With Great Power

By Jessie G. AKA Dory

Disclaimer: I do not own Jimmy Neutron, nor do I own The Incredibles.

Author Note: I strongly suggest you do not read this unless you have seen the Jimmy Neutron episode "The N Men" or haven't seen the movie "The Incredibles" as this story gives away many events of those both. Also - this is a really long chapter, I do not promise at all that all chapters will be this long, however I do make it a goal to have very long chapters. Just for future refrence. Enjoy!

Chapter 01: Promises

I had in fact promised Jimmy that I would no longer use my super powers, in fact we had all promised it – for if we used them extensively like last time, we would die within hours. Jimmy had personally walked up to me as we had finished telling the town our powers would be completely gone within a number of days. He grabbed my hand tightly, and I turned around to look at him, never had I seen such a deeply concerned face.

"Please Cindy," he has begged me, "Don't – it's for the best, really."

I had rolled my eyes carelessly, "You aren't my mother Neutron, and I can take care of myself. Trust me – you will never see me lift heavy things, or fly again."

Maybe I was a little harsh, as he let go of my hand in response and walked away, still being orange with that weird green hair, I felt like I had said the wrong thing. Perhaps it was that I said I would never fly again – it sounds so depressing when you think about it. However, anyways, I had wound up lying; to the one guy I love most.

Placing my hands on the bathroom counter and staring into the reflection of my mirror, I saw the face of someone I hardly recognized. There stood an out of breath blonde girl; my hair was in a crazy mess even if it was in a pony-tail. This strange girl wore a mask to conceal her identity, her colorful costume was tattered, and all because she couldn't control what she felt was destiny. She saw someone who needed help – and suddenly before she knew it, she was addicted to saving people. Every chance she could get she dashed off into costume to save the day.

"It's for the best of the community," I muttered as I removed my mask to see a small yet noticeable scratch an inch or so under my right eye. Taking a wet washcloth and cleaned my face. Not even 8 AM and I was already dead tired from saving an old woman that morning.

Sighing, I looked deeply into the mirror, I truly did not recognize this girl, yet she stood tall and proud, "I have these powers," I said, "Who knows how long till they are gone, but as long as I have them, I must be responsible – I must save as much as I can. Great power – great responsibility," I paused and blew from the corner of my mouth so that my bangs flew off my face, "Man that sounds so cliché." I sighed again and looked at some of my bruises and battle wounds – noticing there was a nasty gash on my shoulder.

"They'll suspect something if I walk into the Candy Bar with my halter top on," I muttered, "Better get a sweater."

"We are SO dead, so very, very, very dead – and it's ALL YOUR FAULT VI!" My annoying little brother yelled at me, pacing back at forth in such an intense pace that I had to squint in order to be sure he was actually still there.

I crossed my arms, "Lighten up speedy, mom and dad are never gonna find out," although as I said this, even I felt doubtful. Mom has this way of finding out about anything and everything – you'd think her super hero ability would be mind-reading instead of ultimate stretchiness or something. I remember when I was five and had gone invisible and nabbed some cake from the fridge – I had covered up pretty well if I do say so myself. There happened to be one tiny little crumb on my shirt – I swear it was practically next to invisible – and she figured it out. Dad on the other hand was impressed I had been able to sneak past mom in the first place with my invisibility.

Fact is – ever since my brother and I had become better engaged with our super powers, against our mother's wishes we would go out and save people at any and every chance. Actually, we had promised them quite a while ago that we wouldn't do anything – but I had shaken it off, and I assume that they may have too. While our parents were all for the super hero thing, they didn't want us to do it alone or at least without an adult. Totally unfair – if they trust I can handle my little devil of a brother Jack-Jack, you'd think they would let me handle a couple of third-rate villains. A few weeks ago my brother Dash figured it all out – that I had been sneaking out, that is. Originally, says he, that he "knew it all along" but has assumed I was doing it for my boyfriend Tony. When he caught me sneaking into bed late at night and found I was wearing my super outfit – he put two and two together. He of course made me take him along, otherwise he'd tell mom – an annoyance he is, but it is sort of nice to have someone else to back me up.

