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'Draco!' Harry called out desperately. He flung himself out of bed, his mind still vaguely giddy. He roughly pulled on some trousers, and stumbled out after Draco. He saw a pair of trousers and a shirt go zooming past his head, and assuming Draco had summoned them, quickened his pace. 'Draco, please!' he called out again. Would he be able to catch him in time? If Draco ran, was he fast enough? Harry burst out the front door, and almost fell over Draco who was sitting on the front step, a cigarette hanging out his mouth. He was staring out into the distance, silently, and didn't acknowledge Harry at all.

'Draco.' Harry said, softly, breathing loudly.

Draco said nothing.

Harry suddenly realised he didn't know what to say. Everything was spinning out of control and all he had expected to do once he got out of the door was run. His mind was tossing and turning, which was in complete contrast to the total calm of the scene he had burst into.

'Draco, please.' Harry whispered, because it was both meaningful and meaningless at the same time.

Draco sighed and took a drag of his cigarette. 'Please what?' he asked, his voice slightly hoarse.

Harry shrugged and shook his head, even though he knew Draco couldn't see him. 'Anything.' he whispered.

'Anything?' Draco repeated, still not looking at Harry.

Harry shook his head in a daze, and ran his fingers through his hair.

Too fast, slow down, he thought, took a deep breath.

'Let me in.' he said, quietly.

'Let you in.' Draco repeated, flatly.

'In your head.' Harry continued. He walked slowly towards Draco, and carefully sat down beside him on the step, the cold air whipping at his bare chest. 'I want to know what you're thinking.' he said, studying Draco's face, which looked ethereal and beautiful in the moonlight.

Draco shook his head and swallowed. 'You're serious.'

Harry nodded. 'Of course I'm serious, I want to know what's wrong.' And he did. They'd said they'd loved each other before, hadn't they? What was wrong, now?

Draco shook his head again. 'That's not what I meant.'

Harry's eyes scanned Draco's face, concerned. 'What did you mean?'

Draco sighed, like he was annoyed at Harry, and stood up. 'You're too serious!' he said.

Harry stood up as well, and frowned, confused. 'What do you mean?' he asked.

Draco flung his arms out dramatically. 'I don't know. Maybe I'm just drunk and emotional.' He dropped his half-smoked cigarette on the ground and stood on it. He turned around and faced Harry, looking straight into his eyes. 'But look at this situation.' he said, looking distressed. 'Look at us!' he said, his arms flinging out again. 'How did we get like this?' he asked, staring at Harry.

'What do you mean?' Harry whispered, again.

'See? Right there!' Draco said, staring at Harry like he was trying to telepathically explain what he meant. Trying to make Harry understand. You know, you know...

'You don't even know what I mean.' Draco said, like that explained everything.

'Well, I'm sorry, but if you explained maybe we could work this out!' Harry said, on the verge of being frustrated.

'But that's just it! We've been tumbling along, going places, doing things together...we don't even know each other! You don't know anything about me! I don't know anything about you! How do we love each other, if that is even what it is? Are we just along for the ride? Is that just what you say?'

Harry looked for a moment like he was going to retort, but then his mouth snapped shut. Draco's words repeated in his head, and his face fell. He opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out what an anguished choke. He snapped it shut again, and just stood there, looking overwhelmed and broken.

Draco swallowed, but continued. 'There's so many things you don't know about me. In some ways this relationship is so casual, just sex and dancing and shopping and-'

'Don't!' Harry managed to force out.

Draco stopped. 'Don't what?'

Harry's jaw was clenched and he kept on blinking, trying to fight back tears. 'Don't. I...I can't.'

'Listen, Harry, you have to hear me out! I-'

But Harry interrupted him again. 'I...I don't want to hear it.' he stammered. 'Yeah, ok, the emotions were all on my side, I understand-'

'No, that isn't what I meant,' Draco said, but Harry continued.

'But let me...let me deal with my emotions, ok? I can't...I can't...' Harry looked away for a moment, biting his lip, and he took a few deep breaths, before turning back. 'I can't stand here and listen to you telling me it was all just sex and fun for you.'

'Harry, that's not what I meant.'

'Well then bloody well explain it because that's what it sounds like!' Harry said, angrily.

'Just look at this situation here!' Draco said, quoting himself. 'It's too serious! At what point did this relationship become so serious?'

'You mean, at what point did I start loving you?'

Draco gritted his teeth and looked away. Harry sighed angrily.

'Well, I'm sorry.' Harry said. 'I'm sorry for loving you. I'm sorry for thinking this meant anything. I'm sorry for ever putting faith in anything. Don't worry, I won't ever make that mistake again.'

'Harry, you're overreacting.'

'That's big, coming from you! I say I love you, and you flip out! You've said you loved me before!'

Draco sighed, but didn't say anything.

'Well, if I am overreacting?' Harry pressed. 'How should I be reacting?' Harry asked.

'Just...calm down.'

'There we go again.' Harry said. 'You act like having emotions is a bad thing.'

'Well, that's what I've always been taught.' Draco said.

'Oh, I get it. Once a Death Eaters, always a Death Eater, is that it?' Harry retorted, and realised he'd gone too far. Draco's face hardened into an angry scowl.

'Don't you dare say that to me again.'

Harry sighed. 'I'm sorry, but...I'm having a hard time trying to understand everything here. Nothing we're saying makes any sense at all.'

Draco took a few steps away from Harry, and was silent for a moment, staring out into space. Everything was quiet, and Harry held his breath. The seconds ticked by, and Harry had no idea how long they stood there, Draco staring out at the world, Harry staring at Draco. Harry shivered slightly, but didn't want to move in case he broke Draco's musings.

Suddenly Draco spun around and walked quickly towards Harry, pushing him up against the wall. Without a word, he kissed Harry, deeply, and a surprised Harry reciprocated after a moment's shocked. He moaned as Draco's tongue found his, but Draco, just as suddenly as he had begun, pulled away.

'The problem is,' he said, drawing in ragged breaths, 'is that I do love you.' he said, his grey eyes staring into Harry's, as if searching for something.

Harry stared at Draco, completely shocked. Then his eyes brightened, and he smiled. 'Yeah?'

Draco nodded. 'Yeah.'

Harry's face widened into a grin, but at Draco's dark expression, it faltered.

'But?' he asked.

'But do you really love me?' Draco asked.

'Of course I do!' Harry said, nodding vigorously, slipping his hands around Draco's waist.

'Don't...don't answer yet.' Draco said, slowly removing Harry's hands. 'We need...we need to think about this seriously. We need to have some...alone time.'

Harry frowned. 'What do you mean?'

'I think...I think I need you to think about whether you really love me. And whether it means anything. And...and where we're going. And just...' Draco sighed. 'I don't know. I think I'm drunk.'

