Chapter 18

By Kagome13

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Kagome got ready for her wedding day. She was dress in beautiful white dress, which hangs of her shoulder. It trails behind her. Kagome was so nervous about wedding that she starts to bite on her lip. Megumi smiled at her soon to be daughter-in -law. The sweet little girl, who came to the castle, was final marring her son.

"Don't worry about the wedding. You look so pretty in that dress, you going to make Inuyasha fainted at your beauty.'' said Megumi, as she patted Kagome on her hand

Kagome blushed at the comment.

"Kagome, it is time.'' said Her father

"Okay.'' said Kagome as she got ready to walk down the isle, and greeted her groom. She garbed her father's arm, and got in place. Once Shippo was half way down, the Kikyou went. Soon it was the bride turn, every one stood up and the wedding march start to play loudly.

Kagome directed her eyes to her groom. Inuyasha looked and saw his bride walking toward him. She looks so beautiful in that white dress, that he want to kissed her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Kagome and Inuyasha did not waver their stare from each other. Once the were done with saying their 'I do.' the priest said.

"You now may kiss the Bride.''

Inuyasha gentle lifted Kagome's veil away from her face, reveal her beautiful face to him. Kagome had little tear in her eyes of joy. Inuyasha gentle brought his lips to her pink ones and kissed her ever so gentle.

The crowd behind them jumps in joy and cheered as the watch the happy couple kisses each other passionately. Megumi and Inutaisho both had tears in their eyes as they saw their son kissed his bride. Sesshomaru and his wife, Rin smiled at the couple. Kagome's father too smiled at them. Kikyou watch as the happy couple smiled at each other.

Modern DAY

"I remember, my sister's wedding so clearly. It was so beautiful'' said Kikyou as she stared into space, as she remember the past.

"But what happen have that?'' asked Miroku, as he leaned back in his seat.

"Maybe, I will tell you that take another day. Now it is time for you to head home and spend time with you wife Sango.'' said Kikyou

"Of course, Lady Kikyou. I shall see you later.'' said Miroku as he stood up from his seat. He grabbed his hat and coat. He walks to the front door, he called out to Kikyou.

"Goodbye, lady Kikyou.'' said Miroku as he left her house.

"Goodbye, Miroku.''

Kikyou grabbed the picture of her and her sister. She stared at the picture of her and her sister for a couple of minutes before, she said

"And they live happy ever after or did they?"

THE End ……

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