Anyways, Dash and I had been nailing some lame robbers – and the whole thing resorted into a collapsed building. Chalk one up for getting dad's traits. The whole thing was a hideous mess, so of course the media showed up – and the media means pictures in the newspaper or breaking story headlines on the 6 o'clock news. No way to conceal our nightly-hero business if mom and dad see familiar masked-faces in tomorrow morning's newspaper. So I turned invisible and Dash grabbed my hand and ran – now we're somewhere deep in the city – due to my brother's excellent sense of direction (not).

Leaning against the wall I gave a deep sigh, "Mom and dad won't figure it out – we got out way before anything bad happened, didn't we?"

I could suddenly see my brother again who had slowed down to a regular pace, but he looked out of breath and his hair was a wind-blown mess, he gave me a horrified glance, "We knocked down a building, Violet – and it's your fault for taking me here."

"Wait-a-minute," I yelled back, hands on my hips as I advanced him, "You're the one who blackmailed me!" I began to mock him, making my voice slightly falsetto, "If you don't take me I'm tellin' mom an' dad!"

He narrowed his eyes, giving off a stubborn pout that made me laugh, I responded to his facial expressions, "Ooh you are such a baby. And you know this is your fault more now – do you have any idea where we ARE? Thanks for saving us – NOT – now we're in the middle of the city in a dark alley. BRILLANT IDEA!"

His expression fell quickly, and he looked down to his feet, ashamed, "I'm sorry," he sat down on the ground, "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"Oh jeez," My hand hit my head with a slight mumble, sitting down next to my brother, "It's not totally your fault, ok?" I hate it when I get that family guilt, it really sucks cause seconds ago I would have ripped the little runt's head off – and now I was trying to be miss nice-girl. Just so my little brother would stop looking so pathetically sad – even though he was probably just faking it.

"Why do we keep doing with without mom and dad anyways?" He asked while staring at the opposite wall.

I shrugged, "I don't know – I like it. There's sorta this," I searched for the word, "Addiction, I guess. I feel like I have to do it – I have to save people – it's like we were born to do it." I wasn't just fudging it so that it didn't sound so bad that we were lying – I really feel that way. Something was calling me to keep sneaking out and saving the world – and more importantly, doing it secretly.

He looked up and around where we sat, "I think I can figure out how to get us home."

I nodded, "Ok then – lets do it and hope mom and dad are fast asleep." Instantly I turned invisible and latched onto my brother as he sped into the night.

Sneaking into our house is really not that difficult – I remember when dad would come home late from 'bowling nights', he snuck in with ease almost every time. The only thing that stopped him from being successful was the fact mom knew he was gone. As far as we knew, Mom and Dad were off dreaming and hadn't looked into our rooms at all. Dash and I slowly crept through the kitchen, the two of us had promised we would stick together and if we were to get caught it'd be both of us in trouble. A strange thing for brother and sister to agree on, yes, but if only one of us had been caught mom would have figured the other had to do with it as well. If she hadn't, well then neither of us would have been willing to sneak out by ourselves.

Brilliantly, I had kept out PJs in a location in the kitchen, and it would have been easy to just switch into them from our fighting clothing – that way if a parent came down stairs we could say we were getting water. I reached inside a small cabinet for our PJs, Dash right behind me.

"Hurry," he whispered frantically.

"I am, I am," I muttered back, "Just – trying – to – reach-," but I was cut off by a loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!

"AH!" Dash and I screamed, falling to the ground in frenzy upon hearing the consistent alarm. As we searched for a source of the sound, suddenly realizing that a light was blinking on our suits.

"The homing device," We both gasped and suddenly the kitchen lights turned on, in the sudden brightness the two of us covered our eyes instantly. After a second of getting used to the lights, Dash and I slowly looked up to the kitchen door to see mom in her bathrobe, leaning against the door frame with the most distasteful scowl either of us had ever seen from her. Right behind her was dad, his arms crossed, and his eyes narrowed, which I really hated because when he did that his eyebrows were all I could see as his eyes seemed really, really small.

Mom held up two small objects, we instantly recognized them as the homing devices that Edna Mode had equipped our suits with. One of the versions of the homing device was to send out a loud alarm purposely for if you were trying to find someone who is lost or buried under a lot of stuff so you can find them through sound. But it also seemed to come in handy for parents who wanted to figure out where their children were.