Harry laughed. 'I think you are too. You're not making much sense.'

'But I know this is what I want to happen.' Draco stated.

'And what exactly is that?'

'Me leaving.' said Draco.

Harry swallowed. 'Oh.'

'Because I need time to think whether this means anything. And whether this can work.' Draco said, gesturing at the two of them, looking at Harry calculatingly.

'Oh.' said Harry. 'Alright then.'

'I mean, you don't know me. But you may find you don't really want to.'

'But I do!' Harry insisted.

'Just...think about it, ok?'

'Ok.' Harry said, softly.

Draco nodded and stepped back. He pulled out his wand and summoned his shoes, and put them on after they'd floated through the door.

'So you're going.' Harry clarified.

Draco nodded, not looking at him.

'When will you be back?' Harry asked. It was a "when", not an "if". It had to be.

'I'm not sure.' Draco said, softly. 'Soon, I think.'

'Oh.' Harry said, quietly.

Draco nodded, and with one last glance at Harry, he walked off.

'Draco!' Harry called out.

Draco paused, and then turned around.

'I know you're not sure if you loving me means anything, but...well.' Harry said, and blushed, slightly. 'It means something to me.'

Draco didn't move.

'I just wanted you to know that.' Harry said.

Draco hesitated, but then gave a small smile, and walked off. Harry watched him until the last moonlit blond hairs disappeared around the farthest corner in sight.

'I don't know you? We'll see about that.' Harry murmured.




Draco felt the cool air nipping at his cheeks, turning them a soft crimson as he walked down the back streets, no real intent on reaching a safe or known destination. He didn't know where he was going, and he knew he'd eventually have to think about it. The night was dark, cool and dank, and he gripped his wand in his hand, which was still tingling from the summoning curse on his clothes he had performed on his clothes.


What the hell was going on in his life? At what point did he lose control?

He'd been lying under Harry, giddy and sated, and when Harry had murmured...well, what he murmured. The thing. THE thing. And he had frozen up.

What? he'd thought frantically, and pulled himself away as soon as he heard.

What the fuck was he doing? He'd been going along life, cruising like it was some sort of boat ride, bobbing up and down without actually looking what was going on. Since when did he ever bottom for anyone? Since when did he ever subject himself to someone else? Since when did he float, without analyzing the future? Since when did he lose control of his goddamn life? Since when did Harry Potter love him?

Since when did everything seem clear and yet make no sense at all?

You're drunk, Draco's mind supplied him. You're drunk and you're flipping out and you're going to hate yourself tomorrow and you have no idea what you're doing and wouldn't you rather be back in bed with Harry?

Everything came hurtling into Draco's head as he ran, his blood pumping steadily through his brains, his temple throbbing, like someone was informing him about the events of his life after a long coma, and all he could do was sit there, numbly, and nod as his actions were explained to him.

Like he'd been stumbling along blindly and he'd finally been handed glasses.

Glasses. Black hair. Shining eyes. Blushing skin. Choking moans. Harry.

And...and that word. That word. Love. What the hell is love, anyway? Isn't it all just some stupid illusion? Did Harry mean it? Why the fuck would he?

Fuck. Suddenly Draco realised what he's just told Harry. He told Harry he loved him.

Fuck. Did he really?

He'd done it before. Harry had said it back. Why did it feel like it only meant something now?

Fucking hell, he shouldn't have been analyzing his feelings now! He should have known this for ages! He should have been going along, accumulating answers and feelings and thoughts, rather than have them hit him over the head and force themselves in, dragging him under!

Draco looked around and realised he had no idea where he was.

Like he was lost in his mind, or something. That's what his mind felt like to him, anyway. Like it was full of all these thoughts and feelings and if only he hadn't been...

Hadn't been what? Not listening? Not understanding? Not caring?

Draco suddenly felt the strange urge to burst into tears. He walked over and leant on the cold, stone wall of a building. Not only conflicting emotions inside, but now conflicting temperatures on the outside, the stone feeling particularly cool on his heated skin.

He sighed when he suddenly realised he'd done it again. Gone somewhere without realizing. Without thinking.

And how was Harry supposed to feel? None of this was Harry's fault. Draco had flipped out and run off. Then when he confronted him, told him he need time. He needed time. How pathetic. How was Harry feeling? Probably hating Draco. Probably thinking he was a complete bastard.

Which he was.

Probably thought he had commitment issues.

Did he? Have commitment issues? Draco probed his brain further, like a child looking for Easter eggs in the garden. The terrain wasn't familiar to him anymore.

Did he flip out because all he wanted was something casual?

Draco thought to Harry's face. His smile. His laugh. His life. Draco bit his lip and sighed quietly. He didn't think that was it. The problem was, Harry was the kind of person you could fall in love with. And did.

The problem? Or the solution?

Draco bit his lip.


'Well, well, well.' a rather too familiar voice interrupted his train of thought. Draco jolted, and looked up quickly, and his suspicions were confirmed as Blaise Zabini slunk out of the shadows, his hands jammed in the pockets of his tight, black trousers. 'What brings you to this part of town, Draco?' he asked with a smile.

Draco stared. What kind of fucked of coincidence was this? It was God-knows what time in the morning, he was standing in a dark alleyway in the middle of what he considered nowhere (it might as well be, if he didn't know it or grace it with his presence much) and along come Blaise. He looked around, wondering what on Earth Blaise what doing there. Mind you, Blaise was probably thinking the same thing. Draco struggled to get his mind back on the track of reality, rather than let it continue on speeding down the highway marked "Feelings". He really should merge the two, one day.

'Not much.' he said, coolly. 'And you?' he returned, trying not to shiver. It was rather cold out. He wish he'd summoned his jacket, too.

Blaise smirked. 'Why, this is my lair! All snakes must have their lair, n'est-ce pas?'

'Naturally.' Draco replied. Then he looked around. 'Not very...luxurious, is it?'

Blaise grinned. 'You're acting a little cocky for being out of your element, aren't you?' he said, his eyes glinting.

Draco swallowed. 'One can't suppress natural charm.' he oozed, smiling.

Blaise smiled a strange smile. 'No. I suppose not.' he took a few steps toward Draco, looking casually over his shoulder. Draco felt the first twinges of fear pierce his stomach, but he stood his ground. He suddenly realised he was in a situation and he had no idea where it was headed.

'So. How you been?' Blaise asked, innocently.

Draco narrowed his eyes. 'Good. I suppose.'

'You suppose?' Blaise repeated.

'Good. Yes.' Draco confirmed.

'Uh huh. And how is Harry?' Blaise continued.

'He's fine.' Draco said, shortly. Then he realised what he said. 'Oh.'

