Outside of the Tendo Dojo, Herbie is enjoying a nice peaceful morning. In fact, it's been three weeks of peace. Sure, Kuno's dad got him out of jail, but there haven't been any major attacks. Mousse is still in China to testify in the trail of Shampoo, and Ranma and Akane are growing closer than ever. The Fashion Club even gave him his old rear hood back out of fear that his wheelies would damage the spoiler. However, just when Herbie thinks all will be calm…

"WHAT A HAUL! WHAT A HAUL!" Herbie heard a voice say. He then thought back as to why it sounded very familiar.


It was one day after the Tendos found out Herbie was alive and Nabiki learned magic was more than curses the hard way. Akane and Ranma were washing Herbie.

"I can't believe of all people he taught dad about inner life." Akane said.

"No kiddin'." Ranma had said. "Who'd of thought the lecher would teach respectin' anything."

(Who?) Herbie beeped as they continued washing.

"Happosai. My dad's and Ranma's father's master."

(You forgot "Uncle's niece's nephew's cousin's roommate.") Herbie jokingly beeped, causing Ranma to chuckle and Akane to glare.

"Anyway," Ranma said trying to move on to another topic, "we usually know he's coming by cries of 'What a haul! What a haul'"

(What does that mean?)

"He stole women's panties."

(WHAT!) Herbie beeped in shock.

"Somehow," Akane said, "it gives him the power he needs."

"Looks like we're done." Ranma said as he splashed himself with hot water from the nearby thermos. But then, Herbie shook the water off. "HEY!" Ranma said after her transformation.

(Sorry, an accident. My bad.)

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight." Ranma skeptically said as she heard Akane snicker, and a bunch of beeps that sounded like snickering.


"WHAT A HAUL! WOOOOOOO!" The old pervert said as he stopped bouncing. "Ah, now that I've lost them, I can count my silky darlLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

What the old lecher failed to notice is where he stopped as Herbie opened his trunk and launched Happosai 30 ft. into the air towards the mob he lost. Just then, Ranma and Akane came out of the house.

'What do you know?' Herbie thought when he looked up and blinked in surprise. 'I think I got him higher than Akane did with Ranma.'

"We heard that old hentai; he has to be here somewhere." Ranma said ready to fight.

"And to think we were going to have some peace around here for once." Akane sighed.

"I'm ready to take him down with you two." Neko said as she got out her claws.

"Hold it sis. Happosai doesn't know about you just yet and if he sees you he'll try to get that stuff on you he did to me."

Neko shudders at the very thought. "Alright, for now, but if ya need help, just say so."

"Not a problem." Neko heard, but she was stopped when she heard Herbie beep before going in.

(I don't think he'll be here for a few minutes at least.) He beeped with a mischievous grin.

"What? Why?" Akane asked.

(Gave him a free trip.) Herbie said just before opening and closing his trunk for emphases. Everybody there couldn't help but laugh at the image of the old master being bested by the little car. But then…


Everybody, including Herbie, got out of the way when Happosai returned and threw one of his bombs. He missed everybody, but he got an unlit one out ready to toss it as he looked around. "Alright, where is he! AT!"

"Who you old freak?" Ranma said ready to fight.

"The baka that launched me into the air you dolt!" Happosai said angrily.

(Right behind you.) Herbie beeped with an angry look. Happosai turned around to attack, but only saw a car and no driver.

"What the…! Where's the driver!"

(That'd be me too.) Herbie beeped. Happosai then dropped his bomb, which Neko raced to catch, and does so while Happosai just bows in front of Herbie.

"I'MSORRY!I'MSORRY!I'MSORRY! Forgive this old man for his impudence!"

"NANI!" Everybody else said at once. Herbie just had a look of complete surprise.

(Uh… um… guys, what do I do?)

"We don't know." Akane said, sounding scared. "He's never done this before."

Happosai then regained his composure and cleared his throat. "Yes, ahem, well, forgive me for that gesture. See, this car has…"

"Inner-life, you have to respect it, and it's a reward." Everybody said in unison to the shock of the perverted martial artist.

"How long have you guys had him?"

