With Great Power

By Jessie/Dory

Author Note: Gasp! Fast update, wasn't it? Don't suspect one too soon – this chapter would have been longer, but I don't think it needed to be anyways. For those of you who are confused as to why the big deal to Violet and Jimmy that it shows Dash being in the ocean versus being on the Island – I inserted later in the chapter a part where Sheen asks about this. I'll give you a hint – being in the ocean could imply that she has drowned Dash. We of course know that this hasn't happened.

And for the Jimmy/Violet fans – when I think about it, we never really know what happened with Violet and Tony, and I don't recall mentioning him yet, so who knows as of now as to whether that would stop any potential romance. Hey – what happens shall happen. ;) Anyways – thanks guys for the suggestions of help – at the moment I'm fine and know where a lot is going (if you re-read some chapters there's quite a bit of foreshadowing). If I need help – you know I'll ask. ;)

Chapter 7: Blinking Light of Hope

"What's that?" Cindy mused out loud as she leaned against Dash whom was sitting up. She sleepily looked at the 'I' logo on his chest, but knew for certain it was blinking and not her mind playing tricks on her.

Dash had his arm wrapped around her and was drifting off into thought at the time, looked at her with confusion, "You mean my I? It's for Incredibles. Cause, yanno – my dad is Mr. Incredible."

She shook her head, still not quite awake, "No – I know what it is – but why is it blinking like an annoying little kids meal toy?"

For a moment the sleepy Dash processed what she was saying, and thus looked down at his suit to see the dot of the eye was blinking. He gasped and leaped to his feet, touching the 'I' repetitively as if it were something he had never seen before. A great smile appeared on his lips suddenly as he looked down at a ticked off Cindy. In the process of jumping up, he had caused her to fall onto the ground.

He laughed nervously, "Sorry, Cindy."

She shook it off, though still weak from her panic involving her loss of power in which was getting worse by the moment. She still managed to stand up and cross her arms, "well then, you want to share with me what is so great about having a nightlight on your suit?"

Simply grinning, he pointed to the blinking light, "it means that Jimmy, Violet and the others must be looking for us! Violet must have pressed the locator – that means they know where we are!"

For the first time in quite a while, a huge smile formed on Cindy's face and she leaped at Dash, hugging his neck. He spun her around and then put her on her feel, she sighed, "We have a chance to get out of here!"

Violet sat down on the ground, her face buried in her hands, and the locator that pointed to Dash being somewhere in the middle of the ocean, sat beside her on the ground. Jimmy sat next to her, feeling lost and rather dumbfounded for once in his life. If there was the possibility that Dash had been killed – then what had happened to Cindy? Surely something equally as horrific, but he couldn't imagine what could be worse.

Out of her fingers, Violet sobbed, "There's no chance at all – oh, I'm a horrible sister!"

Hearing her say this tugged at Jimmy's heartstrings – slowly, he reached out and touched her shoulder, but she gave no acknowledging response to him. She simply buried her head in her arms, but not once did she out right cry. A sniffle was heard from beneath her arms, and that was all.

"I don't get it," Sheen suddenly commented, dumbfounded as usual, "What's the difference?"

Violet looked up, as did Jimmy, you couldn't tell she had been crying due to the mask, but her eyes were slightly red and she still wore a frown, "The difference of what?"

"Exactly," Sheen replied, Libby and Carl looked up at him as they sat down as well, "I mean that Nomanishkan-blah-blah Island sounds pretty bad, but how is it any different from just the ocean?"

Carl shuddered, "Remember when we were all stuck on Jimmy's hover car near the equator that one time? That was awful," he thought back to that moment, "We probably would have eaten each other after a while."

"It's not just that," Jimmy pointed out, "Him showing up in the water has endless possibilities. Maybe Phantasm drowned them in the ocean, or tossed them out there or something," he sniffed slightly, "Or maybe it's all a trick – maybe she knew about the locator and tossed his suit into the ocean so that we would be sent the wrong direction. We don't know anything."

"That's what's so scary," Violet sighed in a barely audible voice as a small tear freed itself from the edge of her mask. Jimmy noticed it and pushed it away for her; she nodded and replied softly, "Thanks."