Blaise smirked. 'I knew it. I knew it was him! One cannot spend seven years with the Boy Who Lived and not remember his face, Draco.'

Draco bit his lip, but stayed silent.

'So. So. You and Harry Potter, aye? What'd you do? Drug him?'

Draco frowned, a little unsure of Blaise's response to the information. He was expecting something more along the lines of What the fuck are you doing running around with the fucking Golden Boy? After losing the war you've switched sides? etc. etc. But he was sounding more like...he didn't know.

Draco didn't like this. He couldn't put his finger on it.

'No.' he replied, through gritted teeth.

Blaise shrugged. 'It's of no consequence to me who you fuck, Draco. Harry's good-looking enough, I suppose.' Blaise smirked. 'What's he like?'

'What do you mean?'

Blaise snorted. 'What do you think I mean? Does he take biscuits to the elderly on Sundays?' Blaise chuckled at his joke. 'No. I meant, is he a good fuck?'

Draco narrowed his eyes. 'I'm not discussing that with you. Don't kiss and tell, and all.'

Blaise laughed. 'You've changed your tune. In school it was all about whose arse you'd been up each week.'

'You know it was practically only yours.' Draco replied.

'Ah, notice the "practically".' Blaise pointed out. Then he frowned. 'You weren't with Potter in school, were you?'

Draco shook his head. 'I hated him.'

'Past tense, I notice.'

'You think I'd fuck someone I hated?'

Blaise grinned. 'So you didn't hate me then!'

'What the fuck is your point?'

'No matter. This wasn't what I wanted to talk to you about, actually.'

'Wanted to talk to me? So, perhaps maybe this meeting wasn't a coincidence?' Draco thought he was speaking rather well for being pretty confused about everything.

Blaise chuckled. 'Very observant, Draco.'

Draco tried to relax, and he waited for Blaise to proceed. Blaise, however, seemed intent on taking his time, and he removed a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket.

'You smoke?' he asked, offering one to Draco.

Immediately Draco thought of sitting on the deck and the soothing feeling it gave him, slowly calming his frazzled nerves. Almost as quickly, however, Harry's disgusted face jumped to mind, and Draco wavered.

By the glint in his eyes, Draco almost suspected Blaise knew of his internal struggle.

'No, thanks.' he said, smoothly.

Blaise grinned, looking almost pleased with himself, and taking out a cigarette, he lit it, wandless, of course, and took a long drag. All Death Eaters were trained in the art of wandless magic.

'Now. Where were we?' he asked, clearly enjoying toying with Draco.

'Well, I was just about to fuck off.' Draco said, clenching his teeth.

'Oh, I wouldn't recommend that.' Blaise said.

'And why not?' Draco retorted.

'I'm getting to that, you impatient bastard.' Blaise said jovially. 'Mind you, that was what I always liked about you.' Blaise's eyes traveled up and down Draco's body, making sure he had eye contact with Draco when he licked his lips provocatively, before sucking on his cigarette once more.

Draco sent him an icy glare.

Blaise grinned. 'Oh, come on. You know you still want this,' he said, gesturing down at himself, blowing the smoke out his nostrils with a smirk.

Draco rolled his eyes. 'Don't flatter yourself.'

'Why not? I rather like flattering myself.' Blaise said, making the term sound vulgar and unethical.

'Look, if you don't get on with telling me what you're going to tell me...' Draco said, trailing his voice off into a threat.

'What? You'll whip out your paddles and spank me?'

'Get on with it, Blaise.' Draco said, coldly.

'Alright, alright.' said Blaise, sighing dramatically. 'I was walking down the street the other day, right? Just smiling to myself, looking at my gorgeous figure in the windows, and suddenly I ran into a bunch of people.' Blaise paused, to let the words sink in.

Draco hated when people did this.

'Can you guess who they were, Draco?' Blaise asked.

Draco shrugged. 'I haven't a clue.'

Blaise grinned. 'Ministry officials, Draco!' he said, and laughed as if this were amusing.

It wasn't. Draco froze. 'And the thing is, they recognized me instantly! Isn't that funny? Like they were looking for me, or something.' Blaise continued on, in a cheerful voice.

Draco breathed. In. Out. In. Out.

'To cut a long story short, they took me back to be tried, and found me guilty for numerous unspeakable crimes while acting as a Death Eater!' Blaise said, his eyes blazing. Blaising. Blazing.

Blaise paused then, as if waiting for a response. 'Oh.' said Draco, softly.

'But see, here's the thing,' said Blaise, leaning in closer, 'they said if I helped them find and identify other Dark wizards in hiding, they'd give me a less harsh sentence!' he said, grinning, and pausing again.

Draco swallowed. 'Oh.' he said again.

'Guess what they said when I told them I could lead them straight to Lucius Malfoy's son himself?' Blaise said, grinning.

Draco froze, and breathed deeply. 'Not to pull their leg?' he replied.

Blaise locked eyes with Draco, and shook his head slowly. 'Not quite.' he said, smirking. '"Oh, excellent." they said. "Go on, then." And so I did.'

Draco shifted his weight. 'And?'

'And guess where they are now?' Blaise said, grinning.

'No idea.'

'They're right behind me.' Blaise said, grinning.

Draco froze, and looked behind Blaise, only to see an empty street. He turned to look at Blaise, who burst out laughing. Draco growled, and grinned.

'God, you arsehole! That wasn't funny!' Draco said, annoyed, but relieved. Oh so very relieved.

He should not have fallen for that one. As if.

Blaise laughed harder. 'You...think...I'm laughing...cause...its...not...true?' he asked between gasps.

Draco's grin faded and he stopped laughing. 'What?'

Blaise pulled himself together. 'I spent some time in these cells that they have at the ministry of magic.' he said, casually, taking a drag of his cigarette. 'I'm not sure if you've been there, they're quite unpleasant, really.' he said, pulling a face. 'And you wouldn't believe all the stories I heard about a deceitful little bastard known as the Malfoy heir.'

Draco paled. 'Oh? You shouldn't believe everyone you hear, Blaise.'

Blaise grinned. 'Exactly. Exactly! So, you'll never believe this, I defended you. Assured them that you were as faithful to the Dark Lord as anyone could possibly hope to be.'

'Oh.' Draco said, not sure what to say. 'Thank you.' he added softly, as an afterthought.

Blaise's eyes darkened. 'But then along came another piece of scum, another traitor, to visit me. He who goes by the name of Severus Snape...' Blaise trailed off, laughing maliciously. 'A curse to the Snape name, he is. Fucking arsehole.' He looked up at Draco, expecting him to agree.

Draco nodded emphatically.