"Jeez, been a couple of months at least." Akane said. "When Auntie called her friend, he said that his current owner was helping out a European race team. Apparently, that one on one race was a big deal."

"Ah, well then… Hold it…" Happosai then noticed that Ranma's cursed form was separate from his true form. "H-How!"

"You have my sister to thank for that." Ranma said as he wrapped his left arm around her smiling. "She figured it out and I've been free of Jusinkyo and the Neko-Ken ever since." Happosai however…


…wasn't listening as he leapt to groap Neko's breasts. However, she then used her ki-claws to swipe at him, causing the pervert to miss his target and have some scratch marks on his person.

"Why you…" Happosai couldn't finish because Ranma gave him a swift kick to the head.

"Nobody hurts my sister, you got that!" Ranma said ready to fight for his family.

"Impudent little…" Akane…


…having enough of this sent him flying via mallet airways. Herbie was just blinked in amazement at what he saw.

(Is it always like this when he's around?)

"Pretty much." Everybody said in unison.

(And he trained your fathers?)

"Yep." Everybody replied again.

(Take no offense, but I'm amazed that they're not remotely like him.)

"None taken."

"Yes, I want to pay for the bail of Ukyo Konji and Ryoga Habiki." Kuno said over the phone. "And my sister, Kodachi Kuno. Yes, thank you." Kuno than hung up the phone and turned to his associate, who is wearing a green outfit and pantyhose around his neck.

"You sure this will work?" Taro asked.

"If there is one thing I have noticed about the demon Saotomae, is that he can't fight more than one person at a time without some struggle, so just imagine if he were fighting all his foes and all of the former Akane fan club at once?"

"Ah, now that will be a challenge."

"I'm curious," the kendo artist said, "why do you want to fight him? He hates that old lecher as much as you."

"Matter of pride. I was one of the toughest fighters until Ranma showed up and saved that woman of his."

"Once the fowl sorcerer is out of the way…"

"Yeah, yeah, I won't go after her."

"Excellent. Now our time has come."

"So, where are you guys going?" Ranma asked his father and Soun.

"Your mother invited us to have dinner with her, Kanna, and Kotaro." Genma said.

"It was nice of her to put them up at her house while Neko has the guest room." Soun said. "By the way, where is she?"

"She's out on a date with Daisuke. He just bought a Mini Coupe and they wanted to celebrate." Akane replied.

"And what about you two?" Genma asked.

"We're double dating with Nabiki and Mousse to that new restaurant that just opened." Ranma said as he hugged Akane.

"WONDERFUL! THE SCHOOL'S WILL BE…" Soun said but Genma stopped it.

"Sorry old friend, as much as I want to join you in that celebration, I'm not that man anymore. However, I am very happy for the two of you." Genma said as he got up and went to Ranma. "May you two have the same happiness I had with your mom before the Master screwed me up."

"Thanks Pops." Ranma said as he shook his father's hand. Nabiki and Mousse then came down stairs and the four were out the door, and they saw Herbie. "Have a good time at mom's Herbie." Herbie smiled at his friends and at the site of the four of them enjoying each other's company.

(Not a problem. You four just try not to kill each other.)

"No promises." Akane joked causing the other three to laugh just before they were out of sight and the two fathers left the house and Herbie opened his doors.

"Oh no, I got here too late!" Sasuke said as he hopped on the tree in front of the house, missing the departure of the children, but just in time to see Soun and Genma drive off in Herbie. "Master," the ninja whispered into a cell phone, "I missed them… Ok, ok, don't shout, I'm still in hiding! Maybe the family knows where they are, or maybe they're even where the fathers were going. Yes, I'll follow them and tell you where they are."

Several minutes later at the restaurant, everybody was deciding what to order, but the two gentlemen had a surprise for the women they were with, and they both talked about how they would reveal it, but talking and pulling it off are two very different things, for the two who have shown no fear fighting each other or other opponents were nervous on the inside.

"So, what will you girls have?" Mousse asked. Nabiki was about to say something, but Akane had a look of concern.

"What's wrong sis?" Nabiki asked.

"I just have this feeling… something big is going to happen, but I don't know what." Akane replied, making the two men nervous now on the outside.

