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Author's Note: Let's see, what to say? I guess that Chrono Crusade strikes me as an odd (but fun! XD) form of Christianity, so I thought a few original prayers were in order. Specifically for Rosette. (And Chrono. Heeheehee. . .) (-;

Please enjoy!


My Our Father

Our Father Who Art in Heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name

His Kingdom come to those undone

By Hell's own spawned creation

Give us this day the little lambs

Out haunting the cold nights

Rest be found in bullets, sound

Help them find salvation's light



May the little Lost Lambs find Peace

And the Wolves Retreat their Teeth

Forgive us, Lord, of Mortal sins

And Lead us to Deliverance


Hail Mary

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

The Lord Is With Thee

Why Were You Allowed To Love

Yet ban the right to ones like me?

Why did God brand devils wrong?

He made the force that made them

Why does he make rule lists so long

And allow so few to break them?

Why does he play such favorites?

And damn the rest to hell?
He didn't bother, I would bet

To get to know them well

Virgin Mother, please forgive

I know I sound a traitor

But I would like a life to live

With my "evil" demon savior



Lead us Not Into Temptation

For we Know it is a Sin

His lips are pressed so tight to mine

The devil is to win

Lead us Not Into Temptation

For we know it isn't right

Licks and nips rain down my skin

I don't want to try and fight

Lead us Not Into Temptation

For it is a solid rule

Dark-moon eyes glow lustfully

To deny him would be cruel

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Feelings sent from Hell Below

But as gasps and moans flow just like tears-

And clocks tick on inside our ears-

And love consumes our thoughts and fears-

We find we just let go

Heaven, Hell, and Eden found

All the rules are broken now

Save us from the sweet damnation

Which will come from this Temptation


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray my soul the Devil keep

So that together we may fight

To keep alive the Sacred Light

Help us learn the demons' plan

And banish Evil from the land

But should I die before I wake

I pray that mercy you will take

Forgive my sins, purge my soul

Before the darkness takes its toll

Lord in Heaven high above

Looking down on us with love

Fill my mind and heart tonight

So I can later do what's right


That's all for now! XD Maybe I'll add more later. . . Maybe not. Depends on what you guys thing. (-:

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