It didn't please Blaise much. 'And he found particular pleasure in informing me of your involvement on the Light Side.' said Blaise, eyeing Draco carefully. 'And after hearing him recount every tale with glee, I had no choice but to believe him.' said Blaise, his voice turning into a growl. Then it disappeared, and he laughed. 'But do you know what the funny thing is? The ministry didn't! So, the Light side believes you're a Death Eater, and the Death Eaters think you're a traitor.' said Blaise, grinning. 'Isn't that hilarious?'

Draco swallowed. He had no idea what to say. His mind wasn't working properly. Was he dreaming? It certainly felt like a dream. He was sleepy. He was tired. This was...confusing. This was bad news. This was...what?

'So, no, I'm not laughing because I was kidding.' Blaise continued. 'I'm laughing because the lying, deceitful, betraying son of a mother fucking bitch is finally going to get what was coming to him all along! Right on his slick, disgusting, smooth, cock sucking mouth.' Blaise choked while still laughing. However, somewhere along the way, his laughter had become malicious and cruel, and his eyes were shining dark with anger.

Draco faltered. 'What?'

Blaise grinned at Draco. 'I have only one thing to say to you,' he said, and with a raise of his eyebrows, he added, 'Run.'

Draco hesitated. That was what got him, in the end. If he hadn't hesitated, he could have got away, but that lingering glance at Blaise's eyes...

He ran, eventually, but it was too late.

A large group of people materialized in the air around them, surrounding the two young men.

'By order of the Ministry of Magic, I order you to raise your hands now.' boomed a voice from the shadows. Blaise grinned at Draco, and dropped the cigarette on the ground, stubbing it out with his foot. Draco swung around and looked straight into the dark, brown eyes.

'Well, well, well. Not looking so much like the cat who got the milk now, are we, Malfoy?'




'And he just left?' asked Hermione, her eyes glazing over with concern for her friend.

Harry nodded. 'He just left.'

Hermione sighed. 'I'm sorry, Harry.' she said, reaching out a comforting hand to rub Harry's back. 'But you know, some people just aren't cut out to handle commitment.'

'I'm not sure that's it, Hermione.' said Harry quietly. 'I mean, he's done so much in his life...' Harry trailed off, not really sure where he was going.

'I understand, Harry. Where do you think he is now?'

Harry shook his head sadly. 'I don't know.' he looked up, staring at Hermione, his eyes shimmering. 'Which has me more worried. He has nowhere to go. Do you think he's ok?'

Hermione smiled grimly. 'He's a Death Eater, Harry. I'm sure he has his resources.'

'He's not a Death Eater.' Harry said, sharply.

They were sitting in the lounge at the Weasley-Granger residence. Ron was out at work, and it was the day after the...the thing. Harry didn't know what to call it. Hermione was acting sympathetic and concerned, but that didn't stop Harry feeling like shit. After Draco had left the previous night, he'd gone and laid back down on his bed, and cried himself to a sleep that was a long time in coming.

In the morning, he had woken up, and made a decision to go and see Hermione. He didn't really want to talk about it with anyone, but he needed to. He needed someone to comfort him. And Hermione was the only one who didn't judge his relationship with Draco, or if she did, was tactful enough not to show it, and not to let it get in the way of helping a friend in need.

Harry slumped back on the couch dejectedly. 'He just doesn't love me.'

Hermione's face softened. 'He wouldn't have said so if he didn't.'

'Then why did he run away? Why did he just leave? The only reason would be he didn't feel the same.' Harry said, morosely, staring down at his feet.

'It's probably a big thing for him, Harry. I can't imagine he experienced much love growing up under the care of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.' Hermione said.

Harry sighed. 'I suppose not.' he said, quietly. 'But why hasn't he come back? He's all I have, Hermione.' he whispered.

Hermione frowned. 'What about us, huh?' she asked, softly. 'We're still here.'

Harry gave a small smile. 'Not exactly the same.'

Hermione returned the smile, if a little stronger. 'No. I suppose not.' Suddenly, her face became thoughtful, and Harry had to repress the feeling of fear that always came with the realization that the cogs in Hermione's head were churning.

'What were you doing, when you said this?' she asked, thoughtfully.

Harry blushed ridiculously.

Hermione, upon seeing this, did so too. 'Oh.' she said, quietly. 'Sex, then?'

Harry nodded.

'When?' Hermione continued.

Harry snorted. 'People don't often run off in the middle, Hermione. After.'

Hermione nodded. Then her teeth tugged on her bottom lip, and her cheeks went a little pink again. 'Was there anything...different about this time?'

Harry went to shake his head, then stopped himself. Then blushed. 'I topped.' he muttered.

'Pardon?' Hermione pressed.

Harry cleared his throat. 'I topped.' he said.

'Topped?' asked Hermione, looking confused. Then comprehension dawned on her, and she blushed again, this time more profusely than ever before, and murmured something.

'What?' Harry asked.

'Nothing.' Hermione said, quickly.

'No, tell me what you said.' Harry pressed.

Hermione did her half Weasley name proud, as the tips of her ears went pink. 'That's sort of...hot.' she said, then looked scandalized at having said such a thing, busied herself with fluffing the pillows behind her.

Harry smiled sadly. 'That's what Draco reckoned you'd think.'

Hermione coughed. 'Oh. Did he?'

Harry nodded, looking depressed.

Hermione sighed. 'Just give him some time. I'm sure he'll come around.'

Harry nodded again. Suddenly, a small smile came to Hermione's lips. Harry noticed, and frowned. 'What?' he asked.

'Oh, nothing. Amusing myself with thoughts.' said Hermione, smiling.

Harry raised an eyebrow. 'And?'

'If I had to choose...no, I shouldn't say it.'

'Oh come on, Hermione. Tell me.'

'Well, just judging by the way he's acting...oh, I'm just being silly. But if I had to choose, I'd say Draco is the woman in the relationship. No?' Hermione asked.

Harry stared at Hermione, before cocking his head slightly. 'I don't know...' he said, tugging his lip between his teeth thoughtfully. A half smile pulled at the corner of his lips. 'Mental image of Draco in a skirt.' he murmured, a slight blush following his statement.

Hermione's expression shivered between disapproving and amused. 'Hm.' she said, shortly.

Harry looked at Hermione and gave a short laugh. 'I suppose I should find some gay friends who I can talk to about that kind of stuff, hm?'

Hermione looked at Harry skeptically. 'I can't imagine gay guys sitting around politely while you fantasized about another man in a skirt. I think they'd spend their whole time plotting how to get you into a skirt, and then how to get into it, too.'

Harry rolled his eyes and blushed.

'Mind you, it's probably better you discuss it with me than others. Ron would have a fit, and Ginny would spend her whole time pretending to be disgusted while really wetting her pants. Er, so to speak.' Hermione said.