"R-really?" Ranma said.

"Uh... what makes you think that?" Mousse asked. The girls then just looked at each other with 'Oh boy' expressions.

"What are you two up to?" They asked in unison.

Meanwhile, at the Saotomae house, everything was nice and peaceful, Genma and Nodoka were sitting next to each other, so were Kanna and Kotaro, and Soun was sitting at the other end.

"So, how do you two like our town?" Soun asked Kanna and Kotaro.

"It's amazing Mr. Tendo." Kanna asked.

"Yeah, we like it here, but… we miss our home." Kotaro said and Kanna nodded.

"Well, we'll see about Herbie taking you guys back." Genma said. "And I'll make a map so I can come and visit with my family."

"That would be great Mr. Saotomae." Kanna said with a smile, but then she stopped eating as she heard a noise. It sounded like something was hitting the road outside.

"What on Earth?" Nodoka asked as everybody went outside… and saw the Akane Fan Club reunited along with Kuno, Ryoga, Taro, Ukyo, Shampoo, and Kodachi ready to fight, complete with several of them banging their kendo sticks on the road signaling they're ready for a fight. "What's going on?"

"Those are the imposters! We want the real Akane and Ranma and we want them now!" Shampoo shouted.

"What on Earth is this!" Genma said as he and everybody else walked outside and saw over half of Furikan and most of Ranma and Akane's suitors/rivals in a fighting stance.

"We want the foul sorcerer Saotomae, Akane, and Neko. Where are they?" Kuno asked holding his Kendo stick.

"We decided to join up." Ukyo said holding her spatula. "We give Akane to whoever wants her…"

"And we give Ranma to whoever wants him." Ryoga said in a battle stance. Then they suddenly heard the sound of a car starting.

"HERBIE! NO!" Nodoka yelled as Herbie drove off with a very angry look, causing those that fought or know about him to panic. Ukyo and Shampoo hid behind the trees, Kuno hid behind one of the rugby team members, but Taro was just plain stupid…

"Heh. It's just a…"


…simply because he stood in the path of an incoming car door.

"That little…" Taro said but Kuno stopped him.

"We'll worry about the demonic car later, now where are Ranma, Akane, and Neko?" The Blue Thunder demanded. Everybody then got ready to fight.

"Forget it asshole." Kotaro said.

"I may not know very much in martial arts, but my husband taught me enough to last against the likes of you." Kanna joined in.

"Nobody is hurting my son or daughter!" Genma said ready to fight and Nodoka got out her personal family honor blade to do the same.

"Or mine!" Soun said. Normally, he'd breakdown crying, but there was something about his friend's new attitude that made him feel like the martial artist he once was and they were ready to defend their family.

"Uh… girls, there's something we have to tell you." Mousse said and Ranma nodded. Nabiki paid attention, but Akane still had that look that something was going to happen.

"You are the best things to happen in our lives." Ranma said, causing Akane's look to change a little.

"If it wasn't for you Nabiki, I'd probably still would be an obsessive maniac." Mousse said.

"And I would still be a jerk if it wasn't for you Akane." Ranma joined in, causing both girls to blush.

"And Nabiki…"


Both men said as they put their hands in their pockets to get something out, but…


…they heard some loud beeps and then they looked and saw Herbie in the street below.

"Looks like you were right Akane." Nabiki said as they left quickly. Moments later, they were inside Herbie…


…who did a wheelie and high tailed it back to the Saotomae home with Ranma behind the wheel, Akane in the passenger seat, and Mousse and Nabiki in the back.

(SOS! SOS! SOS!) Herbie beeped while passing a '99 green beetle.

(Got it!) The beetle responded as he followed Herbie. The gang looked behind them and Nabiki couldn't help but complement.

"Looks like we got a friend."

(SOS! SOS! SOS!) Herbie beeped to any little car that was listening.

(I'm on my way!) A pink Mini cooper beeped as she exited the drive way to join the other two cars.


Pretty soon, two other new bugs and another Mini joined Herbie and the others back to the Saotomae home.

