Most of the characters, most of the places, most of the events and parts of the plot (anything you recognise) is JK Rowling's. As if you didn't already know. No profit is being made from this work (as if!!!) and no copyright infringement is intended. Believe me, I do wish Harry Potter was mine, that sexy beast, but alas, the world is cruel.




A young man (let's call him Harry, for that is his name) threw down an excessively large suitcase onto the peachy cream carpet of his hotel room floor, muttered 'I'm finally here,' and proceeded to collapse onto the peachy cream pillows that swarmed over the large bed in the corner of the room. His dark hair splayed across the silky pillowcase, and though he removed his rounded spectacles from his glittering jade eyes, the smug smile remained planted on his lips.

He was finally here.

In a muggle hotel in muggle London.

Harry snorted. He had, firmly engraved in his mind, the shocked looks of his two best friends when he had informed them he wasn't going to be an Auror, and rid the world of evil (again!), and apart from getting an apartment in muggle London, he didn't have anything planned.

'Muggle London?' his freckled friend Ron had repeated.

'What about all those N.E.W.T's you got? Don't they mean anything?' Harry's bushy haired friend Hermione had asked, looking scandalized.

'You spent all that time with the greasy git for nothing?'

'You're going to let your work go to waste?'

'You're not going to use magic?'

'You're not going to track down Draco Malfoy?'

'Ah, but I bet you're going to go to some sweet ladies clubs, huh mate?'

Harry had replied quietly, and after a few seconds of shocked silence,

'You're gay?!' his friends had chorused.

'Maybe.' Harry had said, with a mysterious smile.

'How can you not know?'

'When did you start thinking you were?'

'Are you with anyone?'

'Were you?'

'It's don't fancy me, do you?' Ron had asked, looking supremely uncomfortable. Harry had snorted, and replied swiftly,

'No way, mate.'

Hermione had burst out laughing.

'Hey, I'm not that bad!' Ron had shouted, indignantly.

'Of course you aren't, darling.' Hermione had cooed soothingly, patting Ron affectionately. Ron had puffed out his chest egotistically.

'So what are you going to do there, exactly?' Hermione had asked.

Harry had grinned, and shrugged. 'I have no idea. And it feels great.'