Harry cringed. 'Grotty heteros.' he mumbled.

'What?' asked Hermione, and judging by the annoyed look on her face she heard him perfectly.

'Just something Draco used to say.' Harry said.

'Oh.' said Hermione. She stood up. 'Cup of tea?'

Harry waved a hand. 'I don't want to intrude. Aren't you working today?'

Hermione rubbed her stomach. 'Maternity leave, you twat.'

Harry shivered. 'Worst insult for a gay guy, that is.'

Hermione laughed. 'I know. So? How about it? The cup of tea?'

Harry smiled. 'Alright, then.'

Hermione moved to the kitchen, and as Harry heard the sound of the water boiling, he sighed, and leant back on the couch, running his fingers through his hair. Suddenly there was a soft tapping sound, and Harry looked around to see a large, brown owl loitering at the window.

'Oh, could you get that, Harry?' Hermione called from the kitchen. 'Post.'

'Yeah, sure.' Harry replied, and he got up, and made his way to the window. Upon opening it, the owl dumped the letters in his hands, and with a reproachful look, flew off.

'What a grump.' Harry muttered, and, walking over and sitting back down, he placed the letters on the table. One of the letters caught his eye; it looked very official. Harry sorted through and examined it, and with a shock he realised it was addressed to him, with "Urgent!" on the front.

Wasn't very urgent if it was sent with the rest of the mail, Harry thought, frowning.

'There's a letter here addressed to me.' Harry called to Hermione.

'Oh?' Hermione asked, walking through with two steaming mugs of tea on a large tray.

'Yeah.' Harry said, frowning.

'Well, open it then. It looks rather important.'

Harry nodded, and began to open the thick seal. 'How do you have your tea?' Hermione asked.

'Cinnamon. Sugar. Little bit of milk.' Harry said.

Hermione raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, adding the specified ingredients to the mug.

Harry's eyes scanned the letter, his face getting paler and paler by the second. Hermione realised and her eyebrows creased with concerned.

'Is something the matter, Harry?' Hermione asked, quietly.

'They've got Draco.' Harry whispered, his face full of anguish.

'What?' Hermione asked, stiffening.

Harry shook his head slowly, disbelieving. 'The Ministry!'

'What? Why?'

Harry sucked in a breath and began to read the letter.

Dear Mr Harry Potter,

This morning, Ministry officials were delighted to be informed of the capture of one of the most wanted criminals since the end of the Dark War. Draco Lucius Malfoy's capture was rejoiced, and we are sure you will also be in good spirits, too.

However, Mr Malfoy seems to be under the illusion that you have been in contact with him since your time at Hogwarts. He is calling on you as a witness, and though we're not quite sure what it was that you supposedly witnessed, we feel obliged to request your presence at the Ministry of Magic this afternoon, to better comprehend what it is he is insinuating. If you do indeed have evidence of any sort, you will be required to testisfy at the trial of Mr Malfoy.

We look forward to seeing you again, Mr Potter, and will surely appreciate your time.

Harry's face started going red with fury. 'Those bastards.' he growled. 'I'll be there.'

'Harry...' Hermione trailed off.

'Surely Snape knows? He was a spy! Draco was a spy! Why the fuck doesn't Snape say anything? How the fuck did they find out where Draco is? How the fuck did they get at him? Fuck!' Harry shouted, getting up. 'I'm going to go and find Snape, and we're going to tell those bloody fools at the Ministry the truth, we're going to get Draco out of that hole, and he's bloody well going to come home with me!' Harry screamed.

'Harry.' Hermione said, softly, laying her hand on Harry's arm. 'Harry.'

'What!' Harry spat.

'Can you sit down a moment, Harry?' Hermione asked.

'What? Why? I need to talk to Severus!' Harry shouted at Hermione, looking at her like she was crazy.

'But...I want to go through some things with you.'

'Like what? I don't have time for this, Hermione!' Harry roared.

'Like what if he's bloody well not innocent, that's what!' Hermione shouted, raising her voice to match Harry's.

Harry stared at her, his eyes widening. 'What?' he said in a low voice.

'I think you just need to consider what you're going-'

'You don't think he's innocent?'

'I didn't say that, Harry, I said you need to-'

'He's innocent, damn it, and that's fucking final!'

'Well no, actually, he's not!' Hermione shouted.

There was a moment of silence. 'What's that supposed to mean?'

Hermione rolled her eyes. 'I don't mean he's a Death Eater, Harry. I'm just saying...' she sighed, and ran a hand through her unruly hair. 'I'm just saying that while he might not have been an actual Death Eater, he still would have been pretending to be one, and if he never committed a single crime, don't you think the other Death Eaters, not to mention V-voldemort, might have gotten a bit suspicious?'

Harry opened at closed his mouth a few times, before growling exasperatedly. 'Fuck, Hermione, it was a war, damn it, of course he will have killed people! We all did!'

'On our side?' Hermione challenged.

'We're all people!' Harry retorted.

'So you're standing up for Death Eaters now?'


'I'm just trying to prepare you for the fact that the world may not be as black and white as you think it is!' Hermione shouted.

Harry remembered Draco saying those words, and he sighed. 'I know the world isn't simple, Hermione. I know Draco will have done some awful things in his time, but the fact remains, he did it for the good of our side and that's what counts, in the end!'

'Do you know that for a fact? Were you an eye witness? Whose word are you going on?'

'Whose side are you on?' Harry shot.

'Whose side was he on?' Hermione retorted.

'Ours, damn it!'

'And you know that?'


'And how do you know that, Harry?'

'I just do!'

'Because you know him and love him and trust him?'

Harry's anger boiled up, but furiously he tried to channel it into calm. 'Well, then. I'm going to apparate to Hogwarts, and I'm going to talk to Snape, and he's going to tell me the bloody truth about all of this!'

And with a crack of apparation, he was gone.




Not, in hindsight, a good idea to confront Severus Snape, of all people, when furious.

The bastard seemed to enjoy it being as infuriating as possible.

'I've heard rumours concerning Draco Malfoy's alliances in the war, and was wondering if you know anything about it. 'Harry said in what he thought was a supremely well executed and polite question.

Snape sneered. 'Why?'

'Well, you were a spy, weren't you?' Harry said, impatiently.

'Very perceptive, Potter.'

Harry rolled his eyes. 'Stop being difficult.'

'You're the one who wants something here, Mr Potter. I suggest you change your tactics, because insults aren't going to get you anywhere.'

'It was a request, not an insult. Look, won't you just tell me?'

'If I tell you the information, do you promise to remove yourself from my sight? I should hate to think you would continue to linger.'