Kana, Kotaro, Genma, and Soun were holding their own against the first wave of students, made up of the school's karate club. Unfortunately for the students, they weren't masters of Anything Goes or Kotaro and Kana's school and they were stopped almost instantly with a few swift kicks.

"My Kendo club, TO THE FRONT!" Kuno ordered as the club advanced to the home, only to have their kendos sliced in half by Nodoka and her own family blade.

'This may not be as strong as the Saotomae blade,' Nodoka thought, 'but my personal family blade will do.' Just then, some smoke bombs were launched with exploding Okynokyami forcing the family back in the house.

"There's more where that came from!" Shampoo said. "I may no longer be an Amazon, but I didn't leave the tribe without 'borrowing' a few things!"

"I'm not quitin'!" Kotaro yelled.

"Nor are we!" Everybody else joined in.

(SOS! SOS! SOS!) Herbie beeped as he turned a corner.

(I'll be right there!) A red classic VW beeped. All over the prefecture, little cars from bugs to minis old and new were joining in Herbie's Calvary. Meanwhile, Neko and Daisuke were watching a movie outside in his mini using his own DVD projector and the garage when they heard Herbie's beeps and were wondering what's going on as they saw a Calvary of cars go past them.

(Here I come!) They suddenly heard the new Mini beeped as she backed out of the drive way to join Herbie and the others.

"What the…!" Neko said. "What's going on!"

"It must be important if Herbie's getting this many cars involved!" Daisuke remarked. He then got out his cell phone and dialed Nabiki's number. "Hey Nabiki, It's Daisuke, our Mini is… what! WHAT! Ok, ok, we'll join you for the ride!" Daisuke then hung up the phone and turned to Neko. "Herbie apparently raced from Mrs. Saotomae's house to where the Tendos, Ranma, and Mousse were eating."

"What for?" Neko asked.

"Must be an emergency, but Herbie isn't talking because he's trying to get the troupes together."

"Hope nothing bad is happening to mom, dad, and the others." Neko said with a look of concern on her face.

At that moment, it looked like Nodoka, Genma, Soun, and Kanna and Kotaro were going to try to attack again when…


…Kodachi appeared and dropped some powder right in front of them when they opened the door.

"This time, we shall attack as one!" Kuno bellowed. "Dear sister, even though I don't say this often, thank you. Your powder has given us the opening to attack."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kodatchi laughed. "Nothing shall come between me and my Ranma again. Once we dispose of the Tendo girl, I shall take care of all others!"

"RANMA'S MINE!" Shampoo angrily said.

"Girls, please. Ranma-honey will be mine, but for now, lets just constraint on getting him." Ukyo said.

"And remember, don't kill Akane. I can't have a corpse for a wife." Kuno said.

"HEY! She loves me!" Ryoga said.

"I don't care; I just want Saotomae's head." Taro said.

"Yes, yes, let's concentrate on the competition." Kuno said as everybody stopped arguing.

While they had a joyous occasion outside, inside was a different story.

"GENMA! SOUN!" A worried Nodoka said as she went near them.

"We're… fine." Genma said.

"Paralyses… powder… only." Soun said. "Doesn't matter though. We've done our best, but we have lost."

"Reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady…" Kuno said about to signal, when…



He suddenly heard that damn horn, and others that has haunted his dreams. It was Herbie and he brought his army of new and old beetles and minis to the fray. Seeing this, Kuno, Ryoga, Kodachi, Shampoo, and Ukyo gave the command…

"RETREAT! REATREAT!" They yelled as they ran. Everybody else, seeing cars with no driver, wasn't that stupid and ran like hell. Even Taro, who knew better than to fight something that can go up to 60 mph.

Herbie and the other cars were charging the students and to the running kids, it sounded like lions roaring and they were ready to attack. Nodoka, after washing the powder off, along everybody else looked outside and saw the kids running from something. They then looked and saw a bunch of bugs and minis going after them.

"HI AUNTIE! HI MR. SAOTOMAE! HI KANA, KOTARO, AND DAD!" Akane yelled as she stuck out the window of her seat. She then went back in and turned to Ranma. "Looks like they held up their own."

Meanwhile, Kuno and the other suitors/rivals were running like hell and trying to out race the cars.