"Oh," Sheen stated simply, his head lowering down at this sudden realization. It dawned to him as to how tragic this could be, despite Cindy's constant annoyance to him, they were always sort of friends on the inside, even if it was rarely stated. He then say down in between the puzzled Carl and the stunned Libby.

Libby suddenly burst into tears, putting her face into her hands as Violet had done before, letting then soak her fingers, "I – want – my – best – friend!" She cried in between breathes. She then leaned against Sheen's shoulders and continued. Sheen simply sighed, and put an arm around her shoulders, hoping it was some sort of comfort.

Carl frowned and picked up the abandoned locator, observing it for a moment, "Hey – Violet?" He looked up at her as she held her head up to see him, "What's this green thing, right there -?"

"What green thing?" Violet asked, and then Carl handed it to her, pointing to a little corner of the screen. Puzzled – Violet moved the images on the screen a little in order see more clearly what it was. She cocked her head to the side, "That's –," she paused, as if perplexed and quite in thought.

Jimmy, now clearly interested, looked over her shoulder to see what they were talking about, "It looks like an island," he muttered as he observed the picture.

Libby looked up from Sheen's shoulder and pushed the spare tears off her face. She and Sheen then crawled over and peeked over their shoulders to see what they were looking at.

"I – I think that is an island," Libby nodded as she spoke, "Is there anyway you can highlight that?"

Violet shrugged, "I don't know everything about this thing yet – mainly my parents use it. They always packed one in each of our suits just in case we ever lost one another," for a moment she adjusted it and pressed a few buttons. Quickly she was able to select the land mass and a little info box popped up.

Violet began to read it out loud, "Island of Nomanisan – privately owned. Does not appear on most radar," she nodded, "It IS Nomanisan, what does this mean?" She looked over at Jimmy who was contemplating at the moment.

"Maybe -," a slow smile crept up on Jimmy's face, "It has to be! It's all a trick – a hallucination!"

"You mean it has to do with bad breath?" Sheen piped in.

"Aw man – I wanted to make the joke," Carl pouted as Sheen stuck out his tongue to the defeated and pouting boy.

"Not halitosis, Sheen," Libby scowled, "Go on, Jimmy."

Ignoring Sheen's previous comment, Jimmy continued, "Well basically – they really are in the ocean, but not necessarily in the water."

The others just blinked in response, Sheen scratched his head as Carl cocked his own. Jimmy sensed this made no sense, which he should have realized in the first place, and he continued, "What I mean is, they must be in some sort of underground chamber that is connected to the island. They aren't actually in the water!"

The others smiled at one another, perhaps this was all true – but Violet, though hopeful, seemed unconvinced. She pointed out, "How do we know this isn't all a joke Phantasm is setting us up for?"

"This must be some horrible joke," Dash growled as the light on his 'I' continued to be lit, but not blinking as it had before. Cindy was rather relieved by this, as most of this time they had been surrounded by darkness other than the glowing blue electric rays. Suddenly seeing light was one thing, as it could have been gotten used to, but having it blink on and off endlessly was completely annoying. At least with the light just staying on this time, they could now see each other just a little better.

Cindy shrugged to Dash's comment, as they once again were sitting on the floor, "At least we know Violet has found us – well, you."

Dash gave a grunt of a sigh, "Yeah," his shoulders sagged down, "But I wish I could contact her back. These things should come equipped with ways of sending messages to everyone else. I mean a phone, or a signaler, or at least some text messaging would work!"

For a moment Cindy considered this, "True – it would be helpful if we could send them a message some how. That way they would know we're ok, and that we saw the message. Cause just think about it – it's just attached to your suit right? You could be washing it and someone could locate you and think you're stuck in the washer."

He nodded in agreement, though now his elbow was on his knee and it held up his head with his hand as he listened to her, "I guess."

"It would just make more sense then," Cindy rounded up, "If we contacted her – letting her know 'hey guess what, we're alive and we know you're coming – bring some burgers, we're starved' – you know what I mean."

Dash sat up a little more, "Yeah I know what you mean – but what are we going to do? I can't think of anything."