"Do you realize what time it is?" Mom asked, venom seemed to leak from her voice. No mom, is it time for school? Of course I knew what time it was! Why else would we be trying to sneak in??

"No," I said quickly.

In response she clicked the homing devices and turned the alarms off, "I have a feeling you know what time it somewhat is."

"Well these suits don't come with watches," Dash pointed out, and my foot sneakily kicked him in the shins, "Ow!"

In a nutshell, let's just say – we ended up in trouble. And for a week we were sent away.

Jeez – if this is how heroes are treated, imagine how bad the punishment would be if we were bad guys.

So I casually walked into the Candy Bar, you know- every day drill. Except it was pretty warm out and I had a sweater on. Something a tad unusual, especially since I rarely wore anything other than my halter – in fact I don't even recall the last time I wore a sweater casually. I was surprised I had one that matched.

I spotted my friends, Libby, Jimmy, Sheen and Carl, all sitting at a booth discussing something. It seemed rather normal; despite the fact Jimmy was still orange and his hair green. However, something must have been exaggeratingly different about me, though I thought I did a pretty good job at covering it up.

"Are you ok Cindy?" Libby asked, turning away from whatever conversation that had been going on before, "You seem – paler."

"Yeah, and perhaps a little sweaty," Sheen added, "Ow!" He muttered, suddenly rubbing his knee and giving Libby a confused look – assuming that she was the one who kicked him.

I crossed my arms, "Wow you guys sure know how to welcome a girl to a table."

"Well you do seem different today," Libby shrugged, "What's with the sweater?"

I sat down next to her and grabbed a menu, hiding my face, but making it look like I wasn't doing it purposely, "It's a little nippy at my house – I just didn't feel like changing, that's all."

Jimmy was sitting across from me, I avoided his eye contact, but I could just sense his total lack of belief, he grabbed the top of my menu and forced it down onto the table.

"Rude, much?" I hissed, with my strength I yanked it out of his grip.

"What's that under your right eye?"

"Nothing," I replied too quickly for my own good.

"Which means it's probably something," he said while looking at the others who snickered slightly at this.

I slammed my menu down, hitting Carl's hand pretty forcefully.

"Ow – hey I said nothing," he muttered, holding his hand conscientiously.

However I ignored Carl's mutters and glared at Jimmy, "OR maybe nothing, means nothing."

"She's got you there," Sheen commented, raising a finger in the air.

Jimmy had this peculiar look of disbelief, it was really difficult to describe simply because it was just so weird. He stood up and grabbed my arm, "We'll be back," he said politely to the others who just shrugged as if nothing was wrong.

He walked me right outside the Candy Bar, and I let him, but as soon as we were outside I tore my arm from his grasp, "What's this about Neutron?"

He crossed his arms, "nothing, Vortex, just like you stated. Now I want to know what this nothing is," he pointed to the scar under my eye.

I shrugged, "I don't remember – haven't you ever accidentally have gotten a cut, but not have noticed?"

"Not right below the eye, that'd be pretty easy to notice," Jimmy shot back, in a slightly mean, yet rather worried voice, "And what's with the sweater? You never wear sweaters – yet it's pretty hot out and you're wearing one."

"I already answered that!"

He sighed, I could tell he was thinking because he didn't respond right away and was looking off at something random. He looked back up and me and touched my shoulder – not realizing he was touching my gash, I flinched slightly, "I'm just worried about you, Vortex," he paused, realizing I had flinched, "What's wrong?"


Eyes narrowed, he responded again, "Nothing my jet pack!" Before I thought about defense, he pulled the sleeve of my sweater down and gasped – just holding it down and starting. I gulped, he saw the gash – but – did he figure it out?

He looked up at me again, "You promised."

Quickly I moved my sweater over my shoulder again, "Promised what? You're jumping to conclusions, Neutron."

Let's just say in a nutshell, I was in trouble on Jimmy's terms.

How is it that I'm trying to be a good person, but I end up in trouble? I sure wouldn't want to find out about what the effects would be had I been doing something bad.

However, unknown to Jimmy and I at the time – we would both willingly be suiting up again soon. For something was coming; and sure enough it was something to fight against. My favorite kind of hero work, naturally.