"HURRY! WE HAVE TO GET AWAY FROM THE… REVERSE! REVERSE!" Kuno shouted as they saw that they ran right into Herbie and the others, due to a short cut Herbie found. However, they didn't run very far…


…because they bumped right into the members of the Akane Tendo fan club.

"Hey, watch it!" The strongest member of the Rugby team said with the Kendo and Martial Arts students nodding in agreement.

"HOW DARE YOU ADRESS YOUR BETTERS YOU PEASENT!" Kuno shouted and the others, out of anger for this oaf that was blocking their way, agreed. The students then picked them up…

"HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Kuno, Shampoo, Ukyo, Ryoga, and even Taro shouted at the unexpected reaction the students had as they tossed the martial artists to the ground.

"They're all yours!" The rugby player yelled at the cars. The fiancées/suitors ran faster than they ever thought, but it was to no avail as Herbie and the others were on their tails.

"Alright Herbie, that's enough now." Ranma said.

"I agree, I think they learned their lesson." Mousse said.

"Are you nuts!" Nabiki said. "Remember the hell they put my sister through!"

"I do! Go Herbie! Go!" Akane replied.

"Herbie, if you don't stop now, you won't be invited to the wedding." Ranma sighed.

"Ether wedding." Mousse joined in.


All the cars then came to a screeching stop.

The ones that started this however, kept going as the cops showed up and stopped them.

"OH, THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE!" Kodachi yelled.

"Those cars!" Shampoo shouted and pointed. "They're after us!"

"They were trying to kill us! Arrest them!" Ryoga yelled.

"The cars?" The cop said in disbelief. "Funny, we got word that a bunch of martial artists, a Kendoist, gymnast, traveler, a kid with pantyhose around his neck, an expelled Chinese Amazon, and a chief were responsible for getting a mob together and threatening a family, any news to that?" The cop then smiled, and the cuffs went on the aforementioned suspects.

At the Saotomae house, it was more of a joyous occasion.

"And what happened after that?" Nodoka asked.

"Well, Ranma then said if Herbie didn't stop, he wouldn't be invited to the wedding." Akane replied.

"Mousse than said ether wedding." Nabiki chimed in, and then it dawned on the two.

"Wait… what wedding!" The two sisters asked.

It went off this time with out a hitch. They may have entered the dojo Ranma Saotomae and Akane Tendo, but now they left as Ranma and Akane Saotomae, and they couldn't be any happier. It was a Western style ceremony, for two reasons. One, they had something they wanted to say during the ceremony in their own vows, and two, they wanted an outdoor setting in order to make sure one of their friends, a certain bug with the number 53, got a view of the ceremony.

Right after the ceremony, Herbie drove up front and opened his door and ready his backseat for the newly married Saotomaes.

"Thanks Herbie." Ranma said. "Well, we best be on our way."

(Don't forget the flowers!) Herbie beeped with a big smile.

"Don't worry, I won't." Akane said as she tossed the flowers high in the air, and when they landed, they were caught by Neko.

"Looks like you're after us sis." Nabiki said to her new sister-in-law while holding on to Mousse. Ranma and Akane then got into Herbie, but Soun had one thing to ask.

"Just out of curiosity, where are you two going on your honeymoon?"

"We don't know." Ranma said smiling. "Herb hasn't told us yet."


Herbie then shut the door and Ranma tapped his roof. "Let's go Herbie." Herbie just smiled as he drove off with an equally happy married couple in the back waving to everybody.

Two days later, Nabiki and Mousse were in Nabiki's room deciding where to go on their honeymoon.

"Hawaii?" Mousse suggested.

"No thank you." Nabiki replied. "With our principal, I've had enough Honolulu to last me a long time. Spain?"

"Nah. I prefer to go when it's the running of the bulls. But Europe does sound good… Italy?"

"Not into the culture that much. England?"

"Hmmmm… maybe… Paris?"

"Yeah! That sounds great!" Nabiki said as she hugged her fiancée. "I even have a cousin and an aunt there. I don't get to see her much because she moved with her husband, so I'd like to see them and tell them what's been happening."

"What's your cousin's name?"