For a moment, Cindy considered it, and then it all summed up, and she smacked her own head, "Have you been thinking at all?" She looked at him with a 'oh my gosh I just had this huge realization, and you're going to feel like an idiot if I'm correct about it' facial expression.

"Huh?" Dash clearly didn't get it at all.

"Hello!" Cindy raised up her hands, "If Violet has a locator – wouldn't you have one also?"

Although his mask still covered his face, she could see Dash's eyes go wide as he connected the dots of his mind. Instantly he reached into the secret pocket of his suit and pulled out a locator that would track down Violet. He looked at Cindy with a smile, and she gave him a know-it-all smile back.

"I have no idea why everyone calls Jimmy the genius – I mean, I obviously am equally as genius-like," she smirked and then held out her hand as if to say 'get on with it already'.

Jimmy frowned at Violet's disbelief, "Well I don't see how I can give you any proof. I mean it's not like we have some sort of holographic image from a robot saying 'Obi-wan, we need your help!'."

Carl nodded in agreement, "Especially since none of us go by Obi-wan ," he paused, "At least – in public," his face turned slightly pink.

"Though I'm sure Jimmy wouldn't mind seeing Cindy dressed as Princess Leia from the final movie," Libby teased, as Jimmy turned a slight shade of pink as well, averting his eyes from Violet.

"I have NO idea what you're talking about," he quickly looked at Violet who was giving him some sort of look, "Just think of me as Han Solo, totally blind or whatever for most of the film," he laughed nervously.

"Well they did get married-," Sheen pointed out.

"Shut up, Sheen," Jimmy scowled at him, narrowing his eyes at that comment.

"Hey look! Violet's lighting up like one of those toys you get from amusement parks!" Carl suddenly shouted randomly. The others all paused and just stared at him for a moment.

"Say what?" Violet asked with a confused voice, looking down to see that the dot on top of her 'I' was blinking furiously. She looked up at the others, a smile spread across her face for the first time since they had known her, "They're alive! They're ALIVE!"

"Wait – what does that blinking mean?" Libby asked, pointing to her suit while she asked.

Violet grinned, "It means Dash got the message and sent one back – it means they're ok! They realize we're going to save them!" She instantly stood up, practically in a heroic manner. She reached down and yanked Jimmy out of his sitting position, "Come on now! Up! Up! Up," if someone who had known Violet for years had seen this, they wouldn't have believed it was her. Certainly Violet had improved her personality in recent time, being more positive and outgoing – and growing towards maturity. Even still she had her dark teenage moments, but she was so full of positive spirits that no one would have recognized her even if they recognized the black and violet hair. She grabbed Libby, Sheen, and Carl up to sitting positions, and then bent down and hugged Goddard whom had been resting off to the side part of the time.

She turned around to the others, in full spirit mode, "Alright! So – how are we getting there?" She almost started bouncing – if Dash had been there, he might have found it awkwardly creepy for his sister to be so – bouncy.

Jimmy grinned slyly, "There's only one way to travel."

"Oh jeez –," Libby moaned, putting her hand on her head when he stated the previous statement.

Ignoring her, Jimmy walked to Goddard, "Boy – the keys to the hover car, please?"

Instantly, out of Goddard's mouth popped out his tongue which neatly displayed the keys on it. Jimmy graciously took then, thanked his dog who then popped his tongue back in, and then pressed a button on what looked to be an alarm.

The others slight grimaced at the fact that Goddard had his tongue on the keys.

"Do robotic dogs have – robotic slobber?" Carl whispered questioningly to Sheen, and Sheen simply shrugged in response.

Within a matter of moments, the hover car came to a stop in front of them, floating just above the ground so they could get in.

"This time it's got a full tank of gas, right?" Libby asked, pointing at it dangerously as they started to board.

Jimmy snorted, "Hey – you make a mistake once and never forgiven from it."

"Cause Sheen was about to eat Carl, and they were calling everyone mirages – that's something you don't want to go through numerous times, get it?" Libby asked threateningly to Jimmy, who just smiled in response.

"Got it, Ms. Folfax."

She nodded approvingly, "That's Your Highness, to you Neutron," but she smiled slightly as she became the last to hop aboard, "But I'll let you get away with it this time."