'Oh believe me, I'll be out of here faster than you can say "Piss off!"'

'Dumbledore's. He was on Dumbledore's side. Technically.' Snape added, as an afterthought. 'His actions were more...helpful to our side than the Dark Lord's.

'Oh.' Harry suddenly grinned. 'Good.'

Snape raised an eyebrow. 'Good?' he repeated, looking vaguely astonished.

Harry nodded. 'Good.'

And with that, he was gone, apparating straight back to Hermione's once he stepped out of the gates.




'Our side!' he proclaimed gleefully, upon seeing Hermione, who was curled up on the couch.

'I still don't know why you left it until now to figure that out.' Hermione murmured. 'You've been seeing him for quite some time now.

Harry stopped. She had a point. He shrugged, and brushed it off. 'Ah well. I feel a hell of a lot better.'

'On whose word?'

Harry blinked. 'Snape's.'

'Ah.' Hermione muttered, sitting up. 'Are you sure he didn't just say so to make you leave?'

Harry shook his head. 'He would have just said no, then.'

Hermione shrugged. 'I suppose.'

'I might make my way down to the Ministry now, actually.'

'And what exactly are you going to say?' Hermione said.

'Well, I'm going to get Snape called in as an official witness.'

Hermione looked at him skeptically. 'They'd do that for you?'

Harry snorted. 'I saved their bloody arses. They'd do anything for me.'

'Not abusing your power, are you?'

'Of course not.' Harry said, innocently. 'And then...then I'm going to shout that I, Harry Potter, Saviour of their Fucking Arses, love Draco Malfoy, in front of the whole of the Ministry.'

'You are not.'

Harry smiled grimly.

'I sure am.'

'You bloody are not!'

'Ultimate exploitation of my name, don't you think?'

'Harry...I don't think that's a good idea.'

'Why not?'

Hermione sighed. 'What if it blows up in your face? The papers will go berserk.'

Harry shrugged. 'The ultimate sacrifice. Makes life interesting, huh?'

Hermione looked at him reluctantly. 'If you say so.'

Harry grinned. 'You coming?'

'I think not.'

'Why? This will be the event of your lifetime.'

'So The Great War against the Dark Lord was nothing, was it?' Hermione asked sarcastically.

'Child's play. This will go down in history.'

Hermione laughed. 'As?'

'As the day Harry Potter Confessed his Love For Draco Malfoy Publicly, and Proceeded to Bail, (or smuggle, depending how the situation goes)-' Harry grinned at Hermione's disapproving look, ''-Him Out of Jail and Ravish Him Senseless.'

Hermione raised an eyebrow. 'Oh.' she said, amused. She surveyed Harry. 'You know, you're going to have to be a lot more angry than this if you're going to get anywhere.'

'Oh believe me,' Harry assured her, 'my blood is boiling. They have my Draco.'

Hermione raised an eyebrow. 'Your Draco?'

'My Draco.'

'Well. Good luck. Come over for tea later, if you want.'

'Mmmmm. Can Draco come?'

'No innuendoes intended?'


'Oh, piss off, Harry. Go and save your Draco.'

'Too fucking right. Off I go.'

And with a crack of righteous apparation, he was gone.




Moggie Crab's dark eyes gazed over the rugged pictures she'd saved from years of Witch Weeklys. Every single pair of green eyes stared back at her, every ruffled patch of hair blew in her direction, every smile quirked at her face...

Or so she liked to tell herself.

She looked up and out the small, sad little window, that sat perched in the corner of the grey, drab wall. She sighed, and wished she had a real window, that showed the real world. It was all very well and good at parties to mention to unsuspecting idiots that you worked at The Ministry of Magic (gasp!), but it wasn't all that riveting, really.

'Oh my God! It's Harry Potter!' a voice called from what sounded like the room next door. Moggie's heart started beating faster, and she wondered whether she was having a prank played on her again.

It had certainly happened before. Everyone seemed to know of her little "infatuation" with Harry Potter.

But God. He was amazing.

But as soon she heard the footsteps nearing her desk, suddenly, somewhere in her bones, she knew it was him.

The way his steps sounded. Righteous. Meaningful. Powerful.

No one in her department walked like that.

Her breathing quickened. This was where her whole life was leading up to. She shivered, and her heart started pounding, and she broke into a nervous sweat. She was going to see him. Actually see him. The real him. The One and Only. The Harry Potter.

The footsteps neared her, and the whole world slowed down.

Seconds became agonizing hours.

Sweat trickled down her neck.

She abruptly stood up, every particle of her being in anxious anticipation.

And then.

It happened.

He came into view.

Every glorious inch of powerful, sexy, gorgeous, dominating, life-saving, righteous, angry Harry Potter, more than you could ever dream of...

But as it happened, Moggie Crab had to keep on dreaming.

She passed out, from sheer excitement, as soon as the first strands of hair appeared from behind the corner. She didn't wake up until the last of his cloak had swished around the wall at the end of the room.

Life's a bitch, huh.




'I want to see him right now!'

A young man bustled up to Harry. 'Ah, Mr Potter! I don't believe we were expecting you until-'

'I don't give a damn what you were expecting! I wasn't expecting a letter informing me that Draco had been locked up by a bunch of insane maniacs! I want to see him now!' Harry roared, rather quite pleased at how authoritative he sounded.

'D-draco? I didn't realise you...were-'

'And I didn't realise you were completely incompetent!' Wow. Snape would be proud. A few people started emerging from their offices.

'Mr P-potter, if you'd please...come with me, we can surely-'

'Sort this idiotic mess out?' Harry demanded.

The young man nodded meekly. 'Of course, Mr Potter.

Harry grinned, and the young man looked startled at the change. 'Good. And please, call me Harry.'




'Reluctant as you may be to accept this, Mr Potter, my assurances on alliances in the war are hardly valued, nor taken into account. As far as many people here are concerned, I myself am still a doubtful case.'

'But Severus, that's ridiculous!' Harry shouted. He was too angry to be embarrassed about the fact that he was practically in a performance, standing with Snape inside a ring of onlookers.

'Indeed.' Snape muttered, clearly not as distracted with the proceedings.

'Well,' spluttered Harry, 'we'll just have to get Dumbledore-'

'Dumbledore is indisposed.' Snape said crisply.

'Well, somebody has to do something!'

'Excuse me, Mr Potter, sir,' interrupted one of the many Ministry bystanders, who had fled their jobs in search of the entertainment that was promised at seeing Harry Potter trying to bail his (this is where it got confusing, lover? friend? enemy?) out of custody. Harry was certainly doing his best to make a scene. And once Snape had been hauled along it looked like it was some sort of crude workplace theatre. 'But why don't you just wait to see how the trial pans out? If Malfoy is innocent, like you say, surely all will be proved so.'

