiff of a sweet scent, and then his pain started to dull out a bit. He followed the scent, until he reached tow girls. The young woman was dragging a little girl away from the burning village in a hurry, as if she was running away from something.

"Kikyou I don't want to go!" said the little black haired girl, as she tried to get out of the older woman's grasp.

"No, Kagome. We have to go now!" Kikyou said as she tried to get Kagome to cooperate

'Mine!' Inuyasha thought as he looked at the little girl.

"Kagome, please cooperate!" Kikyou said as she gave up trying to drag her, so she lifted her up into her arms and started to go towards the forest but was stopped by a surprised attack.

Before she could take Kagome away, Inuyasha had pounced on her, and knocked Kikyou down onto the ground. As he crouched down beside the little raven haired angel before him.

Kikyou landed in a pile of mud. She looked down and seen her dress had been destroyed by the evil substance and her hair was a in a complete mess. She then looked up and seen the silver haired hanyou next to her sister, hovering over her.

"Who are you? And what do you want with my sister?" Kikyou asked angrily, shaking with rage.

"My name is none of your business, wretch." said a now full blooded demon Inuyasha, as he started Kikyou down on the ground.

End of Chapter One!

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