'You meatsack!' Harry roared, and a few of the crowd chuckled. 'Do you really think those prejudiced bastards are going to take anything remotely sensible into account?'

'Would I be one of those prejudiced bastards, Harry?' said a stern voice behind him. Harry whirled around to see Percy Weasley, every tense and angular inch of him, staring angrily at him and the situation he appeared to have engineered.

'Why the hell have you got Draco?' Harry demanded.

'I think you know perfectly well why, Harry. I am not making any allowances just because he happens to be The Boy Who Lived's lover.'

There were gasps from the crowd, and the corner of Snape's mouth twitched.

'Well I'm not going to stand by and watch this injustice just because the Minister of Magic is a biased prick! Damn it, I love Draco Malfoy, and I will not just stand here while his life is thrown away just because the world can't handle the truth!' Harry roared.

There was a collective intake of breath from everyone in the room. Harry Potter in love with Draco Malfoy? There was a fluttering of hands, as the audience of the spectacle hastened to pinch themselves, just to be assured they weren't dreaming.

'He has merely been taken into custody, Harry. He will have a trial, and then we will proceed to determine his innocence-'

'You know that's all bullshit!' Harry roared.

'Harry!' Percy said, sternly. 'You are not permitted to speak to the Minister of Magic in such a way!'

'I can speak to you however you want, you arsehole!' Harry shouted, becoming slightly hysterical.

'Harry, my dear boy,' said a familiar, comforting voice from behind him, 'shouting will get you nowhere.'

Harry whirled around and almost collapsed with relief.


Oh, Merlin.

Everything was going to be alright.

'How did you get here?' Harry asked weakly.

'Oh, I know when I am needed.' Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling.

'But, Albus...' Snape said, quietly, 'You...you shouldn't be up.'

Harry froze, and stared at Dumbledore.


'Come now. Let's not jump into everything at once, shall we? We'll get this sorted out first, and then we'll move on.'

Percy was visibly cowed by the presence of his former Headmaster. 'I'll have you know,' he started meekly, but Dumbledore merely smiled.

'Of course I intimidate you, Percy. And I would appreciate it if you didn't lie to me.' he said. 'Now.' he said, turning to face Harry. 'What's going on here?'

'Draco Malfoy has been taken into custody and is awaiting a trial from the Ministry.' Snape informed him.

'Ah.' said Dumbledore. He raised an eyebrow at Harry. 'And?'

'And Mr Potter here has made it his personal business to inform everyone of Malfoy's involvement on the Light side of the war, and, incidentally, his love for said Malfoy. I believe he came here today with the intent of bailing Draco out.' Snape finished.

Harry's relieved expression diminished as Dumbledore's face hardened.

'I see.' he said, not looking at Harry. Harry's heart started beating faster. Dumbledore...he wouldn't disapprove, would he?

'I'm not quite sure what Harry's doing here.' Dumbledore finally said.

Harry gulped.

'The trial must be had, of course.' Dumbledore continued. 'I see no reason why any special allowances should be made for Harry, here. Mr Malfoy is suspected, and he must be tried.'

Harry spluttered.

'Though of course, Severus Snape, Harry Potter and myself will all be present as witnesses.' Dumbledore concluded, looking Percy straight in the eyes.

Harry smiled.

'Well. I suppose...yes, that's fine.' Percy said, trying to sound authoritative, looking like a glowing splint compared to the sun that was Dumbledore.

'Excellent.' said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling. 'What is the date of the trial?'

'A week from today, sir.' Percy said, meekly.

'And you are intending to keep Mr Malfoy...where?' Dumbledore asked.

'Ummmm...' Percy swallowed, clearly not sure what the expected answer was.

'Why don't we shuffle along the trial to tomorrow, hm?' Dumbledore asked, the Voice of Reason.

'I...believe that can be done.' Percy straightened. 'I will see to it that it is done.'

'Wonderful.' Dumbledore beamed. 'Now, if you will excuse me, I need to lie down.' and with a loud and strangely sparkling crack, he was gone.

Harry looked at the masses of people surrounding him, and with weak knees, he beamed.

The crowd broke out into applause.

Severus Snape sneered slightly, and turned around, intending to march off. Harry's smile slid off his face, and he grabbed Snape's arm urgently.

'Severus. What's the matter with Dumbledore?' he asked.

Snape glared at Harry. 'He is old, Potter.'

'You mean...he's going?' Harry asked, quietly, and the crowd had hushed to listen in.

'Get back to work!' Snape snarled, noticing the eavesdroppers. They started, and dribbled back to their desks. Snape sighed, and looked at Harry.

'Is he dying?' asked Harry.

The corner of Snape's mouth twitched. 'I think he's still got a bit left in him yet, Potter.'

'Oh. Well. That's good.' Harry said. 'Oh, um...thank you. For...you know.'

'Don't thank me. It was all Albus.' said Snape.

'Well. I...I suppose. I...I guess I'll see you tomorrow.'

Snape nodded curtly, turned on his heel, and left.

Harry sighed, and grinned, standing alone in the now empty space. Suddenly, he had a thought. He wanted to see Draco. He had to see Draco.

Harry had no idea where to go, so he wandered over to a random office, where he was surprised to see a young woman in tears, with a name tag, "Moggie", sitting behind her desk.

'Ah, excuse me. Could you perhaps direct me to where Draco Malfoy is currently inhabiting?'

'I'm sorry,' the woman sniffled, 'but Mr Malfoy is not allowed any visitors, but if you make your way-' the woman began, but when she turned around her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open, and she squeaked, and fainted.

Mad world.




'...that the jury finds the defendant, Mr Draco Lucius Malfoy, guilty of the mass number of unspeakable crimes during his time as a Death Eater.'

Harry's stomach dropped and he thought he was going to be sick. It was the day after the scene at the Ministry and the room had been eagerly awaiting the sentence.


Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty...


This can't be happening.

I'm dreaming.

Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty...

'However,' the judge continued, and Harry's ear pricked up, 'we have also found that these crimes, however distantly, were performed for the benefit of the light side and the fight against the evil that was the...well, the Dark Lord.'

Harry's stomach lifted. He looked across the room at Draco, and beamed, happier than he had felt for a long time.

Draco took one look at his smile looked away.

Harry's stomach fell once more.




Harry sat at the Granger/Weasley table, his head in his hands, his hair dipping into the soup laid out before him.

'So, er...how did it go?' Ron asked, reluctantly.

'Good.' Harry muttered.

'Was he cleared?'

'Uh huh.' Harry said.

'Well, that's great, mate!' Ron said, forcing a grin.


'Harry, are you alright?' Hermione asked.

'Tired.' Harry murmured, his hair now swimming in his soup.

'Harry, your hair is getting in your soup.' Hermione pointed out.

Harry jolted up. 'Oh. Sorry. Just...worried.'

'But you said it was good.'

'It was.'

'Then what are you worried about?' Hermione asked.

'There wasn't much point anyway.' Harry murmured.

'What?' his friends chorused.

'Are we finished here?'



Harry got up abruptly and left.




Harry stared up at the ceiling, humming softly. He was lying on his back on the carpet of the apartment, trying not to think about anything at all. He didn't want to think, wonder, analyze, guess...nothing.

He was rather enjoying his blissful ignorance.

The sun had slowly set, and it was dark in the room, and slightly cold, and his arms were breaking out in goosebumps. Ron and Hermione were probably palpitating, but he didn't care.


Hmmmm hmm hmmm hmmmmm mmm mm hmmm...

Draco whispering I love you too.

Hmm hmmm hmmmmmmmm...

Draco disappearing behind the corner.

Hmm hm mmm hmmmm...

Draco's eyes looking away.



There was a loud bang at the door. Harry jolted, and leapt up, his heart racing. Who the hell was that? He stumbled over to the door and flung it open.


Harry gaped. Draco smiled. And walked past, through the door.

'Were you sitting here alone in the dark, Harry?' Draco called from inside. Harry closed the door slowly, and said nothing.

'Lets get some lights turned on, shall we?' asked Draco, and, flicking on the light switch, he turned to see Harry mouthing wordlessly. 'Oh, I'm sorry. Were you brooding?'

'What are you doing here?' Harry forced out.

Draco blinked. 'I live here.'

Harry opened his mouth, but nothing came out, and he closed it again.

'Speechless? Did you miss me?' Draco asked.

Harry's mind was a fuzz.

'Well, I had a lot of time to brood. And I came to the conclusion,' Draco said, pulling off his jacket, 'that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.' He grinned. 'You pull a spectacle. You scream your love for me over the rooftops. You attempt to bail me out, and then you pull together a fantastic team to fight the authorities...' Draco trailed off, smiling.

Harry gaped. Draco stared at him.

'Cat got your tongue? What's the matter with you?'

'You looked away!' Harry finally said.

Draco frowned. 'When?'

'At the trial! I smiled at you, and you looked away! I thought...' Harry looked down at his feet. 'I thought it was over between us.'

Draco stared at Harry. Then snorted.

'Over-analysis at its worst. I didn't even see you. Rather too happy, probably.'

Harry felt rather small. 'Oh.'

'The only way things would be over between us is if you ended them.' Draco said simply.

Harry stared at the floor.

'So. Do you want me?' Draco asked.

Harry choked.

'Sorry if I'm being a bit forward, but I'm feeling slightly hyped.' said Draco, grinning. Harry nodded, bemused. 'So? Do you? Or else...well, I don't know. I don't know if I'll hang around for too long if you don't. Bugger off somewhere, I think.'

'So you've...you've thought about everything?' Harry asked, reluctantly. 'Got it all sorted out?'

Draco smiled. 'Yeah. I'm a fucking idiot. I was getting overemotional, and I was being stupid and...well, just a bit of a prick, really.'

Harry nodded soundlessly. Draco fidgeted.

'Does that mean yes you understand what I'm saying or yes you want me too?'

Harry looked up into Draco's eyes. 'I want you.' he whispered.

Draco shivered. 'Oh, thank Merlin.'

'Don't thank Merlin,' quipped Harry, finding his backbone now that everything seemed to be suddenly falling into place perfectly, 'thank that pretty little arse of yours.'

Draco looked shocked for a moment, then grinned. He turned around and started stroking his arse. 'Why, thank you, Mr Bottom, for getting me my Harry back.' Draco cocked his head and stared at Harry. 'Unless you'd like to come and thank him for me?'

Harry smiled slowly, then grinned. 'You bet.'

And he closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Draco, pulling him into a hungry kiss, moaning deeply.

'God, I've missed you.' Harry murmured, breathlessly.

'Mmmm.' Draco agreed, his mouth nuzzling Harry's neck.

Harry laughed softly. 'It's only been a few days.' he said, and ground their hips together, gasping. 'But fuck you feel so good...'

Draco's tongue traveled back up Harry's neck to his earlobe, along his cheek and back to his mouth. Their tongues locked in an intense battle, both owners pressing into each other, eyes closed in pleasure.

Draco reluctantly pulled away. 'Bedroom.' he said, his voice thick with lust.

Harry whimpered. 'Yes, please.'







'I've become boring.'


'You, too. We're both boring.'

Harry looked down at Draco, who was lying on his back on the grass, his head on Harry's stomach, staring up into the sky.

'How are we boring?' he asked.

'We've been together more than a year.' Draco said, adjusting his head, causing Harry to giggle.

'Are you trying to drop me?' Harry asked, only half-joking.

Draco laughed. 'No. Do you remember last autumn?' he asked, twirling a leaf between his fingertips.

'Yeah. And?'

'Everything was all over the place. Unsuspecting. Interesting.'

'You complained about it at the time, you little princess.' Harry pointed out.

Draco smiled. 'Mmm.' he said. 'But now that I'm potions Master and you've got that job at Hermione's library, we're...' Draco trailed off.

'We're what?'

'Respectable.' Draco finished, saying the word like is tasted bad in his mouth.

Harry laughed.

'No, really! I have a respectable teaching position at a respectable wizard school, and you have a respectable job at a respectable library, and we live together in a respectable house...'

'So you're saying you dislike being respectable?'

'Entirely.' Draco grumbled.

'Well,' said Harry, sitting up slightly and leaning his head on his hand, 'How respectable is two grown up males making out in a public park?'

Draco smirked. 'I wouldn't know. Maybe we should try it out.'

'We might scare the children. Or get beaten up by homophobes.' Harry pointed out.

'What's life without a little risk, hmm?'

Harry laughed. 'Peaceful.'

'Yes, but all is fair in love and war.'

'You know, I always hated that saying.' Harry said. 'Because the two things that are most unfair in the world are love and war.'

'Possibly the point?'

'Hmmmm. Possibly.' Harry said, contemplating.

'Oh, don't think, Harry. You'll hurt yourself.'

Harry grinned. 'Bastard.'

'Shut up and kiss me, then.'


'Sure, why not?'

Harry leaned down and captured Draco's lips in his. Draco smiled, and picked a leaf out of Harry's hair.

'Was that "unrespectable" enough for you?'

'Hmmm.' Draco said, bringing his fingers up to caress Harry's cheek. 'I think we could do better.'


Draco settled back down and smiled. 'Yeah.'




The End.




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